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Monty Don tries to reassure Gardeners’ World fans amid backlash as show is taken off air

Gardeners’ World presenter Monty Don, 66, took to Twitter this evening to tell fans that there is light at the end of the tunnel after viewers were left angry over news that the BBC programme won’t be airing as usual this week. It comes after Gardeners’ World was replaced in the TV schedule.

The BBC will be airing The Open 2021 instead, after golf’s oldest major was cancelled last year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Addressing the issue, Monty attempted to reassure fans that the upcoming episode of Gardeners’ World will be worth the wait.

He wrote in view of his 235,000 followers: “There may be no Gardeners World this work – courtesy of golf – but just completed filming next week’s show and it will be well worth the wait.”

Monty went on to tell viewers that they will still be able to get their gardening fix, as his other show, Monty Don’s Japanese Gardens, is set to air once again this week.

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The horticulturalist added: “And there is another chance to see Japanese Gardens tomorrow and Friday evening at 7pm.”

Unfortunately, despite Monty’s best efforts, many fans took to the comments section of his tweet to share their frustrations about Gardeners’ World being taken off air.

One person commented: “can’t help thinking… surely there’s more folk interested in gardens…. than golf.”

Another added: “Golf? ‘A good walk ruined’ I’m not happy! Japanese gardens it is then.”


A third fan replied: “I hoped I heard wrong last week when you said see you in 2wks it’s time @BBC realize we Need Gardeners World & stop messing with the schedule.”

A fourth complained: “There’s BBC1 BBC2 BBC4 onlineBBC3 BBCiplayer various red button channels and the golf has to be on instead of Gardeners World ?”

A fifth penned: “What is it about GW that the BBC feel it ok to kick it into touch , move the time or put onto another channel at 10pm with no notice therefore missed by many? The bigwigs at the BBC clearly are not gardeners,  very unfair to those of us who very much look forward to it .”

A sixth fumed: “Golf? Seriously?! How many channels could the BBC use to show one of the most boring activities known to humankind?”

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A seventh agreed: “I can forgive the BBC many things, but *golf* – the indignity of it.”

Another fan added: “Sleep inducing golf instead of Gardeners World. BBC needs to realise not everyone wants sport inflicted on them. Time they stopped interfering with scheduling.”

Speaking on Gardeners’ World, Monty broke the news to viewers and said: “I’m afraid that this is it this week and we’re off air next week.

“But I’ll be back here in a fortnight’s time at 8pm. So, I’ll see you then.”

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Two San Diego County high school shortstops taken in the first round of MLB draft

Marcelo Meyer from Eastlake High went fourth overall to the Red Sox while the Tampa Bay Rays took Carson Williams from Torrey Pines at 28 overall.

SAN DIEGO COUNTY, Calif. — People all over the South Bay are beaming with pride Monday morning after Eastlake High School shortstop Marcelo Meyer was taken fourth overall by the Boston Red Sox in the MLB Draft. Meyer was one of the top prospects available heading into the 2021 draft.

Meyer’s family and friends gathered on Sunday afternoon at a brewery in Chula Vista. He told News 8, “It means everything to us. My family has sacrificed so much for me to be in this situation, you know to share it with them is just incredible. I knew that God was going to put me in the best situation for me. I am just super glad and honored to be a part of the Boston Red Sox organization.” He added, “You know I tried to hold my own and not cry, but you know the tears came pouring down.”

When asked about Meyer the Sox said, “He’s a big kid, he’s probably 6-3, he’s never lifted a weight before though, and he moves with such loose, comfortable action.” The GM added, “That excites us as scouts because we see a lot of runway with him going forward.” 

At pick 28 in the first round the Tampa Bay Rays took another San Diego kid with Carson Williams out of Torrey Pines High School.

Williams had committed to play baseball at Cal before being selected by the Rays however he said he’s “pretty locked in on coming” to sign with the Rays.

According to the Rays Williams is considered to be an excellent defensive prospect with a plus arm and instincts at shortstop. They described him as a “true shortstop prospect” and a “very steady-handed shortstop” with a “low-maintenance swing,” power that came on in the last year and a strong throwing arm.   

This first-of-its-kind Android smartphone has just taken everyone by surprise

For the nightly Netflix binge, there’s a 6.78-inch AMOLED display that can reach 800 nits for better outdoor viewing and is fully HDR10 and HDR10+ certified.

Qualcomm says they are launching this phone, which has been built with help from ASUS, “for Snapdragon Insiders who look under the hood. Who are first in line for premium performance and innovation. For those who crave the fastest, truly global 5G connectivity available.”

Now, before you rush to register your interest, there are a few things to note about this device.

Firstly, it will set you back a whopping $ 1,500 which makes it more expensive than the Galaxy S21 Ultra or new Sony Xperia 1 III.

Then there’s the strange addition of the Snapdragon 888 processor which is about to be superseded by the new 888+ chip from the firm.

The Dev Behind One Of The World's Best SNES Emulators Has Taken Their Own Life

SNES© Nintendo Life

Update: A friend who wishes to remain anonymous has stated that Near has tragically taken their own life:

Original story [Sun 27th Jun, 2021 18:00 BST]: Fears are growing for the safety of Near, the person behind the excellent SNES emulator BSNES, after they posted what appeared to be suicidal statements on Twitter.

Near’s work in the realm of retro gaming preservation and emulation is nothing short of remarkable. Work on BSNES began in 2004, with the aim of making an emulator which was as accurate as possible. Early versions of BSNES ran slowly on anything but top-level hardware, but, thanks to the fact that Near went the extra mile and actually decapped SNES chips to better understand them, it has become the gold standard of SNES emulators, boasting 100% compatibility with the entire SNES library. However, despite being focused on his own emulator, Near has taken the time to offer assistance to the developers of SNES9X to improve that project, too.

Outside of emulation, Near has also been a major force in the world of preservation and even bought an entire North American and Japanese SNES / Super Famicom collection so they could dump them and ensure the ROMs were as faithful as possible.

Near – who also goes by the names ‘byuu’ and ‘Dave’ and identifies as non-binary – posted a thread earlier today (UK time) which opened up about the bullying and harassment they have received online.

The full statement can be found below:

The honest truth is, I’ve been bullied, ridiculed, and humiliated my entire life. From my earliest grade school memories to now. It’s always hurt me deeply enough that I can’t describe it in words. I could only just tolerate it with heavy depression when it was 4chan.

But Kiwi Farms has made the harassment orders of magnitude worse. It’s escalated from attacking me for being autistic, to attacking and doxing my friends, and trying to suicide bait another, just to get a reaction from me. I lost one of my best friends to this. I feel responsible.

I can’t handle this anymore. I have tried everything. I have taken every medication available. I have tried multiple therapists. I have tried closing myself off from the world. It doesn’t help at all. Every night I am filled with panic attacks and dread and worry.

I have tried changing in every way possible as they wanted me to in order to get this to stop, but it just never does. Every few months, it’s something new. A new dox, a new thread, a new tangent. It’s too much to bear any longer.

I’ve always tried my best to be kind and helpful to everyone. And I didn’t do anything wrong other than be weird online. Maybe a bit too passionate at times. Their horrific claims are entirely baseless. Still, if I’ve hurt or upset anyone, I’m really sorry for that.

The internet is not a game. It’s real life. I’m a real person. This stuff really hurts. I poured my entire life into this. I have no real-life friends, I have no other reason for being. Only this. And now I have nothing.

It’s too late for me, but I pray that someone, at some point, will do something about that website. There’s too many people suffering, and no one seems to care because we are relative nobodies online, and they know that. Evil triumphs when good men do nothing.

Please don’t remember me for this. Remember me for what I’ve done. For my work and dedication. Thank you all so much for your kindness and support over the years. I’m very sorry, but know that I love you all very much. Here’s hoping there’s something better awaiting.

Please don’t hate me for this. As much as I know it will cause some of you to suffer, please understand I was suffering far more. I’m sure some will try to play this off as my fault. But it’s not. They didn’t have to do this and they could have stopped any time, but chose not to.

I would have kept going if Joshua Moon had shown me just the tiniest bit of compassion. But he chose not to. That’s not on me, that’s on him. That’s on every last person who pushed me to this point and didn’t let up. I never deserved any of this.

Thank you all so much for the kind messages. Please take care of yourselves. I love you all very much. Thank you for all your support over the years. It’s been such an honor. I’ll miss you all so much, but at least I can finally be at peace.

According to Theorymon at ResetEra, “Kiwi Farms” – the site mentioned by Near – is focused on cyberbullying individuals online:

Kiwi Farms was spun off from CWCiki, a wiki focused on Chris-Chan. They’re a forum focused on cyberbullying other people. They especially tend to focus on people who are in vulnerable groups. For example, Byuu as far as I know, identified as non-binary, which is why they started harassing him. It seems like they’re a major catalyst for this situation.

Since issuing the statement, several Twitter followers have attempted to get in touch with Near, who lives in Japan, via the US Embassy.

This is a developing story and we will update this post as and when we know more. In the meantime, the entire team at Nintendo Life sends its best wishes to Near. If you’d like to help in some small way, please consider making a donation to The Samaritans, an organisation focused on helping those struggling to cope with mental health problems and depression.

Please note that due to the highly sensitive nature of this topic, we’ve taken the decision to close comments on this article.

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NHS set to be given green light to use revolutionary Covid drug taken by Donald Trump

The new therapy consists of antibody cocktails that could reduce severe illness in coronavirus patients, if administered within three days of contracting the deadly virus. The experimental treatment was developed by US company Regeneron Pharmaceuticals and was used to “cure” Donald Trump after he became infected with Covid last year. The company was granted an emergency licence for its drugs in the US, following the former US President’s rapid recovery.

Regeneron claims that its cocktail of antibodies reduces symptomatic infections among those sharing a household with someone ill with Covid by 100 percent.

The drugs are undergoing trials carried out by Oxford University and are expected to be approved for use later in the summer.

Sir Simon Stevens, head of the NHS, asked health services to get ready to administer the antibody cocktails.

He told the NHS Confederation virtual conference on Tuesday: “We expect that we will begin to see further therapies that will actually treat coronavirus and prevent severe illness and death.

“Today I’m asking the health service to gear up for what are likely to be a new category of such treatments – so-called neutralising monoclonal antibodies – which are potentially going to become available to us within the next several months.”

The treatment is administered through infusions and Sir Simon wants community services to explore ways of giving them to patients either at their homes or in clinics close by.

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During an interview with Fox News after being discharged from hospital, the former President described his symptoms.

He told Doctor Marc Siegel: “I didn’t have a problem with breathing, which a lot of people seem to have.

“I had none of that, but I didn’t feel very strong. I didn’t feel very vital.”

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Aberdare stabbing reports as three men taken to hospital – two arrested, police say

Two men have been arrested in connection with the incident in the Whitcombe Street area of Aberdare. South Wales Police said the injured are all aged 23.

Detective Inspector Emma Hampton said: “Our officers will be working beyond this evening and into the early hours to try and ascertain further detail about this incident, however we have already made two arrests.

“We will be making extensive enquiries and I would urge members of the public to get in touch with us to provide their accounts of what they saw this evening.

“If you have any video footage of the incident then we would like you to get in touch.”

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Market Harborough stabbing: Man, 21, taken to hospital – investigation launched

He was found with stab wounds in the car park of Sainsbury’s in Market Harborough at 9.20pm and collected by Air Ambulance. Investigating officers believe he was attacked in the Britannia Walk and Nithsdale Crescent area of the town.

These areas have been cordoned off for forensic examination while inquiries continue.

Leicestershire Police has asked any witnesses – or those with useful information – to contact 101, quoting incident 662 of June 12.

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1 dead, 1 taken to the hospital after shooting in southeast Austin

AUSTIN (KXAN) — A man is dead after a shooting in southeast Austin Friday night.

The Austin Police Department said it happened just before 10:15 p.m. in the 4900 block of Todd Lane. That’s off East St. Elmo Road, south of U.S. Highway 290.

APD said while one man was pronounced dead, a woman was taken to a local hospital. Austin-Travis County EMS said she had potentially life-threatening injuries.

It’s still an active scene. APD told KXAN at last check information on a suspect isn’t available.

East St. Elmo Road and Todd Lane are closed off due to the investigation.

This is a developing story and will be updated as more details become available.

Author: Jaclyn Ramkissoon
This post originally appeared on KXAN Austin

UFO sightings: Senator warns of 'huge counterintelligence threat’ if not taken seriously

Marco Rubio from Florida said the “stigma” surrounding unidentified aerial phenomena (UAPs) should not prevent investigation. Sen Rubio commissioned the director of national intelligence with a report into UAPs due by the end of next month.
Speaking on CBS’s 60 Minutes, he said: “There’s a stigma on Capitol Hill.

“I mean, some of my colleagues are very interested in this topic and some kinda, you know, giggle when you bring it up.

“But I don’t think we can allow the stigma to keep us from having an answer to a very fundamental question.”

He stressed that the US must ensure “it’s not a foreign adversary capability, meaning… the Russians, or the Chinese… have developed some technology.”

The former speaker of the Florida House of Representatives added: “It’s a huge counterintelligence threat if that’s what it is. We want to take that seriously.”

Mr Rubio’s remarks align with a former US Navy pilot’s “security threat” warning regarding hundreds of UFOs in restricted airspace.

Lt Ryan Graves, an ex-official, appeared on CBS’ 60 Minutes recounting how he saw “unidentified vessels” flying off the coast of Virginia every day for two years beginning in 2019.

He said: “I am worried, frankly. You know, if these were tactical jets from another country that were hanging out up there, it would be a massive issue.

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Jane McDonald couldn't look happier in new Cruising snaps taken before fiancé's death 

The 58-year-old has shared three throwback photos of herself filming Cruising With Jane McDonald last year, as she appeared carefree while taking in beautiful coastal views aboard a liner. The Loose Women star has had a tough 2021 following the death of her long-term love Eddie Rothe back in March, but has put on a brave face to continue promoting her professional commitments.
Jane appeared in the first snap posted on her Instagram looking stylish while wearing a tight-fitting pink dress for filming on location.

She paired the look with nude heeled shoes and oversized black sunglasses.

In the second picture, she beamed while posing in a shopping centre presumably as part of a pit-stop on her travels and finally she shared a beaming still of herself while dancing at a beach party.

Next to the nostalgic photos, it read: “In this week’s episode of ‘Cruising with Jane McDonald’ Jane will be horse-riding along the beach, discovering the wonders of the deep aboard a submarine and partying the night away at a carnival! Sunday 9pm @channel5_tv.”

Underneath fans raved over her fashionable attire while also praising her show’s latest series.

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Jane typed: “I want to thank everyone most sincerely for the wonderful cards and messages of support that I have received since the awful news was announced that I had lost my beloved Ed.

“I’m so touched by each and every one. All the kind thoughts and words have meant so much to me and many of you have let me know that you are going through the same thing as me having lost loved ones and I wish you all love and strength back.

“I’m hugely grateful for everyone who very kindly donated to the Just Giving page for Wakefield Hospice in Ed’s memory.

“It’s been a tough time for us all recently and I know that better days are ahead,” she added.

Jane has announced this series of Cruising will be her last prior to the devastating loss of Eddie.

However, despite the show coming to an end, the songstress has vowed to continue going cruising in her free time.

She told OK! Magazine: “Cruising is in my blood. It has made me everything I am. 

“But it will be nice to sleep in and have breakfast in my room. Filming the show, I’m up at 5.30am every morning to get ready for everything we have to film in one day.”

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