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Harry and Meghan arrive in Central Park after changing outfits ahead of big vaccine speech

Harry and Meghan arrive in Central Park after changing outfits ahead of big vaccine speech

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex visited the United Nations earlier on Saturday for a meeting with Deputy Secretary-General Amina Mohammed. The couple, who quit royal duties last year for a new life in Calfornia, had a quick change of clothes before they arrived for Global Citizen Live where they are set to make an appearance.

Concerts are being held in New York’s Central Park and around the world to call on leaders to adopt a vaccine equity policy.

Earlier on Saturday, the Sussexes had a meeting with the UN’s Deputy Secretary-General.

Meghan looked chic in beige wide-legged trousers, a blouse, a camel coat and stilettos for the visit, while Harry was smart in a blue suit and tie.

Following the meeting, Ms Mohammed tweeted a picture with the couple and said: “In conversation with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

“Sharing how to engage on issues we care about deeply: climate action, women’s economic empowerment, mental well-being, youth engagement and vaccine equity.”

Harry and Meghan had a change of clothes before heading to Global Citizen Live.

The Duchess wore a black coat and grey scarf as she arrived, while Harry was in a black suit and white shirt.

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They have had a busy couple of days as they tour the Big Apple.

On Thursday, the Sussexes stepped out at the city’s One World Trade Centre, built on the site of the twin towers which were destroyed in the September 11 attacks.

They posed for the media at the top of the skyscraper against the panoramic backdrop, alongside New York City mayor Bill de Blasio and Governor of New York State Kathy Hochul on Thursday morning.

Asked if she was enjoying her trip to New York, Meghan smiled and replied: “It’s wonderful to be back, thank you.”

The pair later met US ambassador to the United Nations Linda Thomas-Greenfield.

On Friday, they visited a school where Meghan read from her children’s book The Bench.

The Sussexes met youngsters from the Harlem school to promote literacy.

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‘No longer feels appropriate!’ Boris Johnson’s Freedom Day speech cancelled amid surge

‘No longer feels appropriate!’ Boris Johnson’s Freedom Day speech cancelled amid surge

The Daily Mail learned the Prime Minister had planned to give a speech to mark the momentous national lifting of lockdown in the style of wartime leader Winston Churchill.

However, a Government source claimed the event “no longer feels appropriate” as cases continue to soar across the country.

The source said: “The plan had been for Boris to effectively declare victory over the virus by summoning the spirit of Churchill, with appropriately stirring rhetoric.

“That no longer feels appropriate.”

Mr Johnson has previously said the long awaited Freedom Day be “cautious but irreversible”.

However, Jeremy Hunt, the former Health Secretary, said the situation is “very serious”, and raised the prospect of another lockdown this autumn.

He said that, if cases are still rising in September, “I think we are going to have to reconsider”.

Although Covid cases continue to climb at an unprecedented rate, deaths from the virus have remained extremely low.

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“This shows no-one is safe from this deadly virus,” she said.

“By easing all restrictions with cases surging, they are experimenting with people’s lives.

“Right now, they are pursuing a strategy of survival of the fittest, where the young and clinically vulnerable will be left defenceless.”

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Macron claims debunked: Expert picks apart President’s Covid speech – ‘None are founded!’

Macron claims debunked: Expert picks apart President’s Covid speech - ‘None are founded!’

On Monday, the French President announced Covid vaccines would be compulsory from September. It would be mandatory for health workers and special passes would be required for anyone wanting to go to a restaurant or on a train or a plane.

While addressing the nation, Mr Macron made several scientific claims about the virus and the Delta variant.

Mr Macron claimed the more infectious Delta variant is “three times more contagious” than the first strain.

However, Professor Peter McCullogh from the Baylor University Medical Centre hit back.

He said because of “herd immunity, the virus cannot infect so easily as it did last year”.

Therefore, the Delta variant is “not three times more contagious”.

Elsewhere in his speech, Mr Macron said all the vaccines that are available in France protects the public against the Delta variant.

But Professor McCullogh argued that in the UK 42 percent of Delta infections were in fully-vaccinated patients.

He argued that the “vaccine has no impact in its severity” and the Delta strain is mild for everyone “whether they have been vaccinated or not”.

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The Professor of Medicine also lashed out at Mr Macron’s claims that to end the pandemic, “we must vaccinate everywhere”.

Professor McCullogh went on to say how the world will “not get to zero cases”.

He said: “It will degenerate into a form of common cold.

“It will be hard to distinguish from other upper respiratory infections.”

Professor McCullogh added: “The lack of safety and efficacy of vaccines limits their use.

“In the near future, the vaccination programme will end and we will treat the most serious cases in hospital just like we do with common colds.”

While addressing the nation, Mr Macron said: “We must go towards vaccination of all French people, it is the only way towards a normal life.

“A new race against the clock is on.

“We may need to ask ourselves the question of mandatory vaccination for all.”

Additional reporting by Maria Ortega

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The former President used his speech to focus on a single subject: The 2020 election he lost eight months ago. He won’t stop lying that he won.

The former President used his speech to focus on a single subject: The 2020 election he lost eight months ago. He won't stop lying that he won.
But former President Donald Trump’s current dishonesty is overwhelmingly focused on a single subject: the 2020 election he lost eight months ago but won’t stop lying that he won.
In a rambling Sunday address to the Conservative Political Action Conference in Dallas, Trump returned again and again to election-related lies — some of them detailed and wrong, most of them vague and wrong.
What can you even say about claims so disconnected from reality? Here’s a brief fact check of eight of them.
Trump: “And we were doing so well until the rigged election happened to come along. We were doing really well.”
The election was not rigged. Trump lost fair and square.
Trump: “Unfortunately, this was an election where the person that counts the votes was far more important than the candidate, no matter how many votes that candidate got — and we got record numbers of votes.”
Joe Biden was the candidate who earned a record number of votes: more than 81 million. Trump earned more than 74 million votes — a record for a sitting president, but that’s not what Trump said here.
Trump: “You know, the New York Times asked me a question: ‘What happened in 2020 — that was different from 2016.’ I said, ‘Well I’ll tell you: we did much better in 2020 and we got 12 million more votes. We won by a much bigger margin.”
Trump lost. Biden beat him by 74 votes in the Electoral College, 306 to 232, and by more than 7 million votes in the national popular vote.
Trump did receive about 11.2 million more votes than he did in 2016 — side note: that doesn’t round to “12 million” — but Biden received about 15.4 million more votes than Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton got in 2016.
Trump: “Every time the media references the election hoax. they say the fraud is: ‘Unproven! And while there is no evidence…’ No evidence? No evidence? There’s so much evidence.”
There was no election hoax. And while there were some scattered cases of fraud, including some by Trump supporters, there is indeed no evidence of widespread fraud or outcome-altering fraud — as Republican elections officials in various states, Trump-appointed former Attorney General William Barr, and numerous others have pointed out.
Trump: “…the Justice Department, they failed to call out a late-night ballot stuffing that took place in Georgia, remember that? Where they made up a story of a water main break in order to get people and security to leave the premises. And then they went into a rampage of stuffing, essentially, the ballots.”
There was no ballot “stuffing” at an elections facility in Georgia. While initial reports of a burst pipe or broken water main at State Farm Arena did turn out to be inaccurate — the reality was that a urinal had overflowed — Trump’s claim that local elections workers proceeded to stuff the ballot box has been debunked by the office of Georgia’s Republican elections chief, Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger.
Trump: “They deleted, Georgia, over 100,000 votes.”
Didn’t happen. Rather, Raffensperger announced in June that more than 100,000 names would be deleted from Georgia’s voter registration rolls to keep the state’s voter files “up to date,” saying “there is no legitimate reason to keep ineligible voters on the rolls.” That is not even close to the same thing as deleting actual votes.
Trump: “The drop boxes were off very late. ‘Where are they? Where are they? What happened?’ They’re supposed to be — they’re not. I could tell you what happened. Sometimes late by days in showing up to the vote-counting areas.”
There is no evidence that ballot drop boxes were delivered improperly late. There is no evidence for Trump’s suggestion that something nefarious happened with ballot drop boxes.
Trump: “Detroit was so corrupt.”
There is no evidence that Detroit was “corrupt” in the 2020 election. In fact, a Republican-led investigation debunked some of Trump allies’ false claims about what happened in Detroit, such as their inaccurate assertion that large numbers of ballots were cast in the names of deceased Detroit residents.

Emotional Gareth Southgate delivers ‘proud’ England speech to fans ahead of Italy final

Emotional Gareth Southgate delivers 'proud' England speech to fans ahead of Italy final

More than 23 million viewers watched ITV’s coverage of the Three Lions beating Denmark 2-1 after extra-time thanks to Harry Kane’s late goal on Wednesday night.

“I can’t be prouder to have the opportunity to lead my country,” he said. “To bring happiness at this time where it’s been so difficult for this period is a very special feeling.

“Because we’re a special country, we are historically an incredible country and I know I couldn’t be prouder to be an Englishman.

“To be able to hear Wembley like it was on Wednesday and to know how that will have been around the country is, yes, it’s an honour.”

Throughout the tournament, Southgate had been in lockdown with his players at St George’s Park due to Covid restrictions, and after leaving Wembley close to 1am they only got back to their base near Burton in the early hours.

He claims it was only on the final leg of their journey to Wembley for Wednesday’s semi-final that he fully appreciated the way the country is falling into line behind their footballers.

“I guess for me it hasn’t really totally registered because I’m not reading the front pages of the newspapers and I’m not tuning into the radio and TV bulletins,” Southgate said.

“But I’m noticing the journey to the stadium today the tooting of the horns, the flags on the cars, that so I’m starting to get a feel of exactly what’s going on.

“I suppose in the back of my mind I know what’s going on but I’ve tried to put it to one side really and keep focused on what we’re doing.”

Southgate says he feels no embarrassment for the neanderthal roar he shared with England fans after Wednesday night’s final whistle.

The normally mild-mannered England manager clenched his fists in front of the jubilant Wembley crowd and bellowed along with them in a release of pent-up emotion.

“So I’m not embarrassed about losing my head a little bit in that moment.”

The England manager has preached throughout the tournament the importance of not getting carried away with results.

With Italy having beaten Denmark on the evening before, Southgate and the rest of his staff would have 24 hours less to prepare for the final itself. Still…

“Once you step off the pitch you know you’re into the preparing for the next game and everything that goes with that,” the 51-year-old said.

“So to be able to have that moment on the pitch with the fans is for me is always the most special part.”

Author: Matthew Dunn
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Prince Charles 'perfect royal' to deliver D-Day speech – 'Traditional' video analysed

Prince Charles 'perfect royal' to deliver D-Day speech - 'Traditional' video analysed

Prince Charles, 72, spoke out on behalf of the Firm to thank D-Day Veterans in a touching new video. The future king’s traditional ways made him the perfect royal to deliver the poignant speech, a body language expert has claimed.

Clarence House shared the video on Twitter with the message: “As Patron of the Normandy Memorial Trust, His Royal Highness sent a message for the live broadcast opening of the @britishmemorial, which is located on a hillside in Ver-sur-Mer above Gold Beach in Normandy.”

In the video, Charles says: “I know just how much our incomparable veterans had hoped to be in Normandy today to see their memorial for themselves.

“Despite having to watch via satellite link, this in no way obscures the enormous regard and admiration in which we hold our veterans.

“Or diminishes our debt of gratitude to the more than 22,000 men and women whose names are now permanently inscribed in stone in this place of honour above Gold Beach.”

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Charles added: “As I said when I first became aware of the plans for this long overdue British memorial, it has for many years been a concern to me, that the memory of these remarkable individuals should be preserved for future generations as an example of personal courage and sacrifice for the benefit of the wider national, and indeed international community.

“I can only hope that this serves to commemorate all those whose lives were lost during the events of June 1944 and between D-Day and the liberation of Paris at the end of August 1944.”

“May God bless our veterans, the families and all those who paid the ultimate sacrifice as a result of the operations around D-Day and during the Battle of Normandy.”

Judi added:  “His very traditional styling, voice and delivery straddle the 77-year gap between what he refers to as ‘An example of personal courage and sacrifice’ and the present day.”

“He might have been too young to remember the war but he epitomizes the look of the time and the expectations people back then had of their royals in terms of body language and the famous stiff upper lip.

“He looks like a royal who understands the weight of history and the links to the chaos of current life in a pandemic.

“His eye expression projects genuine sadness with his steepled brows, and his reflective cut-offs as he looks down make the perfect contrast with his piercing eye-gaze when he looks up.”

The analyst added: “His head shakes gently from side to side in what looks like a gesture of disbelief at both the way the pandemic has led to a virtual ceremony rather than a live gathering, and at the way it has taken so long to happen at all.

“There are subtle signals of what looks like personal frustration as Charles pauses before straightening his back and arching his shoulders with his mouth pulling out in a horizontal grimace as he says the delay has ‘…for many years been of concern to me….’ There is another pause and a sigh before Charles ends with: ‘May god bless our veterans…’ managing to make the grief look personally felt.”

The Royal Family celebrated happy news on Sunday as Meghan Markle and Prince Harry announced the safe arrival of their daughter Lilibet “Lili” Diana Mountbatten-Windsor with the world.

Clarence House tweeted to congratulate the couple in a message that read: ” Congratulations to Harry, Meghan and Archie on the arrival of baby Lilibet Diana.

Wishing them all well at this special time.”

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