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Heart attack: Expert shares five tips to exercise safely if you suffer from chest pain

Coronary heart disease – the leading cause of a heart attack – occurs when the arteries narrow; this restricts how well oxygenated blood can flow towards the heart. During periods where blood flow is restricted to the heart muscle, angina (i.e. chest pain) develops. To exercise safely when you have angina – and to reduce the risk of a heart attack – the British Heart Foundation divulges its wisdom.

For those of you who have been prescribed a GTN spray or tablets, do make sure these are with you when you’re engaging in physically demanding activities.

Certain activities might trigger an angina attack, such as climbing a hill.

Thus, if you find yourself on a hiking walk, for example, take your GNT spray or tablets before starting the activity. “Ask your doctor about what dose to take,” the BHF added.

Moreover, if you notice that the frequency of your angina attacks are increasing, or it occurs during rest, “stop the activity and speak to your doctor as soon as possible”.

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Five tips to exercise safely with angina

  1. Warm up before the activity and cool down afterwards
  2. Avoid exercising after a heavy meal, or in very hot or cold weather
  3. Keep your medication on you during the activity
  4. Prepare for angina attacks by taking medication before the activity
  5. Report increased angina attacks during activities to your GP.

What puts you at risk of coronary heart disease (CHD)?

The NHS explained: “CHD is usually caused by a build-up of fatty deposits (atheroma) on the walls of the arteries around the heart.

“The build-up of atheroma makes the arteries narrower, restricting the blood flow to the heart muscle.”

The risk of developing CHD increases if you:

  • Smoke
  • Have high blood pressure (hypertension)
  • Have high cholesterol
  • Have high levels of lipoprotein (a)
  • Do not exercise regularly
  • Have diabetes
  • Are overweight.

Is heart disease reversible?

According to Dr Dean Ornish – the founder of the Preventive Medicine Research Institute – heart disease can be reversible.

“Our studies show that with significant lifestyle changes, blood flow to the heart and its ability to pump normally improve in less than a month,” he said.

“And the frequency of chest pains fell by 90 percent in that time. Within a year on our programme, even severely blocked arteries in the heart became less blocked.”

Dr Ornish’s programme involves walking at least half an hour daily, or for an hour three times a week.

The doctor also recommends people with heart disease to become a vegetarian.

He recommends a diet full of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, soy products, non-fat daily, and egg whites.

Dr Ornish put forward four additional factors if you want to reverse heart disease:

  • Stick to a healthy weight
  • Take all your medications
  • Keep up with your doctor visits
  • Not smoke or be around secondhand smoke.

Dr Lori Mosca disagrees with the term “reversal”, as she believes heart disease can’t be cured, and that only its progression can be slowed down.

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: Health Feed
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David Attenborough fans suffer 'pure panic' amid concerns about icon's health

David Attenborough, 95, has long been at the centre of all that is good in the world; the God of nature, if you will. But fans of the environmentalist were left in utter dismay on Monday night when his name was trending on Twitter with over 10,000 posts talking about the journalist.

It’s considered bad news when someone is trending on social media, and many fans felt their heart drop in their chest when they saw Mr Attenborough’s name up in bold.

Taking to the social media platform, thousands shared their concerns about whether he was OK.


A second said: “Someone confirm David Attenborough is alive and well?!”

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In his interview with 60 Seconds, the legendary journalist said he hopes the way Covid-19 has isolated people and forced them to reduce the pace of daily living has helped them recognise the value of nature.

He also touches on how we need to urgently unite around ditching fossil fuels, exclaiming: “Why should we go on poisoning life on earth?”

Recently, an old interview resurfaced of the popular broadcaster talking about how his worldwide fame came with a huge sacrifice to his home life, admitting that his job impacted his relationship with his two children – Susan and Robert – while they were growing up.

Talking to the Radio Times in 2017, Sir David told Louis Theroux: “If you have a child of six or eight and you miss three months of his or her life, it’s irreplaceable. You miss something.”

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Gareth Southgate delivers verdict after Austria win as Three Lions suffer nervy moments

England manager Gareth Southgate was relatively satisfied with his side’s performance in their 1-0 win over Austria on Wednesday night. Southgate gave a run-out to 15 players in the first friendly ahead of the European Championships, which start next week.

The match at Middlesbrough’s Riverside Stadium was a chance for fringe players to impress, with Chelsea and Manchester City players absent following involvement in Saturday’s Champions League final.

Borussia Dortmund’s Jude Bellingham made his first start in midfield, while Tyrone Mings and Conor Coady started at centre-back, with Harry Maguire injured and John Stones unavailable.

After a tight first-half of few opportunities they took the lead when Bukayo Saka scored from a tight angle after a well-worked move involving Jesse Lingard and Jack Grealish.

Jordan Pickford was forced into making a few good saves, including tipping Marcel Sabitzer’s curling shot onto the bar, while he also had to be alert to clear Ben Godfrey’s goalbound pass-back.

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While the game was overshadowed from an England perspective by a late injury to Trent Alexander-Arnold, Southgate was pleased by the overall performance.

“I thought we started very well, I thought we used the ball well in the first hour or so,” he told ITV post-match.

“We were playing against a very good team, they’ve got some very good players. [David] Alaba, [Marcel] Sabitzer, they get in between the lines well.

“I thought the first hour was good in terms of the quality, after that we needed to make a lot of changes and preserve people.

“We were getting disjointed, a couple were getting cramp, so we were hanging on at the end.

“But that was understandable considering the changes we had to make.”

It was far from a polished performance from England’s second-string side, with a few nervy moments in front of a reduced capacity crowd in Middlesbrough.


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Godfrey’s heart-in-mouth moment after coming off the bench came after the man he replaced could – and perhaps should – have given away a penalty.

In the first half, Mings appeared to drive his arm straight into Austria striker Sasa Kalajdzic inside the area, only for the referee to miss the incident.

But there were some positives to take for Southgate, who saw Grealish complete a full match after overcoming a shin problem which marred the back-end of his season with Aston Villa.

Arsenal youngster Saka was also bright throughout, playing in attack alongside Harry Kane and Grealish and was rewarded with his first England goal.

England will play Romania in a second friendly on Sunday at the Riverside before they begin their Euro 2020 campaign against Croatia at Wembley on June 13.

Further Group D matches against Scotland and the Czech Republic follow on June 18 and June 22 respectively.

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Bitcoin price crisis: Cryptocurrencies plunge – Ethereum and Doge suffer huge losses

The price of Bitcoin has plummeted from $ 38,852 at 00.20am to $ 36,623 at 7.45am. Ethereum has crashed by 7.5 percent from $ 2,755 to $ 2,556 over the same time period. Dogecoin has plunged even further, this time by eight percent from $ 0.344 to $ 0.317.
Naeem Aslam, chief market analyst at Avatrade, warned of further falls to Bitcoin’s value throughout Friday after dropping below the $ 40,000 price level.

He said: “In the crypto currency space, the crypto king isn’t showing much strength as well and it is very much clear that we are likely to see more downward moves for the Bitcoin today.

“The primary reason for this is that the price has rejected the 200-day SMA on the daily frame, and it has failed to stay above the 40K price level.”

Litecoin – billed as a lighter and faster version of Bitcoin – dipped three percent to $ 183 and is nine percent its value from a week ago.

Enjin Coin (ENJ) has seen the biggest fall over the last 24 houtrs, plunging 16 percent after surging 44 percent to $ 1.93 in the previous 24-hour period.

The cryptocurrency market has crashed over recent days, fuelled by the Chinese Government’s ban on using the digital payment method.

Bitcoin’s price plummeted to as low as $ 30,000, while rival cryptocurrencies Ethereum and Binance Coin also saw huge losses.

Tweets from Tesla founder Elon Musk have lashing out at Bitcoin’s energy consumption have also acted as a driver for even more downfall.

This sparked market panic, with the views of Mr Musk leaving investors perplexed and leading to further fears about the legitimacy of using cryptocurrencies.

In February, the Tesla boss said $ 1.5 billion of the firm’s corporate budget will be used to buy Bitcoins and it would also accept the cryptocurrency as a form of payment.

But earlier this month, Bitcoin’s price plummeted to its lowest since February after Mr Musk hinted Tesla may sell its cryptocurrency holdings.

Bitcoin’s price plunged by almost 10 percent to below $ 45,000 for the first time in nearly three months before edging upwards to just under $ 46,000.

Just days earlier, Mr Musk had suggested the electric car maker was thinking of selling or may have already sold some of its holdings in the cryptocurrency.

A tweet sent to him said: “Bitcoiners are going to slap themselves next quarter when they find out Tesla dumped the rest of their Bitcoin holdings.

“With the amount of hate [Elon Musk] is getting, I wouldn’t blame him.”

Mr Musk simply replied: “Indeed.”

He later followed up that Tweet following the panic he had caused, and frankly wrote: “To clarify speculation, Tesla has not sold any Bitcoin.”

Bitcoin’s value has been sliced in half since its record high of $ 65,000 just a few weeks ago in mid-April.

Despite this, the world’s most popular cryptocurrency is still up a massive 358 percent since the past year, while Ether has surged by 1,300 percent and Dogecoin has skyrocketed by 14,000 percent.


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Second Pfizer vaccine side effects: 5 potential symptoms you may suffer from

Vaccine rollout in the UK has emerged as a distinct success, with nearly 35 million people equipped with at least an initial dose. A further 16.2 million have had their second, providing the highest level of immunity from COVID-19. Some people may find their experiences of receiving the jab differ, with some limited symptoms.

Does the second Pfizer jab dose cause side effects?

Each currently available Covid vaccine in the UK, no matter how effective it proves in a trial, requires two doses.

The first dose sets up the immune system to tackle most infections (50 percent or more), and the second pushes this to 90 percent.

Each vaccine is different, however, and people may experience several side effects as their body adjusts.

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People should not have the jab if they experienced an allergic reaction to a previous Covid jab dose or any of its constituent ingredients.

Anaphylaxis symptoms include:

  • Feeling lightheaded or faint
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Wheezing
  • Fast heartbeat
  • Clammy skin
  • Confusion and anxiety
  • Collapsing and loss of consciousness

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: Health Feed
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Covid vaccine: More people suffer from side effects after second Pfzier jab in new data

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: Health Feed

King’s College London is behind the world’s largest ongoing study of Covid, including vaccine side effects. The latest research by the Covid Symptom Study provides details on what to expect from the second Pfizer jab. “After effects are more common the second time around,” the researchers confirmed. One in five people have reported that they experienced at wast “one systemic effect” after their second vaccine.

But I didn’t get any side effects…

If you don’t experience any side effects after the first or second Covid jab, “your immune system will still be learning to respond to the virus”.

Thus, not experiencing any side effects at all is nothing to be concerned about.

The research – led by British epidemiologist Tim Spector – highlighted that “you can still catch COVID-19 after being vaccinated”.

“We also still don’t know for sure whether people who have been vaccinated can still pass on the coronavirus, even if they themselves don’t get ill from it,” the research team noted.

Other NHS guidance includes washing your hands with soap and water often, and trying not to touch your eyes, mouth or nose.

This is because these parts of the body act as entry points for the virus.

If you touch a contaminated surface, such as a door handle for example, then rub your eye, the virus could then enter your body.

This is why the use of hand sanitisers are highly recommended outside of the home.

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You Don’t Have to Suffer to Benefit From Covid Vaccination — But Some Prefer It

Author: Arthur Allen
This post originally appeared on Kaiser Health News

If you think vaccination is an ordeal now, consider the 18th-century version. After having pus from a smallpox boil scratched into your arm, you would be subject to three weeks of fever, sweats, chills, bleeding and purging with dangerous medicines, accompanied by hymns, prayers and hell-fire sermons by dour preachers.

That was smallpox vaccination, back then. The process generally worked and was preferred to enduring “natural” smallpox, which killed around a third of those who got it. Patients were often grateful for trial-by-immunization — once it was over, anyway.

“Thus through the Mercy of God, I have been preserved through the Distemper of the Small Pox,” wrote one Peter Thatcher in 1764, after undergoing the process in a Boston inoculation hospital. “Many and heinous have been my sins, but I hope they will be washed away.”

Today, Americans are once again surprisingly willing, even eager, to suffer a little for the reward of immunity from a virus that has turned the world upside down.

Roughly half of those vaccinated with the Moderna or Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines, and in particular women, experience unpleasantness, from hot, sore arms to chills, headache, fever and exhaustion. Sometimes they boast about the symptoms. They often welcome them.

Suspicion about what was in the shots grew in the mind of Patricia Mandatori, an Argentine immigrant in Los Angeles, when she hardly felt the needle going in after her first dose of the Moderna vaccine at a March appointment.

A day later, though, with satisfaction, she “felt like a truck hit me,” Mandatori said. “When I started to feel rotten I said, ‘Yay, I got the vaccination.’ I was happy. I felt relieved.”

While the symptoms show your immune system is responding to the vaccine in a way that will protect against disease, evidence from clinical trials showed that people with few or no symptoms were also protected. Don’t feel bad if you don’t feel bad, the experts say.

“This is the first vaccine in history where anyone has ever complained about not having symptoms,” said immunologist Dr. Paul Offit, director of the Vaccine Education Center at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

To be sure, there is some evidence of stronger immune response in younger people — and in those who get sick when vaccinated. A small study at the University of Pennsylvania showed that people who reported systemic side effects such as fever, chills and headache may have had somewhat higher levels of antibodies. The large trial for Pfizer’s vaccine showed the same trend in younger patients.

But that doesn’t mean people who don’t react to the vaccine severely are less protected, said Dr. Joanna Schaenman, an expert on infectious diseases and the immunology of aging at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. While the symptoms of illness are undoubtedly part of the immune response, the immune response that counts is protection, she said. “That is preserved across age groups and likely to be independent of whether you had local or systemic side effects or not.”

The immune system responses that produce post-vaccination symptoms are thought to be triggered by proteins called toll-like receptors, which reside on certain immune cells. These receptors are less functional in older people, who are also likely to have chronic, low-grade activation of their immune systems that paradoxically mutes the more rapid response to a vaccine.

But other parts of their immune systems are responding more gradually to the vaccine by creating the specific types of cells needed to protect against the coronavirus. These are the so-called memory B cells, which make antibodies to attack the virus, and “killer T cells” that track and destroy virus-infected cells.

Many other vaccines, including those that prevent hepatitis B and bacterial pneumonia, are highly effective while having relatively mild side effect profiles, Schaenman noted.

Whether you have a strong reaction to the vaccine “is an interesting but, in a sense, not vital question,” said Dr. William Schaffner, a professor of infectious disease at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. The bottom line, he said: “Don’t worry about it.”

There was a time when doctors prescribed cod-liver oil and people thought medicine had to taste bad to be effective. People who get sick after covid vaccination “feel like we’ve had a tiny bit of suffering, we’ve girded our loins against the real thing,” said Schaenman (who had a slight fever). “When people don’t have the side effects, they feel they’ve been robbed” of the experience.

Still, side effects can be a hopeful sign, especially when they end, says McCarty Memorial Christian Church leader Eddie Anderson, who has led efforts to vaccinate Black churchgoers in Los Angeles. He helps them through the rocky period by reminding them of the joyful reunions with children and grandchildren that will be possible post-vaccination.

“I’m a Christian pastor,’’ he said. “I tell them, ‘If you make it through the pain and discomfort, healing is on the other side. You can be fully human again.’”

This story was produced by KHN, which publishes California Healthline, an editorially independent service of the California Health Care Foundation.

5 managers Daniel Levy could appoint as Spurs suffer Julian Nagelsmann blow

Author: [email protected] (Matthew Cooper)
This post originally appeared on Mirror – Football

Tottenham Hotspur are looking for a new manager, having parted ways with Jose Mourinho on Monday after 17 months in charge.

Former midfielder Ryan Mason has been appointed interim head coach for the remainder of the season, as Spurs chief Daniel Levy considers who to bring in as Mourinho’s replacement.

RB Leipzig boss Julian Nagelsmann was among the early favourites for the job, but reports from Germany claim he is set to take over from Hansi Flick at Bayern Munich.

Flick confirmed earlier this month that he had asked Bayern to terminate his contract, after a falling out with the club’s sporting director Hasan Salihamidzic.

With Spurs set to miss out on Nagelsmann, Mirror Football takes a look at five other contenders for the job.

Former Chelsea and Juventus coach Maurizio Sarri has been linked with the Spurs job
Former Chelsea and Juventus coach Maurizio Sarri has been linked with the Spurs job

Maurizio Sarri

The former Chelsea boss is currently out of work, having been sacked by Juventus last August, and it has been rumoured that Spurs are interested in appointing Sarri as their next manager.

Reports have claimed that the club has made contact with his agent Fali Ramadani, but football.london state that there is no truth in the rumours.

Ralf Rangnick

Former Red Bull chief Rangnick was previously considered for the role in 2012, following Harry Redknapp’s departure.

Although he missed out to Andre Villas-Boas that time around, the Telegraph that he is once again on the list of targets that Tottenham are considering.

Erik Ten Hag worked with Guardiola at Bayern Munich before taking the top job at Ajax
Erik ten Hag has impressed at Ajax and he is said to be on Spurs’ radar

Erik ten Hag

The same report also names Ajax boss Erik ten Hag as one of the names Spurs are looking at, claiming their interest is set to intensify now that Nagelsmann is set to take over at Bayern.

Ten Hag has one year left on his deal with the Dutch club, meaning he would be available for minimal compensation.

Massimiliano Allegri

Allegri has been out of work since leaving Juventus in 2019 and, having won five Serie A titles and reached two Champions League finals, the Italian boasts an impressive CV.

According to football.london, Allegri is highly thought of at Spurs but his lack of English is said to be a concern.

Massimiliano Allegri has been out of management since 2019, when he left Juventus
Massimiliano Allegri has been out of management since 2019, when he left Juventus

Brendan Rodgers

The Leicester boss has done an excellent job at the King Power Stadium, with the Foxes regularly competing for a top four spot.

He has also been linked with the Spurs job but it seems unlikely he would leave Leicester, especially if they secure Champions League football next season.

Crystal Palace boss Roy Hodgson recently said of the rumours: “I think, if other clubs want to tempt him away, it will not be easy and as simple as suggesting that historically we happen to be a bit of a bigger club than the one you are at.

“They [Spurs] would have to persuade him that his future will be much better if he moves. But that will not necessarily be an easy thing to do.”

Ronaldo receives ‘GOAT jersey’ after goalscoring feat – only for Juve to suffer embarrassing loss to minnows as title hopes fade

Five-time Ballon d’Or winner Cristiano Ronaldo was presented with a GOAT jersey on Sunday, but any joy was short lived as Juventus were embarrassed at home by minnows Benevento.

A short ceremony to honor the 36-year-old saw him presented with the shirt – which also contained the number 770 in reference to his Pele-surpassing career goal tally – by his chairman Andrea Agnelli.

The Italian businessman and FIAT board member has recently irked fans of the sport by proposing changes to the Champions League that would favor supposedly elite outfits such as The Old Lady. 

In ironic fashion, however, the Turin giants were dumped out of the competition by a unfancied Porto to match similar early exits in recent years at the hands of less well-resourced teams such as Lyon and Ajax. 

In today’s latest slip, Juventus remained 10 points behind leaders Inter Milan in failing to see off their 16th-placed, relegation-threatened foes. 

In the 69th minute, CSKA loanee Adolfo Gaich stole the spoils for the visitors much to the amusement of the nine times back-to-back title winners’ detractors. 

“Juventus presented Cristiano Ronaldo with a GOAT shirt before kick-off and then lost at home to little Benevento. Such a flawed project…,” remarked Spanish football journalist Ben Hayward.

“Flawed gesture, not flawed project. The project was ended by Porto. If they had done the GOAT thing before that match I’d have agreed 100%. He’s not there to win the league,” replied a Twitter user.

Such developments could see new manager Andrea Pirlo’s time in the dugout ended prematurely, while Ronaldo may also be forced to seek pastures new. 

Since the latest debacle on the continent, rumors have linked CR7 to a return to Real Madrid, where he lifted the iconic big-eared trophy on four occasions and enjoyed his best years.

In his absence, Zinedine Zidane’s men have been unable to find a suitable replacement despite the best efforts of former strike partner Karim Benzema.
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Valtteri Bottas and Mercedes suffer early setback in F1 pre-season testing in Bahrain

In other news from testing, Alfa Romeo team principal Frederic Vasseur is set to miss the entirety of pre-season in Bahrain after testing positive for COVID-19.

A statement from the team said Vasseur would be following protocols set out by the French authorities and would be self-isolating at his home.

They say two days after a positive test, the team principal took a second test that returned negative, however in the interest of safety, he will not be travelling to Bahrain. The team also stated Vasseur hasn’t displayed symptoms and is in good spirits.

He will also remain fully operational and connected to the garage for the duration of the test, and no Deputy Team Principal will be named.