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Disney’s famous dessert Dole Whip now being sold at Chester Zoo

Disney's famous dessert Dole Whip now being sold at Chester Zoo

Dole Whip was created in 1984 by the Dole Food Company, best known for the original pineapple variety, but has since sold limited edition flavours including cherry, raspberry and lime.

Chester Zoo is also following in Disney’s footsteps selling the dessert at selected kiosks around the attraction. They include District Office on Islands and the Arara Kiosk by Spirit of the Jaguar.

Last week Chester Zoo hit headlines when staff welcomed a newborn orangutan.

The Sumatran orangutan is critically endangered and the baby was born to parents Emma and Puluh, both aged 34-years-old, last month.

Chester Zoo is the only one in mainland Britain to care for Sumatran orangutans.

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$25,000 winning Texas lottery ticket sold at Spring convenience store

$25,000 winning Texas lottery ticket sold at Spring convenience store
SPRING, Texas (KTRK) — Someone in Spring just got $ 25,000 richer!

A winning ticket for Tuesday night’s Cash Five drawing was sold at a convenience store in Spring.

The ticket was sold at Fuel Zone #07, which is attached to the Chevron station located at 802 Louetta Road.

Check your ticket! The winner got all five numbers, which were 7 14 19 26 30.

The winning ticket must be claimed no later than 180 days after the draw date.

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San Antonio shoe artist competes to have his design sold to the public

SAN ANTONIO – San Antonio shoe artist Ray Houston took his passion for shoes to the next level by making a design of his own.

In June, he flew to Los Angeles to take a four-day course on sneaker deconstruction and reconstruction through the Surgeon Creators Academy.

“Taking apart and making shoes from scratch definitely intrigued my thoughts and I wanted to do it and see if I could,” he said.

Houston said he was inspired by the events that week, as well as his own love of DC Comics, to make his design called “Black Manta Ray,” after a fictional supervillain.

“I just thought it would be pretty cool to do something. Not necessarily he was a hero, but a villain. But just to highlight an African American during the Juneteenth weekend that I was there,” he said. “And also, those are my favorite colors. So the red, black, white and gray, they all went together.”

Houston had different materials to work with and he chose stingray leather, shark leather, red python, white buffalo and crocodile.

San Antonio man competes in shoe design competition
San Antonio man competes in shoe design competition

At the end of the course, students pit their designs against each other in a competition to have their design sold to the public for a limited time.

Voting began Friday and will end Saturday, July 4th at midnight, pacific standard time.

Proceeds from the sales of any shoe that wins will go toward charity. Houston said the winner will also get a monetary reward.

Houston said if he wins, he’ll use the funds to buy equipment and materials to continue with his newfound passion for shoe design.

“I just ask that you vote for me and so I can continue creating for the city,” he said.

You can cast your vote here — Houston’s shoe is the Black Manta Ray.

Author: Patty Santos
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Is your Android phone flawed? Millions sold devices that could put them at serious risk

Is your Android phone flawed? Millions sold devices that could put them at serious risk

Android smartphone owners are being warned that their new devices may put them at serious risk from cyber attacks and malicious threats. That’s the latest news from the consumer experts at Which? who say devices are being sold on long-term contracts that will no longer get vital updates to keep them safe. Most Android manufacturers offer two or three years of Android upgrades but networks are selling phones that may not get these vital patches by the time a customer’s deal comes to an end.

The problem is so bad that Which? says around 48 per cent of phones available could lose security support before the end of the contract period.

O2 is one of the networks that caused the most concern as it offers deals that last for 36 months.

However, it’s not just O2 with other mobile phone retailers also selling a whole host of devices that could lose security support before contracts ended. In addition to O2, the proportion of contract phones on sale where there were similar problems were Carphone Warehouse (52%), Mobiles.co.uk (50%), Vodafone (50%), Three (40%), Mobile Phones Direct (38%) and EE (33%).

To make matters worse, Which? researchers say that they came across a number of popular handsets that are due to run out of support less than a year into the contract.

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These included the Motorola G8 Power (sold by mobiles.co.uk and Vodafone), Oppo Find X2 Lite (sold by EE, Mobile Phones Direct, mobiles.co.uk, O2 and Vodafone) and Samsung’s Galaxy S9 (sold by Vodafone).

Although the lack of long-term updates on Android is nothing new, Which? says that it’s the lack of transparency from networks that’s most concerning.

Four in 10 (40%) smartphone owners think that if they buy a phone on contract it will receive security updates throughout the contract period.

In response to the report, EE and Three said they disputed some of the mobile phone models included in the analysis, stating that these phones would be supported until the end of contracts.

Vodafone added that “support generally extends beyond the timeframe you reference.” However, Which? believes these phones could be out of support before the end of contracts, according to its research.

It’s clearly worrying as, once security updates are no longer pushed out, phones become easy targets for hackers who can use malicious software to take over devices and even install apps that subscribe owners to premium services without their permission.

Speaking about the report Kate Bevan, Which? Computing Editor, said: “Mobile phones without the latest security support could leave consumers vulnerable to hackers, so it is important that manufacturers supply these defences for longer and that retailers are clearer with people about the risks posed by phones that will not receive vital updates for the duration of contracts.

“The government’s Product Security Bill needs to ensure that manufacturers state the date a device will be supported until – and that this information is clearly displayed on retailers’ websites. Devices need to be supported for five years minimum across all manufacturers so that consumers are better protected.”

Author: David Snelling
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Backstreet Boys members joined NSYNC members for sold out 'Back-Sync' performance in LA

Backstreet Boys members joined NSYNC members for sold out 'Back-Sync' performance in LA

The collaboration was meant to be a fun performance for a charity event, but could a mega boyband reunion be on the horizon?

Members of the boy band groups NSYNC and the Backstreet Boys joined up for a fun performance last week in Los Angeles to raise money for charity, but buzz over the event has continued past the weekend leaving people wondering if a mega boyband tour could be on the horizon. 

Backstreet Boys members Nick Carter and AJ McLean joined Lance Bass and Joey Fatone of NSYNC on stage at Bingo Under the Stars, an event at The Grove in Los Angeles celebrating Pride month. Organizers promised to grant a “special gift” to The Trevor Project, and a portion of the ticket sales will go directly to LA Pride, the event organizers said. 

The buzz around the event started when the group members began going on and on about the endless possibilities of a reunion between the members. 

“Everybody’s wanted us to do something together and now we get to come together for an amazing cause,” McLean told Variety while they were rehearsing.

While some of us can remember rivalries between fans during the boy band era, the mood Friday during the performance was just excitement. 

Carter of the Backstreet Boys said, “I still don’t understand why we didn’t get an opportunity to do more things together, but we learned that it was managers and stuff happening behind-the-scenes that prevented it. Better late than never, right?”

Carter also subtly suggested that a supergroup could even be formed with possibilities including members from other boy bands too like New Kids on the Block, O-Town or even 98 Degrees. 

Bass of NSYNC said he and Fatone didn’t mention the reunion in an NSYNC group text the members have, “We kept it so secret from everyone, so they probably don’t even know this is happening. It was a so last-minute, like, ‘You know what? Let’s do something for Pride.’” 

The singers said that the performance is just the start of more. McLean told Variety that he hopes “Back-Sync” can soon earn a Las Vegas residency as the members threw out ideas of everything from an album together and a tour. 

At the event, a cryptocurrency check for one million dollars in $ TKINU tokens was presented to the Trevor Project, as a part of their involvement with the cryptocurrency project Mission Tsuki.

The Trevor Project was founded in 1998, by the makers of the short film “TREVOR,” which won an Academy Award. The project calls itself the “leading national organization providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queen & questioning (LGBTQ) young people under 25.”

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1,500 Austin homes sold for $100K over asking price since Jan. 1

1,500 Austin homes sold for $100K over asking price since Jan. 1

AUSTIN (KXAN) — New data from online real estate brokerage Redfin further illustrates how wild the Austin housing market has been in 2021.

Redfin says more than 1,500 homes have sold for more than $ 100,000 above asking price since the beginning of 2021 in Austin, and 72 of them sold for more than $ 300,000 over the asking price.

At this time last year, only 22 homes had winning bids over $ 100,000 over the asking price.

The year-over-year gap is even wider for homes that sold in a range of $ 25,000-$ 99,999 over the asking price. Last year, from Jan. 1, 2020 to May 23, 2020, 353 homes in Austin sold in that range. This year, 4,535 homes have sold for that far over asking.

John Dawson, a Redfin agent in Austin, says people are pulling out all the stops to secure a home here.

“I recently sold a home that was listed at $ 565,000 and closed at $ 715,000. We received about a dozen offers — which is actually a low number by today’s standards,” he said. “The winning buyer also waived appraisal and financing contingencies and dropped off cupcakes that matched the interior colors of the house.”

Listing data shows that 74% of homes in Austin sold for above asking price, and the typical home sold for $ 35,000 more than the asking price. Redfin released data earlier in the week saying prices for high-end homes, the most expensive in the city, jumped 24% year-over-year.

Housing market summary for Austin metro, April 2021

Median sales price $ 465,000
Median sales price, year-over-year 42.3% increase
Homes sold, year-over-year 33.1% increase
All homes for sales, year-over-year 19.1% decrease
New listings, year-over-year 35% increase
Median days on the market 24
Median days on the market, year-over-year +8
Share of homes sold above asking price 73.7%
Share of homes sold above asking price, year-over-year 42.9% increase
Source: Redfin

Due to the massive increase of sales over asking price in April, the Austin housing market had the nation’s highest price growth with median sales jumping 42%. The median sales price for a home in Austin is now $ 465,000, according to Redfin. They note that some of the year-over-year data regarding price growth could be exaggerated because the COVID-19 pandemic brought home buying and selling to a screeching halt last April.

Even so, Redfin says Austin is one of the most desirable places for people to move, specifically due to the pandemic. Nearly 40% of searches on Redfin’s website for houses in Austin were by users outside of the area, up about 7% from the year before. The out-of-towners also have a bigger budget, according to Redfin’s data. Those folks are willing to spend an average of $ 855,00 compared to a local’s budget of $ 650,000.

Dawson said while it’s certainly a seller’s market, people who decide to sell can’t ask for too much, too fast. They’ve got to entice people with a realistic price, and then perhaps the bidding wars will start soon thereafter.

“Some sellers are listing too high and receiving lukewarm interest,” Dawson said. “I’m encouraging sellers to price their homes realistically because some of the ‘comps’ aren’t truly comps; some are cases of an extremely motivated buyer who was willing to pay way over asking price to secure the home they wanted.”

Author: Billy Gates
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These south Austin condos aren't open yet and they're already sold out

These south Austin condos aren't open yet and they're already sold out

AUSTIN (KXAN) — The Station at St. Elmo, set to break ground in August 2021, has already sold out of its planned 132 condos.

“It feels a lot like NFL draft day,” said Jake Roberts, who tried to buy one of those condos during the virtual sales event this month.

He said he was constantly on the phone with a sales executive — one of about 600 prospective buyers in the virtual room.

“I’m like, ‘When’s my slot? When’s my slot? You’ve got to get me in here,’” Roberts said.

They completely sold out in five hours, according to their press release.

The $ 40 million mixed-use residential development is located in south Austin’s St. Elmo neighborhood.

“To date, I know of no other real estate company that sold every condo in one community within a few hours of hosting a virtual sales launch,” Legacy Performance Capital’s CEO Philip Jalufka said in the company’s press release.

Mandy Vanstreepen, Legacy International COO, is part of the sales and marketing team for the developers. They said the up-and-coming location had a lot to do with the quick sale — as well as amenities and cost.

“The price point was still, even though high, was still acceptable in Austin standards right now,” Vanstreepen said.

The units ranged from the mid-$ 200,000s to more than $ 600,000.

“It’s young professionals, it’s maybe retirees, couples, newly marrieds — but truly young professionals,” said Vanstreepen.

Real estate brokerage Redfin said although urban condo prices are up 21% from last year, urban single family homes have gone up 48%.

“Single family homes are still the most popular, but so many people have been priced out of single family homes that it’s increasing competition and prices for the condo market,” said Daryl Fairweather, Redfin’s chief economist.

Fairweather also said for the median price of about $ 400,000, you’ll likely have to venture to the suburbs for a house but can still find a condo for that price in the city.

“I like to be in the hustle and bustle,” said Roberts, who said buying something with a later move-in date also gives him time to save up money.

“The prices are off the charts right now, especially for a single family detached home, so I really had to get into something that my budget would allow,” he said.

The Station is expected to open spring 2023.

Author: Tahera Rahman
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Thanks To Switch, Nintendo Has Now Sold Over Half A Billion Handheld Consoles

Switch© Nintendo Life

It’s fair to say that Nintendo has been the king of the handheld console market for quite some time – and some would even argue that the Japanese company created the sector, via its insanely successful Game Boy system, launched in 1989.

Nintendo hasn’t had the market all to itself during the past few decades – NEC, SNK, Atari, Sega, Bandai and Sony have all tried their hand at ending Nintendo’s portable dominance (with wildly varying degrees of success, it should be noted) – but it has emerged victorious each and every time, so much so that it now has the handheld sector all to itself (albeit in the form of the Switch, which is a hybrid system capable of both on-TV and portable play).

While Sony may have given up the fight and Microsoft seems uninterested in taking part in a portable war, Nintendo has stuck at it – and the incredible commercial success of the Switch means that the Kyoto firm has now sold in excess of 500 million handhelds since the launch of the Game Boy at the end of the ’80s.

Here’s the math:

Game Boy / Game Boy Pocket / Game Boy Color = 118.69 million

Game Boy Advance / Game Boy Micro = 81.51 million

Nintendo DS / DSi = 154.02 million

Nintendo 3DS / New 3DS = 75.94 million

Nintendo Switch / Switch Lite = 84.59 million

Total units sold = 514.75 million

While it’s no shock that Nintendo’s sales figures in this area are impressive, crossing the half a billion mark is truly staggering; by way of contrast, Nintendo’s total home console sales since the launch of the Famicom / NES stand at just over 365 million (even if you include the Switch), while Sony’s wildly successful PlayStation home console range has sold almost 461 million units since its launch in the mid-’90s.

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Tesco recalls ice lolly also sold in Asda, Sainsbury's and Iceland – 'do not eat'

Tesco recalls ice lolly also sold in Asda, Sainsbury's and Iceland - 'do not eat'
A food recall is issued by a supermarket or a brand when an item is unsafe to eat. This could be because there are traces of foreign materials in the food, or that it contains an ingredient that has not been declared on its label.
The supermarket added that no receipt is required when customers return the product to their nearest Tesco store.

The Twister Peak-A-Blue ice lollies come in a pack of five and all batches are affected.

The ice lollies are also sold separately in ice cream freezers.

Wall’s recalled the product first and a statement was also issued by the Food Standards Agency (FSA).

The FSA publishes news of food recalls when a product is faulty and could cause damage to people if eaten.

In a statement about the Twister Peak-A-Blue ice lollies, the FSA said: “Wall’s is recalling Twister Peek-A-Blue ice lollies because they contain milk which is not mentioned on the label.

“This means the product is a possible health risk for anyone with an allergy or intolerance to milk or milk constituents.”

The organisation also mentioned that Wall’s has issued a point-of-sale notice to its customers, explaining why the product is being recalled and telling them what to do if they have bought the product.

Wall’s said: “The safety of the people that buy and use our products is always our number one priority, which is why we are taking the voluntary precaution of recalling all batches as it could pose a safety risk to those people with an allergy or intolerance to milk.”

The brand advised that customers should contact its careline team for further information, either by calling 0800 146252 or emailing [email protected]

Wall’s Twister Peak-A-Blue ice lollies are not only sold in Tesco, but in Sainsbury’s, Iceland, and Asda too.

As well as the ice lollies, Tesco is recalling one of its dairy products.

The President Mini Cheese Selection is being recalled by the supermarket as the item may contain nuts which are not mentioned on the label.

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Capcom's Monster Hunter Rise Has Now Sold Six Million Copies Worldwide

This post originally appeared on Nintendo Life | Latest News

Monster Hunter Rise.original (11)

If Animal Crossing: New Horizons was the Nintendo Switch hit of 2020, this year it’s gotta be Capcom’s Monster Hunter Rise.

In its opening week, it shipped four million units globally and now it’s experienced yet another sales milestone. Following on from it reaching five million units earlier this month, Capcom has now announced it’s sold six million copies (this includes physical and digital sales). That’s quite an impressive feat for a third-party title on the Nintendo Switch.

To celebrate this special occasion, Capcom has once again released a special celebration package. It contains 30 Mega Potions, 20 Well-done steaks, 10 Large Bomb Barrels, 5 Mega Demondrugs and 5 Mega Armorskins.

Kamura Pack 2 IMG

“This item pack can be claimed in the main game of Monster Hunter Rise. You will need to update the game in order to claim this item pack. This item pack can only be claimed once. Go to the Courier to claim this item pack.”

Today also sees the arrival of the game’s big Version 2.0 update. It gives players access to new monsters, Apex monsters, event quests and armour. Have you purchased a copy of Monster Hunter Rise yet? Leave a comment down below.