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Kate Middleton: Duchess of Cambridge's unlikely travel skill from early jet-setting

“The family needed to get used to English not being the first language, the currency of Jordanian dinars and the different national holidays of Eid Mubarak and Ramadan, instead of Christmas and Easter. In Jordan, Friday, not Sunday, was the day of rest and people worked at weekends.

“The young family moved into a simple one-storey, flat-roofed building in the shadow of a tower block. The rent was paid for by BA, which meant they could keep their Berkshire home to return to.”

Moody continued: “As a family, the Middletons have always enjoyed being outdoors and they explored the country while they were there, visiting local sites such as the Greco-Roman ruins in Jerash.

“Their own area was dusty and rocky and full of orange and olive trees; however, they could also venture down to the Jordan River, which separated the country from Israel, and cut through a lush, picturesque valley.

This article originally appeared on Daily Express :: Travel Feed

Martin Lewis sparks frenzy with raunchy innuendo after 'orgasm' skill joke

Martin Lewis, 48, had quite a shock on Thursday morning ahead of his appearance on This Morning. Revealing a backstage glimpse of the program’s production running order, the Money Saving Expert made light of the hilarious – and some may say fortunate – layout for the upcoming segments.
Following the health headlines, the program then featured a piece on sex with the title reading, “I Teach Women To Orgasm”.

Straight after the raunchy topic, Martin was due on for his regular “Ask Martin Lewis” Q&A session, where viewers can call in with any money or consumer related queries they may have.

After noticing the saucy layout of the show, he took to Twitter to share it with his 1.1 million followers and proceeded to make the most of the happy accident.

“I have many skills according to today’s @thismorning running order,” he said, before adding: “(true dat)”(sic)

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A sixth was disappointed: “I know saving money is exciting but it’s never had that effect on me!”

During the show, Martin shared his dismay after a woman phoned in to explain how she had been scammed after attempting to invest in crypto-currency.

The Money Saving Expert admitted he had to refrain from spouting profanities live on-air, as he tweeted his disgust.

He shared his fury over the situation as he issued a warning to Britons to be more careful with their money.

Martin penned: “That was devastating @thismorning phone in. A warning for all.

“A poor woman having a tough time, thought she was investing in bitcoin, but they were scammers. Even her card firm warned her, but she was in too deep.

“I stopped myself saying b*****ds on air, but they are b*****ds.”

He advised the caller to contact her credit card company and attempt to get the transaction reversed.

This Morning airs weekdays ta 10am one ITV.

Queen Elizabeth: Monarch has vital travel skill that Kate Middleton doesn’t

Queen Elizabeth often relies on the help of advisors when she greets officials abroad and carries out her duties. However, there are some countries in the world where the Queen will need no aid when it comes to speaking the local language. Thanks to her private education from a young age, Queen Elizabeth can speak fluent French.
French is spoken as an official language in 29 countries in total, but the Monarch’s knowledge has been of particular use during trips to France and Canada.

In 2014 she carried out a state visit to Paris and held a conversation with former President Francois Hollande, easily discussing the weather.

She also addressed a State Banquet in both English and French for her fifth French State Visit at the Élysée Palace in Paris.

A year later, a schoolgirl in Dagenham addressed the Queen in French to which the Queen responded in the same language.

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Most impressive of all is when, in 1964, Elizabeth visited Quebec in Canada and gave a speech.

For nearly 10 minutes the Queen spoke in French with excellent pronunciation – though she did use cue cards.

French language expert Camille Chevalier-Karfis, commented on video clips of the Queen speaking French.

“Her reading skills were excellent – both pronunciation and rhythm were very good, but you could feel she was quite tense,” she told The Local.


Queen Elizabeth most likely learnt French as a child when she was tutored by her governess Marion Crawford.

The monarch is not the only member of the royal family to speak French. Prince Charles, 72, and the rest of the Queen’s children also speak it.

Prince William, 38, has also been heard speaking French after a speech in Quebec in 2011.

He also knows some Welsh and Swahili.

However, it would seem this talent is not shared with Kate Middleton, 39.

Her other royal relatives are adept at languages, however.

Prince Harry, 36, gave a speech in six languages while on tour in New Zealand in 2018.

He is reported to have spoken Samoan, Tongan, Fijian, Niuean, Cook Islands Maori and Maori.

He also impressed a group of guests at a fundraising dinner for the Sentebale children’s charity project in Dubai by speaking in Arabic back in 2013.