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‘So excited’ Anton du Beke speaks out on replacing Bruno Tonioli as judge on Strictly 2021

“Darlings I’m kidding, I’m kidding!

“Seriously though, I have to tell you, Anton IS Mr Strictly and if anybody is filling in for me, it has to be him.

“I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way and I am so excited to see him waggle his paddle.”

Anton has been on Strictly since its first ever episode and he initially went for Len Goodman’s job but missed out, as Shirley was announced to be taking over the head judge role. 

When Dame Darcey Bussell quit the show, it was reported he applied to join the panel again but was also turned down. 

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The Suicide Squad post-credits: Is there a scene after the credits? James Gunn speaks out

In July this year, The Suicide Squad is going to continue the journey began by David Ayer in 2016. This time around, however, the franchise is receiving a soft reboot with James Gunn at the helm and a collection of new characters – as well as a handful of returning ones. So far, the DC Comics film has received a couple of trailers, hinting at a world-ending force threatening the group of misfits.

Is there a scene after the credits in The Suicide Squad?

WARNING: The Suicide Squad spoilers ahead.

The film has not yet been released, but director Gunn has already confirmed there will be a post-credits scene in The Suicide Squad.

The Guardians of the Galaxy creator has been very vocal about his upcoming film on Twitter and most recently revealed some details about the scene which takes place after the credits have rolled.

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Gunn wrote to his 900k Twitter followers: “I find it disconcerting at times that many folks seem more interested in crossovers, cameos, references and post-credit scenes than they do the actual story & characters of a specific film!

“When making a film I spend 99.9 percent of my time thinking about story and character and .1 percent the rest.”

In response to this, a fan asked: “Is this an implicit confirmation that Suicide Squad won’t have a post-credit scene, or am I thinking too much?”

To which, Gunn replied: “It DOES have a post-credit scene. I love them. I think they give the audience a reason to sit through all the folks who worked so hard on the show.”


Gunn went on to add: “But they’re always an afterthought, a snack, not the main course.”

The director then summed up his thoughts by saying: “You can have good characters without a good story but there’s no such thing as a good story without good characters. It’s not possible.”

This will not be the first time the creative has indulged in post-credits scenes, after utilising them in his Marvel movies previously.

The final moments after the credits rolled in Guardians of the Galaxy introduced Howard the Duck after Knowhere was destroyed.


Gunn also included a post-credits scene in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2.

In this sequel, the director included five post-credits scenes, all of which had their own parts in the universe.

On top of some fun inclusions with teenage Groot and Miley Cyrus, the scene with the biggest impact was the reveal of the next potential Guardians of the Galaxy foe.

In the scene, Elizabeth Debicki’s Ayesha creates a new figurehead of the Sovereign race.

What do you think? Do you like post-credit scenes? Join the debate in the comments section here

Ayesha concludes the scene by announcing: “I think I will call him Adam.”

This is most likely Adam Warlock, one of the legendary Marvel Comics villains who is renowned for taking on the Guardians.

The Suicide Squad hits cinemas on July 30, 2021.

The Guardians of the Galaxy films are available on Disney Plus now.

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'I'm at breaking point' EastEnders star Natalie Cassidy speaks out on health struggle

The soap star had told her followers at the weekend she was at “breaking point”.

She said in a video: “I wanted to see if everyone is enjoying the weather, because I’m not.

“I can’t breathe. I can’t see hardly, and this hay fever is off the wall this year.(sic)

“It’s not an enjoyable experience, and I’d like to pour Optrex into my eyes all day and get into a freshly-washed bed, which has been in the tumble dryer, unfortunately, not on a line, which you should want. 

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Nissan disproves Remainers: 'One in 5 cars made in UK is Qashqai' Boss speaks of UK pride

Speaking on GB News, Vice President for Manufacturing Alan Johnson said the Qashqai was “very important” for the company. They said the new car “looks great” and was a “step-up” from previous models.

However, Mr Johnson was beaming from ear to ear with pride as he declared “one in five” vehicles produced across the whole of the UK came from the Qashqai range.

He said: “Today we are really excited to be announcing that production are now launching the third generation of the Nissan Qashqai.

“Qashqai for us is a very important production. We have already made 3,5million Qashqai’s from the first and second generation.

“To put that into context, that means since 2007, one in five vehicles made in the UK is a Nissan Qashqai. It’s absolutely remarkable.

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However, following a £400million investment the firm has backed the factory to produce its brand new Qashqai machines.

The new investment has seen a major boost in technology including a new press line, recycling system and robots.

Nissan says more than 3.5million customers have chosen a Qashqai made in Sunderland since it was first put on sale in 2007.

The model has become synonymous with the Sunderland plant, making up one-third of all vehicles produced at the factory.

It is believed the company wants to cut its energy costs to ensure the competitiveness of the site compared to other manufacturers.

Nissan is tied to an exclusive battery partnership with Envision but a gigafactory here would still be a boost to the UK automotive sector.

Top companies such as Ford and Samsung are all considering gigafactories in the UK. 

Tesla have never ruled out a UK plant but are currently buiding a factory in Berlin which will act as their European base. 

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Samuel Olson's mother speaks for first time since 5-year-old boy was found dead

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) — The mother of 5-year-old Samuel Olson spoke out Tuesday for the first time since her son’s body was found in a motel room in Jasper, Texas, and said his father shares some responsibility.

“I don’t see how he couldn’t, with all the evidence that has now been brought to light, how are you not involved?” Sarah Olson said when asked whether Sam’s father, Dalton Olson, was to blame.

Theresa Balboa, Dalton’s former girlfriend, is charged with tampering with evidence, in particular a human corpse, in connection with Sam’s death. Houston police believe she hid and moved the boy’s body. Investigators have said more charges could come.

“He was sweet. He was very obedient. He was definitely a momma’s boy,” Sarah said during a news conference at her attorney’s office on Tuesday. “I always loved when he called me beautiful.”

Sarah started with a moment of silence and a prayer for her son. She stood next to Sam’s favorite toys and pictures from home.

Sarah said Dalton took Sam in January of 2020 and never gave him back. The last time she saw him was for his 5th birthday in May of last year.

“When I got there, he told me, ‘I knew you would come,” she said. “And he basically stood with me the whole time. I was planning on taking him home that day. I was stopped.”

Sarah said she tried to work through the custody issues legally but described the court system as “slow.” Her attorney said Dalton, who did not respond to ABC13’s request for comment, avoided being served papers for months.
Balboa is being held on a $ 500,000 bond for the tampering charge, in addition to a $ 100,000 bond for an assault with intent – impeding breath charge from November 2020.

Prior to the investigation into Sam’s death, she was out on bond for the assault charge. The complainant in that case was Dalton.

Prosecutors requested a higher bond saying Balboa was a flight risk.

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An autopsy identified the child found dead in Jasper as Samuel. The little boy died by homicidal violence, officials determined. The cause of death was blunt head trauma.
Investigators said Balboa was in the motel room where the boy’s body was found.

Sarah said Sam’s body remains at a funeral home. She wishes to have him cremated and has not made a decision about whether there will be a public memorial.

Sarah previously spoke through her attorney about the charges against Balboa, whom she met only once.

“Theresa is in custody, but she also strongly believes that the adults, you know, the child’s father, should also be in custody, because she feels 100% that they both have something to do with this,” attorney Marco Gonzalez said. “So, she’s hoping, you know, praying that he also will be taken into custody. So that justice can be done for Samuel.”

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Our Yorkshire Farm's Amanda Owen speaks out as fans 'disappointed' show cancelled

One person fumed: “Hi Amanda, I’m really disappointed there is no episode of Our Yorkshire Farm tonight. I thought there was one left.”

Another agreed: “I’ve just noticed the same. I was really looking forward to it. It’s the only thing we put the TV on for.”

“Disappointed not to see tonight’s episode, feel very upset about it,” a third added.

While a fourth penned: “Just set up the telly in our motorhome in Scotland to watch this, very disappointed. And my husband isn’t amused as it took a while to get a signal!”

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James Martin speaks out on knife accident after falling in kitchen 'I walked to hospital’

After eventually finding it, he told staff he had slipped and fell over in the kitchen.

But refusing to let the accident get in the way of his career, he revealed he was back to work the next day.

Speaking on the Andy Jaye podcast, he added: “You look back now… would I do it again? Of course I would.”

In the same chat, James discussed how he went from using food vouchers to becoming a successful chef.

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Davina McCall speaks out on 'awkwardness' of living with ex husband after split

The presenter eventually moved out and rented a place, which was the beginning of her “new phase”.

“I thought, ‘OK, we can look forward now.’ It was transformative.

“Since then, I’ve really tried to simplify my life and scale it down, which has been a very positive thing.”

Back in 2017, Davina posted on Instagram some cryptic messages before confirming her split with Matthew, admitting she had “made many mistakes” in her life but their children will always be their “number one priority”.

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Lorraine Kelly speaks out after she's replaced by Cat Deeley on her ITV show

Lorraine Kelly, 61, has praised Cat Deeley after it was confirmed the host will be taking over presenting duties on her ITV show. She shared the news with her 643,000 followers on Twitter as she made the announcement.
Cat will be stepping into Lorraine’s shoes over the next week as she takes a break.

Lorriane replied to a tweet about the news as she shared her feelings.

The official show had posted: “She’s back and we can’t wait!

“Join @catdeeley every weekday next week from 9am!”

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Speaking about his new documentary series The Me You Can’t See, she said he was “doing a good thing”.

She was commenting on Prince Harry speaking to Zak Williams, the son of late comedian Robin Williams, about grief.

The Duke of Sussex said: “When you see so many people grieving around the world grieving for someone they feel that they knew better than you did in a weird way because you are unable to grieve yourself.

“It’s like ‘how are you grieving more for someone who was my parent and I am unable to grieve myself?’.”

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Donald Trump speaks out on Pentagon UFO report amid US ‘fears’ – ‘Not a believer’

The former President ordered the Department of Defence to publish all findings on “unidentified aerial phenomena” in his December coronavirus relief bill. The Pentagon are set to hand their findings to Congress in June, with Mr Trump finally addressing his ordered-report into possible alien sightings.
Mr Trump appeared on the first episode of US conservative Dan Bongino’s radio show to discuss the alien report.

The former President told the radio host: “I’m a believer in what you see, but there are a lot of people out there who are into that.

“I get that so much: ‘is it true, sir?’

“I’m not such a believer, but some people are, so I don’t want to hurt their dreams or their fears.

“It could be fears more than dreams.”

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His comments come after former President Barack Obama has voiced support for the existence of aliens in a series of interview appearances.

Appearing on the Late Late Show, hosted by James Corden, the former President said there are UFOs sightings that defy explanation.

He said on the programme: “What is true, and I’m actually being serious here, is that there are, there’s footage and records of objects in the skies, that we don’t know exactly what they are.

“We can’t explain how they moved, their trajectory. They did not have an easily explainable pattern.

“And so, you know, I think that people still take seriously trying to investigate and figure out what that is.”

The comments come ahead of the Pentagon’s expected June deadline for publishing their findings on ‘unidentified aerial phenomena’.

Senator Marco Rubio, Republican-Florida, told CBS’ ’60 Minutes’ he wants other lawmakers and government officials to do more to investigate encounters with mysterious flying objects.

He added: “I want us to take it seriously and have a process to take it seriously.”

Christopher Mellon, top defence official who served in the administrations of Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, added more needs to be done on the process for reporting UFO sightings.

He told NBC News: “My hope is that this administration will provide our military people the support they deserve.

“On this issue, that means determining ASAP what threat, if any, is posed by the unidentified vehicles that are brazenly and repeatedly violating restricted U.S. airspace over hovering around our warships.”

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