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EIOPA publishes monthly technical information for Solvency II Relevant Risk Free Interest Rate Term Structures – end-June 2021 – Eiopa European Commission

Today, the European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority (EIOPA) published technical information on the relevant risk free interest rate term structures (RFR) with reference to the end of June 2021.

RFR information has been calculated on the basis of the content of the Technical Documentation published on 31 May 2020 and based on RFR coding released on 8 October 2019.

All the documents are available on RFR specific area on EIOPA’s website. In particular, the updated version of the source code can be accessed under Related links in the RFR area.



Technical information relating to risk-free interest rate (RFR) term structures is used for the calculation of the technical provisions for (re)insurance obligations.

In line with the Solvency II Directive, EIOPA publishes technical information relating to RFR term structures on a monthly basis via a dedicated section on EIOPA’s Website also containing the release calendar for 2021, the RFR Technical Documentation, the RFR coding and Frequently Asked Questions.

With this publication, EIOPA ensures consistent calculation of technical provisions across Europe.

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Set structures on fire Fortnite: Epic Games confirms week 4 challenge error

To do this, they head to an area west of Holly Hedges – you’ll find a large white building with a viking ship on top of it as well as a gas station nearby.

Head to the gas station first, go into the store and then exit the door at the back – where you’ll find two gas cans.

Then, you need to head to the white building which has a viking ship on top and go to the basement.

Place the gas can on top of the palettes near the boxes, and then light it – which you can do by hitting it with your pickaxe.

This should help you tick off one of the structures you need to set on fire, with ten in total needed to be destroyed.

In case you’re wondering, here is a full list of the Fortnite season 6 week 4 challenges for chapter 2…