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Sonic The Hedgehog’s Voice Actor Reassures Fans He’s Here To Stay

Sonic© Sega

Over the past day, a rumour surfaced that Roger Craig Smith’s return as the Sonic the Hedgehog voice actor would be a one-off.

It stems from comments made by Super Monkey Ball announcer Brian Maa-Uhl on a recent YouTube Q&A, which are open to interpretation. During the live stream, he noted how Sonic’s voice actor had come out of retirement to return for “one last job”.

This of course caught the attention of the Sonic fandom, and the voice of Sonic has since denied this on social media – reassuring fans he’s here to stay. Or in his words:

“Trust THIS source: I’m back…period.”

At the start of 2021, Smith announced his departure from the role. Sega seemingly made it official with its own parting message and then out of the blue, the same voice actor announced his surprise return to the role in May. No reason for his departure or return was officially revealed.

“I can’t fully express my gratitude for the @sonic_hedgehog crew and community. I hope to honor your support and passion as I’m officially back voicing #SonicTheHedgehog in games. Can’t wait for ya to see what we have planned! THANK YOU…from the bottom of my blue heart.”

So there you have it – according to the Sonic voice actor himself, he’ll be hanging around. Are you looking forward to more Sonic projects featuring Roger Craig Smith in the future? Tell us down below.

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Epic Store free PC games: Sonic Mania and Horizon Chase Turbo making way for THIS game

Epic Store free PC games: Sonic Mania and Horizon Chase Turbo making way for THIS game

Epic is about to refresh the free PC gaming giveaways on the Epic Games Store.

As part of Epic’s bid to dethrone Steam, the company gives away a selection of free PC games each week.

Previous free games have included Grand Theft Auto 5, Borderlands, Civilization 6 and Star Wars Battlefront 2.

The current free games include two excellent retro releases, such as Sonic Mania and Horizon Chase Turbo.

Unfortunately, however, Sonic Mania and Horizon Chase Turbo will only be available to download until 4pm BST UK time on July 1.

The current freebies will be replaced by first-person puzzle game The Spectrum Retreat.

You can download The Spectrum Retreat from July 1 until July 8 at 4pm BST UK time, at which point a new game will join the line-up.

The Spectrum Retreat features a host of colour-coded puzzles in the rooms of a mysterious hotel.

“The Spectrum Retreat is a challenging, first-person puzzle game set in the near future,” reads the official description.

“You awake at The Penrose hotel, a peaceful yet unsettling refuge from the outside world. As a valued guest, your existence is embedded into the corridors and guest rooms of The Penrose.

“Exploration of the striking art-deco hotel will begin to uncover the mysteries of both The Penrose and the uncertainties surrounding your current stay. Your desire to unearth the truth is obstructed by an array of colour-coded puzzles, mind-bending physics challenges and the growing fear of exposing your true intentions.”

Undoubtedly the best game of this week’s bunch is Sonic Mania, which gives the classic gameplay a modern makeover. 

“The ultimate celebration of past and future. An all-new adventure full of unique bosses, rolling 2D landscapes, and fun classic gameplay. Sonic Mania brings retro fast-paced platforming into the future through pixel perfect 2D graphics running at 60FPS.”

Finally, Horizon Chase Turbo is a racing game inspired by classics such as SEGA’s Out Run.

“It recreates classic arcade gameplay and offers you unbound speed limits of fun. Horizon Chase Turbo offers a Multiplayer Split Screen mode that rescues the nostalgia of playing with your best friends sitting on a couch all night long.

“Horizon Chase Turbo is inspired in the past without letting go of its contemporaneity. The apparent polygon and secondary colour aesthetic results in a unique atmosphere.

“In Horizon Chase Turbo you’ll pilot your car through extraordinary places, watching the sun setting, facing rain, snow, volcanic ashes and even severe sandstorms.”

Author: Liam Martin
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Takashi Iizuka Suggests Sonic's 2022 Outing Will Be An “Advancement” Of Modern Sonic Games

Takashi Iizuka Suggests Sonic's 2022 Outing Will Be An "Advancement" Of Modern Sonic Games

In May, Sega held a special Sonic Central broadcast for the blue blur’s 30th anniversary. The live stream went out with a brief teaser of the next mainline entry in the series.

While details are still scarce, during an interview with Game Informer recently, Sonic Team’s head Takashi Iizuka noted how the team had thought a lot about what the modern gameplay experience should be for a Sonic title, along with the path forward for the next decade.

While he can’t say a lot just yet about the upcoming 2022 entry, he believes it’ll likely be an “advancement” for modern Sonic games and what they “can be”:

“There is a lot I can’t say yet about the title, but I do believe we will see an advancement in what a modern Sonic game can be. Of course, we will not deny the high-speed action that characterized previous modern Sonic games like Sonic Generations or Sonic Forces, rather we will create a title that our current gaming fans and new gamers will enjoy.”

Iizuka mentions how one “key point” in the history of the series was the transition from 2D to 3D gameplay, so how can Sega take the next step to truly advance the modern version of Sonic?

If the recent rumours are anything to go by, the next Sonic game (which Sega’s PR reportedly referred to as Sonic Rangers) will be an open-world adventure drawing inspiration The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

In the brief trailer we’ve so far, we can see Sonic running through a forest environment – so who knows how big it might be…

Do you think an open-world adventure could be the next step for modern Sonic the Hedgehog games? How else do you think Sega could take its longtime mascot to new heights after 30 years? Leave your thoughts down below.

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Celebrate Sonic's 30th With This Classic Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Funko Pop

Celebrate Sonic's 30th With This Classic Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Funko Pop

It’s the blue blur’s 30th anniversary this year and Sega has a stack of games and merchandise lined up for release.

In addition to all of these products, a Funko Pop version of classic Sonic from Sonic the Hedgehog 2 has been revealed. It’s a GameStop and EB Games exclusive, and pre-orders are now live for $ 14.99 USD.

As you can see, it’s based on the western box art design of Sonic the Hedgehog 2:

If Funko Pops aren’t your thing, why not take a look at all the other merchandise over on the Sonic 30th website. There are t-shirts, the Sonic encyclopedia, King Ice Sonic chains and more.

Funko Pop has also revealed a number of other video game figures including a Diamond Glitter Pikachu Waving. Will you be adding this Sonic Funko Pop to your collection? Leave a comment down below.

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Memory Pak: My Nostalgic Sonic 2 Playthrough Was A Treasured Gaming Moment

Sonic 2© SEGA

It’s a big anniversary year for various Nintendo franchises, but it’s easy to forget that it’s also a whopper for SEGA’s mascot, with June bringing the 30th Anniversary of Sonic the Hedgehog. We’ll have various articles celebrating that milestone, but a little ahead of time I thought I’d share a fun memory I have with the franchise; I suspect many have had similar experiences.

A decent number of years back — 8 or 10 years, my memory is failing me on the specific time — I was at my parent’s house for the Holidays, and for reasons I can’t remember I had dug out the old Sega Mega Drive (or Genesis, for you NA folk) and began perusing our collection of cartridges from back in the day. The urge hit me and realising my childhood bedroom still — at that point — had an old CRT TV with the relevant inputs, I plugged the system in and picked a game.

There was only one choice: my absolute favourite from that era, Sonic the Hedgehog 2. When that game originally came out I was eight years old, and I played it over, and over, and over again. Though the system had lots of games I loved, not to mention the other glorious 16-bit Sonic titles, Sonic 2 was the top one in my world. And so, around 15-20 years later, I was sitting on the edge of a bed in my old room playing it once again.

My initial thought was “I’ll play the first few levels and then head down to spend time with the family”; that didn’t happen. Once the music kicked in and I was dashing through stages and summoning memories to find secret areas, there was no going back. Early on I was doing well, hoovering up Chaos Emeralds and barely getting hit. “Ok,” I thought, “you still have it”.

Ah, but Sonic 2 ramps up, and once you get caught in a tricky section with no rings it’s easy to lose a lot of hard-earned lives rather quickly. I gradually progressed from lounging comfortably to perching on the edge of the bed and eventually, I kid you not, sitting on the floor cross-legged to be closer to the TV.

Wing Fortress is, frankly, an annoying zone – I didn’t like it in 1992, and I don’t like it now. Great music, though.

Of course, this is a ludicrous scene — a grown man behaving like an 8-year-old — but I didn’t really care. I was having a huge amount of fun while, at the same time, I was feeling The Fear. Well over an hour into the depths of the game and my lives were draining away; the Continues would be next. This was no time for ‘grown up’ dignity. No, it was time to actually focus.

Oil Ocean Zone was responsible for the first glut of lost lives, which was a tad irritating as I’m pretty sure I could do that level in my sleep as a kid. In that final quarter of the game there are some real points of doom, and by the time I reached Wing Fortress Zone my nerves were starting to shred. It is, frankly, an annoying zone – I didn’t like it in 1992, and I don’t like it now. Great music, though.

I got to Death Egg Zone with about 6 lives, if you count continues, and it really hit the fan. Mecha Sonic wasn’t too bad but I lost a few lives, then it was the final boss. When you’re low on Sonics and out of continues this encounter is extremely tense, and I struggled. In fact, I went down to my last life.

At this point I paused, realised I’d been sat playing for, I think, over 2 hours, and I was going to die one encounter from the credits. One more try.

Well, dear readers, I did it. I actually beat the game on my final life, at which point I leapt up and punched the air. Ridiculous behaviour for a grown man, perhaps, but I was genuinely elated. This little episode made me realise that my gaming reflexes had clearly deteriorated from my peak as an 8-year-old, and I briefly lamented a few missed Chaos Emeralds. And then I just sighed and smiled — what a wonderful journey down Memory Lane.

When I went downstairs with a giddy air my parents asked what I’d been up to. I told them, and there was a knowing smile from both of them. In 20+ years not much had changed. I was still their ‘little boy’, like all kids are to their parents, and I was still a Sonic 2 fan that couldn’t resist one more run.

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Sonic 30th Anniversary live stream start time, Collection and Sonic Adventure 3 rumours

Sonic 30th Anniversary live stream start time, Collection and Sonic Adventure 3 rumours

In the run-up to the Sonic stream French retailer Sogamely listed a ‘Sonic Collection’ title that’s heading to the PS4. The listing for this unannounced game has now been taken down, but it ties into leaked info from trusted insider Zippo.

In a blog post Zippo detailed what could be announced at the upcoming Sonic event. A Sonic Collection, which will be a mix of ports and remasters, is expected to be announced.

The Collection is tipped to include the first two Sonic games (but sadly not Sonic 3, with no word on whether Sonic & Knuckles could be included also) as well as more surprise choices like Sonic Advance, Pocket Adventure, Sonic R and Sonic Colors. A new 2D Sonic as well as a new Sonic & Mario at the Olympics game is also expected to be revealed.

While the big rumour is a new 3D Sonic could get revealed, which is in the vein of Dreamcast series Sonic Adventure.

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'Retired' Sonic Voice Actor Announces His Surprise Return To The Role

Sonic Lost World

Well, this is unexpected! Following on from yesterday’s touching trailer accompanying the announcement of a 30th anniversary Sonic stream to be broadcast tomorrow, it seems that the character’s erstwhile voice actor (in the games, that is) is returning to lend his vocal talents to the hedgehog’s upcoming game projects.

That Roger Craig Smith is slipping the red sneakers back on might come as something of a surprise considering he only announced his departure from the series back in January this year. The performer has a sizeable list of video game credits and seemingly no shortage of job offers, but his retirement here came after a decade of voicing everyone’s favourite blue video game character (yeah, take that, Mega Man!) and some fans were taken aback by the news.

Having provided the VO for yesterday’s trailer (seriously, if you haven’t watched it yet and you’ve got the slightest sliver of nostalgia for Sega’s speedy mascot, prepare to be hit squarely in the feels), the voice actor broke the news of his surprise return on Twitter with a picture of a broken blue heart all sewn back together and mended:

The reason for his original departure was never officially confirmed, and he had reached out to fans thanking them for their support. There were rumours that Sega was in talks with Sonic’s voice actor from the Dreamcast era about a potential return, although it would seem that that’s off the cards now. Unless we’re looking at some timey-wimey metaverse meeting of all the Sonics, perhaps?…

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves! We’ll surely get answers tomorrow as to what Sega has in store for the fastest thing alive — be sure to check out the stream and watch along live with us tomorrow at 9am PT / 12pm ET / 5pm BST / 6pm CET.

So did his replacement not work out or something? Was this the plan all along? Let us know below how you feel about RCS’ unexpected return as Sonic.

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Sonic Is Alive And Well, According To Sega Sammy's Sales Data For Fiscal Year 2021

Sonic the Hedgehog© Sega

If anyone has ever told you Sonic is dead, it couldn’t be further from the truth. Sega Sammy has posted its latest unit sales data for fiscal year 2021 and it appears the company’s longtime mascot is right out in front.

Yes, even after 30 years the blue blur is still leading the charge for the Japanese developer and publisher – with his “full game unit sales” over the past fiscal year peaking in the fourth quarter by surpassing the four million mark. This puts him ahead of the juggernaut Sega franchises Total War and Football Manager.

The Persona series (by Sega subsidiary Atlus) placed fourth on the list with three million sales, and below this were “other” games such as Yakuza: Like A Dragon and Two Point Hospital.

Perhaps most interestingly in the Sonic section is the mention of Sonic Generations. While nothing but the name was referenced, it seems the 2011 release might still be doing better than the much newer 3D entry, Sonic Forces. Team Sonic Racing, Sonic Mania and Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 have also played a part in Sonic’s ongoing success.

All of this follows on from last year’s Sonic the Hedgehog movie, which will be followed by a sequel in 2022. So, there you have it – Sonic is alive and well, despite some people on the internet always telling us he’s finished. Have you purchased a Sonic game over the past year? What about any other Sega titles? Leave a comment down below.

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Rumour: Sega Will Re-Release Sonic 3 & Knuckles In A New Sonic Collection

Sonic 3 & Knuckles

This year marks Sonic the Hedgehog‘s 30th anniversary. Sega has previously said it’s got some “exciting news” that it can’t wait to share and has told fans to expect plenty of major announcements – including new games, digital content and more.

There’s already been a rumour about the 2010 Wii and Nintendo DS title Sonic Colors being remastered, and now leaker Zippo is claiming Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles will be making a comeback in a new Sonic collection. This was the information shared over on their blog page:

“It’s back. And I promise you that I’m not shi***** you. It was thought to be impossible, but it’s coming. There will be some changes, though. More soon.”

The reference to it being “impossible”, is likely tied to the legal issues surrounding the music in Sonic the Hedgehog 3 – some of the tracks were apparently composed by Michael Jackson but went uncredited. In an attempt to not go off on a tangent here, it seems Sega could have finally worked out a way to revive this classic.

Zippo is the same leaker who earlier this week backed up rumours about the return of Donkey Kong. What do you make of this latest rumour? Could you see Sega reviving Sonic 3 & Knuckles for the blue blur’s 30th birthday celebrations? Leave your thoughts down below.

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Sonic cleaning brush: 7 jobs you can do using a sonic scrubber

Sonic cleaning brush: 7 jobs you can do using a sonic scrubber

Seven ways to use a sonic cleaning brush

In the oven

A battery-run cleaning brush is great for getting into those awkward places in the oven that you couldn’t reach otherwise.

Lynsey said it’s also good for removing burnt food from oven doors because the power helps to dislodge the stubborn baked-on food without any effort.

Plug holes

Plug holes are often split into a few sections, which makes it tricky to clean.

To remove soap scum and other nasties from this hole, use your scrubber.

Tile grout

Grout will develop mould or become discoloured if you don’t clean it regularly, but a sonic cleaning brush will help speed up the cleaning process.

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