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Indian Navy on high alert for new China threat – Beijing military takeover Sri Lankan port

China has provoked the ire of the Indian navy after Xi Jinping’s regime secured the construction of a new port city in Sri Lanka. New Delhi has responded cautiously to the move which could see Beijing project power into the Indian Ocean. India‘s naval forces are said to be watching developments in Sri Lanka closely amid growing tensions between the two rival nuclear-armed states.

WION correspondent Eric Njoka told the India-based network: “The Chinese are increasingly getting active in the Indian Ocean region.

“Their activities around Sri Lanka is under the scanner of New Delhi.

“The Chinese Navy taking control of projects in Sri Lanka and that could pose a threat to India’s maritime interests.”

It comes as the vice chief of India’s Navy said that his forces are very well prepared to secure the maritime boundaries of the country.

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Vice-Admiral G. Ashok Kumar told WION: “You want to analyze if it is a threat or not, it is a very difficult question.

“But the fact is that say when someone who is external to the region starts showing so much interest”

“Though they might have rational reasons for it because their energy source too permanently passes through these water.

He added: “If you look actually at multinational forces they are at any given time about 80 ships from various countries which operate in the Northern Arabian Sea.

China has been making recent inroads in Sri Lanka and recently secured plans for a reclaimed port city near Columbo.

This has led some to query whether the Chinese could take India by surprise in a possible naval clash.

Vice Admiral Kumar said the Indian navy has taken “a number of steps” such as the instalment of a “coastal security network.”

He added the country was looking to deploy further “enhanced surveillance” to monitor Chinese ship movements in the region.

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China takeover of Taiwan to mark 'game over' for West 'Will go where they want'

Tensions have increased between democratically-ruled Taiwan and China after repeated missions by Beijing’s air force near the island. It has concentrated in the southwestern part of its air defence zone near the Taiwan-controlled Pratas Islands. Former US ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, has warned it is “all over” if China takes over Taiwan.

She said: “The last Olympics that they had was their coming out. That is how they saw it.

“They were introducing themselves to the world. This next Olympics, if it goes unscathed, this is their way of showing that they now the superpower of the world.

“If we don’t boycott, if we don’t do something really call them out, mark my words, Taiwan is next.

“And if they take Taiwan, it is all over because they will think that give them free rein to grab any territory, not in the region but anywhere they want to go.”

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Twenty-eight Chinese air force aircraft, including fighters and nuclear-capable bombers, entered Taiwan’s air defence identification zone (ADIZ), the island’s government said, the largest reported incursion to date.

While there was no immediate comment from Beijing, the news comes after the Group of Seven leaders issued a joint statement on Sunday scolding China for a series of issues and underscored the importance of peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait, comments China condemned as “slander”.

Chinese-claimed Taiwan has complained over the last few months of repeated missions by China’s air force near the self-ruled island, concentrated in the southwestern part of its air defence zone near the Taiwan-controlled Pratas Islands.

The latest Chinese mission involved 14 J-16 and six J-11 fighters, as well as four H-6 bombers, which can carry nuclear weapons, and anti-submarine, electronic warfare and early warning aircraft, Taiwan’s Defence Ministry said.

China has in the past described such missions as necessary to protect the country’s sovereignty and deal with “collusion” between Taipei and Washington.

The United States, which like most countries has no formal diplomatic ties with Taiwan, has watched with alarm the stepped-up tensions with Beijing.

“In response to the growing PRC threat, we will continue deepening our unofficial security relationship to ensure Taiwan has sufficient capabilities to defend itself,” a senior US administration official told Reuters, referring to the People’s Republic of China.

A Pentagon spokesperson added that China’s “increasing military activities conducted in the vicinity of Taiwan are destabilizing and increase the risk of miscalculation.”

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Daniel Ek preparing second Arsenal takeover bid which 'may test' Kroenkes' resolve

“We remain 100% committed to Arsenal and are not selling any stake in the Club.  We have not received any offer and we will not entertain any offer.

“Our ambition for Arsenal remains to compete to win the biggest trophies in the game and our focus remains on improving our competitiveness on the pitch to achieve this.”

Speaking to Sky Sports, Henry said of Ek’s attempts to buy the club: “Daniel is an Arsenal fan. He did not say it for any publicity, he has been an Arsenal fan for a very long time.

“He approached us, we listened to him. And we knew, first and foremost, that he wanted to involve the fans.”

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Does MGM takeover mean fans can watch James Bond movies online?

James Bond films are currently not available online unless a specific deal is struck with its production and distribution house, MGM. However, a recent deal may change this in the future, as the dust settles on a major takeover in the world of entertainment.

At the moment, James Bond films are not available online, however, it looks as though this will change thanks to a recent business acquisition.

Today it was announced Amazon Prime has purchased MGM, the 97-year-old studio behind a whole host of major film franchises, including James Bond, Rocky, and various TV series like The Handmaid’s Tale.

The company acquisition has cost $ 8.45billion (£6billion) and includes past and upcoming releases from the studio.

The acquisition has been brewing for some time, but it could mean the MGM catalogue, which is more than 4,000 films, will become available on the platform for fans to enjoy.

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One thing to point out, in the case of Bond, is the franchise is only half-owned by MGM, with the other half owned by Danjaq, which is co-owned by EON productions’ Barbara Broccoli and Michael G Wilson.As a result, it may be this means little change for Bond, given the stronghold of the Broccoli children.

However, it has been reported the Bond franchise will be some of the films to end up on Amazon Prime, though timings are not clear.

This may also mean upcoming releases, like Ridley Scott’s House of Gucci and No Time to Die, could be made available online faster than we might usually expect.

At the moment, there has not been any confirmation from either side about whether the release schedule for these films will change.There has also been no confirmation on any changes to the mode of release, for example, a simultaneous release model which has been trialled by Warner Bros with HBO Max.

Mike Hopkins, senior vice president of Prime Video and Amazon Studios, said in a statement: “MGM has a vast catalogue with more than 4,000 films—12 Angry Men, Basic Instinct, Creed, James Bond, Legally Blonde, Moonstruck, Poltergeist, Raging Bull, Robocop, Rocky, Silence of the Lambs, Stargate, Thelma & Louise, Tomb Raider, The Magnificent Seven, The Pink Panther, The Thomas Crown Affair, and many other icons—as well as 17,000 TV shows—including Fargo, The Handmaid’s Tale, and Vikings—that have collectively won more than 180 Academy Awards and 100 Emmys.

“The real financial value behind this deal is the treasure trove of IP [intellectual property] in the deep catalogue that we plan to reimagine and develop together with MGM’s talented team.

“On behalf of the Board, I would like to thank the MGM team who have helped us arrive at this historic day.“I am very proud that MGM’s Lion, which has long evoked the Golden Age of Hollywood, will continue its storied history, and the idea born from the creation of United Artists lives on in a way the founders originally intended, driven by the talent and their vision.

“The opportunity to align MGM’s storied history with Amazon is an inspiring combination.”

The other aspect of this acquisition which is unclear is whether the MGM label will be perceived as separate from Amazon Studios, like the Marvel label under Disney.

However, one thing which is likely is the 25 James Bond films will end up on Amazon Prime, and Express.co.uk will update this story with further information as it arises.

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The Red Room Takeover has begun in Marvel’s Avengers

Prepare for a conquering of crimson. The Red Room Takeover Event has initiated in Marvel’s Avengers and will last until May 31.

Agent James Woo has reported several anomalies within the HARM Room, linked to a computer virus that managed to make its way into the helicarrier’s system. The only thing he was able to decipher were cryptic messages addressed to Black Widow from her old friend Yelena Belova. The messages seem to be teasing, almost taunting, Natasha as if a twisted game were being played. Investigate these disturbances and find out what Yelena has in store for the Avengers.

New mission chains will be available during this event where players must enter five different hacked HARM Rooms, each with their own unique challenges and obstacles. These new HARM Rooms are tinged with red and include hazards that Yelena set up just to see if you can dodge them. In “the floor is lava” fashion, one of these hazards is techno lava, a pulsating surface that will immediately down an Avenger – or an enemy. The Red Room Takeover is single player only, scaled to different Power Levels, and you cannot bring your companions along with you to help. What fun would that be?

Marvel's Avengers - Red Room

Rewards for this event include an exclusive team nameplate, special gear, a unique comic set, and a substantial amount of XP.

Here are a few tips on how to survive the Red Room Takeover from Principal Designer Jason Botta:

  • Always. Be. Moving. – With large waves of enemies in small spaces, you’ll need to keep on your toes to stay out of harm’s way.
  • Utilize the ‘techno lava’ death pits – Positioning yourself correctly and utilizing the correct attacks to knock troublesome enemies off platforms to their deaths can be critical to surviving certain waves.
  • Use mobility and grapple focused characters for maximum enjoyment – You can get through them with anyone, but characters like Black Widow, Kate Bishop, Hawkeye, and Kamala can really flow through the spaces. Any character with a grapple can save you from poorly timed jumps.
  • But pay attention to the environments and which moves you’re using – Several heroes have moves that will translate them very far while in air, this can often lead to inadvertently landing in a death pit. Switch up tactics/moves in the air to avoid unfortunate deaths until you are really comfortable with the environments and can judge when you are over safe ground or not

Since part of the Red Room Takeover’s rewards are a staggering amount of XP, it ties in wonderfully with a new system we have introduced: the Champion System. Currently, when Heroes reach the level cap of 50, XP becomes obsolete since there are no more Skills to unlock. The Champion System solves this by allowing level 50 characters to continue earning XP to level up their Champion Levels. With each Champion Level, comes a Champion Skill Point, which can be used to unlock a new set of skills to further improve your character’s combat prowess.

Marvel's Avengers - Red Room

Champion Skills are on their own separate page of the UI and include boosts to Heroic Charge Rate, Melee Damage, Critical Chance, and much more. They are permanent boosts and do stack, which means unlocking skills in the entire tree will greatly increase each stat. There are a total of 372 Champion Levels, which means it’s time to grind and choose who your main is going to be. You will not be able to respec your Champion Skills yet, so for the time being, please choose carefully how you want to power up your hero.

We’re excited to see all your heroes continue to power up in preparation for some of the toughest content we will be introducing later this year. We have so much more down the road including Patrol Mode and of course, the War for Wakanda expansion. Enjoy the Red Room Takeover – if you can survive…

Xbox Live

Marvel’s Avengers

Square Enix

Marvel’s Avengers is an epic, third-person, action-adventure game that combines an original, cinematic story with single-player and co-operative gameplay*. Take the essential Super Hero gaming experience to another level! Marvel’s Avengers will be available for next-gen consoles at no extra cost.* This version will boast a wide spectrum of improvements to visuals and speed, and will be backwards compatible in single and multiplayer. Marvel’s Avengers has a beautiful world filled with exquisite detail, and with improved Heroics, destruction, graphical fidelity, and framerate versus previous gen, you won’t be missing any of it. Get right into the action with fast loading times and be blown away by the striking detail of enhanced destructive visuals that make Heroics feel truly in your hands. Marvel’s Avengers will support save file transfer and cross-gen play so you can pick up right where you left off and continue fighting AIM with your favorite Super Hero squad. We’re excited to herald in the next generation of consoles on Marvel’s Avengers! Marvel’s Avengers leverages the Smart Delivery technology – buy the game once and play it on either Xbox One or on Xbox Series X|S. Marvel’s Avengers on Xbox Series X|S is available now!*** *One-time online access required for single-player campaign; online access required for multiplayer and to download post-launch content. Free Square Enix Members account required. Platform-specific online subscription fee may be required. *Upgrading from the disk version will require the next-gen version of the same console with a disk drive. **Credits that you purchase are useable on Xbox Series X|S Console version of Marvel’s Avengers. Please be aware that the Credit that you own is synced with your Microsoft account, and the wallet will be shared through both platforms.

Author: Andy Wong, Community and Social Media Manager, Crystal Dynamics
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Daniel Ek secures Arsenal takeover funds as he vows to oust the Kroenkes

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: Sport Feed

Arsenal have not won the Premier League since 2004 and have failed to qualify for the Champions League for the past four seasons.

Ek says his main goal is to bring success to Arsenal if his takeover attempt is successful.

“I just focus on the club, I focus on the fans and I focus on trying to bring the club back to glory,” he said.

“I first and foremost am a fan, that’s the most important thing for me and I want the club to do better, that’s my primary interest.”

Wenger willing to help Arsenal legends with takeover despite Kroenke statement

Author: [email protected] (Daniel Blackham)
This post originally appeared on Mirror – Football

Arsenal icon Arsene Wenger has confirmed he is willing to help club legends Thierry Henry, Dennis Bergkamp and Patrick Vieira in their joint takeover bid alongside Spotify CEO Daniel Ek, despite current owners the Kroenke family insisting they will not sell.

Gunners fans are dreaming of a potential takeover in the coming months after taking to the Emirates in their thousands to protest against the current owners.

Following the European Super League fiasco, coupled with the consistently below-expectations results on the pitch, fans have started to call for change in their droves.

Spotify co-founder and self-proclaimed Arsenal fan Ek recently confirmed he is looking into the potential of buying the club, and has asked Henry, Bergkamp and Vieira for their support if he is successful.

And now, Wenger has thrown his hat into the ring by confirming he would do whatever he could to help the club he managed for 22 years.

Arsene Wenger has pledged his support to Daniel Ek's takeover attempt of Arsenal
Arsene Wenger has pledged his support to Daniel Ek’s takeover attempt of Arsenal

Speaking to beIN Sports, he expressed he is still an Arsenal fan and wants to see the club run in the correct way, saying: “I would say I like the fact that former people of the club run the club.

“Basically you have two examples in the football world – former players who run the club like Bayern [Munich], or big investors who buy a club like Man City.

“I personally, because I’m a football man, I like the fact that former Arsenal players take over and give advice.

Spotify co-founder Daniel Ek wants to buy Arsenal with the help of a few club icons
Spotify co-founder Daniel Ek wants to buy Arsenal with the help of a few club icons

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“For the project, I prefer personally… the best deals I made were when nobody knew about it and you come out and it’s done. When you announce things, you have a mountain to climb after. Nobody wants to give in. It’s easier always when you do your deals, when it’s done you come out and [announce it].

“Look, I will always support Arsenal. If I can help Arsenal I will do it in any way. That’s my answer. If not, I am happy in my life.”

Earlier on Tuesday, however, Josh and Stan Kroenke issued a statement confirming they would reject any takeover bid made for the club.

Arsenal owner Stan Kroenke has no interest in selling the club
Arsenal owner Stan Kroenke has no interest in selling the club

The statement read: “In recent days we have noted media speculation regarding a potential takeover bid for Arsenal Football Club. We remain 100 per cent committed to Arsenal and are not selling any stake in the club. We have not received any offer and we will not entertain any offer.

“Our ambition for Arsenal remains to compete to win the biggest trophies in the game and our focus remains on improving our competitiveness on the pitch to achieve this.”

Wenger often received criticism from fans towards the end of his time at the Emirates, and the Frenchman conceded that he made mistakes towards the end of his tenure.

However, he insisted that he only ever had the club’s best interests in mind, adding: “I think the fans give me credit that I always put Arsenal first. I sacrificed many of the best years of my life in my career to help the club get out of building the new stadium without any money from anybody.

“We didn’t go out and say we needed money, we did it with the quality of our work and we remained at the top.

“Yes, I was criticised, you have to accept that when you’re in a public job. I don’t think anyone would question the fact that I did it genuinely with desire to do what is best for the club. Afterwards, I made mistakes, I don’t deny that.”

Not for sale: Arsenal owner Kroenke issues statement


Arsenal owner Stan Kroenke has released a statement to say that he is not interested in selling the club following the fallout of last week’s ill-fated Super League proposal as rumors of a takeover bid swell.

Spotify chief Daniel Ek had reportedly made initial moves as part of a consortium also featuring Gunners icons Thierry Henry, Dennis Bergkamp and Patrick Vieira to propose a takeover bid rumored to be in the region of £1.8 billion (£2.5 billion / €2 billion) for the North London club.

News of the potential offer gained steam this week amid massive fan protests at the club’s involvement as one of the founding members and initial signatories of the Super League, a proposal which lies in ruins today.

Regardless of the fan rancor, the Kroenke’s are refusing to budge.

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A press release issued on Tuesday by Kroenke Sports & Entertainment essentially told Ek to keep his checkbook in his pocket, and that Arsenal are not for sale at any price.

In recent days we have noted media speculation regarding a potential takeover bid for Arsenal Football Club. We remain 100 percent committed to Arsenal and are not selling any stake in the Club. We have not received any offer and we will not entertain any offer,” the statement, which was attributed to both Stan and Josh Kroenke, read.

Our ambition for Arsenal remains to compete to win the biggest trophies in the game and our focus remains on improving our competitiveness on the pitch to achieve this.”

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This news will come as a blow to a large section of Arsenal supporters who have been openly agitating for a change in ownership. The potential bid from Ek, along with the trio of Arsenal legends, was thought to have garnered significant fan backing – particularly after scenes of fan protest outside the club’s Emirates Stadium in the wake of the Super League breakaway plans.

I wasn’t surprised Arsenal were involved, given they have an American owner – an absent owner – who rarely says anything regarding the football club,” said former Arsenal striker Alan Smith to Sky Sports recently.

“There is very little bond between Stan Kroenke and the club. He rarely comes over. His son has a more hands-on connection with the club, but Josh is new to the game, he’s not been brought up around football.

“Kroenke obviously has seen that model work in the States with the NFL, NBA, and, along with the Liverpool and Manchester United owners, they have seen how profitable it could be.”

Ek, meanwhile, is understood to be a lifelong Arsenal fan and likely represents the blueprint of the type of owner that Gunners fans would be enthusiastic about – but Kroenke’s refusal to budge looks set to raise the temperature even further among a fanbase wholly unsupportive of their ownership.

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Author: RT
This post originally appeared on RT Sport News

Arsenal takeover: ‘Thierry Henry and two other Invincibles team up to oust Stan Kroenke’

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: Sport Feed

Spotify owner Daniel Ek has joined forces with Thierry Henry, Patrick Vieira and Dennis Bergkamp in preparing an Arsenal takeover bid to oust Stan Kroenke, according to the Daily Telegraph.

Spotify’s billionaire owner Ek has joined forces with the three Arsenal legends and will test Kroenke with an offer.

If the takeover is successful Henry, Bergkamp and Vieira could all return to the Emirates.

All three were part of the infamous 2003-2004 Invincible team who didn’t lose for an entire season in winning the Premier League title, wrestling it back from Manchester United in the process.

Ek is worth a staggering £3.4billion according to Forbes and he is set to make a formal offer to Kroenke to buy the Gunners.

Arsenal director Josh Kroenke, the son of Stan, insisted last week the club is not for sale following the European Super League fiasco.

Ek confirmed his interest in the Gunners last week as Kroenke was the subject of protests outside the Emirates from disgruntled fans.

On Twitter, Ek said: “As a kid growing up, I’ve cheered for @Arsenal as long as I can remember. If KSE would like to sell Arsenal I’d be happy to throw my hat in the ring.”

On selling the club Josh Kroenke exclaimed: “When are we going to sell? I am not willing to answer that question because we have no intention of selling.”

Henry made clear at the weekend he was unhappy with the way Arsenal is being run.

He told The Daily Telegraph: “This club belongs to the fans, I love the club and I will support the club until I die, but I do not recognise my club and what happened just now, with them trying to join a league that would have been closed, makes no sense to me.

“They have been running the club like a company, not a football club, and they showed their hand. Maybe it’s a lack of understanding of the core football values and maybe the money was too big of a temptation. But whatever it was, they got it wrong. Badly wrong.”

Henry also gave his verdict on whether the current owners should sell.

He explained: “Fans always decide, as you saw with the ESL. You have to listen to the fans and I can understand why they protested.

“The ESL didn’t happen because of the fans, not because anyone else was talking, Not only me, you and the fans said it was wrong, they (the owners) also said it was wrong. They showed their hand and that was disappointing.

“I remember when I arrived, not the Tottenham fans or our rivals, but a lot of the time I used to hear ‘my second team, if I had to pick one, is Arsenal’, because of the history, the culture, the class, the family.

“But I don’t hear that or see that anymore and it pains me. We need to get that image back. We need our identity back.”