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Zara Phillips and Mike Tindall share cute snap at golf fundraiser in joint appearance

The image, shared to Twitter on Mr Tindall’s celebrity classics page, shows the ex-England centre sporting some rather questionable pink-patterned Bermuda shorts while in full golfing attire, including a glove and a hat. In contrast, Princess Anne’s Olympic silver medalist daughter was rocking a much more casual look, with white trainers, blue jeans and a dark-blue jacket.

The image shows Mr Tindall, who tied the knot with Zara in 2011, land a kiss on his wife’s head.

Zara, who has now had three children with the 75-time capped international, is also seen beaming with delight when the photo was snapped.

This year’s golfing tournament was held at the Belfry Hotel & Resort in Sutton Coldfield and was organised to raise money for two charities.

The first is the Matt Hampson Foundation.

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Matt Hampson, 36, was left paralysed from the neck down after he was involved in an accident at training with the England under 21 squad in 2005.

He established the charity in 2011 to help others who have suffered catastrophic injuries through sport.

The second charity, the Cure Parkinson’s Trust, is very close to Mr Tindall’s heart as his father was diagnosed with the disease in 2003.

Mike Tindall, who played in Sir Clive Woodward’s World Cup winning England side in 2003, recently explained that it has been a “tough five years” for the family.

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The ex-Gloucester player, who lives just 14 miles away from the Cherry & Whites home ground Kingsholm, went on to offer his thanks to all the support he has received.

“Thanks so much for everyone who supported the day.

“It means a lot to us all.”

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Adele weight loss: Singer shows off staggering transformation in new snap – diet plan

Adele, full name Adele Adkins, has notably slimmed down in the last couple of years. The results of her healthy weight loss transformation could be seen in the latest post on her Instagram page.

One said: “You are glowing!”

Another added: “You look so good” while a third stated: “You are beautiful!”

This is not the first time Adele has attracted attention with her looks.

The mother-of-one has clearly changed her lifestyle in recent years and reportedly shed around seven stone.


Adele joked about her transformation during an appearance on Saturday Night Live last year.

She said: “I know I look really, really different since you last saw me.

“But actually, because of all the Covid restrictions… I had to travel light and I could only bring half of me. And this is the half I chose.”

Apart from her comments on the late night sketch show, she has given very little away on how she slimmed down.

However, Camila Goodis, a personal trainer who worked with the singer, stated Adele would take part in Pilates.

Pilates is a form of low-impact exercise which helps strengthen muscles and improve flexibility.

As well exercising regularly, Camila commented Adele’s results were “90 percent from diet”.

Some reports claim the 33-year-old followed the Sirt Food diet plan.

This is characterised by a list of approved foods and begins with a rigorous phase of drinking green juice and limiting calories.

Camila said: “The first week is intense, green juices and only 1,000 calories. She doesn’t look too thin – she looks amazing.”

Speaking to Express.co.uk, Daniel speculated Adele may have followed an intermittent fasting plan.

This involves eating all foods within a small time frame and fasting for the remaining hours of the day.

He claimed: “Based on the dramatic change it would seem an intermittent fasting diet along with an increase in exercise – possibly pilates or yoga – would have been the most likely plan followed by Adele.

“To assist her, she may have also used insights from a DNA test to reveal any dietary deficiencies or underlying health issues, perhaps around gut health and to understand what type of exercise and foods would work best for her, based on her genetics.”

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Polls open in Moldova’s snap election amid corruption concerns

Polls open in Moldova

Polling stations in Moldova opened on Sunday morning with voters eager to choose the new parliament after the previous one was dissolved by new President Maia Sandu to shore up her position against pro-Russia forces.

Polls opened shortly after 7am (04:00 GMT) on Sunday and will close at 9pm, with initial results expected a few hours later.

Sandu, who wants to bring Moldova into the European Union, in November defeated Kremlin-backed incumbent Igor Dodon on a pledge to fight corruption in one of Europe’s poorest countries.

Wedged between Ukraine and EU member Romania, Moldova has long been divided over closer ties with Brussels or maintaining Soviet-era relations with Moscow.

With lawmakers loyal to Dodon blocking Sandu’s promises of reform, the former World Bank economist dissolved parliament in April and scheduled the snap vote.

“This Sunday we have to finish what we started and take the second step. This is an opportunity for each of us to choose an honest and responsible leadership,” Sandu said in a statement ahead of the vote.

“It’s time to clear the country of clans, corrupt officials and manipulators,” said Sandu, who wants to overhaul the judicial system, increase salaries and pensions and amend the constitution to make it easier to punish corruption.

The slogans resonate with many Moldovans, who in recent years have seen their country rocked by political crises, including a $ 1bn bank fraud scheme equivalent to nearly 15 percent of the country’s gross domestic product (GDP).

“She really wants to change the country for the better,” Natalia Cadabnuic, a young Chisinau resident, told the AFP news agency.

Sandu, who also served briefly as prime minister, has for many Moldovans become “a symbol of change”, said Alexei Tulbure, a political analyst and the country’s ex-ambassador to the United Nations.

Adding that Moldovans are tired of corrupt politicians, he said Sandu is the first to make it to the top while “maintaining a reputation for being honest”.

Russian influence at stake

Twenty parties and two electoral blocs are running in Sunday’s elections. They must cross the threshold set at 5 percent and 7 percent of the votes respectively to obtain seats in the unicameral assembly.

The 101 lawmakers will be elected for a four-year term.

The party of Ilan Shor, a businessman convicted of fraud and money laundering in connection with the $ 1bn bank scandal, is also among more than 20 parties and blocs – including independents – contesting the election. Shor denies wrongdoing.

Going into the vote, Sandu’s centre-right Action and Solidarity (PAS) party was leading.

The latest polls showed PAS with 35-37 percent of the vote against 21-27 percent for the party’s rivals from the coalition of socialists and communists led by Dodon and former President Vladimir Voronin.

Those figures only account for voters living in the country of 2.6 million people.

Analysts say the diaspora, which is more than a third of Moldova’s eligible voters and already threw its support behind Sandu during the presidential polls, could hold the key to the outcome.

According to estimates, the diaspora could bring Sandu’s party another 10-15 percentage points.

Analysts say the election will likely be a blow to Russia, which wants Moldova to remain in its sphere of influence.

“The majority will be pro-European, and the influence of Russia will weaken,” Sergiy Gerasymchuk, a Kyiv-based expert on Moldovan politics, said.

Sandu has already irritated the Kremlin by proposing to remove the Russian military garrison based in Transnistria, a pro-Russian breakaway state straddling the country’s eastern frontier with Ukraine.

Pro-Russia Dodon accused authorities Friday of preparing “provocations” and urged his supporters to be ready to protest to “defend” his bloc’s victory.

Halle Berry strips off in topless snap as she sparks frenzy with hidden bottom tattoo

Halle Berry showed off her enviable curves as the actress caused a stir with her latest upload on Instagram. The mum-of-two stunned fans as the beauty stripped off in celebration of Pride Month.

The 54-year-old showcased her toned physique as she appeared on the picture-sharing site wearing very little.

In the snap, Halle could be seen walking barefoot through a forest as she had her back to the camera.

The Catwoman actress was topless as she teamed her look with a sheer skirt with gave fans a glimpse of her curves with her bottom visible.

Halle’s brunette curly locks flowed down her back as she flaunted her sensational physique.

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Halle took the opportunity to respond, as she confirmed: “30 years ago.”

The sultry snap comes months after the actress shrugged off an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction during an Instagram chat with her best friend Lindsay Flores, joking that she’d had a “Janet Jackson moment” when her top fell down.

The American actress suffered the unfortunate wardrobe malfunction while candidly chatting about her experience of pregnancy back in February.

While gushing about her “amazing” experience, Halle’s patterned vest top slipped off her shoulder and completely exposed her bra.

“What the hell happened? I’m having a Janet Jackson moment!” she exclaimed on the clip.

“It was really by accident, and it just happened to me so I understand.”

Halle was referring to an incident that occurred back in 2004, during the Super Bowl halftime show.

While performing on stage with Justin Timberlake, the singer’s breast was exposed when her costume was torn off.

Both Janet and Justin later apologised for the “wardrobe malfunction”.

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Prince William's body language 'confident and surprisingly sexy' in new birthday snap

Members of the Royal Family usually celebrate birthdays by sharing new pictures with the public. Today, a picture was released of Prince William as he turns 39-years-old.

Royal fans were quick to wish him a happy birthday and the post garnered hundreds of comments.

Speaking to Express.co.uk, body language expert Judi James also weighed in on the snap.

Kate Middleton is known for having a love of photography and many family pictures the Cambridges release are taken by the Duchess.

Although the picture was not credited, it appeared to be taken by the Duchess of Cambridge.


Even if it was not snapped by the future Queen Consort, it is likely she had some say in choosing the picture that was published.

The choice of photo could have been a “statement of love” from Kate to her husband today, Judi explained.

She commented: “This stunning photo looks like a statement of love from Kate as it presents William looking handsome, quietly confident.

“And, with that glimpse of chest hair visible in the open neck of the shirt, surprisingly sexy.”

The expert concluded: “William’s smile involves rounded cheeks but also some puckering of the muscles of the top lip to suggest an air of modest happiness.

“His eyes look away from the camera to make this a less personal pose but the warmth of the eye expression hints at contentment and confidence.”

Yesterday, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge social media accounts wished Prince William a happy Father’s Day.

The royal line of succession – who outranks who?

The line of succession to the British throne dictates the order in which each member of the Royal Family would ascend to the throne.

It is also seen as a ranking of importance with the head of the line, the Queen, taking the place of ruler.

Older children come before younger children. Traditionally boys came before girls, but this law was changed on 26 March 2015 before the birth of Prince William’s first child.

Incredibly, Catholics are still excluded from the line of succession, as are children born outside of wedlock.

The royals, who usually stick to a strict protocol when appearing in public, often arrive at events in ascending order of importance, with the most important royal arriving last.

Prince Charles, 72, is currently first-in-line to the British throne, followed by Prince William, 39, his oldest son.

Then comes Prince William’s children, George, seven, Charlotte, six, and Louis, three, and they are followed by Prince Harry, 36. Prince Harry is succeeded by his son Archie Harrison, born in May 2019.

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Our Yorkshire Farm's Amanda Owen shares unseen wedding snap

The Owens have shared an insight into their wedding day.

Amanda and Clive, best known for appearing on Our Yorkshire Farm’s, shared a sweet, previously unseen wedding snap on Saturday’s instalment of the show.

The episode was dedicated to the lambing season, and the family were seen pulling together for the Easter rush, the Daily Star reports.

They were rescuing lambs who had been separated from their mothers and ensuring they were properly fed and looked after.

After a power cut at the farm, Amanda spent some time to reflect on her wedding to hubby Clive, as the couple shared a sweet snap of their big day.

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The couple looked unrecognisable in the sweet snap

In the picture, Amanda could be seen sporting a stunning white veil and gorgeous wedding dress, patterned with a green floral design.

The stunning shepherdess donned a pair of white silk gloves for the occasion, as she stood stroking a beautiful brown and white horse that stood between the couple.

Clive, meanwhile, was suited in a lavish black suit and patterned waistcoat, along with a burgundy cravat.

The pair, who wed in 2000, looked a vision of romance in the sweet snap, surrounded by lush greenery in their rural setting.

The couple share nine children together, and though Clive isn’t originally from a farming background, has lived at the farm in Ravenseat for 25 years.

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The farm was already in his possession when the duo met.

Clive admits he fell for Amanda despite their 21 year age gap, and when Amanda turned up at his doorstep to borrow a “tup”, or male sheep, he found himself immediately attracted to her.

“I do remember this six-foot something woman knocked on the door. I was very taken with her. You couldn’t not be,” Clive said.

Amanda, meanwhile, recalled: “It was a slow burn thing we kind of got to know each other. Made friends first then went out a little bit together.

“With us both coming from non-farming backgrounds we were kind of peas in a pod really but we didn’t know that at the time.”

Amanda with three of her children
Amanda with three of her children

Before exchanging vows with Amanda, Clive was married once before, and has two children from his previous marriage.

But after he met Amanda in 1996, the rest was history.

Their farm has more than 1,000 years of history, with Amanda previously telling The Home Page: “You feel very temporary, like we’re just part of the bigger story before it’s passed on to someone else.”

Elsewhere on Saturday night’s programme, the kids helped to fix a lamb’s broken leg when they came across it limping around a field.

Amanda has often reflected on how the farm is a learning experience for the youngsters, as they learn practical skills – as well as becoming more acquainted with life and death.

As one sheep sadly died, Violet and Edith were sent out to retrieve its tag information, and hardly seemed fazed by the maggots crawling across its wool or the sad state of the animal.

Violet has said in the past that she wants to be a vet when she’s older, so it’s all good practice.

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Ben Fogle 'confused' after wife sends pregnancy scan snap 'I've been away for a long time'

Countryfile presenter Ben Fogle, 47, has opened up about his “confusion” after his wife, Marina, sent him a snap of an ultrasound pregnancy scan. The TV host took to social media to celebrate the happy news, but revealed he was in shock as he has been away from home for “a long time”. However, in a turn of events, the star went on to reveal that the expectant mother wasn’t his wife.

Taking to Instagram, the BBC star shared the news with his 376,000 fans.

Ben posted a sweet snap of a black and white ultrasound scan, which he said his spouse had sent him.

He wrote: “Marina just sent me this with no words which got me reaaaaallllly confused…. because I’ve been away for a long time.”(sic)

The star went on to reveal that the expecting mother wasn’t the mother of his two children, but instead their dog, Nero, as he added: “#puppies.”

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In a post shared by his wife, Marina revealed that her beau had been away filming at Longleat Safari Park.

In a follow-up picture, the adventurer revealed that he had received “disgusted” messages from social media users about owning a pregnant dog.

Sharing a cute picture of his son Ludovic cuddling the family dog, Ben reassured fans that he and his father are not “puppy farmers”.

The star started by thanking fans for the “concerned” messages about their pregnant black Labrador, before admitting that the pregnancy was “carefully considered”.

He went on to emphasise how important puppies are when it comes to training them from an early age to become service dogs.

Ben added: “Those ‘disgusted’ that we have a pregnant dog might want to consider that charities like Hearing Dogs for Deaf people, co-founded by my father, rely on good, young dogs to train.”

He added: “I was sharing an amusing post about pregnancy and puppies.

“It’s the summer. The sun is shining. Love, peace and puppy licks,” he signed off.

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Gogglebox's Lee 'hasn't changed a bit' in sweet throwback snap

Gogglebox Lee is celebrating 27 years with his partner Steve Mail in Cyprus.

Steve posted on Instagram on yesterday (June 4) “it feels amazing to finally be back home” as the couple returned to Cyprus after eight months spent in England.

Lee posted on their anniversary a then and now picture of the pair together as the couple celebrate 27 years together.

He said: “Happy anniversary to us, 27 years, wow.”

Lee swapped the sofa with Jenny for Cyprus after the latest series of Gogglebox came to an end two weeks ago.

Fans have commented on the post wishing both Lee and Steve a happy anniversary.

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One wrote: “Have a lovely day celebrating. 45 years for us today.”

Another commented: Happy anniversary. One of you hasn’t changed a bit.”

One fan wrote: “Awww that’s amazing.”

The post has racked up over 17,000 likes on Instagram.

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