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‘My baby you came back!’ Mum embraces son in tearful reunion after abduction 24 years ago

A Chinese man was at the centre of an emotional reunion with his parents after being abducted by human traffickers as a child. Guo Xinzhen’s father spent the last 24 years looking for his missing son in a dangerous trip where he broke bones and was confronted by robbers.

Guo Gangtang travelled across the country on a motorbike in a desperate bid to find his son, who was kidnapped aged only two.

Mr Xinzhen vanished in 1997 in front of the family’s home in Shandong.

Mr Gangtang, 51, travelled 310,000 miles around China following tip-offs on a mission that cost him his life savings.

He carried a banner featuring his son’s picture with him in case the information could lead him to where he was.

The police were able to find Mr Xinzhen’s identity thanks to DNA tests, China’s Ministry of Public Security said.

According to Global Times, two suspects were later identified and detained.

China News reported that the two suspects had been dating at the time of the disappearance.

According to the report, the couple intended to abduct a child and then sell them.

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Elvis: Girlfriend Linda recalls tearful Lisa Marie call 'My daddy's dead' – New interview

This year, the annual Elvis Festival in his birthplace, Tupelo Mississippi, attracted not just his cousin Billy Smith, but also his girlfriend Linda Thompson. She dated The King from July 1972 until Christmas 1976. The former beauty queen remained so close to Lisa Marie that the devastated nine-year-old called her from Graceland when they discovered the star’s body on that fateful night of August 16, 1977. Linda spoke candidly about that terrible moment but also shared happier memories of their time together.

Linda has previously opened up about her fears after they split up that nobody would look after Elvis properly. Her worst nightmare came true months later when she received a sudden call.

Talking this week, she said: “I said, ‘hello’ and she said, ‘Linda.’ I said, ‘hey’, she said, ‘It’s Lisa.’ I said, ‘I know who this is, you little goobernickel.’ It was a pet name Elvis and I had for her.

“She said, ‘My Daddy’s dead, my Daddy’s dead.’”

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Linda added: “I can’t even tell you what I felt. I was stunned and paralysed. I said, ‘What? No, he’s not.’

“She said, ‘Yes he is, yes he is. He’s dead.’ The only thing that brought it to reality was when she said, ‘He’s smothered in the carpet.’

“And when she said that, I just threw the phone because I thought, ‘Ok, he’s gone. That’s it. Nobody checked on him.’”

Elvis had died, alone in his bathroom for hours, while his latest girlfriend Ginger slept in the next room and the Memphis Mafia were downstairs.

But Linda also has happier memories of their time together when they visited Tupelo and Elvis showed her the tiny house where he grew up.

She told local news station WCBI: “He talked about Tupelo a lot, he told me about his little, shotgun house, and the church where he went with his family. I’m thrilled to be here, to see the house where he was born.”

Part of Linda’s duties this year were to judge the traditional Elvis Tribute Artist (ETA) competition.

She shared a hilarious memory about when the star started to realise people were imitating him.

While The King was alive he heavily influenced popular culture but Linda says he would be absolutely amazed to see the enduring number of impersonators, or Elvis Tribute Artists (ETAs) who still proliferate to this day

She said: “He would be staggered by how incredibly generous everybody has been to his memory. 

“He loved the ETAs even when he was alive. He would see people growing sideburns or dressing like him and he would say, ‘Honey, look at that guy over there, I wonder if he thinks he is me?’”

Linda went on to marry two more famous men. First, Olympic decathlete Bruce Jenner, who transitioned to Caitlyn, from 1981 to 1986. Together, they are the parents of reality stars Brody and Brandon Jenner.  After that, she was married to songwriter and producer David Foster from 1991 to 2005.  

But in the new interview, Linda referred to Elvis as: “the love of my life. I adored him.

“I think first of all he would be proud of me and how I have tried two conduct my life in a way that has always respected him and his memory. That’s first and foremost to me. I’m a fan as much as anybody else is a fan of Elvis Presley.”


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Elvis: Tearful night girlfriend Anita forced The King to tell the truth 'He was crying'

He had flown Priscilla to America, promising her parents he would not take her out of Memphis, but instead whirling them away on a secret romantic trip to Las Vegas.  

And then, one evening at home, Wood overheard a conversation between the star and his father, Vernon.

Wood recalled: “When I was coming down the back stairs into the kitchen, I heard Elvis say, ‘I’m having the hardest time making up my mind between the two.'”

Devastated, she marched into the room and forced Elvis to admit what was going on. 

The evening ended with both of them in tears.


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Stacey Solomon mocked by her sister after tearful Instagram post: 'Not normal behaviour!'

Fortunately, Stacey laughed along with her sister’s cheeky post, as she replied: “Perfectly normal behaviour @label.lady.1,” alongside crying with laughter emojis.

It comes after Stacey got emotional again after posting a clip of her eldest son Zachary cuddling his brother on his special day, before opening up about the criticism she faced when he was born.

Stacey, who had her son Zachary, now 13, when she was 17, recalled that people would criticise her for having a child at such a young age.

Appreciating her family, Stacey who is also mum to one-year-son Rex, who she shares with fiancé Joe Swash, said her “kind and caring” children were her “biggest achievement”.

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Piers Morgan's tearful reaction to Queen 'Has there been a more heart-breaking picture?'

“He has, quite simply, been my strength and stay all these years.” 

That was how the Queen described her beloved husband on their golden wedding anniversary in 1997.

Elizabeth and Philip were first introduced to one another when the former was just eight years old, at the wedding of Princess Marina of Greece and Denmark (Philip’s cousin) and Prince George, Duke of Kent (Elizabeth’s uncle) in 1934.

Five years later, when Elizabeth was 13 and Philip was 18, they met again at the Royal Naval College in Dartmouth. It was here, reportedly, that Elizabeth fell in love with her future husband

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Sky News' Jacquie Beltrao shares tearful update after leaving hospital amid cancer battle

The host was seen hooked up to a drip just two days prior to her appearance on the news channel, saying she was “still red”.

She tweeted at the time: “Back in on a Friday @SkyNews for the first time in a while – sport in just a sec but I’ve got a question for you – tweet me.

“(PS note the polo neck shirt I’m still incredibly rashy!).”

Jacquie was diagnosed with breast cancer on Christmas Eve 2013 and later had a mastectomy, with the disease – stage 4 – returning in June last year.

James Jordan in moving update on unwell dad days after tearful TV appearance

One said: “I know the feeling, my Nannan’s been in since the new year, can’t even ring her because she had a heart attack & a stroke so she’s not very responsive.” (sic).

Another replied: “My mum is in hospital right now so I know how you feel. She’s very poorly too. Fingers crossed your dad and my mum can come home to us soon. Big love James x.”

A third commented: “I hope that your Dad recovers fully soon. It’s been a bad time for so many families and my heart goes out to you and your family.”

While a fourth wrote: “Sending positive thoughts and love. It’s hard being isolated away. I’m sure he’s getting excellent care tho, x.” (sic).