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Orbis Flying Eye Hospital Comes to Life in Microsoft Flight Simulator

We are delighted to announce today that we are partnering with Orbis International, a non-profit organization transforming lives through the treatment and prevention of avoidable blindness, to give flight simmers the chance to virtually explore the Orbis Flying Eye Hospital.

Orbis is making a profound impact on people’s lives and we’re proud to support their fight against avoidable blindness; a large but solvable problem that affects millions of people around the world who don’t have access to eyecare.  According to the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness there are 43 million people living with blindness, and 295 million with moderate-to-severe vision loss, 77% of which is completely avoidable.

The Orbis Flying Eye Hospital is a one-of-a-kind aircraft and an incredible feat of engineering. A converted MD-10 cargo plane, it’s now a fully accredited teaching hospital, equipped with a state-of-the-art operating room, laser treatment room, simulation center, classroom and AV suite, that conducts training programs across the globe.

We recognized an opportunity to raise awareness for Orbis’s cause by incorporating the Flying Eye Hospital into the Microsoft Flight Simulator experience.  

Microsoft Flight Simulator users can tour the Flying Eye Hospital in full hospital mode with stunningly authentic detail and learn more about Orbis’s mission to train and inspire local teams to save sight in their communities by accessing the plane free-of-charge through an in-game news link or directly via Microsoft Flight Simulator Marketplace. The plane, however, is not currently available for flight.

The Orbis Flying Eye Hospital demonstrates how aviation can be a force for good in the world.  Since their first generation DC-8 took off in 1982, the Orbis plane has flown to 97 countries to carry out sight saving programs. This third generation MD-10 that Microsoft Flight Simulator users can experience was donated by FedEx employees and launched in 2016.

The aviation sector first pioneered simulation technology; now Orbis and the wider medical community are fast adopting it. Just as simulation has been teaching pilots how to fly for decades, it is now helping doctors, anesthesiologists and nurses to save sight and improve patient care. On board the plane, Orbis uses simulation to teach and train eye care teams around the world – using virtual reality, artificial eyes and mannequins. Simulation has proven even more vital during a global pandemic as opportunities for hands-on training have decreased.

A passion for aviation and realistic simulation are the threads that tie Orbis and Microsoft Flight Simulator together, so we’re proud to showcase this unique aircraft.

The Flying Eye Hospital is available as a free download for all Microsoft Flight Simulator users to tour beginning today and will be available as a free download in the Marketplace on Xbox Series X|S on July 27. The sky is calling!

Visit orbis.org to learn more about their mission or visit orbis.org/FlyingEyeHospital to learn more about the plane.

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Carenado C170B Available Today in Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft Flight Simulator
 is the longest-running game franchise at Microsoft. Today, we’re excited to announce that renowned sim company Carenado is releasing an incredibly detailed Carenado C170B add-on for use in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Based in Santiago, Chile, Carenado (Spanish for fairing) was started in 2001 by two friends who were inspired by Microsoft Flight Simulator, a game they began playing together in the 1980s on Atari computers. They have now built a powerful portfolio of more than 100 stunningly-recreated aircraft – the legendary C170B is the latest in the lineup.

Carenado wanted to create a sim version of the C170B to thrive in the beautiful world that Microsoft and its partners have built in the latest iteration of Microsoft Flight Simulator. The C170B, known affectionately in aviation circles as “The Skyhawk’s Daddy,” is a renowned “low and slow” flightseeing airplane, and Carenado felt it would be a perfect means for exploring the virtual world of Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The four-seat, single-engine taildragger, introduced in 1952, was developed from earlier versions of the 170 family, including the 170A and the military variant, the L-19/O-1 Bird Dog. It was the predecessor to the 172 Skyhawk, hence its nickname. The aircraft quickly became known for its wide utility, serving the needs of private pilots, commuters, cargo haulers, flight schools, and bush pilots who have taken the aircraft on some truly remarkable adventures in some of the planet’s wildest lands.

The 170B features all-metal construction, a high main wingspan of 36 feet, and slotted flaps that deflect up to 40 degrees. It is powered by a six-cylinder Continental C145-2 engine that delivers up to 145 horsepower and turns a two-blade propeller. The 170B cruises at 120 miles per hour, has a top speed of 143 mph, and a stall speed of 52 mph. Its ceiling is 15,500 feet above sea level and climbs at 690 feet per minute. Impressively, it needs only 200 feet of roll to get into the air, in most situations, and has a range of 750 miles.

Carenado offers two types of the 170B, a regular and a tundra model. The tundra model features large tundra tires and can take off and land on beaches, river sand bars, deep in mountain valleys — anywhere suitable, no airport required! The company uses physically based rendering (PBR) for maximum realism, inside and out, realistic flight dynamics (tested by a number of pilots familiar with the C170B), and high-fidelity stereo acoustics recorded from the airplane itself, including sounds of switches, the engine, buttons, even the rush of air when opening a window.

It comes with six liveries, a portable Garmin Aera GPS color moving map unit, King KX-165 NAV/COMM radio with glideslope, and a King KT-76A Transponder. Simmers can experience Carenado’s C170B beginning in the cold, dark, ready to taxi, or ready for takeoff. It even features a tablet interface for controlling static elements, pilots, fairings, and doors.

The Carenado C170B is available today on the Microsoft Flight Simulator marketplace. The sky is calling! For the latest information on Microsoft Flight Simulator, stay tuned to @MSFSOfficial on Twitter and Xbox Wire.

Xbox LiveXbox Live

Microsoft Flight Simulator

Xbox Game Studios


Microsoft Flight Simulator is the next generation of one of the most beloved simulation franchises. From light planes to wide-body jets, fly highly detailed and stunning aircraft in an incredibly realistic world. Create your flight plan and fly anywhere on the planet. Enjoy flying day or night and face realistic, challenging weather conditions.

Author: Jorg Neumann, Head of Microsoft Flight Simulator
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Coming Soon to Xbox Game Pass: Bloodroots, Farming Simulator 19, UFC 4, and More

Summer is heating up and we’re ready to catch the next wave of great Xbox Game Pass games coming soon. Now let’s kick back, relax, and enjoy these new arrivals!

Coming Soon

Dragon Quest Builders 2 (Cloud) – July 8
Dragon Quest Builders 2 is a block-building RPG set in a fantasy land threatened by an evil cult. Explore, battle, create, and harvest in the charming single-player campaign or build big projects in the online sandbox mode for up to four players.

Tropico 6 (Cloud, Console, and PC) [email protected] – July 8
In Tropico 6, travel to a beautiful island state and make it your own. In this sixth entry in the series, build and manage a whole archipelago, decking it out with your choice of buildings, industry, and décor. Will you rule your people as a generous statesman or ruthless dictator? The choice is yours.

EA Play - UFC 4

UFC 4 (Console) EA Play – July 8
Shape your legend with EA Play and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate – UFC 4 is coming soon to The Play List! Members can enter the Octagon on July 8 to create and customize their own character and start their journey from unknown amateur to UFC superstar.

Bloodroots (Cloud, Console, and PC) [email protected] – July 15
Left for dead by a colorful group of bandits, you will chain killing sprees to exact revenge on the treacherous Mr. Black Wolf. Improvise your kills with utterly everything you can get your hands on from carrots to plasma guns.

Farming Simulator 19

Farming Simulator 19 (Cloud, Console, and PC) – July 15
The ultimate farming simulation returns! Become a modern farmer and develop your farm on two huge American and European environments, filled with exciting new farming activities, crops to harvest and animals to tend to.

The Medium

The Medium (Cloud) [email protected] – July 15
Discover a dark mystery only a medium can solve. Travel to an abandoned hotel resort and use your unique psychic abilities to uncover its deeply disturbing secrets, solve dual-reality puzzles, survive encounters with sinister spirits, and explore two realities at the same time.

In Case You Missed It

Going Under (Cloud, Console, and PC) [email protected] – Available now
A satirical dungeon crawler about exploring the cursed ruins of failed tech startups. As an unpaid intern in the dystopian city of Neo-Cascadia, you’ll wield office junk as weaponry as you make your way through the offbeat procedural dungeons beneath your company campus.

Xbox Cloud Gaming (Beta) Availability Expands to PC and Apple Devices

[embedded content]

Xbox Cloud Gaming (Beta) is available to all Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members with Windows 10 PCs and Apple phones and tablets, on Xbox.com, across 22 countries. Xbox Cloud Gaming is also now powered by custom Xbox Series X hardware, bringing you faster load times and improved frame rates. Simply go to xbox.com/play on Microsoft Edge, Chrome, or Safari on your PC or mobile device to start playing hundreds of games from the Xbox Game Pass library. Learn more here!

DLC / Game Updates

A Plague Tale: Innocence Series X|S Update – Available now
Follow the critically acclaimed tale of young Amicia and her little brother Hugo, in a heartrending journey through the darkest hours of history. Now optimized for Xbox Series X|S with native 4K resolution on Series X, 60 FPS, 3D audio support and improved visuals.

Astroneer: Jet Powered Update – Available now
Explore and reshape distant worlds! Astroneer is set during the 25th century Intergalactic Age of Discovery, where Astroneers explore the frontiers of outer space, risking their lives in harsh environments to unearth rare discoveries and unlock the mysteries of the universe. The Jet Powered Update adds new missions that will help you unlock new vehicles including a VTOL and Hoverboard!

Black Desert: Corsair Update – Available now
Need a break from the heat wave? Meet Corsair! She’s a commander of the sea and the newest class in Black Desert. This seafarer can ride the (actual) waves, use tsunamis, and transform into a mermaid to defeat her enemies. Her combat style mimics the waves of the ocean – unpredictable, unique, and cool. If you want to spend summertime surfing with dolphins, Corsair is the right choice for the adventure!

Destiny 2 Solstice of Heroes Event – Available until August 3
Soar across the EAZ in search of glory and treasure. Each day features a buff based on either Solar, Arc, Void, or – for the first time – Stasis. New Prism days let you choose the element you charge! Earn Legendary Solstice armor and upgrade it until it begins to glow, revealing the power within.

Doom Eternal Series X|S Update – Available now
Attention all Slayers! Patch 6 for Doom Eternal is available now, bringing you free next-gen upgrades that unlock the full capabilities of the Xbox Series X|S. Plus, duke it out online in the new Battlemode arena, Corrosion, and put your skills to the test in the Taras Nabad Master Level. Learn more here!

Gears 5 Operation 7 Free Update – Available now
Strike at the enemy in Gears 5 Operation 7, available now. Jump in with four new characters, a brand-new map and a rebuilt classic map, renewed Tour of Duty and more.

Grounded Shroom and Doom Update – Available now
Grounded’s Shroom and Doom content update brings the game’s terrifying first boss, mushroom building materials to build castles from, and long-awaited community requests like sitting and, best of all, pet companions! Learn more about what’s new in the backyard here.

Greedfall Series X|S Update – Available now
Enjoy exploring uncharted lands filled with magic, secrets, and creatures in 4K resolution, highly improved visual, fast loading and 60 FPS in performance mode! With diplomacy, deception, and force, influence a living world to shape your story and forge your own destiny. Read more here.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege: Year 6 Season 2 North Star – Available now
Xbox Game Pass members save 10%! North Star will soon ascend in the Siege’s constellation! Discover more about our new operator Thunderbird, the Favela map rework, and much more including some balancing changes, a new death experience animation and the new seasonal “Medicant” skin bundle. Learn more about North Star here.

Zombie Army 4: Abaddon Asylum DLC – Available now
Xbox Game Pass members save 10%! Abaddon Asylum is the second mission in Return to Hell, a haunting three-part Zombie Army 4: Dead War campaign! Explore a terrifying new location in this 1-4 player mission, complete with terrifying enemies, collectibles and more! Plus, grab the free Left4Dead Character Pack 1 containing Bill, Francis, Louis, and Zoey! You may have survived a damned facility – but the dead don’t care! Read more here.

Fallout 76 Steel Reign Update – July 7
Steel Reign is the final chapter in the Brotherhood of Steel storyline. Tensions have never been higher between Paladin Rahmani and Knight Shin. The appearance of Super Mutants and people disappearing are only adding to the divide. Will you take the side of justice or remain committed to duty? Read more here.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Perks

Here are lots of brand-new Perks to go claim in the Perks Gallery on your Xbox Console, Xbox App on Windows 10 PC, or the Xbox Game Pass Mobile app for iOS/Android.

Space Jam Key Art

Space Jam: A New Legacy The Game – Play It First with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate
Play as LeBron, Bugs, and Lola as they face the Goon Squad in a wacky basketball beat-em up! Claim this Perk to get exclusive early access and play the full game right now through Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Perks. Space Jam: A New Legacy – The Game will be available as a free-to-play title for all players starting July 15 through the Microsoft Store on your Xbox console.

Black Desert – Special Gift Bundle – Available now
The new class Corsair joins the battlefield of Black Desert! Gear up with this special bundle and embark on an adventure you’ve been longing for!

Apex Legends – Protocol 3 Weapon Charm – Available now
Show the competition what you’re made of with your new Protocol 3 Weapon Charm, brought to you by EA Play! Equip this to your favorite weapon and battle for glory, fame, and fortune in style.

World of Warships: Legends – Navy of the Realm – Available now
Get a pair of powerful early German warships in the new Xbox Game Pass bundle: Navy of the Realm. You’ll get your hands on the fan favorite cruiser Königsberg and the destroyer G-101 along with plenty of Camouflages and Boosters.

Xbox Game Pass Quests

Starting on July 6, Xbox Game Pass members can earn 2x points for completing Quests built around select games celebrating 20 Years of Xbox. Check for Quests on your Xbox console or the Xbox Game Pass mobile app. You can also learn more about Xbox Game Pass Quests here

Check out the new July monthly Quests you can start today:

  • Grand Theft Auto V (150 points): Steal 5 cars
  • Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege (150 points): Play 1 training grounds match
  • Grounded (225 points): Earn one achievement

Leaving Soon

It’s time to prepare to say farewell to the games leaving the Xbox Game Pass library on July 15, including a batch of EA Play games to be delisted from The Play List on July 14.

Remember, you can use your Game Pass member discount to save up to 20% on games leaving the Game Pass library, while PC and Ultimate members can save up to 10% on the EA Play games.

July 14 (EA Play)

  • EA Sports UFC (Console)
  • EA Sports UFC 2 (Console)

July 15

  • Endless Space 2 (PC)
  • Downwell (PC)
  • CrossCode (Cloud, Console, and PC)

That concludes our first round of July announcements! We’ll be back later this month with more news, but in the meantime be sure to follow @XboxGamePass and @XboxGamePassPC on Twitter to get a heads up when these games are available to play. From there, you can download these games straight to your Xbox console or PC from the Xbox Game Pass mobile app! See you next time!

Author: Megan Spurr, Community Lead, Xbox Game Pass
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Microsoft Flight Simulator World Update V: Nordics Now Available for Free

In September
, we shared our vision for continuously improving Microsoft Flight Simulator by bringing meaningful updates to the simulator on a regular basis.

The virtual world in Microsoft’s Flight Simulator is getting its latest major update, one with a focus on Europe’s Nordic countries of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden. Renowned for its natural splendor and architectural wonder, this region has been rendered in its most realistic fidelity yet in World Update V: Nordics.

Simmers can take to the northern European sky and explore vast fjords, riveting urban vistas, domineering peaks, and centuries-old iconic castles from within the cockpit. World Update V: Nordics includes improvements in detail of broad swaths of landscapes, enhancements to regional architecture, improved data for 100 airports and 78 carefully selected points of interest.

This update also features five bush trips, one for each of the Nordic countries, that show off some the very best elements of these destinations.

Finally, World Update V: Nordics brings new hand-crafted airports, and five original landing challenges designed to test and hone aviation mettle throughout a range of conditions. Test your landing skills at: Denmark’s Bornholm, Iceland’s Ísafjörður, Sweden’s Stockholm Arlanda, Norway’s Svalbard, and Finland’s Vaasa Airports.

World Update V: Nordics is available FREE to all Microsoft Flight Simulator users. Be sure your simulator is up to date first, then visit the Marketplace to download the latest world update and immerse yourself in this magnificent and expansive corner of the world.  The sky is calling!

Microsoft Flight Simulator is currently available on Xbox Game Pass for PC, Windows 10, and Steam and iscoming to Xbox Series X|S on July 27th.  Share your impressions with us on the dedicated forums or check out our FAQ if you have questions. For the latest information on Microsoft Flight Simulator, stay tuned to @MSFSOfficial on Twitter.

Author: Jorg Neumann, Head of Microsoft Flight Simulator
This post originally appeared on Xbox Wire

Mini Review: Super Baseball Simulator 1.000 – 16-Bit Sports With Super Powers

With a name like Super Baseball Simulator 1.000, you might expect a hardcore sports game. But nope! It’s a product by Culture Brain, a company known for offbeat games like Super Ninja Boy and The Magic of Scheherazade, and that unconventional spirit shines through here, too. In Japan, the game is titled Super Ultra Baseball, giving a somewhat better idea of the kind of strangeness that lies within.

Things certainly seem normal when you first start. It’s presented like many other baseball games of the 8/16-bit era, with a behind-the-batter viewpoint that switches to an overhead view whenever the ball is hit. There are three leagues, two of them with unlicensed teams from cities around the United States. However, there’s a third Ultra league, where all of the players have super powers. For example, batters have swings that will turn the ball into a bomb, which will explode in the mitt of whoever attempts to catch it. You can give it the power to orbit outfielders, allowing the batter extra time to hit the bases, or remove shadows to make it more difficult to catch. As a pitcher, you can turn yourself invisible or create shadow duplicates, change the speed of the ball by lighting it on fire or turn it into iron, or even cause it to warp around. Outfielders can even use powers like a rocket jump.

The usage of these skills is dictated by a shared pool of Ultra Points, which are allocated at the beginning of each game and can’t be replenished, so you can’t use them carelessly unless you set them to unlimited. Each skill is relegated to a specific player, so you can’t choose which to use either. But it is incredibly silly to select a team with magical powers like the Heroes and match them up with some sad chumps from Boston, then watch them use their super powers to mess around with them.

Super Baseball Simulator 1.000 sits in a position where it’s weird but not quite weird enough. Compared to Konami’s robotic Base Wars or SNK’s similarly futuristic 2020 Super Baseball, it’s not quite as over-the-top, because outwardly it looks and feels like any other early 16-bit sports game. The visuals and sound are strictly average, especially compared to games that came later in the generation. And it’s certainly not a patch on other major league 16-bit baseball games like Ken Griffey Jr. Presents Major League Baseball or World Series Baseball. Still, its weirdness gives it an identity that makes it stand out among other more technically accomplished games.

With five new additions to Nintendo Switch Online’s catalogue of NES and SNES games arriving today, we decided to review these new/old releases to help you decide which to play first. Enjoy!

This post originally appeared on Nintendo Life | Reviews

Microsoft Flight Simulator World Update IV: France, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg Available Now


  • In September, we shared our vision for continuously improving Microsoft Flight Simulator by bringing meaningful updates to the simulator on a regular basis. Today, we are releasing our fourth World Update and are thrilled to provide simmers a riveting flight experience throughout Western Europe. 

Starting today, the latest free World Update for Microsoft Flight Simulator brings flight simmers to France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg (FRBENELUX).

In the heart of Western Europe, embrace the spirit of a bygone era intermingled with modern influences and attractions as you explore a plethora of sights on display — from seaside communities to urban centers, idyllic vineyards to epic mountain ranges and world-famous resort towns – all featuring stunning upgrades and visual enhancements.

World Update IV: France, Belgium, Netherlands & Luxembourg brings improved digital elevation data and aerial imagery, high-resolution 3D photogrammetry for two of Europe’s most iconic cities, Paris and Amsterdam, and three new meticulously hand-crafted airports (Megève, Nice and Rotterdam), plus visual and logistical improvements to 100 additional airports throughout the area.

Newly-added architectural elements infuse authenticity to countless procedurally-generated locations, while more than 100 famous landmarks and points of interest have received custom treatment, bringing impeccable levels of detail to the region’s most unforgettable sights – more castles and cathedrals, monuments and museums, palaces, bridges, lighthouses, dams, windmills and stadiums.

Finally, to build on this bevy of visual improvements, two new activities have been added: an exciting Landing Challenge at La Salette, and an awe-inducing Bush Trip into the heights of the Pyrenees and the Alps.

World Update IV: France, Belgium, Netherlands & Luxembourg is available for free starting today to all Microsoft Flight Simulator users. Make sure your simulator is up to date, visit the Marketplace to download the FRBENELUX bundle and set a course for the timeless beauty of Western Europe. The sky is calling!

Microsoft Flight Simulator is available on Xbox Game Pass for PC, Windows 10, and Steam. Share your impressions with us on the dedicated forums or check out our FAQ if you have questions. For the latest information on Microsoft Flight Simulator, stay tuned to @MSFSOfficial on Twitter.

Jorg Neumann, Head of Microsoft Flight Simulator
This article originally appeared on Xbox Wire

PC Building Simulator: Mega Update Available Now


  • PC Building Simulator’s free 1.2.0 update brings over 250 new parts including the newest AMD Ryzen processors and NVIDIA RTX graphics cards.
  • All branded partner workshop DLCs are now available on Xbox One.
  • The latest Xbox One version comes with new features, optimizations, and support for mouse and keyboard, all built for the platform.

Hello PC Builders!

Over the last few months, we’ve been hard at work bringing the ultimate PC building experience to Xbox One, overhauling much of the existing game. Our latest update to PC Building Simulator is available now, bringing heaps of new features, performance optimizations, hundreds of new parts and the often-requested mouse and keyboard support.

New parts, partners and filters

Players can now take their PC building empire to the next level with hundreds of new real-world licensed parts, including CPUs and GPUs from some of the latest hardware releases. In addition to new parts, we’re also adding a number of new partners such as Kolink and SteelSeries, along with signature cases and peripherals respectively.

PC Building Simulator

To help players get the most out of our growing library of components, we’ve also developed a comprehensive filter system for both the store and inventory, streamlining the building process.

Introducing Workshop DLC

Another part of this update we’re really excited about is bringing all the different workshop DLCs to Xbox One – fans can now build anywhere, from the sci-fi depths of the Aorus lab, to behind the scenes of the famous Overclockers UK store.

PC Building Simulator

Each workshop DLC was created in collaboration with a real PC enthusiast brand, and adds a new aesthetic usable in both career and free build modes.

Mouse and Keyboard support

Finally, in addition to significant amounts of optimization, this update includes full support for mouse and keyboard, giving players an additional way to approach their PC building experience. Thanks to all the players who contacted us with feedback, the community support has helped us to shape our second update, including this often requested feature.

Stay up to date!

For all the latest PC Building Simulator news be sure to join us on our official Discord, check out the website and follow us on @PCBuildingSim on your favorite social media platforms.

PC Building Simulator

PC Building Simulator

The Irregular Corporation

The Ultimate PC Building Simulation has arrived! Build your very own PC empire, from simple diagnosis and repairs to bespoke, boutique creations that would be the envy of any enthusiast. With an expansive marketplace full of real-world components you can finally stop dreaming of that ultimate PC and get out there, build it and see how it benchmarks in 3DMark! Run your own Business The career mode in PC Building Simulator puts you in charge of your very own PC building and repair business. From your own cozy workshop, you must use all your technical skills to complete the various jobs that come your way. Learn to Build a PC Does building your own PC seem like an impossible task? PC Building Simulator aims to teach even the most novice PC user how their machine is put together with step-by-step instructions explaining the order parts should be assembled and providing useful information on what each part is and its function.

Sam Hills, PC Building Simulator Community Manager, The Irregular Corporation

Microsoft Flight Simulator Gets First Highly-Complex 3rd Party Airliner from Aerosoft

Microsoft Flight Simulator is the latest entry in Microsoft’s longest running franchise with a history of 38 years, but it is not just a popular simulator – it is also a development platform. Today, we are proud to announce that the team at Aerosoft, in close collaboration with the development team at Asobo Studio, is releasing the first highly-complex add-on aircraft for the simulator: the Aerosoft CRJ 550/700.

Aerosoft GmbH is based in Paderborn, Germany and is one of the most influential companies in the flight simulation space. Founded in 1991, the company focuses on the development and publishing of software and hardware for flight enthusiasts. Their first release was an add-on to Microsoft Flight Simulator 4 in 1992 and since then, Aerosoft has developed and published hundreds of add-ons for the Microsoft Flight Simulator franchise. Due to this long history and deep understanding of flight simulation, Microsoft selected Aerosoft to release the physical edition of the new Microsoft Flight Simulator in Europe.

The new Canadair regional jets released today have a capacity of 50-100 passengers and feature a three cabin layout. These planes are used by many airlines around the world and are known for their efficiency, low operating cost and safety. In flight simulators, these jets are also very popular with hobbyist airplane pilots as these planes are often used on routes that are less than three hours in duration and are perfect for a flight session.

This unique add-on was created in close and fruitful collaboration with Microsoft and Asobo Studio, and we’ve ensured that all available features of Microsoft Flight Simulator have been implemented. The CRJ is simulated in its complete complexity right up to the smallest of details – even the cockpits include nearly all systems, operating just like the real aircraft, including the complex Flight Management System (FMS), the electronic Flight Bag and the Head-up Guidance System (HGS) in a never-before-seen visual and technical quality that will thrill ambitious pilots.

Every user has access to the Software Development Kit (SDK) that is embedded in the sim and can create aircraft, airports, scenery, missions and other add-ons. Through the last two decades, the flight sim genre has attracted several hundred add-on companies that are both highly-knowledgeable in the world of aviation and also prolific creators who were often the driving innovative forces behind the simulation hobby.

We are very excited about the level of sophistication that Aerosoft has achieved with these aircraft and it is a great sign that the Microsoft Flight Simulator SDK has advanced to the point at which the flight sim creator community can successfully develop many other highly complex add-ons. The Sky is Calling!

The CRJ 550/700 is available on March 16 in the Microsoft Flight Simulator in-sim marketplace and at www.aerosoft.com. The next add-on in this series, the CRJ900/1000, will be released at a later date.

Jorg Neumann, Head of Microsoft Flight Simulator