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South Carolina GOP erupts in civil war as ‘true MAGA supporters’ seek censure of state party chair for calling them ‘lepers’

Far-right supporters of former president Donald Trump in South Carolina are seeking to censure the state Republican Party chairman, after he compared them to a “leper colony” in a recent newspaper interview.

FITSNews reported Monday that GOP officials in at least four South Carolina counties are mulling censure resolutions against state party chair Drew McKissick, who defeated Trump attorney and conspiracy theorist Lin Wood to win the post earlier this year.

According to FITSnews, the censure resolutions are “the latest front in an increasingly caustic civil war within the party.”

Last week, three top officials from the Greenville County Republican Party abruptly resigned, in response to a campaign by pro-Trump activists that allegedly involved “intimidation, threats, bullying, disenfranchisement and character assassination,” according to the Post and Courier newspaper.

In the wake of the resignations, McKissick called the tactics of the far-right activists — who have created their own grassroots group called mySCGOP.com“absolutely insane.”

“They have essentially preyed on Trump supporters, telling them the county and state party organizations didn’t support President Trump, which is a total lie, and then they’ve gone forward spreading rumors and innuendos about people — everything from sex trafficking to embezzlement to rigging elections, all this garbage,” McKissick said, warning that the Greenville County GOP could “fall into a state of disrepair, become a complete dumpster fire and essentially be a leper colony for the next year and a half.”

Pressley Stutts, a longtime Tea Party leader who led the campaign to get the Greenville GOP officials to resign, responded by saying: “We are following the advice of President Trump, who encouraged all of the MAGA supporters to go out, get involved and take over the parties with their true MAGA supporters. That’s what we did.”

According to the draft of a proposed censure resolution targeting McKissick, he “has publicly insulted and disenfranchised Republicans within the Greenville GOP, and by proxy others within the (state Republican Party).”

The Horry County GOP was scheduled to be the first to take up the censure resolution against McKissick on Monday. Republicans in Horry County recently elected Tracey Beanz, who’s been credited with pushing the QAnon conspiracy theory movement into the mainstream, to the state GOP’s executive committee.

Trump supporters ripped for ‘disenfranchisement’ by abruptly resigning South Carolina Republicans: report

Trump supporters ripped for disenfranchisement

The Greenville County Republican Party’s top leadership resigned on Thursday.

Chairwoman Jennifer Black, vice chair Stacy Shea, and executive committeeman Randy Page all quit and issued a joint statement, the Greenville News reports.

“Continual lawsuits, threats of lawsuits, intimidation, threats, bullying, disenfranchisement and character assassination, as promised by the leadership of mySCGOP and Greenville Tea Party do not advance anything positive, much less promote any level of political discourse or change,” the three explained.

The group mySCGOP was formed earlier this year and backed the unsuccessful effort of to take over the South Carolina Republican Party by election fraud conspiracy theorist L. Lin Wood.

South Carolina GOP chairman Drew McKissick blasted mySCGOP in a statement.

“MySCGOP is a fringe, rogue group that has used Antifa-style tactics to essentially dismantle the Greenville County Republican Party to become their own hobby horse,” McKissick said. “We’re going to do everything we can to make sure there are productive local organizations that real conservative activists can work through to continue to elect Republicans.”

“And (we will) stay as far as possible from people who want to berate, harass and threaten to sue fellow Republicans and distract from our mission of beating Democrats,” he added.

McKissick described the situation as “absolute insanity” to The Post and Courier.

“They have essentially preyed on Trump supporters, telling them the county and state party organizations didn’t support President Trump, which is a total lie, and then they’ve gone forward spreading rumors and innuendos about people — everything from sex trafficking to embezzlement to rigging elections, all this garbage,” McKissick said.

Author: Bob Brigham
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Sturgeon humiliated as SNP business supporters U-turn and REJECT Scottish independence

CEO of Scottish Business UK Struan Stevenson revealed to Express.co.uk that several businesses who supported independence back in 2014 have now U-turned on their position. They now back an open letter to First Minister Nicola Sturgeon opposing the move and have urged the SNP to focus on economic recovery post-pandemic. The letter, signed by hundreds of concerned business owners, sees a wide plethora of sectors ranging from construction, media and technology firms.  

Speaking to Express.co.uk, Mr Stevenson discussed the concerns Scottish businesses have with independence and the “uncertainty” it brings.

He said: “People need to sit down and think carefully about how they might come to a different conclusion [on Scottish independence].

“That has been well illustrated by some of the big names that joined our list of signatories, to our open letter, demanding a focus on economic recovery in Scotland. 

“And less of the divisiveness, the distractions, that go along with demands for an independence referendum.

“Some of those big names, you may have noticed, were previously people who voted for the SNP in 2014. 

“And they have completely changed their minds since 2014 and because they see that the SNP are no focusing on business and the economy in the way that they should be.”

Names on the list include Birlinn LTD, one of Scotland’s largest publishers, and award-winning golf touring company Drumgolf Tours. 

They join hundreds of other Scottish businesses whose owners have grown concerned over a “divisive” independence referendum.

The open letter reads: “A divisive and distracting referendum on separation would put any chance of sustaining economic recovery at risk.

“This is not the time to be throwing into question our economic ties to the rest of the United Kingdom, which has guaranteed the survival of thousands of Scottish jobs through the pandemic and remains Scotland’s biggest market by far.

“The Scottish Government should put everything else aside and remain laser-focused on the Covid-19 crisis and recovering from the significant economic damage it has caused.”

Mr Stevenson also ridiculed the SNP after they suggested they are “ignored” by Westminster despite being awards many perks and privileges from the UK Government. 

He told Express.co.uk: “Free care for the elderly, free prescriptions, free university tuition, now manifesto pledges at the last Holyrood election for free laptops for every school child.

“Free bicycles for children in areas of multiple deprivations.

“I mean, down in England or indeed in Wales or Northern Ireland, they don’t get these things.

“But these vote-buying tactics of the SNP are paid for by tax coming from the southeast of England and instead of thanking them the SNP actually build up their grudging grievance system.”

He added the uncertainty surrounding independence may force many businesses to relocate to England as they fear a hard border or diverted investment will impact them negatively. 

Nicola Sturgeon has suggested the SNP have a “mandate” for an independence referendum because Holyrood is now made up of a majority of pro-independence MSPs. 

Despite the SNP not having an overall majority, the success of the Green Party who also support independence means there is scope for the two parties to work together.

The two parties are reportedly in negotiations to form a partnership deal which could see the SNP call for their support in exchange for more greener policies introduced. 

However, Mr Stevenson told Express.co.uk that Ms Sturgeon’s desire to push for greener Scotland is at odds with her party’s historic support for North Sea oil. 

The SNP used North Sea oil in 2014 as a way to economically support an independent Scotland. 

But a fall in oil prices and the move towards greener power has raised serious doubts on whether North Sea oil is still viable. 

It is likely that any agreements with the Green Party would also make Scotland shift to environmentally friendly infrastructure.

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: UK Feed

What is Austin's Proposition F? Supporters, opponents and experts explain strong mayor proposal

AUSTIN (KXAN) — Austin voters have a decision ahead of them: whether to approve Proposition F — a ballot measure that would replace the city manager with an elected “strong mayor” as the city’s chief executive. A panel of supporters, opponents and experts explored what the decision means for the city in a conversation during a KXAN Live event Monday.

KXAN Live anchor Will DuPree and KXAN politics reporter John Engel hosted the discussion featuring Nelson Linder and Andrew Allison from Austinites for Progressive Reform — the group behind the strong-mayor proposal — and Jesus Garza and Nico Ramsey with Austin for All People, which opposes the change. Jen Rice of Houston Public Media and former city council member Daryl Slusher provided analysis.

Proposition F would give the mayor veto power over all city council decisions and the responsibility to appoint most department leaders. Nearly every current member of the Austin City Council has come out in opposition to the proposal. Supporters of the strong-mayor proposal believe the structure provides greater accountability than the city manager-council structure.

“As cities grow, and as things change or don’t change, you need to make a more effective system. The question for me is, can Austin be a better, more inclusive city? The answer is yes,” Linder said, adding the fear that having a strong mayor “running errant does not square with reality if you know Austin, Texas.”

“The council-management system has worked for the City of Austin,” Garza countered. “The fact of the matter is, the mayor and council set policy. The mayor and council approve the budgets.”

He added a strong mayor system “puts an awful lot of power in one individual.”

The City of Houston has a mayor-council, or strong mayor, structure of government, like is being considered in Austin.

But Rice, the Houston Public Media reporter, pointed out the Houston mayor has control over the city council agenda — a power not granted in the strong mayor proposal before Austin voters. A ballot initiative in Houston is attempting to pull back some of that power.

“It sounds like what’s going on in Austin is people trying to find more of a middle path, frankly, because it doesn’t have that much control that goes to the mayor,” Rice said. “I’m really interested, and I think it’s a really nuanced conversation, and I’m really interested to see what Austin voters are going to do.”

Early voting is now underway for the May 1 municipal election in Austin. Proposition F is one of eight measures on the ballot.

John Engel

This article originally appeared on KXAN Austin

GOP congressional candidate in Texas special election loses prominent supporters after racist comment about Chinese immigrants

A Republican candidate in the special election to replace the late U.S. Rep. Ron Wright[1], R-Arlington, is facing intense backlash and has lost two of her biggest supporters after saying she does not want Chinese immigrants in the United States.

The comments by Sery Kim, a Korean American who served in the Small Business Administration under President Donald Trump, prompted California U.S. Reps. Young Kim and Michelle Steel to rescind their endorsements of her on Friday. Kim and Steel are the first Korean American GOP women to serve in Congress.

“We cannot in good conscience continue to support her candidacy,” the lawmakers said in a statement.

The candidate has been unapologetic, however, arguing that she was speaking out against the Chinese Communist Party and blaming the “liberal media” for the uproar.

Sery Kim made the anti-Chinese remarks earlier this week at a GOP forum in Arlington while responding to a question about U.S. immigration issues.

“I don’t want them here at all,” Kim said of potential Chinese immigrants. “They steal our intellectual property, they give us coronavirus, they don’t hold themselves accountable.”

“And quite frankly, I can say that because I’m Korean,” she added.

Hate crimes against Asian Americans have increased since the coronavirus pandemic started in China. Trump has repeatedly blamed China for the pandemic and called the coronavirus “the Chinese virus.” Kim’s remark came less than a month after the Atlanta spa shootings that killed eight people, six of whom were of Asian descent[2].

The comments have received condemnation from groups including the DFW Asian-American Citizens Council[3] and AAPI Progressive Action[4], which works to build political power around Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders.

Kim is one of 11 Republicans — and 23 candidates total — on the May 1 ballot to fill the GOP-leaning seat seat of Wright, who died earlier this year after being hospitalized with coronavirus.

Young Kim and Steel endorsed Sery Kim early on in the race, about a week after the filing deadline last month.

In their statement pulling their endorsements, the two lawmakers said they spoke Thursday with Sery Kim “about her hurtful and untrue comments about Chinese immigrants, and made clear that her comments were unacceptable.”

“We urged her to apologize and clarify her remarks, especially as hate against the AAPI community is on the rise,” the congresswomen said. “However, she has not publicly shown remorse, and her words were contrary to what we stand for.”

Asked for a comment on the loss of the endorsements, Kim provided a one-sentence statement: “I am shocked that in an effort to counter Asian-American hate the liberal media is targeting me, an Asian and an immigrant, in an effort to paint me as anti-Asian and anti-immigrant just for speaking against the oppressive Chinese Communist Party.”

Until this week, Sery Kim was not a particularly well-known candidate in the special election. The Republican field also features Wright’s widow, GOP activist Susan Wright, as well as state Rep. Jake Ellzey of Waxahachie.

On the Democratic side, at least one contender, Lydia Bean, pushed back on Sery Kim’s forum comments, saying they target people like her Chinese American husband, Norman, and their 10-month-old son. Norman’s parents came to the United States from China in 1966, Bean said.

“This type of speech, no matter who it comes from puts their lives in danger,” Bean, a 2020 Texas House candidate, tweeted Thursday[5]. “It’s racist, and it’s not who we are in Texas.”

Early voting for the special election starts April 19.


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