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Someone Thinks They’ve Resolved Nintendo’s Joy-Con Drift Problem With An Incredibly Simple Fix

Switch Joy Con© Nintendo Life

If you’re desperate to salvage those drifting Nintendo Switch Joy-Con and have watched all the videos online (including our own), and still haven’t had any luck, a new video that’s surfaced on YouTube is claiming to have solved the Joy-Con drift problems once and for all.

VK’s Channel on YouTube identified how the Joy-Con realigns when pressure is applied to the surrounding area of the analog stick. Therefore increasing pressure within the Joy-Con (which loosens over time), makes the drift disappear.

Surprisingly, this fix doesn’t require any technical know-how. All you have to do is open the case and insert a small piece of paper or cardboard (say the size of a business card) where the analog is located. Yes – it’s that simple. It’s further explained how the prongs inside the controller lose contact with the pads, and the paper fills the gap and restores pressure.

The YouTuber also notes how their own drifting Joy-Con have been working fine for around two months now, and that the same fix can be applied to Nintendo Switch Lite. Skip to 5:55 to see the main fix in action.

Keep in mind, inserting things into your controllers (even pieces of paper) is at your own risk, and will likely void any warranty. Will you be giving this incredibly simple fix a go? Leave a comment down below and tell us if you’ve had any luck with this fix yourself.

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'Would someone focus on the show!' Chris Evans scolds co-hosts for being on their phones

'Would someone focus on the show!' Chris Evans scolds co-hosts for being on their phones

Rachel burst out laughing as the radio DJ, who famously got rid of his own mobile phone years before and has refused to have one ever since, asked her what she was doing.

“I had a message from Alex [husband],” she admitted, “And I alway check it if it’s from Alex incase it’s to do with the kids.

“But it wasn’t, so I didn’t reply.”

Chris interrupted: “And now you’ve turned your phone over… You’ve done the thing people do in restaurants, they think if you turn your phone over it’s alright then!” he snapped.

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LeBron as Lakers star says ‘someone should be fired’ for NBA

LeBron as Lakers star says ‘someone should be fired’ for NBA

Basketball fans have hit out at Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James’ criticism of the NBA’s newly-introduced postseason plans after he said that the designer of the new ‘play-in’ system “should be fired”.

James’ defending NBA champion Lakers look anything but the sport’s pacesetters today after coming up short once again on Sunday, losing by 121-114 to the Toronto Raptors to cap a horrid recent run which has seen them lose six of their last seven.

And with their spot in the postseason playoffs anything but assured, James was critical in his post-game comments of the adapted playoffs format.

This season, finishing in seventh position in one of the two conferences doesn’t automatically secure passage to the postseason as the NBA have introduced a ‘play-in’ system which will see the teams who finish in seventh and eighth play one another, while the same will also be true of the teams who finish ninth and tenth.

The winner of the first game advances to the playoffs, with the loser then taking on the winner of the other game for the final postseason conference spot.

And if that sounds somewhat confusing to some fans, you can probably add James to that list too.

Whoever came up with that sh*t needs to be fired,” James told the media of the plan.

The Lakers began the defense of their crown with a respectable 21-6 record but their form has since shuddered to a halt, going 38-26 since – and are currently listed in the seventh place in the Western Conference, meaning that Monday’s game with the Denver Nuggets is about as crucial a game as they have played all year.

James, though, isn’t alone in his opposition to the new plans. Dallas Mavericks billionaire owner Mark Cuban also hit out at the ‘play-in’ format, describing it as an “enormous mistake” in April.

Regardless of what Cuban had to say, James’ stance has placed him firmly in the social media firing line once more.

He’ll never be better than [Michael Jordan],” suggested one basketball fan. “Afraid of competition.”

Another noted that LeBron appeared to endorse play-in proposals last season, albeit under different circumstances, writing: “LeBron was praising the play-in tournament last season. He just doesn’t like it now cause his ass is involved.”

Another summed it up a bit more bluntly: “Is this all he does? Complain?

Also on rt.com LeBron James responds with sarcasm after Ohio bar owner bans NBA games until league ‘EXPELS’ Lakers star

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Random: Someone Turned A Nintendo GameCube Into A Flower Pot

Random: Someone Turned A Nintendo GameCube Into A Flower Pot

We’ve seen a lot of weird and wonderful GameCube conversions over the years, and the latest design that’s got the attention of social media is one that’s been transformed into a flower pot.

Yes, YouTuber NitroRad – a guy who has been putting out some excellent videos about retro and indie games for many years now, recently showed off the GameCube flower pot he helped his girlfriend make.

Before anyone gets angry, it’s worth noting that this is the shell of an old “busted” GameCube. You can also see some of the damage on the side of the unit in the photos above.

What do you think of this creation? Has it inspired you to make your own Nintendo-themed flower pot, or would you prefer to restore a system like this? Leave a comment down below.

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Houston woman says someone threw acid on her service dog

Houston woman says someone threw acid on her service dog
HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) — The owner of a service dog is begging for your help in finding the person who she says threw acid on him, leaving him with severe injuries.Mandy Garner shared her story on Facebook[1]. She posted heartbreaking photos of her dog, Gizmo, with severe scars and injuries.

The images were so graphic, we had to blur the photos before publishing them in this article.”[It’s] very devastating,” said Garner. “I don’t see how anyone can hurt an animal. It takes a sick person to do it.”

Garner said last month, she let Gizmo out to play. When he ran back inside, she said he was shaking and appeared to be in a lot of pain. A veterinarian later told Garner that Gizmo had suffered third and fourth degree burns.

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“[The vet] got with a pest control officer. They said it was a large amount of chemical,” Garner explained. “He said they intentionally did it.”

Garner has an idea of who might have done this, but right now, she’s trying to find the right people to investigate Gizmo’s case.

“I am worried this can happen again … very worried,” she said.The worried pet owner said Gizmo’s life will never be the same. He’s now blind and scarred for life. On Friday, the dog will undergo surgery to have one of his eyes removed.

“Now, I will be his service mama,” said Garner.

Anyone with information is urged to contact local law enforcement.

Follow Mayra Moreno on Facebook[3], Twitter[4] and Instagram[5].

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Mayra Moreno

Random: Someone Tracked Down The Background Artwork Featured On The Original Pokémon Cards

Random: Someone Tracked Down The Background Artwork Featured On The Original Pokémon Cards

If you thought you knew everything there was to know about the original Pokémon trading cards, perhaps not. Twitter user @FanamelT has supposedly tracked down the source images used in the background artwork of the original series.

It seems these images come from Datacraft Sozaijiten, a series of stock photos that is apparently used in a lot of Japanese media and Nintendo games. In the clip below, you can see rolling hills for Ponyta, the treetops featured on Scyther’s card, the beach shot Wartortle appears in, and even the background for Professor Oak’s card.

“The images come from a series called Datacraft Sozaijiten, yes even the ones that look handpainted lol. This series is used in a lot of Japanese media and Nintendo games which is how I found them.”

So there you go – if you’ve ever wondered where these lovely but stock photos come from, now you know. FanamelT further says others who investigate are bound to find more matches, like the ones above.

Did you ever wonder where these backgrounds originated from? Did you already know? Do you have any original Pokémon trading cards yourself? Tell us down below.

Heart attack: Six life-saving measures to know about if someone suffers the condition

Heart attack: Six life-saving measures to know about if someone suffers the condition
The medical emergency requires swift action from whoever is around to call 999, to the paramedics rushing the patient off to hospital and keeping the person alive. It really can be a life-or-death situation. “Acting quickly in the event of a suspected heart attack can reduce the damage to your heart and increase your chances of survival,” said the Heart Research Institute. Paramedics will begin treatment in the ambulance, which may be followed up by one of these six life-saving tools.
This stent is left in the artery to keep the arteries wide open, allowing the blood to flow much more easily to the heart.

Coronary artery bypass

It’s possible a person could have a coronary artery bypass if they’ve had a heart attack.

This involves takin a blood vessel from the leg, chest or arm, and grafting it to the coronary arteries.

“This improves blood supply to the heart through a detour – a ‘bypass’ past a narrowed or blocked artery,” the Heart Research Institute explained.

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Implantable cardioverter defibrillators

Another possibility is an implantable cardioverter defibrillators (ICD), which can be inserted into the chest and connected to the heart.

“They are designed for people at high risk of developing abnormal fast rhythms (arrhythmias),” said the Heart Research Institute.

ICDs can correct heart rates that are either too fast or too slow by delivering a small electric shock to the muscle.

This is to help the heart muscle to return to its normal rhythm, otherwise the condition could be life-threatening.


Then there’s pacemakers, which are primarily designed to treat slow heart rhythms and atrial fibrillation.

The electronic device monitors the heart’s rhythm and delivers a pulse to the heart at programmed intervals.

Once you’ve had a heart attack, the risk of having another one increases.

This is why it’s crucial to do all that you can to prevent that from happening; this starts from lifestyle changes.

The Heart Research Institute have listed strategies to assist with the recovery from a heart attack and to prevent another one.

This includes “gentle exercise” such as walking, achieving and maintaining a healthy weight and having regular health check-ups.

In addition, one is advised to take their prescribed medication and to avoid smoking at all costs, including second-hand smoke.

Another key measure is to eat vegetables, wholegrain, fruit, nuts and seeds every day.