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Britain is ‘systematically racist’ says think tank – which calls Boris Johnson ‘a brat’

Coordinated by The Runnymede Trust, over 100 civil society organisations and NGOs warned the Government’s plans to tackle racism risk breaking international human rights laws. The report was paid for by the taxpayer-funded Equality and Human Rights Commission and attacked the findings from the UK’s Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities, published by Tony Sewell in April. In April, Dr Sewell claimed Britain was no longer rigged against ethnic minorities.

However, the trust dismissed its finding and claimed it had been a script “written for 10 Downing street” while chief executive Dr Halima Begum previously labelled the Prime Minister a “brat”, The Times reported.

In its attack against Britain, the trust claimed the Government was in a breach of an international treaty known as the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (ICERD).

Amid the racist comments made towards England’s footballers following the Euro 2020 final loss to Italy, the trust claimed the current approach to tackling racism will worsen the situation across the country.

The Runnymede Trust pointed to the Electoral Integrity Bill which it claims will marginalise minorities in its pursuit to introduce voter identification.

They also claimed the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill has profound implications for ethnic minorities as they are “more likely to be sentenced for knife or weapon offences”.

In his report earlier this year, Dr Sewell wrote: “Put simply we no longer see a Britain where the system is deliberately rigged against ethnic minorities.

“The impediments and disparities do exist, they are varied, and ironically very few of them are directly to do with racism.

“Too often ‘racism’ is the catch-all explanation, and can be simply implicitly accepted rather than explicitly examined.”

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Ms Begum took over the trust last September and had applied to stand as a candidate for Labour in Poplar & Limehouse in the 2019 general election.

She did not make the selection shortlist but campaigned for Labour.

A Government spokesperson said: “The Runnymede Trust’s shadow report contains many errors and is too simplistic in saying that structural or systemic racism is driving all the disparities outlined in their report.

“We would urge them to work with the Government and carefully consider the recommendations in the Sewell report.

“The Government will be providing a response to these recommendations which will act as our action plan for tackling inequality.”

The comments from the trust come after Marcus Rashford, Bukayo Saka and Jadon Sancho were racially abused following the penalty shootout loss on Sunday.

The Government has insisted it will work to tackle online abuse across social media.

On Tuesday, Boris Johnson met with representatives from social media firms to urge them to take tougher action against those from the “dark space of the Internet”.

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Great British Sewing Bee recycle week sees Andrew impress with sock tank top

Wearing a tank top made out of old socks, Hull’s Andrew Aspland was primed for the challenges posed by reduce, reuse, recycle week, on The Great British Sewing Bee.

Last night’s BBC One craft show saw the seven remaining stitchers tasked with making a man’s waistcoat, any garment for a woman and a dress made from scrap denim, with all the items having to be created from second-hand clothing.

Judge Patrick Grant introduced the programme with the “shocking” fact that millions of tonnes of clothing were being thrown away in the UK every year, explaining why the sewing room’s haberdashery – normally full of new rolls of fabric – had been replaced with pre-owned clothing for the contestants to use.

The tricky pattern round to make a five-buttoned man’s waistcoat, which Patrick said was a great tailoring challenge and ideally suited to recycled fabric, was made all the more complicated by most of the construction taking place inside out.

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The sewing room contestants learn about the transformation round using military surplus garments
The sewing room contestants learn about the transformation round using military surplus garments

But maths teacher Andrew calculated his time well, even being able to lend a hand in the final seconds of the four hours to fellow competitor Farie who was struggling with the buckle on the back of her waistcoat.

Savile Row’s Patrick said of Andrew’s creation: “I very much like the choice of colour, it has a very traditional English waistcoat feel.”

Fellow judge, fashion designer Esme Young, declared Andrew’s waistcoat “overall, pretty good” and he was placed third.

The transformation challenge gave the stitchers 90 minutes to turn up to three military-surplus garments into a piece of woman’s clothing, with Esme saying she wanted “impact and drama”.

Andrew said of his make: “It’s starting off as a top but then it’s going to transform into a dress, I’ve pleated it on the shoulders and what I have done here is cunningly use the pockets to be like a little fluff of sleeve, but since they want a bit of wow factor I am thinking of doing a bit of boning and making this stand out.”

Appraising the garments without knowing their makers, Esme said of Andrew’s creation: “This person has gone to town”, while Patrick said he thought the outfit, which he could not make out whether it was a sort-of poncho, was “rather potty”, with its sleeves stuffed with bits of camouflage netting.

Andrew's made to measure round pattern for a Pythagoras' Theorem geometric dress made from recycled denim
Andrew’s made to measure round pattern for a Pythagoras’ Theorem geometric dress made from recycled denim

It earned Andrew fourth place as the stitchers went into the final made-to-measure round, for which he patched together 16 different pieces of recycled denim for his geometric Pythagoras’ Theorem dress – he had brought along his “trusty” set square to ensure a crisp finish with his right-angles.

Andrew now goes through to winter week in the bid to reach the quarter finals of the show.

The Great British Sewing Bee is on BBC One on Wednesdays at 9pm.

Author: [email protected] (Deborah Hall)
This post originally appeared on Hull Live – Celebs & TV

AGA Shark Tank 2021: A Simple Design Survives

William of Ockham would have been proud because, at this year’s American Gastroenterological Association’s Shark Tank pitch competition, one product clearly demonstrated Ockham’s razor – that sometimes the simplest solution is best – and came away as the winner at the 2021 AGA Tech Summit sponsored by the AGA Center for GI Innovation and Technology.

Out of five innovative products, ranging from an educational app to a high-tech anorectal sensor, all aimed at improving outcomes in patients with gastrointestinal disorders, the winner was … drumroll please …

A needle.

That’s it. A needle. But not like any other needle.

Winner: Toufic Kachaamy, MD, FASGE, AGAF – The Sure Access Needle

The Sure Access Needle, invented by Kachaamy, enterprise clinical leader at Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Phoenix, is a simple device that overcomes a longstanding challenge presented by endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP): biliary access.

Many “ERCPs are considered difficult, and sometimes fail, depending on the center and the endoscopist,” Kachaamy said during a virtual presentation. “Most failures are due to failed initial access to the bile duct.”

Indeed, one study cited a failure rate in ductal cannulation of 5%-15% even among experienced hands.

Failure can have several consequences, Kachaamy noted, including increased complications, higher cost, delayed care, longer hospitalization, and greater likelihood of patient transfer.

He went on to explain why biliary access can be so challenging and how the Sure Access Needle helps address these issues.

“[The] two main limitations [during endoscopic ultrasound–guided biliary access] are directing the wire into the narrowed areas and the wire shearing as we are manipulating the wire to get it to where we want it,” Kachaamy said. “[The Sure Access Needle] is a 19-22 gauge, rotatable needle with a smooth, side exit for the wire to allow wire manipulation and direction without shearing.”

Kachaamy highlighted the simple design, which will keep the production cost below $ 300 per unit, and suggested that failed ERCPs are just the first potential indication of many. Future uses may include gallbladder access, peri-GI collection, gastrojejunostomy, and others.

In an interview, Kachaamy reacted to the win, which follows 2 years of collaborative development with Cancer Treatment Centers of America.

“For people who are innovators, there’s nothing that feels more rewarding than their ideas being recognized as adding something to the field and potentially helping people and patients,” Kachaamy said. “So [this is] very, very, very exciting. Very rewarding. Pride would probably be the best way I’d describe it.”

Kachaamy anticipates that the Sure Access Needle will be commercially available within 1-2 years, pending regulatory approval. In the meantime, he and his colleagues are seeking a strategic partner.

A Shark Speaks

V. Raman Muthusamy, MD, AGAF, immediate past chair of the AGA Center for GI Innovation and Technology and director of endoscopy at UCLA Health System, moderated the Shark Tank session, calling it “the highlight” of the AGA Tech Summit.

Muthusamy and four other “sharks,” including a gastroenterologist, venture capitalist, regulatory device reviewer, and entrepreneur, scored the pitches using three equally weighted categories: the quality of the pitch, the level of innovation and impact on the field, and the quality of the business plan and overall feasibility.

“We saw a full spectrum [of innovations],” Muthusamy said. “I think it was an enjoyable session.”

Behind closed doors, the sharks narrowed the field to two top contenders. Ultimately, however, there could be only one winner: Kachaamy. Their decision aligned with a “Fan Favorite” audience poll.

“A lot of [Kachaamy’s win] had to do with the potential applications and commonality of the problem,” Muthusamy said in an interview. He highlighted how the Sure Access Needle allows for an immediate response to ERCP failure without the need for a second procedure.

Muthusamy also noted that several product designs previously failed to achieve what the Sure Access Needle has the potential to do.

“I think the feeling was that this seemed to be a way that may address some of the limitations and challenges that we’ve had with earlier [attempts at solving this problem],” Muthusamy said.

For innovators who didn’t make the cut this year, or those with products still in development, Muthusamy suggested applying next year.

“We encourage our colleagues and members of the AGA to continue to apply to this program,” Muthusamy said.

Other Fish in the Sea

Four other innovators entered the AGA Shark Tank this year. Here are snippets of their pitches:

Hans Gregersen, MD, PhD, MPHFecobionics

“Fecobionics is a simulated electronic stool with the consistency and shape of normal stool,” Gregersen said.

The balloon device, which contains multiple sensors, provides “real-time, quantitative, and mechanistic insights by simulating defecation.”

“It … is inserted into the rectum,” Gregersen said. “It measures multiple pressures; it has gyroscopes that measure orientation; we can compute the bending of the device; and we can calculate the shape of the device.”

According to Gregersen, Fecobionics has “diagnostic potential for patients with fecal incontinence and for subtyping patients with constipation.” He highlighted fewer false-positives than current technology, alongside greater efficiency and lower cost.

Gregersen is a research professor at California Medical Innovations Institute, San Diego.

Mary J. Pattison, RN – Trans-Abdominal Gastric Surgical System ( TAGSS )

TAGSS is a trans-abdominal gastric access device that “represents a novel and exciting means to address multiple gastrointestinal conditions that are without a standardized approach,” Ms. Pattison said. “Placed as simply as a [percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy tube], TAGSS offers disruptive technology to address [gastroesophageal reflux disease], fundoplication, achalasia, gastroparesis, gastric tumors, and even obesity in a safe, efficient, and cost effective manner. TAGSS offers the first true hybrid approach for endoscopic/laparoscopic collaboration.”

Pattison is a nurse clinician and endoscopy assistant at WestGlen GI Consultants, Weston, Mo.

Pankaj Rajvanshi, MD, FAASLD – Healthswim App

“At this time, most patient education is provided by Google,” Rajvanshi said, “and we want to change that. We have built a platform which allows you, the physician, to create custom, curated, credible content that can be delivered seamlessly to your patients on an ongoing basis.”

Through the Healthswim app, patients subscribe to their providers, allowing access physician-approved content. Subscribers also receive provider updates through their social media feeds.

Rajvanshi is a gastroenterologist at Swedish Medical Center, Seattle.

Ali S. Karakurum, MD, FACP, FACG – A Device for Removal of Esophageal Food Impactions

“I would like to propose a device which consists of a clear overtube, a collapsible plastic cylindrical basket secured to the distal end of the overtube … and a snare wire attached to the distal end of the basket which is controlled by the snare handle externally,” Karakurum said. “The device is … gradually advanced over the scope for the basket to encompass the food bolus under direct visualization. Once the food bolus is within the basket, the wire loop at the end of the basket is closed via the external handle, securing the food bolus in the basket for safe removal.”

Karakurum is a gastroenterologist at Advanced Gastroenterology & Endoscopy, Port Jefferson, N.Y.

This article originally appeared on GI & Hepatology News, the official newspaper of the AGA Institute.

This post originally appeared on Medscape Medical News Headlines

US could default on national debt with ‘X Date’ looming, think tank warns

The US federal government is likely to run out of borrowing room and breach the debt limit after October 1, according to the Bipartisan Policy Center (BPC).

“Treasury’s updated guidance means that the ‘X Date’ will likely arrive after the start of fiscal year 2022,” said Shai Akabas, director of economic policy at BPC, a Washington, DC-based think tank. Akabas was referring to the date when the federal government will no longer be able to pay its bills in full and on time.

“That would realistically allow Congress to address the debt limit as part of an appropriations package and potentially pair that move with a longer-term reform of the statute to eliminate financial risk from these recurring episodes,” he said.

Akabas also cautioned that the unique fiscal environment of a pandemic adds unprecedented uncertainty to any debt limit forecast.
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“While uncertainty is perhaps greater than ever before, the way to minimize short-term financial risk remains the same: acting on the debt limit soon,” he said.

The forecast comes as the US Treasury Department warned on Wednesday that its fiscal tools to keep the national debt from breaching its congressionally mandated limit may fail to last as long as in prior years.

It said that “In light of the substantial Covid-related uncertainty about receipts and outlays in the coming months, it is very difficult to predict how long extraordinary measures might last,” adding that extraordinary measures could be exhausted much more quickly than in prior debt limit episodes.
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As part of a two-year budget deal passed by Congress in August 2019, the federal debt limit was suspended through July 31, 2021. In case lawmakers can’t reach another agreement before then, the ceiling would automatically be reinstated on August 1 and the US Treasury wouldn’t be able to raise additional cash from the sale of government securities.

The US national debt subject to the limit currently stands at a record $ 28.1 trillion, with that amount covering debt the government owes to itself in the form of commitments to Social Security and other government trust funds. The amount of the debt that is held by the public totals $ 22.1 trillion, which is slightly higher than 100% of the entire economy and stands at a height not seen since the huge borrowing the government did in the 1940s to fight in World War II.

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Larsa Pippen Rocks A Fitted Black Tank Top As She Declares She’s ‘Blessed’ Posing With $200K Ferrari

Larsa Pippen looked so glam as she posted in front of a mansion with her fire red Ferrari after her split from Malik Beasley.

Larsa Pippen[1][2], 46, is back on the market and looking better than ever! The Miami resident[3] rocked low cut tank top and black leather pants as she posed in front of her red Ferrari, costing around $ 200,000. “No, I’m not lucky, I’m blessed!! @prettylittlething,” she captioned the post on Friday, April 9, tagging her go-to fast-fashion brand who provided the outfit. She kept her eyes hidden behind a luxe pair of Chanel sunglasses, finishing her look with a pair of high top Nike Air Jordan’s in a black, white and silver color way.

Larsa was, of course, married to Michael Jordan[4]‘s teammate and friend Scottie Pippen[5] from 1997 until their split in 2015 (legally, they are still married). These days, rare Jordan’s can go for thousands on the market — such as the Dior edition that resold for around $ 20k — but we’re guessing the mom-of-four has a hook-up. She kept her highlighted blonde hair up in her signature half pony tail as she soaked up the sunshine. Larsa didn’t tag a location, but was standing in the driveway of a large mansion — likely in Miami, Florida, where she lives.

The sexy pic is one of many Larsa has posted on the ‘gram since her split[6] from Malik Beasley[7][8], 24. The mom-of-four and the Minnesota Timberwolves player were romantically linked after they were spotted holding hands at a Miami mall last November. The photos were controversial at the time as the NBA player[9] was still married to ex-wife Montana Yao[10], with whom shares one-year-old son named Makai. Montana later filed for divorce[11] on December 8.

For her part, Larsa denied allegations[12] she was involved in Malik and Montana’s split. “They were separated before I ever met him…That’s a fact,” she wrote on social media. Montana rebutted the statement with a post of her own, posting, “This is 100% false. Continue to speak on my name and my relationship and we’re going to have issues. Receipts don’t lie. Let’s not go there. I think you’ve embarrassed yourself enough already.”

Larsa stirred up romance rumors on March 13 when she was spotted[13] with Myles Kronman[14], the founder of Model House Los Angeles, at the trendy W Hotel in the South Beach area of Miami. The brunette man appeared to have a number of tattoos on his arms and test while they enjoyed cocktails — specifically coconut drinks — outdoors. While they could have just been friends, Larsa and Myles did seem to be chatting rather closely!


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BMW recall two of their most popular SUVs after fuel tank fears – UK update

A handful of BMW’s X3 and X4 models will be called in for repairs after an “internal quality control” issue. The problem may leave cars with fuel tank welds which are not up to production specification.
This means small issues such as road vibrations could damage the welds and cause the fuel tank to start leaking.

This would then pose a fire risk hazard if leaking fuel is accidentally set alight.

Models affected include the BMW X3 x Drive 30i, BMW X3 sDrive 30i, BMW X3 M40i, BMW X3 M, and the BMW X4 xDrive30i.

However, the issue is only set to affect 19 customers in the US and Canada who will be written to directly.

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“It affects 19 individual vehicles sold in the US and Canada.

“No vehicles in the UK or other worldwide markets are affected.

“The 19 customers in the US and Canada will be written to directly so that their vehicle’s fuel tanks can be replaced.”

The latest issue comes just weeks after 180,000 UK models were recalled over another possible fire risk.

Owners of the first-generation BMW 1 Series built between 2004 and 2011 are being contacted after fears the cars air conditioning may be faulty.

However, due to limited parts it is expected owners will need to wait between four and eight weeks until repairs can be finalised.

Customers of the 1 Series can continue to drive their cars while waiting for a recall as long as the vehicle does not display a range of sympt0ms.

These include intermittent or complete loss of airflow from the air conditioning unit or demist functions.

Drivers should also stop using the car if they smell scorching or burning within the vehicle or see smoke coming from within the cabin.

In a previous statement, BMW said: “Over time, frictional corrosion can occur at the contacts of the blower regulator due to vibrational stress.

“When combined with high current flow at the maximum blower speed, an increase in temperature can occur, which may result in damage to the regulator connection and wiring.

“In rare cases this may lead to a fire.”

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Iggy Azalea Debuts Green Hair Makeover While Wearing White Tank With Nothing Underneath

Iggy Azalea looks confidently gorgeous in a brand new pic that shows off bright green hair and a figure-flattering outfit.

Iggy Azalea[1], 30, proved once again she can look good in any color hair when she posted a new Instagram pic on Mar. 31. The rapper flaunted bright green locks with a bob haircut in the snapshot and showed off her toned figure in a white tank top with nothing underneath as well as gray bottoms. Her makeup was also on point as she gave a serious yet confident look to the camera.

“Sip it & Brazil this Friday wooooo!!!,” she captioned the post, referring to new music that has a neon green frozen ice theme in the pics and videos for the release, which is set to come out on Apr. 2. It didn’t take long for the eye-catching post to receive a large number of responses once it was shared and many of her fans expressed excitement over her newly colored locks. 

“Beautiful,” one follower wrote while another called her “stunning.” A third wrote, “Green looks good on u luv 💚” and a fourth pointed out that the “green is hot.” Many more posted green heart emojis as well as heart-eyed emojis.

Iggy Azalea
Iggy Azalea showing off blonde locks before her recent green hair debut. (Shutterstock)

Before Iggy debuted her green tresses, she often kept blonde hair[2]. She did debut another wild color last year, though, when she posted a photo of herself with bright red[3] locks. The incredible snapshot had her looking mysterious and mystical and was just one example of her adventurous ways when it comes to her appearance.

In addition to green, blonde, and red, Iggy has sported pink[4], yellow, and even purple hair on occasions in the past and we have to admit that she looked wonderful in every single shade! The talented mother is known for not just her cool music, but also her eye-catching style, so it’s no surprise that she would show off all kinds of different looks on a consistent basis. Whether she’s strutting her stuff in a bikini[5] or performing on stage in a designer outfit, she knows how to make any hair color/style and fashion choice work!


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