‘Truly fantastic’ HMS Queen Elizabeth seen in visit as Royal Navy warship docks in Solent

The massive vessel, which can carry up to 40 military aircraft, arrived in the stretch of water on the England’s south coast on Sunday, May 15, and is understood to have departed again just a few hours later. HMS Queen Elizabeth had been expected to pass the the Nab Tower and move to C-ANCHORAGE, according […]


Archaeologists stunned by Solent shipwreck: ‘Enough to take your breath away’

Archaeologists salvage artefacts from sunken HMS Invincible The Battle of Trafalgar was Admiral Nelson’s greatest military success when he defeated France on the appropriately named HMS Victory. He sealed the Royal Navy’s supremacy of the seas, and signalled the beginning of the end for the Napoleonic Empire. Yet the success of the Battle of Trafalgar […]