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How to live longer: Promote longevity in 20 minutes by quitting smoking

How to live longer: Promote longevity in 20 minutes by quitting smoking

If you make it 12 hours without smoking, the body begins to eradicate carbon monoxide – a poisonous gas – from the body, enabling oxygen levels to increase. If you continue on this path, other health benefits come your way. As pointed out by Stop Smoking London – a campaign supported by the NHS to improve the nation’s health – one full day without smoking can:

  • Reduce blood pressure
  • Improve circulation
  • Reduce your risk of heart disease.

Within two days of being a non-smoker, the receptors in your nerves begin to heal, helping to restore your sense of taste and smell.

If you forgo three days without picking up the unhealthy habit, all the nicotine will now be completely removed from your body.

It’s at this point that nicotine withdrawal might occur, but remember that each craving will pass if you don’t feed the addiction.

Nicotine withdrawal symptoms

The NHS pointed out that you might experience:

  • Restlessness
  • Irritability
  • Frustration
  • Tiredness
  • Difficulty sleeping or concentrating.

“You may get a chesty cough, but this is positive – it means your body is getting rid of the debris in your lungs,” the NHS clarified.

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You may find that exercising from this landmark stage becomes easier and easier, as breathlessness starts to fade.

By the nine-month mark, your lungs will have significantly healed as the cilia (the small-like hairs inside of the lungs) will have recovered from the effects of cigarette smoke.

When you reach a whole year without having one puff of a cigarette, your risk of coronary heart disease will be cut in half.

From this point onwards, with every other successful milestone you hit, your risk of coronary heart disease will continue to decrease, thereby increasing your longevity.

Your chances of getting pancreatic cancer are the same as a non-smoker too.

Twenty years without lighting up will mean that your risk of dying from a smoking-related cause is now as low as someone who never smoked a cigarette in their life.

Health benefits of quitting

  • Improved chances of longevity
  • Reduced blood pressure
  • Improved circulation
  • Improved lung function
  • Able to breathe better
  • Improved sense of taste and smell
  • Reduced risk of numerous cancers
  • Reduced risk of cardiovascular disease.

Other benefits of quitting

  • Smell better
  • More money
  • Fresher breath
  • Improved self esteem
  • Whiter teeth
  • Better hearing
  • Better vision
  • Clearer, younger-looking skin.

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Taxpayer outrage as pregnant people could be offered £400 by NHS to quit smoking 'Garbage'

Taxpayer outrage as pregnant people could be offered £400 by NHS to quit smoking 'Garbage'

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (Nice) and Public Health England said studies found “voucher incentives were acceptable to many pregnant women and healthcare providers”.

Dr Paul Chrisp, director of Nice’s centre for guidelines, said: “These draft guideline recommendations are a renewed effort to reduce the health burden of smoking and to encourage and support people to give up smoking.

“Smoking continues to take a huge toll on the health of the nation and accounts for approximately half the difference in life expectancy between the richest and poorest in society.

“It is therefore vitally important that we reduce the level of smoking in this country.

“We know that around 10 percent of women are known to be smokers at the time of giving birth and, given the significant health effects of smoking on both mothers and babies, it is clear that further efforts are required to encourage this group to give up smoking.

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“We need to use every tool in our arsenal to reduce smoking rates, including education, behavioural support, financial incentives, and e-cigarettes if people are interested in using them.

“Combined, we hope that people who smoke will feel enabled to give up tobacco products once and for all.”

Britons chimed in on Twitter to discuss the potential policy, most unsupportive.

One wrote: “If pregnant women won’t quit smoking for the sake of their baby but will do it for £400 then I’m really concerned about them as mothers tbh since it isn’t a good sign about priorities.

“Why not give £400 to expectant mothers who aren’t poisoning their children instead?”

“You give up smoking for yourself for it to be successful in the longer term. It may help a small proportion who want to give up,” one said.

Another questioned, “They could quite easily start smoking again after having their baby?”

Another said: “Why are taxpayers rewarding those that could stop but don’t because they’re selfish? Better idea, if their child is born with any issues, they are charged, prosecuted and punished for not safeguarding their child.”

“If they can’t stop smoking with an unborn child inside them I very much doubt £400 will do the job. Do people actually get paid for coming up with this garbage,” another said.

Smoking is linked to lung cancer. How can you spot the symptoms of lung cancer?

There are 10 unexpected signs of a tumour to look out for. 

Some lung cancer patients develop numb pain in their arms and shoulders.

This symptom is often linked to a type of lung cancer called a Pancoast tumour, which spreads to the spine or nerves.

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: Health Feed
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Five councils in England ban smoking outside pubs, cafes and restaurants – full list

Five councils in England ban smoking outside pubs, cafes and restaurants - full list

Manchester, Newcastle, Durham, Northumberland and North Tyneside county councils have banned smoking on pavements outside hospitality venues, such as pubs, cafes and restaurants. These rules only apply to establishments where outdoor seating is provided by the business. Oxfordshire County Council is set to be next in line to follow the Government’s vision.

“Smoking leads to disease and disability and harms nearly every organ of the body,” said the CDC.

Secondhand smoke

In addition, secondhand smoke exposure contributes to approximately 41,000 deaths among non-smoking adults and 400 deaths in infants each year.

Children exposed to secondhand smoke are more at risk of:

  • Sudden infant death syndrome
  • Acute respiratory infections
  • Middle ear disease
  • More severe asthma
  • Slowed lung growth
  • Respiratory symptoms

Secondhand smoke contains more than 7,000 chemicals – hundreds are toxic and 70 can cause cancer.

“Breathing secondhand smoke can have immediate adverse effects on your blood and blood vessels, increasing the risk of having a heart attack,” added the CDC.

Smoke-free Britain

Employers are expected to enforce smoke-free spaces outside shops, offices, and factories, the Daily Mail reported.

Moreover, a seventh local authority, Gateshead Council grants licenses to venues that say pavement cafes must be smoke-free, the Guardian stated.

Oxfordshire County Council revealed that it’s “considering proposals for hospitality outdoor seating to be 100 per cent smoke-free”.

“At present there are no timeframes for smoke-free pavement licensing proposals and nothing has yet been agreed,” the council clarified.

However, Simon Clark – the director of the smokers’ lobby group Forest (Freedom Organisation for the Right to Enjoy Smoking) criticised the plans.

“It’s no business of local councils if adults choose to smoke… Reducing smoking rates to meet some idealistic target is not a priority for most people.”

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: Health Feed
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Oxfordshire to ban smoking outdoors in step to become first smoke-free county in England

Oxfordshire to ban smoking outdoors in step to become first smoke-free county in England
Oxfordshire’s smoke-free plans will begin by targeting outdoor dining areas and workplace break spots. The crackdown will begin as lockdown ends, but plans have been underway since before the pandemic began. Part of the county’s strategy is to create more spaces where people feel ‘empowered’ not to smoke.
“But that is not going to happen overnight.”

Dr Adam Briggs, the public health official leading the strategy, added: “We have got a condition that is entirely a commercially driven cause of death and disease.

“It is impossible to be on the wrong side of history with tobacco consumption.”

Dr Briggs also referred to figures given by the chief medical officer Chris Whitty at a recent conference, which revealed more than 90,000 people died from tobacco related diseases in 2020, compared with 75,000 from COVID-19.


A report by Dr Briggs said smoking was the leading cause of preventable deaths in Oxfordshire, costing £120m to the public purse each year.

While 12 per cent of Oxfordshire’s population currently smoke, people earning lower incomes, those with mental illnesses, the homeless and travellers, all have a higher rate of smoking.

Andrew McHugh, a member of the health improvement partnership board, said he had asked Cherwell District Council, where he is a councillor, to make all new pavement licenses smoke-free.

Pavement licenses allow restaurants and bars to place tables and chairs outside their premises.

The council denied the request saying the easing of coronavirus restrictions was not the time to impose more rules on businesses.

Bur Dr Briggs asked members of the board, who sit on different councils around Oxfordshire, to make similar requests in the near future.

A pro-smoking campaign group called The Freedom Organisation for the Right to Enjoy Smoking Tobacco (Forest) has criticised the plans.

Simon Clark, director of the smokers’ lobby group Forest, said: “It’s no business of local councils if adults choose to smoke, and if they smoke outside during working hours that’s a matter for them and their employer not the council.”

Smoke-free is officially recognised by the Government as when five per cent of the population or less are smokers.

Smoking causes around seven out of every 10 cases of lung cancer. 

It can also cause cancer in many other parts of the body, including the mouth, bladder, bowel and stomach. 

It also damages your heart and blood circulaton, increasing the risk of developing conditions such as coronary heart disease and heart attack. 

If you want to quit smoking, speak to your GP. They can enroll you in a ‘stop smoking’ clinic and prescribe nicotine replacement therapy. 

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: Life and Style Feed
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Smoker's teeth: 5 ways smoking impacts your teeth

Smoker's teeth: 5 ways smoking impacts your teeth

Tooth discolouration

White teeth will never go out of style but you will never achieve gleaming, healthy teeth if you smoke.

Even smoking a couple of cigarettes per day will lead to staining and discolouration, just at a slightly slower pace than if you smoked more, according to the experts at Banning Dental.

They explained: “Imagine your teeth are like a cherished piece of porcelain (this is the enamel of your teeth).

“The porcelain has very fine cracks in it and as we use our teeth over the years, the miniature cracks absorb almost everything we eat and drink.

“For smokers, with each pull on a cigarette, nicotine, tar, and other substances that contribute to making these tobacco sticks so addictive, seep into the cracks and contribute to classic yellowing signs of a smokers teeth. Because the vapour is so fine, it can do this all too easily.”

No matter how well you brush and clean your teeth, the heavy staining can’t be removed and your teeth will remain yellow.

Yellow teeth also make us appear older than we are, and you probably don’t want that!

The experts added: “The brightness and vitality that we may have once had in our youth is now giving way to a more tired, dull, stale appearance.

“In a society that is so keen to defy the effects of ageing, ditching the fags would be the most effective anti-ageing practice of all. Saving you money and your health!”

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: Health Feed
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Shocked ex-MMA champ Shlemenko slams top rapper

Shocked ex-MMA champ Shlemenko slams top rapper

Sex, drugs, alcohol and smoking: Shocked ex-MMA champ Shlemenko slams top rapper and ‘most popular person in Russia’ Morgenshtern.

Russian MMA fighter Alexander Shlemenko has said he fears that racey music videos risk leading people towards drug addiction, adding that he does not support censorship but wants Russia to reject the stage imagery of Morgenshtern.

Ex-Bellator MMA champion Shlemenko has been left appalled by the provocative Russian rapper’s music, which includes videos of the hugely popular pop star cavorting with champagne-toting models, flashing wads of cash in front of flashy cars and indulging in various acts of decadence and debauchery.

In an echo of the misgivings voiced by high-profile fighters such as Khabib Nurmagomedov about performers failing to act as positive role models, Shlemenko warned that the drug deaths he had seen in the 1990s were a result of the kind of lifestyle he perceived Morgenshtern as promoting, and said that crude behavior was a high price to pay for ample personal freedom.

“It’s just that modern society is loaded with problems that it creates for itself,” Shlemenko told Sport24, when asked if censorship should be enforced.

“We were given so-called ‘freedom’ of speech and everything else – and what is it? In drinking, smoking, using drugs, listening to all sorts of nonsense and raising children to be depraved, so that they become prostitutes – is this freedom, or what?

“The propaganda of drugs is carried out stealthily, through songs…so that a person can say: ‘This is my stage image.’

“Personally, I would reason very simply: if his stage image is contrary to our traditions and leads to people becoming drug addicts, then why do we need this character?”

Shlemenko said that he spoke for an increasingly large number of people keen to protect “values”, describing the attitude shown towards women in Morgenshtern’s music as “horrible”.

He added that his own children, who are aged between three and seven, listen to folk singer-songwriter Nikolai Emelin and take inspiration from lyrics about “defeating the enemy” and Russia rising to become “stronger”.

“These songs educate people who love their homeland…and want their Russia to prosper and live well,” he explained.

A 23-year-old sensation with millions of fans, influential Morgenshtern’s success saw him named as one of the People of the Year by GQ Russia in 2020.

His latest video, ‘Cristal & Moet’, has earned more than 60 million YouTube views since premiering on the platform less than three months ago.

The video appears to reference his depictions in the media at its opening, before swiftly moving on to show scantily-clad models pouring champagne over themselves next to luxury cars.

Writing after the announcement from GQ, Morgenshtern told his fans: “I’m a dollar millionaire. I have a fleet of luxury cars for every occasion.

“The world’s largest companies want [me]. My half an hour plus at the next corporation costs three million. My family is proud of me. I do not deny myself anything.

“I have a restaurant in the center of Moscow. collaborations with some of the biggest names in the industry. Any woman will be mine if I want to, and everyone I f***ed is bragging about it.

“Everyone around wants a f*****g photo, and some want to just touch me. I broke all possible records and became the most popular person in Russia and the CIS in just one year. Am I happy? Well, actually, yes.”

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