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Princess Anne ‘stylish’ but ‘classic’ in navy blue embroidered outfit for Royal Ascot 2021

Princess Anne arrived at the racecourse this afternoon to mark this year’s Royal Ascot. Members of the Royal Family turned up in cars this year rather than their usual carriages due to Queen Elizabeth II not being present for today’s event.

Royal Ascot 2021 kicked off today after last year’s event was cancelled due to the pandemic.

The five-day event has formed part of the second phase of the Government’s Event Research programme, with a capacity of 12,000 guests on each of the days.

Unlike usual, the royals turned up in cars this year with members including Prince Charles, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, Zara and Mike Tindall as well as Princess Anne.

For the first day of the event, Princess Anne opted for a navy outfit.

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Princess Anne added a pair of drop pearl earrings to the look, with a matching two-strand pearl necklace.

The royal often favours pearls and has added them to her looks for many events.

Her mother, Queen Elizabeth II also wears the jewellery nearly everyday, with them becoming part of her royal uniform.

The prestigious horse racing event has a very specific dress code and in line with tradition, female guests wear stunning hats or headpieces.

One person said: “Yay Princess Anne is here, she looks quite stylish.”

Another wrote: “Classic look from Princess Royal, she likes her dark colours.”

“So far I am loving the royals outfits, they don’t mess around,” said a third on Instagram.

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall also arrived alongside her husband Prince Charles.

The Duchess arrived wearing a pale blue summer coat with different tones of blue striped down it.

The royal added a matching mask to the look along with a pale blue hat.

One fan said on Twitter: “Camilla looking very summery!”

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Mini Review: Mighty Goose – Have A Gander At This Stylish Run 'N' Gunner

Geese are really going from strength to strength, aren’t they? After conquering the indie scene in House House’s Untitled Goose Game, the species is now taking to the sky with Mighty Goose, a side-scrolling shooter that offers a flavour of games like Metal Slug and Mercenary Kings. With minimal plot to back up the chaotic gameplay, you’re tasked with simply going from level to level in a variety of locations to unleash destruction upon waves of enemies. That’s really all there is to it.

Starting off with a standard hand cannon, Mighty Goose feels reasonably well equipped from the start, but it’s not long until you begin to pick up new weapons like shotguns, machine guns, and rocket launchers. These weapons have a finite amount of ammo, so you go right back to the hand cannon once you run out, but thankfully weapon pickups are incredibly frequent throughout the game.

Actual gunplay feels slick and responsive, and you can shoot either horizontally or vertically; jumping and then shooting down actually lets you hover in the air for a short while, as the kickback from the guns keeps Mighty Goose airborne. This works even better with more powerful guns like the shotgun, and is incredibly satisfying to pull off when you encounter an enemy with a front-facing impenetrable shield.

Although the gameplay feels great for the most part, the action can often get a little too chaotic. Mighty Goose isn’t the most resilient of protagonists, with a measly four chunks of health keeping him going at all times; when you’re up against dozens of enemies coming from every direction, don’t be surprised if you get hit by a projectile you never even saw coming. Keeping track of all the action can be tough, and the game almost feels a bit unfair at times as a result.

To exacerbate this issue, the checkpoints throughout can be needlessly harsh, and actually seem to get wider apart the further along you progress. Thankfully (well, in a way), the steep difficulty curve comes pretty early on, so once you get to grips with how attacking and dodging works, you’ll find your ability to stay alive gets much better as you get into the later levels.

The game also comes with an Armoury option within the main menu; here, you can toggle various abilities to aid you in battle, such as the ability to increase your movement. You can also select your secondary weapon, which rather hilariously starts off with a simple “honk” that accomplishes nothing other than a cheeky giggle.

Other than the overly chaotic nature of the action, Mighty Goose is a visual treat, oozing style with its character and environmental design. The companions are also well realised, and can actually be played by a second person via co-op, although their abilities are arguably far inferior to Mighty Goose itself. Regardless, whether you play on your own or with a friend, Mighty Goose is a blast, and while it’s a bit short-lived at three-to-four hours, it’s definitely worth a shot if you’re up for some over-the-top run ‘n’ gun action.

This post originally appeared on Nintendo Life | Reviews

Review: Aerial_Knight's Never Yield – A Super Stylish Yet Straightforward Runner

If there’s one thing that Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield has got totally nailed down, it’s a seriously funky sense of style. This is a super cool side-scrolling runner from Neil “Aerial_Knight” Jones that really does look and sound the absolute business. However, it’s also one that’s somewhat lacking in the gameplay department, making for a rather fleeting experience that, with a few tweaks here and there, could have been so much better.

In Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield, players assume the role of Wally, a citizen of a futuristic Tokyo-style Detroit who’s on the run from authorities after uncovering information that could forever change the fate of the metropolis he’s now attempting to flee through. Gameplay is straightforward here, with colour-coded obstacles rushing towards Wally that he must either jump over, slide under, parkour through or simply smash to pieces by sprinting.

Depending on which difficulty you choose to play at, the game will aid your escape to varying degrees. Choose to run normal mode, for example, and time will slow down generously before each obstacle, giving you a moment to prepare your button presses, hard mode does the same but with a slightly shorter slo-mo window, and insane difficulty removes slow motion entirely whilst also throwing in a bunch of extra obstacles for good measure.

There are thirteen short levels in total to blast through and a full playthrough on normal mode took us somewhere in the region of around 90 minutes, which is fine given the added challenge of harder modes and the game’s budget price point. However, the main problem with Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield is that the core action is just far too repetitive. Yes, this is an endless runner and repetition is part and parcel of the genre, but there really is very little change in how things play out from start to finish here, with heavily reused assets across all stages and just a few different obstacles to get your head around in total. Jumping though a fence, over a car and under a landmine is all well and good the first handful of times you do it, but come the hundredth time seeing the exact same procession of assets and obstacles headed your way? It’s hard to stay entirely interested in all honesty.

To be fair, there are a few twists here and there — one level sees you run vertically, another switches things so you’re doing everything backwards and there’s an early doors boss battle that injects a bit of sorely needed variety — but none of this masks the fundamental fact that there just isn’t enough thrown at you in terms of barriers and obstacles to keep things interesting. In fact, we’d go so far as to recommend you play this one on insane difficulty from the get-go just for the extra bits and pieces it slams into stages, as that’s the closest Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield gets to feeling as though it’s properly going to take off and challenge your skills.

There’s an outstanding soundtrack here from Danime-Sama — honestly one of our favourite soundtracks of the year so far — and the cel-shaded, comic style graphics are a perfect fit for the vibe of the whole thing, but the relative simplicity of the mechanics really does drag it all down. It feels like it’s missing something, feels like it’s lacking bite. There’s no way to pull off satisfying combos, no scoring system (outside of besting your own times) to get to grips with, no attempt to merge the game’s amazing audio with the action happening onscreen at a mechanical level and, in the end, the challenge never rises to a point that results in the zen-like flow achieved by the very best this genre has to offer.

We would have loved to see some online leaderboards incorporated into the action here to give the whole thing a little more longevity too as, besides challenging your own times and unlocking a bunch of outfits for Wally, there’s no real incentive to keep coming back for more. In the end, this is a passion project that exudes cool in its presentation and audio — it really is one of the coolest looking and sounding runners we’ve ever played — but one that also, sadly, fails to deliver the goods in terms of its gameplay. We also ran into some niggling framerate issues, most noticeably on insane difficulty, that need ironed out in order to allow for smooth traversal of the game’s super stylish take on future Detroit.


Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield is very obviously a passion project that’s had a ton of love poured into its super stylish aesthetics and excellent soundtrack, however, it’s also one that’s rather sorely lacking in the gameplay department. Wally’s runs through this futuristic take on Detroit needed more in the way of challenge and variety in order to keep things interesting — more obstacles, more twists and turns and opportunities to show off your skills as you improve and take on higher difficulties. As things stand, this is one slick looking and sounding game that just doesn’t manage to provide an incentive to keep playing for very long.

This post originally appeared on Nintendo Life | Reviews

5 Stylish & Comfortable Maxi Dresses Under $50 That Are Similar To Ashley Tisdale

Maxi dresses are the perfect thing to throw on to head out for a day of errands. Inspired by Ashley Tisdale, we’ve rounded up 5 comfy & adorable maxi dresses for you to rock this summer!

What’s more comfortable than a maxi dress? We’re obsessed with this timeless trend: paired with sandals, heels, or even sneakers, they are fashionable and oh-so-versatile. Stars are always seen sporting this long, flowy dress style when out and about running errands, grabbing lunch, or even walking their beloved dogs. One fashion icon, Ashley Tisdale, has rocked a maxi dress in some of the best ways – even while pregnant! Pictured here, the High School Musical star donned a beautiful black and floral maxi dress paired with fabulous, animal print shoes, a Louis Vuitton handbag, and a fresh-out-the-salon hairdo. The dress flatters her figure so well, and you can’t even notice her growing baby bump in it!

Ashley Tisdale wearing a flowy maxi dress
Ashley Tisdale stepped out in Los Angeles while pregnant in September 2020. The actress slayed in a black and floral maxi dress, which she paired with leopard print shoes, a black Louis Vuitton handbag & showed off her freshly highlighted hair.

Want to look just like Ashley in this comfortable and ever-fashionable wardrobe must-have? We’ve rounded up 5 stunning and totally comfy maxi dresses that you’ll definitely be able to count on this summer. Check these out!

1. GRECERELLE Women’s Casual Loose Pocket Long Dress

Hello, versatile! This maxi dress from Grecerelle is an Amazon Choice garment, and it couldn’t be more clear as to why. We love this black basic style, but it also comes in 40 (yes, 40) other colors and prints! The pockets, short sleeves, and slight slit up the leg add plenty of subtle styles, making it sexy and effortless at the same time. The loose fit is completely non-restricting and so comfortable it feels like you’re wearing pajamas. Dress it up with a pair of sexy espadrilles for a night out with friends this summer! $ 33, amazon.com

Grecerelle Maxi Dress

2. Milumia Button Up Floral Flowy Maxi Dress

If you have more of a bohemian style, we’ve found the perfect option for you. This button-up, the floral flowy maxi dress is giving us major boho vibes and we are obsessed! It has loose short-sleeves and a full button-up front which ends just above the knee where the dress makes a sexy slit to show off some leg. It’s also available in over 20 other funky prints and designs, so there’s something for everyone. This dress would be adorable worn with sandals for a picnic in the park. $ 46, amazon.com

Flowy Floral maxi dress

3. OUGES Deep V Neck Adjustable Spaghetti Strap Maxi Dress

For something simple yet elegant, this deep v neck spaghetti strap maxi is just what you need. This navy blue option is gorgeous, but it comes in almost 30 other design options. It has an ultra-feminine style with a v-neck, waist tie to add some shape, and two side pockets for convenience. Plus, the spaghetti straps can be adjusted to your liking, and it’s full coverage enough to wear a bra or bralette underneath. This would be a total hit at any graduation party this summer! $ 29, amazon.com

Ouges summer maxi dress

4. SheIn Strappy Backless Summer Evening Party Maxi Dress

Everyone knows that SheIn is the go-to for trendy, affordable clothes and accessories no matter what time of year. Their summer styles are on fleek this year, including this strappy, backless maxi dress that you need to add to your closet! Don’t be fooled- this dress appears to be super sexy, but it has a soft and stretchy fabric making it unbelievably comfortable. It has a criss-cross back with a tie, is floor-length, and bodycon to hug your figure. Paired with your favorite pumps or stilettos, you know exactly what to wear to your next summer wedding or dinner date! Check out any of the other colors and prints available, too. $ 31, amazon.com

SheIn strappy backless maxi dress

5. SweatyRocks Long Sleeve Chiffon Maxi Dress

A flirty, girly spin on this dress staple is this flared, chiffon maxi from SweatyRocks. It has a cute, peasant-top style to it, but with all the comfort of a long dress to throw on whenever. It’s made from a super soft fabric and comes in four solid and bright color options. The square neck and long sleeves couldn’t be more flattering, and the A-line, flared bottom detailing compliments any body type. Throw this on with a neutral pair of wedges for a coffee date, or to run a few errands. $ 36, amazon.com

Sweaty Rocks Maxi Dress

If you purchase an independently reviewed product or service through a link on our website, we may receive an affiliate commission.

Author: Molly Bierce
This post originally appeared on Hollywood Life

5 Stylish Pairs Of Wedges To Wear All Spring & Summer Long Like Reese Witherspoon

Author: Molly Bierce
This post originally appeared on Hollywood Life

Looking for a comfortable yet stylish shoe for summer 2021? Look no further – these 5 wedges are perfect for the warm weather ahead & are all inspired by Reese Witherspoon’s fabulous style.

Summertime is all about fun dresses, swimsuits, floppy hats, and, of course, shoes! Wedges are definitely a timeless staple to have in your summer wardrobe. They’re a “heel”, but without the common discomfort from a stiletto or strappy sandal. Celebrities are often spotted strutting in wedges during the summertime, especially A-list actress Reese Witherspoon. The incredible actress, 45, is known for her signature girly style that usually consists of sun dresses, skirts, and wedges. Pictured below, Reese was spotted out on a sunny day wearing a denim jacket over a basic t-shirt, a floral skirt, and a pair of navy blue wedges. Totally cute!

Reese Witherspoon wearing wedge sandals
Reese Witherspoon stepped out in the Los Angeles sunshine in August 2018 wearing a pair of navy wedge sandals, paired with a basic t-shirt and a denim jacket. She accessorized with a cool pair of Raybans and an orange tote bag.

If you need to up your shoe game this summer, we’ve got you covered! Shop any of these Reese-inspired summery wedges below to ensure fashionable and comfortable footwear this summer.

1. Lulu’s Nixie Tan Wedge Sandals

Since tan goes with everything, you need to grab a pair of these tan wedges from Lulu’s for the summer. These cork material, 4-inch wedges have vegan leather straps which crisscross, and a peep toe for a cute touch. The strap is secured around the ankle by a gold buckle, and the toe edge of the shoe even has a 1″ platform for additional height. Paired with your favorite sundress, you’ll look just like Reese for your next lunch date in the sun! $ 28, lulus.com

Lulu's tan wedges

2. Banana Republic Factory Espadrille Wedge Heel

Available in blush or black, these espadrille wedges by Banana Republic Factory are totally versatile. They have a woven exterior wedge, a comfortable thick ankle strap, and a peep toe. In black, these would pair great with a pencil skirt, work dress, or even something more formal, and in blush, they’d be a great addition to your favorite romper. Plus, reviews on these are overall positive! $ 54, bananarepublicfactory.com

Banana Republic factory wedges

3. Liyuandian Platform Espadrille Wedges

An Amazon Choice shoe, these navy blue platform espadrille wedges from Liyuandian look just like Reese’s! Made with 100% vegan materials, these come in navy, brown, black, and cheetah print so there’s something for everyone. They have a secure ankle strap with a bow knot design made of faux suede, and it can be tied as far up the calf as you’d like! Pair the navy color with a floral dress or skirt like Reese would, or maybe even try the leopard printed pair to wear with one of your favorite basic pieces for a summer party. 73% of customers give these wedges a 5-star rating, so you’ve got to check these out! $ 44, amazon.com

Navy espadrille sandals

4. Steve Madden URI Wedge Sandal

We’re a huge fan of clear accessories, and these wedges by Steve Madden have see-through detailing that’s totally stylish. These wedges have a built-on rope-covered wedge exterior that measures about 4.24″, and a clear slingback and double-banded straps making for a super chic look. Since these are clear and neutral, they would pair well with just anything. Upgrade a mini skirt, pair of shorts, or whatever with these trendy and sexy wedges. Plus, with a name like Steve Madden you just know they’re quality assured. $ 80, dsw.com

Steve Madden clear wedge

5. Chinese Laundry Mahalo Wedge Sandal

Of course, this wouldn’t be a footwear round-up without a bold, colorful favorite of ours! These 4.75″ printed wedges by Chinese Laundry are a gorgeous, vibrant addition to anyone’s closet, and they’re particularly perfect for summer or a tropical vacation. They’re available in a black & striped option as well, but we’re obsessed with this cognac brown and multi-colored striped style. The sole has a stunning and detailed braided trim, and there’s an adjustable ankle strap to keep your feet secure. These wedges give off a totally bohemian vibe, so paired with a flowy dress or even a ruffled swing dress you’ve got a playful outfit for any summer party. $ 60, macys.com

Chinese Laundry wedges

We’re confident that Reese Witherspoon, one of Hollywood’s wedge-wearing queens, would approve any of these 5 options! Whether you’re a sundress lover or are more of boyfriend jeans and a tank top kind of person, all of these fabulous wedges are bound to make a stylish statement this summer!

9 Comfortable & Stylish Wire-Free Bras Like Kendall Jenner’s

We’re moving more now that its spring & you’ll want the best wire-free bras that’ll move with you, just like how Kendall Jenner turns bras into an accessory!

The ushering-in of spring is, metaphorically speaking, a big release. We’re stripping off heavy layers to welcome the sun, which is also remaining in the sky longer now that our daily itineraries are no longer being held captive by a sunset that happens before five p.m. It’s only appropriate that your bra is just as freeing. That means it’s time to lose the stiff wire and check out the best wire-free bras inspired by the lingerie queen herself: Kendall Jenner.

Kendall Jenner
Kendall Jenner wore a wire-free mint green bra with spaghetti straps which she complements with Alo Yoga’s $ 78 7/8 High-Waist Airbrush Legging while leaving a pilates class in Los Angeles on March 28, 2021. She is also rocking a pair of Yeezy slides and SKIMS’ $ 8 Seamless Face Mask in the shade “clay.” [Shutterstock]

Kendall’s closet is the embodiment of LA fashion, which has an unsaid mantra that one shouldn’t try too hard to be cool. This attitude reflects in her lingerie choices, too. She has sported many wire-free bras that allow her to move and live in the moment, all while looking stylish while doing it, whether she’s doing a workout (hence the sporty green bralette above) or dancing at a festival (i.e. the sheer lace bralette she once wore to Coachella below).

Kendall Jenner wore a wire-free, black floral lace bralette to Coachella in 2016. We listed a similar bra below! [Instagram/@kendalljenner]

With COVID-19 vaccines becoming increasingly available and the promise of socialization on the horizon, it’s especially a perfect time to pick up a few wire-free bras. You want to be comfy (but cute) as you’re out enjoying the world again!

1. Alo Yoga’s Alosoft Gratitude Bra

For a near-replica of the sports bra Kendall wore to her recent pilates class, we suggest the Alosoft Gratitude Bra in the mint green shade of “honeydew.” This bra is proof that you don’t need to pick between support (which wire bras are associated with) and comfort. This bra will keep your ta ta’s in place as you do light cardiovascular activity, like a yoga session or walk down the street to grab a smoothie. Alo Yoga is especially famous for its super soft fabric, so it won’t feel like your bosom is suffocating underneath the secure bra — which, unfortunately, is an issue with many sports bras. Pair this with Alo Yoga’s High-Waist Alosoft Highlight Legging in the same “honeydew” color to complete the look. $ 54, aloyoga.com

aloyoga bra

2. Savage x Fenty’s Floral Lace Racerback Bralette 

To recreate Kendall’s 2016 Coachella look pictured above, we of course had to turn to the No. 1 carrier for the cutest lace lingerie pieces: Savage x Fenty. This bralette from Rihanna’s famous undergarments bra is worn like a halter top and even comes with adjustable elastic straps. It’s comfort and sex appeal, combined into one! This bra is also available in six other seductive colors: grey pearl, honey nude, pink rose quartz, unicorn lavender pink, deep periwinkle blue and navy blue. $ 40, savagexfenty.com

black lace floral bra

3. Warner’s Women’s Easy Does It No Bulge Wire-Free Bra

For our no-fuss shoppers who just want a bra to disappear underneath their white tee — no frills, no lace — this is the bra for you. This nude-toned bra won’t clash with your sheer tops and is designed with comfort in mind, being made of 94 percent nylon and six percent spandex. Plus, look how smooth the bra is: no bulging cups, wires or other details that would annoyingly poke through a shirt! $ 20, amazon.com 

nude wire-free bra

4. Bali Women’s Double Support Wirefree Bra

Going wire-free doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice sexiness, though. This bra’s white satin and dainty lace detailing — all topped off by a classic ribbon — will make you feel like you just slipped into The Bachelor‘s Fantasy Suite (or, your honeymoon suite). Don’t let the cute aesthetics fool you: this is a heavy-duty bra that accommodates sizes between 34B to 48DD. $ 15, amazon.com

satin wire-free bra

5. Hanes Women’s Cozy Bra

Think of this as the sweatpants version of a bra! If you’re looking for ULTIMATE comfort — meaning not even clasp hooks or spaghetti straps with a tendency to fall down your shoulders — this bra was designed for you. This bra is made of “cool comfort wicking” fabric and features a “Comfort Flex Fit” that contours to your natural body shape. It’s the perfect bra for a day of running errands, or for enjoying wine on a cozy night-in with your friends. $ 10, target.com

hanes wire-free bra

6. Just My Size Women’s Pure Comfort Lace Plus Size Bra

Not all wire-free bras are itty-bitty lace bralettes. Case in point: this plus-size bra from Just My Size, which has nearly 1,400 reviews on Amazon. The bra — which features a lovely floral embellishment along the front — runs in sizes X-Large to 1X. You won’t be dying to rip off your bra the moment you get home, since it’s made of 93 percent nylon and seven percent spandex. No stiff or itchy fabric here! $ 12, amazon.com

plus size wire-free bra

7. Bali Women’s Comfort Revolution Shaping Wirefree Bra

For a wire-free bra with the shape and support that a sports bra offers (but doesn’t feel like a boa constrictor across your bosom), we’re excited to show you this beloved bra on Amazon. This U-design bra made of 79 percent nylon, 16 percent polyester and five percent spandex fits like a glove and is kept in place with a hook and eye closure. This is a seriously comfortable bra, according to the many Amazon reviews (there were nearly 12,000 total).

“This is the first time I have used the word “comfortable” to describe a bra, AND it looks fine under a fitted top,” one customer wrote, and another shopper even called the bra “life changing” because it was the most “comfortable bra [they’ve] ever worn!” This bra comes in a wide range of sizes, too, from X-Small to 3X-Large. $ 27, amazon.com

black wireless bra

8. BRABIC Floral Lace Bra 

Think you have to choose between cute and comfortable when picking out bras? Well, you can have the best of both worlds. This bralette has NO wires and a LOT of lace, making it the perfect companion with a loose tank top that’ll allow you to show off this bra’s delicate floral mesh. This is ideal for cups A-C. $ 14, amazon.com 

wireless bra

9. 4 Pieces V Neck Bralettes

Wear these to the gym, under a sheer top, or with a pair of high-waisted baggy jeans. It’s always a good idea to have a set of neutral-toned bralettes in your wardrobe for an emergency layering situation (or just when you need to throw together a simple yet chic outfit). The straps on these wireless bras are adjustable, too, so you won’t have to deal with spaghetti straps falling down your shoulders. This is an amazing deal — you get four bras for under $ 30! $ 23, amazon.com 

wireless bras

If you purchase an independently reviewed product or service through a link on our website, we may receive an affiliate commission. 

Jade Boren

This article originally appeared on Hollywood Life

Is the Russian flag banned? Western media fumes

‘Is the Russian flag banned?’ Western media fume as Russia unveils stylish neutral Olympic uniform for Tokyo Games

After the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) unveiled the team’s uniform this week, some of the Western media exploded with angry messages claiming that the country’s tricolor could clearly be seen on the kit presented by Zasport.

Russian athletes at the Tokyo Games this summer will be barred from competing under the national flag and with the national anthem, as the result of sanctions imposed by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).

READ MORE: New Russian team name and flag agreed for athletes at Tokyo and Beijing Olympic Games

Three months ago, the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) upheld a series of sanctions introduced by WADA over alleged manipulation of data at a Moscow anti-doping laboratory.

The CAS ruled that Russian athletes competing at major international events – including the World Championships and Olympics – will be prohibited from using national symbols until December 2022.

Russian athletes appearing at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and the 2022 Winter Games in Beijing will perform under the name ‘ROC’, the acronym which represents the Russian Olympic Committee.

On Wednesday, Zasport, the official supplier of the Russian Olympic team, unveiled new uniforms featuring bore the logo of the ROC instead of the country’s flag.

The uniform presented by models and athletes in a glitzy runway show in Moscow appeared to infuriate some international sports pundits, who ranted over the fact that the kit included the ROC’s logo of three flames in the colors of the national flag.

Criticism was also voiced over the sportswear’s color combination, as it contained white, blue and red fragments, something that was interpreted by skeptics as a “giant Russian flag

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) said that the uniform fully met the requirements stipulated by the body in connection with WADA’s sanctions.

The ROC uniform designs for the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 are in line with the established and published implementation guidelines,” the IOC said. “The uniforms have been approved on this basis.


Jane Fonda, Brooklyn Decker, Allison Janney & More Stars Looking Stylish With Grey Hair

From Brooklyn Decker to Patrick Dempsey, many celebrities are choosing to embrace their natural gray hair instead of cover it up. Even younger stars, like Kylie Jenner, love the silvery color!

While some people see gray hairs as something to cover up, not these celebrities. Some stars embrace their natural gray roots, while others purposefully dye their hair for an all-over gray transformation. Either way, gray is such a gorgeous color: so much so, even people in their celebrities in their 20’s and early 30’s are choosing to dye their hair the timeless shade (like Lady Gaga and Kylie Jenner). We put the spotlight on a few gray-headed celebrities below; you can also click through the photos in HollywoodLife‘s gallery above.

Brooklyn Decker shows off her gray hairs. [Instagram/@brooklyndecker]

Leading the pack of celebrities with beautiful grey hair is 34-year-old model Brooklyn Decker. It’s natural for people in their 30’s (and even in their 20’s) to see gray roots spring up in their colorful manes, which Brooklyn proved with the selfie above. “Grays on grays on grays for days and I’m kinda digging ‘em,” Brooklyn captioned the photo shared on April 6. While Brooklyn admitted that she was getting her roots “colored next week” because she’s “not ready for the full commitment,” the model still “certainly enjoyed” her gray phase.

Meanwhile, Jane Fonda has made grey hair last longer than a phase. While she rose to fame in the ’60s as a bombshell blonde starring in movies like Barbarella, Jane has swapped her sunshine-colored waves for a short spunky ‘do featuring many wispy layers of stunning silver hair. Jane’s mane needs help to maintain, though.

Jane Fonda
Jane Fonda debuted her silver-gray hair at the 2020 Oscars, where she is pictured presenting at in the photo above. [Shutterstock]

Thanks to the work of hair colorist Jack Martin, Jane showed up to the 2020 Oscars with iced-out hair. Over a year later, the famous actress and activist is still happy with her decision to part ways with the blonde. “I tell you, I’m so happy I let it go gray. Enough already with so much time wasted, so much money spent, so many chemicals — I’m through with that,” Jane happily declared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Feb. 25.

McDreamy (AKA, Patrick Dempsey) sports a head of gray-pepper hair. [Instagram/@patrickdempsey]

It’s not just the ladies embracing their gray hair, either. There are many male celebrities who look like silver foxes, literally, with their gray-silver hair. Take Grey’s Anatomy star Patrick Dempsey, for example. While his hair is not completely gray like Ms. Fonda’s, he does sport a signature pepper shade (AKA, a cross between gray and dark hair).

You can check out even more celebrities with gray hair in HollywoodLife‘s gallery above! We’ve included photos of George Clooney, Jamie Lee Curtis, Paulina Porizkova and more.

Jade Boren
This article originally appeared on Hollywood Life

19 Stars Looking Stylish In Sheer Tops: Kim Kardashian, Britney Spears & More

Sheer tops are the perfect way to show some skin without exposing TOO much, and some of our favorite stars have worn the sexy style.

Whether it’s for a night out or just an excuse to add a little sexiness to your outfit, sheer tops are a perfect staple to keep in the closet. Sheer shirts can be dressed up or down depending on what they’re paired with, and some of the most fashionable celebrities have shown us various ways to wear the look over the years. Whether it’s with leather pants, a skirt, or jeans, sheer tops are definitely a hot style item these days!

Kim Kardashian

kim kardashian
Kim Kardashian in a sheer blue top. (MEGA)

Kim Kardashian[1] is always on top of the hottest trends, so of course, we’ve seen her out and about in a sheer style! While leaving a friend’s house, Kim was photographed sporting a totally sheer blue top[2], which she wore with a beige tank top underneath. She completed the look with high-waisted, blue leather pants, as well as white boots. Her glam was fully done, as well, with her hair pulled into a half ponytail on top of her head.

Britney Spears

In March 2021, Britney Spears[3] shared a series of photos of herself in the same sexy outfit, which featured a sheer black top[4]. The outfit featured see-through material, with black floral designs sewed on throughout. She wore the top with high-waisted short shorts, along with tights. Brit also wore dark eye makeup to go with the edgy look.

Bella Hadid

bella hadid
Bella Hadid out in a black sheer top. (T.JACKSON / BACKGRID)

Bella Hadid[5] wore one of the sexiest sheer looks ever while out and about. The supermodel’s sheer bodysuit featured an extremely low-cut neckline, with just a thin strip of fabric covering her chest. She wore the look with loose-fitting, black dress pants, and rocked open-toed heels, as well. This may be a hard look for the everyday person to pull off, but Bella absolutely nailed it.

Miley Cyrus

miley cyrus kaitlynn carter
Miley Cyrus out with Kaitlynn Carter. (Jackson Lee / SplashNews)

While out with [6]Kaitlynn Carter in 2019, Miley Cyrus[7] turned heads in a black, see-through crop top. She paired the tank with a black jacket, as well as comfortable, low-rise black pants. There are plenty of more amazing sheer looks where these came from, too — and you can check them out in the gallery above!


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