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Aer Lingus halts most regional flights after Stobart Air collapse – new flights announced

One of Aer Lingus’ operators Stobart Air collapsed on Friday night, throwing regional flights into chaos this weekend.

The Irish airline was forced to cancel several flights from Dublin and Belfast City airports.

The travel industry blow has also impacted Leeds Bradford Airport after flights operated by Stobart Air between Belfast and Leeds were cancelled.

“All impacted customers also have the option of a full refund.”

There has been some concern that hundreds of jobs could be lost as a result of Stobart Air’s liquidation.

A spokesperson for Stobart Air said: “It is with great regret and sadness that Stobart Air can confirm that the board is in the process of appointing a liquidator to the business and the airline is to cease operations with immediate effect.

“Stobart Air apologises to all its customers for the inconvenience caused at short notice.

Aer Lingus has shared new flight times on their website for the next few days.

Operations for June 13 (local time):

Operated by Aer Lingus:

EI256 Dublin – Edinburgh Depart 14:55

EI317 Edinburgh – Belfast City Depart 16:45

EI316 Belfast City – Edinburgh Depart 18:40

EI259 Edinburgh – Dublin Depart 20:15

EI314 Belfast City – Birmingham Depart 14:30

EI315 Birmingham – Belfast City Depart 16:15

EI304 Belfast City – Manchester Depart 18:30

EI305 Manchester – Belfast City Depart 20:15

Operated by BA CityFlyer:

BA4479 Belfast City – Exeter Depart 14:30

BA4478 Exeter – Belfast City Depart 16:15

BA4473 Belfast City – Leeds Bradford Dep 18:15

BA4472 Leeds Bradford – Belfast City Dep 19:50

Operations for June 14 (local time):

Operated by Aer Lingus:

EI256 Dublin – Edinburgh Depart 07:00

EI317 Edinburgh – Belfast City Depart 08:50

EI316 Belfast City – Edinburgh Depart 10:50

EI259 Edinburgh – Dublin Depart 12:35

EI312 Belfast City – Birmingham Depart 08:00

EI313 Birmingham – Belfast City Depart 09:50

EI302 Belfast City – Manchester Depart 11:55

EI303 Manchester – Belfast City Depart 13:40

Operated by BA CityFlyer:

BA4473 Belfast City – Leeds Bradford Depart 09:30

BA4472 Leeds Bradford – Belfast City Depart 11:00

BA4479 Belfast City – Exeter Depart 12:40

BA4478 Exeter – Belfast City Depart 14:20

Operations for June 15 (local time): Flight times to be confirmed as soon as possible.

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: Travel Feed

Stobart Air collapse: What to do if you have a ticket with Stobart Air?

The Irish airline Stobart Air has collapsed leaving thousands of travellers in turmoil. The airline formerly known as Aer Arann ran short-haul flights across Western Europe for 51 years. The airline announced the cancellation of all their flights today. What does this mean for you if you have a ticket with the airline?

Several short-haul flights from Belfast and Dublin were cancelled on Saturday due to the airline’s collapse.

Today the airline announced all flights from Belfast City airport to Birmingham, East Midlands, Edinburgh, Exeter, Leeds Bradford and Manchester have been cancelled.

Pre-pandemic this popular airline ran over 900 flights a week for 30 routes throughout Western Europe.

The airline ceased trading yesterday and will enter liquidation after it failed to find a buyer.


Airport power fight up in air [INSIGHT[

The collapse of Stobart Air has meant all those with tickets for an Aer Lingus flight will likely have their journeys cancelled.

Aer Lingus has said it will continue to run a limited number of former Stobart Air routes on Sunday, June 13 and Monday, June 15 – from Belfast City to Birmingham, Edinburgh and Manchester, and between Dublin and Edinburgh.

You will need to check that your flight is operating before setting off for the airport.

It is not known yet if EasyJet will be offering rescue fares. 

If you cannot get home due to the cancellation of your flight you might be able to get a “rescue fare.”


These flights are traditionally made available by other airlines when another carrier collapses.

Ryanair is offering some last-minute “rescue fares” for stranded Stobart Air customers.

From £40 you can secure a flight between Dublin and Edinburgh, Glasgow and Manchester.

Loganair is offering a similar rescue fare, £60 could secure you a flight with this airline to and from Belfast City.

These rescue fares are valid for travel originally booked for June, July or August but these have to be bought soon, after midnight on June 15 they will no longer be available.

Stranded customers may have to make some detours as there may be no exact route replacements for some journeys.

Despite Stobart Air’s collapse Aer Lingus remains operational it will just be the routes that Stobart Air operated that will be cancelled.

As Aer Lingus is part of IAG it will give your money back should you want a refund.

But this may take some time as it will have a huge backlog of tickets to refund.

You shouldn’t need to contact your credit card firm or travel insurer.

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: Travel Feed