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Jason Manford opens up about weight loss after being stunned into action: 'I get a buzz'

Jason Manford opens up about weight loss after being stunned into action: 'I get a buzz'

Jason Manford, 40, openly admits he’s never been the slimmest bloke on the block, and who cares. But the comedian revealed he was left shocked after stepping on the scales last year and seeing he weighed 17st 5lb.

The sudden realisation came after his doctor also warned him he was obese a few years ago and after trying diet after diet, he’s finally found peace with his body, especially as he dropped almost a whopping 3st in a few months.

In a new interview, the funny man spoke about his weight loss journey and why he decided to change his life.

For years, he had been using his weight as the butt of his stand-up jokes, conscious that if he started losing the pounds then he would have to change his material.

Admitting he’s thought about his weight everyday of his adult life after being branded “the fat Michael Owen” during a comedy gig aged 17, Jason revealed to get to the point he has, makes him feel surprisingly good.


“[I never cried] about it, but gone upstairs and tried to put something on that doesn’t fit, or got out of breath chasing the kids,” he said of his past mind-set.

“To get to a point where I’m thinking about it in a positive way feels good.”

Having dropped down to 14st 10lb, the comedian said he “gets a bit of a buzz” seeing the figure on the scales tick down every week.

With some of his old jokes stating that Vimto and Jaffa Cakes should be included in our five a day, Jason used to be in a vicious battle repeatedly with diets, losing a couple of stone and then gaining it again.

“Often, caring about appearance can be seen as a female thing,” he continued to tell The Mirror.

“So, to see some of the men say ‘I’ve been struggling’ is moving.

“They can laugh about being the chunky one of their friends’ group, but actually they don’t like it and don’t want to be that person any more.”

He insists his weight hasn’t made him “sad”, but admits to feeling low and suffering a bit of anxiety earlier this year, worrying about work, his family and their health.

“There’s a presumption you’re on the telly and you’re fine, but like anyone, your problems are your problems,” he shrugged.

As of August, Jason will be back on the road as he begins his latest 180-date tour called Like Me. Minus fat jokes.

But he laughed that “only time will tell” whether he can still be funny as a thinner man.

“I’m not worried about going on tour and looking like an Adonis,” he chuckled, “That is never going to happen!”

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: Celebrity News Feed

ASDA shoppers stunned by supermarket staff member’s response to elderly blind customer

ASDA shoppers stunned by supermarket staff member’s response to elderly blind customer

Michael Fuller, who has been blind since he was born and is now 71-years-old, formed a close bond with staff member Kieran O’Rourke who works as a front-end runner. Mr O’Rourke helps Mr Fuller do his shopping almost daily before walking him safely to the front door of his house. As reported by the Manchester Evening News, Mr O’Rourke guides Mr Fuller around the shop by holding his arm, as well as picking up all of the items he needs before packing his backs and helping him pay.

He said: “Kieran’s such a nice, helpful lad; it’s such a pleasure to do my shopping with him.

“Before we start off I will give him a rough idea of what I’m looking for because I know where most things are in the store and in what order we need to go. Kieran remembers what I usually get and he also points out new items and things I may like too.

“I go on most days and that’s the idea so I don’t have to get an awful lot all in one go.”

Mr Fuller explained that he would be lost without the help of both the 23-year-old and the rest of the shop staff, who frequently assist him during his visits.

He added: “The store’s on a very, very busy road. Getting there is traumatic enough, but I do need some help getting back with my shopping and Kieran kindly brings me back. He is really, really good.”

Since joining the store three years ago, Mr O’Rourke has helped Mr Fuller on an almost daily basis.

He said: “He’s a really good bloke and he’s always saying that our store is the best. We’ve developed quite a bond and we get on really well.

“Michael doesn’t do big shops, but comes in for bits and pieces almost every day. He doesn’t have a list, he just does it from memory. He may come in twice a day if he’s forgotten something!

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“We talk about all sorts really – how his wife is, what he got up to when he was younger. He loves cooking and is always giving out tips too.”

Despite living on the same road as the Asda Strelley store in Nottingham he shops at, Mr Fuller has to walk across a busy road which can take a long time if he does not have someone there to help.

Asda has nominated Mr O’Rourke for a service superstar award because of his kindness, though he claimed to just be doing what comes naturally.

He said: “I think it’s nice to treat someone the way you would like to be treated if you were in a similar situation.”

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Laura Morris, the store manager of Asda Strelley, said: “Michael comes to our store particularly because of Kieran’s help and is extremely grateful. He told us he’s our customer for life as he doesn’t receive the same level of customer service from anywhere else he goes.

“Kieran is amazing with all his customers, but with Michael he definitely goes above and beyond. Well done Kieran, keep up the great work.”

ASDA shared the story on its Facebook page, quickly garnering over 48,000 likes and numerous comments praising Mr O’Rourke.

Responding to the post, one shopper wrote: “Fabulous.. Kieran is certainly going the Extra Mile ..You just can’t beat great customer service ! Well done Asda for employing such a wonderful young gentleman.”

Another said: “Lovely story. You’re a gentleman for helping this guy, it will mean so much to him.”

“What a lovely story and how lovely is Kieran, his Parents must be so proud of him. He must make shopping a pleasure for the Gentleman he helps. They must really enjoy each other’s company,” praised a third shopper.

A fourth exclaimed: “What a lovely story, well done Kieran for helping this gentleman you definitely go the extra mile, so nice to see good people making good news.”

Additional reporting by Rachel Pugh.

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: Life and Style Feed
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Gogglebox Jenny stunned after Lee makes raunchy discovery in caravan

Gogglebox Jenny stunned after Lee makes raunchy discovery in caravan

Gogglebox Lee accused best friend Jenny of getting a “second wind” after making a raunchy discovery in their static caravan.

The former pub landlady took place in front of the box with her friend Lee in their caravan to discuss updates from this week’s TV on tonight’s programme – the last in the series before Jenny vacates the caravan and heads home until their return in September.

Earlier in the week, fans were concerned that the pair were leaving the show for good after a cryptic Instagram video showed Lee thrilled at the prospect of Jenny leaving their caravan.

The pair returned to their sofa to make loyal fans laugh for one last time this season as Lee walked into the room holding what he believed to be a raunchy pair of Jenny’s “knickers”.

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“Jenny are these yours?” he asked before a confused Jenny responded: “No they aren’t!”

“Are you sure? Well what is it – I thought it was a pair of your knickers?” Lee asked now making fun of his friend.

A bewildered Jenny then asked: “What me in them?”

“Well, they are not mine,” Lee said, going on to admit: “I looked again and it’s a bag isn’t it?

“It’s for the fruit! Did you think I would wear them?” Jenny said as Lee held up a netted shopping bag, accusing his friend of wearing them in place of raunchy underwear.

“Well you never know because some people at a certain age get a second wind!” Lee laughed

“I’m still on my first!” Jenny piped up, the two now creasing.

The duo plan to return to the caravan in September to film series 18 of Googlebox.

Author: [email protected] (Kirstin Tait)
This post originally appeared on Hull Live – Celebs & TV

Evictions Surprised Trailer Park Residents, Protest Stunned Officials

Evictions Surprised Trailer Park Residents, Protest Stunned Officials

MOREHEAD, Ky. — Under a slate-colored sky, the holdouts gathered in what remained of the North Fork Mobile Home Park. Around them it looked as if a hurricane had blown through, leaving scattered cinder blocks, capsized sofas and porches affixed to thin air. The small circle — among them single mothers, a factory worker, a retiree, two community organizers — sat on kitchen chairs discussing their next move: recruiting for a boycott.

“People are going to slam their doors in our face, but we’ll do it anyway,” said Mindy Davenport, 57, who has lived in the park for 26 years. One of the organizers sympathized: It was hard to talk to people you did not know.

Ms. Davenport, a former preschool aide, laughed. That was not the issue. “I know everybody in this town,” she said.

For more than two months, a fight has burned in Morehead, a small college town in the hills of eastern Kentucky. It began in early March, when the residents of roughly 65 mobile homes at North Fork were told they had a month and a half to leave and take their homes with them. A new development was coming, bringing restaurants and stores, jobs and tax revenue. The city was subsidizing it. The trailer park had to go.

But as soon as the eviction letters went out, a protest campaign erupted, with chants and rallies, messages of support sent from as far away as California and Maine, and visits from prominent state voices like Charles Booker, a likely Democratic candidate for the 2022 U.S. Senate race. Current and former residents have loudly registered their dissent — with actions like the planned boycott of the eventual shopping center — and laid out a list of proposals to mostly unreceptive city officials, including financial compensation for people forced to move.

And though most of the homes have now been hauled away or left behind, the campaign has rolled on, along with a debate over the obligations of a city to those dislodged by its growth and a lesson about how combative democracy has become — even in a small town — in an age of social media and protest.

“Over the past two years, I have been in a lot of different things, with Black Lives Matter protesting and organizing,” said Faith Plank, 17, who now lives with her sister and mother in an apartment that is much smaller than their mobile home but costs nearly three times as much. “However, in this case, I don’t think I expected it to go this far.”

The owner of the park and the local officials were caught by surprise. People had always talked of wanting more restaurants and stores, said Harry Clark, the judge executive in Rowan County, where Morehead sits. And while he expected some understandable resistance to the evictions from the long-term residents of the park, he said, “it surprised me how mean they got.”

Joanne Fraley, who with her late husband had owned the park for years, said she, too, was taken aback by the response, insisting that she had been more accommodating than Kentucky law requires.

“It is my intent to leave no one homeless,” she said. But “it’s basically quite simple. I own my own property. I have the right to sell it.”

The park is decades old, sitting on what was once the Fraley family farm. Most of the residents owned their trailers, paying rent — most recently, $ 125 a month — for the lots on which the trailers stood. A number of homes had been there for many years and, even if well-kept on the inside, were no longer in shape to be moved.

Some people had come to the park to escape abusive home lives, some to be closer to jobs at the shopping center across the road and some because it was simply what they could afford. North Fork may have been scruffy in spots but it was a neighborhood, with gardens and mutual babysitting and chats over morning coffee.

It is unclear when plans for a development were first broached; the developer, from Lexington, Ky., told a news station the project had been in the works for nearly two years. One of the first public discussions was in September, when a development consultant made a presentation to the Morehead City Council, proposing a tax increment financing plan to subsidize a retail center where the trailer park stood.

“We would consider that to be some blight, if you will,” the consultant said. “But we have a plan to redevelop that site in a way that maximizes its value.”

Neither the mayor nor the developer returned messages seeking comment.

Notices of a hearing on the plan ran in tiny font in the back pages of a local newspaper, a weekly that few in the park read. Still, with most city meetings streamed on Facebook, word got out.

Ms. Davenport was sitting outside her trailer one afternoon, looking after a group of children, when a neighbor drove by with the news. “‘They’ve sold the trailer park’,” she recalled him saying. “‘They’re going to build a shopping center.’”

Months of rumor followed. Residents called the property manager constantly, several said, and the answer was always the same: No, nothing has been sold.

“I was not going to go out there and make this big announcement that my property was sold and they’d better start looking around and then have the contract fall through,” Ms. Fraley said. “At a time when there was Covid, there was maybe a chance it wouldn’t have gone through. And if I’d done that, I’d be sitting there with an empty piece of property.”

Some stopped paying rent. One resident started an online fund-raiser. In December, a resident wrote to Mr. Clark, lamenting that neither the city nor the park manager would give anyone straight answers. Mr. Clark wrote back that a sale appeared likely and advised him to “begin looking for new lots and accommodations immediately.” He also wrote that Ms. Fraley was offering $ 1,000 per household to help pay for moves that typically cost several thousand dollars. (A nonprofit organization would soon offer additional money, though not everyone qualified.)

Still, many at North Fork did not know whether a mass eviction was really going to happen, and what options they would have if it did. Ashley Caudill, a former resident, said she called more than a dozen mobile home parks in the county and found most were either full or not accepting trailers older than a certain age, a cutoff that would disqualify some of the mobile homes in North Fork. Those owners would have to abandon their homes, or sell them for cheap.

Finally, in March, the official letter came. “NOTICE TO VACATE.” They had until April 30.

Given the distinctive status of mobile home communities — made up at the same time of renters and established homeowners — a number of states have passed legal protections for residents, said Carolyn Carter, the deputy director of the National Consumer Law Center. Some mandate at least six months advance notice for a park’s closure; that period is two years in Massachusetts. Some require that residents be given the collective opportunity to buy their community if it is going to be sold.

“This isn’t Massachusetts,” Ms. Fraley said. Indeed, Kentucky has none of these laws.

Few in North Fork said they were opposed to the development in principle. What infuriated them was that a developer, a property owner and their own government representatives had worked together for months or perhaps years on a project that would throw their lives into disarray and nobody had reached out to them. Their neighborhood was simply, in the word used at the City Council meeting, “blight.”

“I used to be a little shy about telling people where I lived because I was a little nervous that they would look at me differently,” Faith Plank said. She does not feel that way anymore, she said. A few nights earlier, she had stood up at a crowded City Council meeting and talked about her trailer park and how beautiful it was.

Author: Campbell Robertson
This post originally appeared on NYT > U.S. News

‘He tapped’: UFC legend Werdum stunned by bizarre KO defeat after claiming he was showing mercy by letting opponent escape (VIDEO)

‘He tapped’: UFC legend Werdum stunned by bizarre KO defeat after claiming he was showing mercy by letting opponent escape (VIDEO)

Former UFC heavyweight champion Fabricio Werdum has cried foul play after his Professional Fighters League (PFL) debut ended in defeat, with the veteran claiming opponent Renan Ferreira tapped out before gaining a TKO victory.

In his maiden outing for his new employers, ‘Vai Cavalo’ started off well as the two combatants let off a series of flying kicks at one another.

Ferreira took top position, but Jiu-jitsu expert Werdum refused to yield on an armbar hold that later became a triangle choke.

Carrying on regardless, Ferreira powered through with a barrage of punches that eventually caused referee Keith Peterson to wade in and call a TKO stoppage.

Controversy took center stage and the shine off Ferreira’s win when replays clearly showed that he tapped Werdum’s shoulder while stuck in the triangle choke. 

“I think everybody saw the fight,” the Porto Alegre native said in a post-fight interview, discussing how he had loosened his grip.

“He tapped and I have to respect my opponent. I have to stop. Maybe I [should have opted to] break his arm or put him to sleep.

“When he tapped, I automatically stop the fight but he kept going to punch my head. But I stopped because he tapped.”

Asked whether he would appeal the result that cost him six points in the tournament, the 43-year-old wasn’t entirely clear – but he has now filed one with the New Jersey State Athletic Control Board, according to his manager, Ali Abdelaziz.

The PFL will send the governing body the footage for review, but there is no doubt for Werdum that he was done dirty.

“In my mind it was over because I feel when he tapped my shoulder. This is why I stopped the fight,” he said.

“I stopped and he keeps going to punch my head. The referee doesn’t see nothing. When you tap, you have to stop the fight.

“But it happened and everyone saw he tapped for sure and he knows he tapped.”

Onlookers laughed at the fact that Werdum lost his PFL debut to a guy who played him in a biopic of BJJ legend Fernando “Tererê” Augusto that is set to be released later this year.

Calling the scrap “crazy theater”, others questioned why Werdum relented – but MMA practitioners explained that the seasoned veteran has been taught to do so when his opponent has clearly submitted.

Werdum also addressed the saga on Twitter. “I’ve been fighting for 23 years, and one of the first things we learn when your opponent gives up [is that] we have to respect [them],” he said.

While debate played out over social media and UFC welterweight title challenger Gilbert Burns demanded the result be overturned, one punter predicted that the controversy will “play out as a win for PFL”.

“Ambiguous enough ending that they can gift him points to make the playoffs, yet it’s generating 10 times the discussion a simple steamrolling — or even an uncontroversial upset — would have,” they added.

“And if they meet again in the playoffs? Hoo boy.”
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Author: RT
This post originally appeared on RT Sport News

Big cat 'sighting': Fisherman stunned by suspected beast roaming near lake

Big cat 'sighting': Fisherman stunned by suspected beast roaming near lake

Mr Johnson admitted his pictures of the animal weren’t the clearest, but was stunned at the size of the suspected big cat.

He said: “I work building fences and that, so going by the picture I can make an estimate of its size.

“I would say it was not quite a metre long. I did think it was quite random when I saw it.

“It went and sat down and was quite chilled out for about ten minutes before it went down the track.

“I was not scared of it, but I would not exactly have walked up to it either.”

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: Weird Feed

‘I’m so upset’: Paige Spiranac stunned by racism accusations as golf babe cops cancel culture for admiring Masters champ Matsuyama

‘I’m so upset’: Paige Spiranac stunned by racism accusations as golf babe cops cancel culture for admiring Masters champ Matsuyama

Golf pin-up Paige Spiranac has lashed out after being met with faux outrage online over a harmless comment she made in relation to Japanese golfer Hideki Matsuyama, who stormed to victory at the Masters on Sunday.

The stunner took to Twitter on Sunday after Matsuyama clinched the iconic green jacket at Augusta, telling the Japanese hero that his victory was “well-deserved”.

Spiranac then offered a casual compliment towards the cuisine in Matsuyama’s homeland, igniting a far-fetched race storm in response.

“The menu for the champions dinner is going to be absolute fire next year”, said Spiranac, only to be immediately met by anger and finger-pointing.

“Paige, Thailand has the spicy food,” boomed one reader, using capital letters to tell Spiranac that she had made a racist comment. “Not Japan. But then they all look alike, right? Shame on you.”

Another felt Spiranac should “apologize to the entire Far East”, concluding: “If you don’t understand that her post is racist and offensive, you are part of the problem.”

Spiranac seemed shaken by the saga. “Honestly, it’s disgusting how everything gets twisted,” she hit back. “I made a comment about how amazing the menu will be next year because I love Japanese food.

“Most winners create menus to honor where they are from and I would expect Hideki to do the same.

“I don’t care if someone calls me a sl*t but to be called a racist is uncalled [for]. I would never and I’m honestly so upset about this.”

More rational readers were as confused as they were willing to defend the tee-loving titillator. 

“The comments on this tweet are the stupidest I’ve ever read,” said one. “People love to grasp at straws that just simply aren’t there.”
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‘We’re with you’: Fans stunned as raging Ronaldo storms off in Serbia, throws armband to floor amid refereeing horror show (VIDEO)

‘We’re with you’: Fans stunned as raging Ronaldo storms off in Serbia, throws armband to floor amid refereeing horror show (VIDEO)

Disgusted Cristiano Ronaldo was booked for protesting before furiously throwing his captain’s armband to the turf as Portugal drew with Serbia in a match marred by an appalling decision to disallow the striker’s late goal.

Even the most ardent of Ronaldo critics would struggle to argue that the Portugal captain’s last-gasp goal, finished at a tight angle by the Juventus superstar with full-time rapidly approaching, should have been chalked off.

Serbia, who had overcome being 2-0 down at half-time to two goals by Liverpool’s Diogo Jota, seemed certain to miss out on a point after the ball was cleared when it was clearly well beyond the goalline and about to nestle in the net.

In one of the most absurd decisions ever seen on the international stage, the assistant referee did not flag that the ball had crossed the line – causing an astonished Ronaldo to race over and protest wildly to the official on the byline.

Ronaldo was booked for his troubles as part of a closing sequence that had also seen Serbia’s Nikola Milenkovic dismissed before shambolic scenes that spread as swiftly as wildfire on social media.

The understandably irate talisman could be seen vigorously shaking his head in disbelief at the end, throwing his skipper’s symbol to the ground after being denied the chance to move a step closer to Ali Daei’s all-time record of 109 international goals.

“Portugal and Cristiano Ronaldo have been robbed and are absolutely fuming, and rightfully so,” wrote one account.

“Ronaldo scored the winner in the 93rd minute, only for the linesman to say it didn’t cross the line when it clearly did. Pathetic officiating and makes you wonder, why is there no VAR?”

Another said: “Portugal were robbed of a win. Wowsers. Cristiano Ronaldo has every reason for being upset. I don’t blame him.”

Ronaldo has now scored once in his last seven appearances for his country, with a goal against minnows Andorra his only strike in more than six months.

The 35-year-old has gone almost ten hours with hitting the net internationally, making his run of 16 goals in nine matches in 2019 and 2020 seem a distant memory.

“Why did we let Serbia tie the game? I have no explanation, I can’t find an explanation,” conceded Portugal coach Fernando Santos.

“We had studied Serbia: we knew what they could do, as they did in the first half, but that they could also change. I warned my players about that.”
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Property experts left stunned after agent asks buyer for proof of funds before a viewing

Property experts left stunned after agent asks buyer for proof of funds before a viewing

The podcast hosts said that unfortunately, these are the estate agents’ instructions so the buyers must “play by their rules”.

The experts said Cathy can either object to their instructions and decide that the property isn’t worth it.

“I would very much respect that decision,” they said.

Or, if she thinks the property is worth it, she should send them a redacted bank statement.

“I do this when they ask for proof of funds after having an offer accepted, they normally ask for a bank statement at that point, so I’ll just send the first page with everything except the balance and my name blanked out,” they said.

“I’m giving them what they need to know but not giving away anymore information than strictly necessary.”

‘The best goal I’ve ever seen’: Football fans stunned by 70-YARD wonderstrike in Italian Serie B game (VIDEO)

‘The best goal I’ve ever seen’: Football fans stunned by 70-YARD wonderstrike in Italian Serie B game (VIDEO)

Cremonese midfielder Michele Castagnetti had a moment he won’t forget during a recent Serie B fixture against Virtus Entella after he volleyed the opposing goalkeeper’s clearance back into the goal from well inside his own half.

Castagnetti’s Cremonese side were leading by a single goal and were in hot pursuit of another when Virtus Entella ‘keeper Alessandro Russo attempted to relieve some pressure on his goal by hitting a long goal-kick upfield.

Russo, however, would be seeing the ball again a lot sooner than he may have thought after defensive midfielder Castagnetti tracked the flight of the ball in the air and connected with a sensational first-time half-volley to send the ball flying back towards Russo’s goal.

The effort hung in the air for what seemed like an age before it flew over Russo’s head and nestled in the embarrassed goalkeeper’s net, prompting wild scenes on the sidelines as Castagnetti’s teammates celebrated the wondergoal.

Incredibly, this wasn’t a first for Castagnetti, who scored a similar goal for his team last year.

The brief clip has since gone viral online, prompting numerous football fans to hail it as among the year’s best strikes so far – and a potential winner for the Puskas Award for the finest goal of 2021. 

Football? Nah mate, I’ve completed it,” wrote on fan on Twitter. “Michele Castagnetti, retire now. It ain’t getting better than this.”

Another hailed Castagnetti’s strike as “the best goal I’ve ever seen”, while a third elaborated further: “Forget every goal you’ve ever seen. Cremonese’s Michele Castagnetti has just outdone every single one of them.”

Not sure what the Italian for ‘ave it’ is, but this works well as a visual representation,” chimed in another.

Castagnetti’s goal harks back to similar long-range efforts from the likes of David Beckham (for Manchester United against Wimbledon in 1996), Xabi Alonso (for Liverpool against Newcastle in 2011) and even Nayim’s stunning effort for Real Zaragoza against Arsenal in the 1995 UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup Final against Arsenal (although that effort wasn’t from his own half).

Judging by the reactions of football fans across the globe, few – or perhaps none – of those strikes can boast quite the same amount of style points as Castagnetti managed this week. 

Take a bow, son.
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