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Lewis Hamilton ‘was in tears’ as F1 star opens up on fighting racism

Lewis Hamilton has revealed that he was in tears at the Styrian Grand Prix last year as the emotions of his battle against racism in Formula One bubbled over. Hamilton has used his platform to lead the fight against discrimination and social injustice in the sport over the past year, but his noble stance has not been straightforward.

The 36-year-old has been vocal on the issue since the murder of George Floyd sparked the Black Lives Matter movement in 2020.

Hamilton has worn T-shirts supporting the movement, taken a knee before races and publicly called out some of his fellow drivers for not following his lead.

When other drivers refused to take a knee, the Briton said their “silence is complicit” with the racism the stance opposes.

The seven-time champion then also raised a fist for Black Power after winning last year’s Styrian Grand Prix in Austria.

Despite his campaigning, Hamilton won the 2020 Drivers’ Championship title, but he says his dual role took its toll.

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Hamilton remains F1’s only black driver – a fact that goes some way to explaining why he feels so passionately about the subject.

Growing up in the sport, Hamilton was subjected to racist abuse and, while things are gradually progressing, F1 is still some way off achieving diversity.

Hamilton recently signed a new contract with Mercedes, keeping him in the sport until the end of the 2023 season at least and he says is not going to stop speaking out against racism.

“I don’t see it as a burden,” he said.

“It was definitely liberating to be able to be open and speak about things. For people to know that there’s much more to me than perhaps they realised from watching me on TV.

“I feel like I was built for this. There’s a reason it was suppressed over all that time. And if it happened any sooner I wouldn’t be ready, wouldn’t be strong enough to handle it.

“I wouldn’t be able to do my job as well and do both things at the same time.

“But now I’m equipped with the tools to do so. I look at my niece and nephew. I look at my little cousins. And I think, ‘How can I make things better for you guys and your friends?’”

Harry Kane’s wife ‘in tears’ as she pens emotional letter after weeks apart ahead of final

Following weeks apart as Harry Kane, 27, and his England team compete in the Euro 2020, his wife Kate has expressed how proud she is of him in a heartfelt tribute. The mother-of-three told fans she used to laugh at him when he said he’d play for the national team one day, but praised him for chasing his dream and succeeding.

In view of her 182,000 Instagram followers, she wrote: “H, you know I am not one to cry too easily but I found myself in tears when I started writing down how proud you’re making us all and what you’re doing for the country.

“I use to laugh at you when we started going out and you’d be round at mine playing penalties with my brother Tom and Seamus the dog, and you’d say you would be England captain one day.

“But that’s you – you set yourself a goal and you achieve it and you always said you were going to the Euros to get to the final.”

She went on to praise the Tottenham player for being “an amazing husband and dad”, adding they couldn’t wait to have him home.

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Kate added: “Imagine telling them all about this summer one day when they’re a bit older. We all love you so much, Skipper.

“Bring it home for the country, you deserve to lift that trophy with this incredible England team!”

The footballer’s wife hasn’t been able to see Harry during the tournament due to coronavirus restrictions, but his hasn’t stopped her supporting her spouse from afar.

Earlier this week, she shared a selfie of her beaming for the camera at a social distance from Harry at Wembley Stadium.

Many of Kate’s fans flocked to her post to comment.

Harry commented with two love heart emojis, while Harry Maguire’s wife-to-be Fern Hawkins also liked the post.

A second added: “Come on England!”

“He played class,” a third added.

The footballer’s wife has also been giving fans an insight into her home celebrations in recent weeks.

On Wednesday, she shared a picture of her children wearing England T-shirts as the family watched the game from a teepee.

The details included England flags, lights, a cardboard cutout of her spouse and a fancy cocktail menu.

England vs Italy kicks off tomorrow at 8pm on ITV.

Christian Eriksen: Denmark boss Kasper Hjulmand in tears during emotional press conference

Denmark manager Kasper Hjulmand was deeply upset when quizzed on the distressing situation in which Christian Eriksen had to be resuscitated during his country’s Euro 2020 clash with Finland. The former Tottenham star hit the deck and needed immediate CPR before being rushed to hospital.

Eriksen is now in a stable condition and he FaceTimed his team-mates to tell them to continue the match.

Denmark went on to lose 1-0 as Finland secured their first ever victory at a European Championship.

Hjulmand faced the press after the match and he struggled to fight back the tears.

“It was a really tough evening, on which we’ve all been reminded what the most important things in life are,” he said.

“It’s meaningful relationships. It’s those people who are close to us. It’s family and friends.

“Everything, everything, everything – all thoughts are with Christian and his family.

“A group of players that I cannot praise enough.

“First of all, if it gets emotional, it’s been a tough night. We are all reminded of what the most important thing in life is – to have valuable relationships, people we’re close to, our family and our friends.

“We have a group of players that I cannot praise enough. I couldn’t be prouder of those people who took such good care of each other.

“He is one of my very dear friends, the way the players talked in the dressing room to decide to not do anything before we knew Christian was conscious and OK.

“We had two options to play the game [today] or tomorrow at 12pm and everyone agreed to play today. You can’t play a game with such feelings. We tried to win.

“It was incredible they managed to go out and try to play the second half.

“Honestly, there were players out there that were completely done. Emotionally done and emotionally exhausted.”

Finland boss Markku Kanerva said: “We are going to remember this for a long time for different reasons.

“It was a very emotional night for us.”

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Mini Review: Astalon: Tears of the Earth – Likeable, High Fantasy Metroidvania Action

Astalon: Tears of the Earth is yet another retro-inspired action platformer on Switch eShop, with a sprinkling of light RPG elements. It tells the tale of an unspecified planet that falls into chaos after an endless battle between its many kingdoms. After decades of surviving in the wasteland, a band of three heroes journey into the Tower of Serpents in the hope of saving their village. It’s a fairly bog-standard plot, but one that ultimately feels quite lean, with little fat to distract from the strong gameplay on offer here.

You play as all three heroes, interchangeable at various campfires set up within the tower: there’s Arias, the keen fighter who prefers close quarter combat; Algus, a stoic wizard who can shoot powerful orbs towards enemies; and Kyuli, a sultry rogue with a slow, but accurate long-ranged bow. Each character has their own stats which can be upgraded via the mighty Epimetheus, a fearsome beast who grants our heroes new abilities in exchange for the soul of Algus.

The gameplay feels very much like your average Metroidvania, with multiple pathways to explore, locked doorways, and a smattering of collectibles to gather on your way. Certain pathways require a specific character in order to progress; for example, Kyuli can jump higher than Arias and Algus, which may be required for accessing high ground. Similarly, Arias can cut down blockages, and Algus can activate magical switches. It’s great that the game encourages you to play as all three characters, but it’s mighty frustrating when you have to backtrack to the nearest campfire in order to pick the right character.

The enemies littered throughout the tower are varied and continually interesting; some float around the area, some can fire projectiles, and others simply charge at you with reckless abandon. Mini boss encounters happen rarely, and when they show up, they always prove to be a nice change of pace, albeit not particularly very challenging. The main bosses are excellent, however, providing tough experiences without ever feeling overbearing.

The game offers up multiple graphical filters depending on your preference (although annoyingly, you can only access this via the main menu). By default, the pixel-heavy visuals appear softened, giving off a more retro feel, but you can swap this out for a ‘proper’ CRT filter, a black and white filter, or none at all. We’ve rarely seen a game with this many graphical options, which is genuinely great to see. The game otherwise looks pretty good throughout; the sprites and environments are fairly basic, but there animation and effects are strong throughout, and there’s a nice use of colour.

With a great variety of environments, simple gameplay, and a strong line-up of enemies, Astalon: Tears of the Earth turns out to be one of the more successful action platformers we’ve seen in recent months. It will likely only last a handful of hours, but there’s a lot here to love, and it’s a relative no-brainer if you’re a fan of high fantasy Metroidvanias.

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Donald Trump tears into Biden’s ‘failed’ Mexico policy – ‘Destroying our country!’

The former US President also speculated whether Mr Biden eased restrictions on the Mexico border out of incompetence or a pursuit of open borders by stealth.

He said: “The question is, do they do it out of incompetence? Which I happen to think. Or they do it because they really believe open borders are good for this country?.”

He then added Mr Biden’s soft approach had encouraged waves of migrants to attempt to cross the border, and said:

“We had the strongest in the history of our country.

“Very few people. Drugs were way down. Human trafficking was almost stopped.

“We did things that were amazing, and you take a look at what’s happening now. And let me tell you: They’re letting people from prisons. They’re opening their prisons. Their prisoners are coming in, their murderers, their drug addicts, and drug dealers, by the way.

“And the human traffickers are coming in. They’re letting them in. They want them in. They don’t want them in their country, so they’re saying, ‘send them to the USA.’”

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Kevin De Bruyne in tears after suffering black eye injury during Champions League final

Kevin De Bruyne struggled to hold back the tears after being forced off in the second half of the Champions League final. The Belgian suffered an immediate black eye after being knocked off his feet by Antonio Rudiger in an unfortunate coming together between the two players.
De Bruyne had endured a difficult evening after struggling to find his rhythm against Chelsea’s dogged midfield.

And with City pressing hard for an equaliser, you just wondered whether this was going to be their night after De Bruyne hit the deck.

As he tried to make a run off the ball, Rudiger stopped him in his tracks.

In doing so, both players fell to the deck in what looked a nasty collision in real-time.

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De Bruyne did not appear to react well to treatment and remained on his back as he received attention from City’s medical staff.

BT Sport commentator Darren Fletcher feared the playmaker may have suffered a neck injury.

But those fears are eventually eased when De Bruyne rose to his feet, albeit gingerly.

The damage to De Bruyne’s eye was immediate as the bruising and swelling ballooned.

Gabriel Jesus was then summoned to replace him as he left in tears.

De Bruyne was then checked over by UEFA’s medical staff and was clearly devastated that his night ended early.

Five minutes later, he was spotted seated on the bench applying ice to the injury as he nervously watched on from the sidelines.

As Chelsea made a substitute on 80 minutes, De Bruyne was then pictured limping down the tunnel under the assistance of the City medical staff.

It appeared he was off for further medical checks as Belgium fans and Roberto Martinez sweat on the fitness of their star man.

The scenes were reminiscent of the 2018 Champions League final, when Mohamed Salah’s night ended in Kiev for Liverpool.

Salah fell awkwardly in a tussle with Sergio Ramos before suffering a shoulder injury.

He would later be declared fit for the World Cup despite missing the first match for his country in Russia.

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Man Utd star Bruno Fernandes in tears after Villarreal win Europa League on penalties

Bruno Fernandes could not hold back the tears after Manchester United’s heartbreaking penalty shootout defeat to Villarreal in the Europa League final. The Red Devils were beaten 11-10 on spot-kicks after a thrilling shootout that never seemed like ending but it was David de Gea of all people who missed the decisive spot-kick that saw former Arsenal boss Unai Emery win the competition for the fourth time.
United took the penalties second and responded perfectly every time for ten successive spot-kicks.

Yet when it came down to the goalkeepers, Geronimo Rulli kept out the Spaniard’s strike after converting emphatically into the top corner himself.

After what has been a gruelling season, United fell just short of winning their first trophy under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer at the final hurdle.

Fernandes had talked about using the Europa League as a launchpad for more trophies beyond this season.

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Marcus Rashford endured a night to forget despite dispatching his spot-kick from 12-yards.

He missed a glaring opportunity inside the box in the second half to put his side ahead but placed his shot wide of the mark.

Villareal took the lead in the first half when Gerard Moreno ghosted in on goal and fired home from a free-kick to the back post.

United responded well after the interval as Edinson Cavani struck an equaliser to give his team hope.

But after a gruelling 120 minutes of action the sides could barely be separated after 22 spot-kicks.

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Chris Evans: Virgin Radio host opens up on family tears as his twins mark new milestone

Virgin Radio Breakfast Show host Chris Evans, 55, has revealed that there will be tears in his house this week as he candidly addressed a family milestone while chatting to his co-stars. The media personality has two-year-old twins Walt and Boo with wife Natasha Shishmanian, and he announced live on-air that the duo would be taking a big step by starting nursery today.
Talking about the passing of time on his breakfast show, the star went on to say that memories are either “a minute ago, or 100 years ago”.

After celebrating a listener’s birthday on air, the star added that his son Noah is also the same age.

“He’s 12, he’s catching up”, he added, before dropping a huge milestone for his family.

“The twins go to nursery for the first time tomorrow”, he revealed.

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Chris’ co-host Rachel Horne sharply inhaled before simply commenting, “tears”.

“Rivers, rivers, flood warnings, amber warning in our house all week this week,” he added.

Rachel asked: “Has Tash got an exit strategy for when she drops them off?” referring to Chris’ wife Natasha.

“She needs to have something that she’s going to do”, she added.

At the end of last year, the DJ told his Virgin Radio co-stars that it’s highly unlikely that he and his wife will have any more children after noticing how she’s “developing and evolving” as a person.

He told his colleagues: “I think that Tash is very secretly gearing up to become a yoga teacher.”

“I think now, this is the biggest heads-up that we’re not going to have any more children because obviously she’s not going to tell me either way!”

The radio DJ confessed everything his wife would need to have another child is “done”, while revealing she can access “something, somewhere” that requires his signature every 12-months should she change her mind.

“I’m like, ‘Why am I signing this?’ and she says, ‘It doesn’t matter just sign it, don’t worry about it’,” he giggled.

With four children all under the age of 15, Chris believed their twins were the last two they would welcome into the family.

The star’s ex-wives include actress Billie Piper and Loose Women panellist Carol McGiffin.

Chris and his professional golfer wife married in 2007 and held their wedding reception in Portugal, which was attended by Chris’ ex Billie.

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Naga Munchetty warns listeners after story leaves her in tears before going live on air

Naga Munchetty, 46, warned listeners before her BBC Radio 5 Live guest told her an emotional and heartfelt story on the show. The BBC Breakfast host admitted the moving tale had moved her to tears before she had arrived at the public broadcaster’s office that morning.
Naga welcomed Josie Lloyd onto her morning radio show, to discuss her new novel, which was inspired by how she had completed a 10k run in Brighton alongside other cancer survivors.

Josie, who was diagnosed with breast cancer but is now cancer-free, had the most incredible anecdote from her time in the race, which she wanted to share with listeners.

However Naga interrupted her and said: “Can I just say one thing before you say this, I’m warning my listeners now… I read this, this morning and I cried on the way to work.

“It’s beautiful, it’s beautiful, sorry carry on Josie,” she added.

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Josie started: “It’s the story that inspired me to write a whole novel. So what happened was this lovely woman fell into step next to me [during the race] and she was the picture of health, she had this gorgeous glossy hair.

“She said, ‘I had Stage 4 cancer, they thought I was a goner.

“I ran all the way through my treatment, and look at me now and we had a little… she said, ‘Go on keep going, you can do it’.

“I was so inspired by her and she was so lovely. She ran on and I kind of got my mojo back and I ran on.”

However, when Josie got to the end of the race, the kind runner stopped and wanted to continue their conversation.

Josie continued: “At the final turn of the race she had waited for me. She said, ‘Stop a sec, I want to talk to you,’ and I said, ‘What is it?’

“And she said, ‘When I was going through my absolute lowest ebb I was in a café, near the hospital and I was feeling wretched, and this woman, this stranger across the café came over to me and she said, ‘Listen I know what you are going through, I’ve been there, and I just want you to know to have hope because your life will be even better at the other side of cancer’.

“This woman in the café had taken off a little butterfly necklace, which she had given to this runner and said, ‘This is a little butterfly of hope, and I want you to wear it and know your life will be better than ever on the other side of cancer’.

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“And now in the race, this runner took her necklace off, the same necklace I’m wearing now, and she gave it to me and said, ‘Look this is your little butterfly of hope now, and I want you to wear it and know your life is going to be better than ever.

“’Just know you are going to be fine,’” she finished.

Josie has now released The Cancer Ladies’ Running book which details her experience with the disease and how she found hope and friendship through running.

Elsewhere, Naga has been keeping her fans entertained on social media after she revealed how a supermarket assistant had turned her away from buying a bottle of wine.

The TV host spoke out on Twitter after she was unable to purchase alcohol after leaving her ID at home.

Naga typed in view of her 254,000 followers: “Am winning at life in a small way this morning…

“Just been refused to be sold a bottle of wine at the local supermarket by the lovely lady at the till because I had no I.D. YES!”

Fellow BBC host Sophie Raworth, 52, said she was also recently asked for a form of identification while trying to purchase alcohol.

She responded: “I got ‘carded’ recently to see if I was over 25 in a supermarket. I was wearing a mask and a hat to be fair. But still.”

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Hull campsite owner in tears after stunning TV transformation

Author: [email protected] (Lisa Baxter)
This post originally appeared on Hull Live – Celebs & TV

A stressed out, tired mum whose partner left her with two daughters to look after was reduced to tears after a stunning TV transformation.

Deborah Minns, who owns Spring Valley Campsite in Hull, travelled the world in a girl band in her youth, and throwback photos in the programme showed her as a glamorous and confident woman.

However, she told the programme that she neglected herself after becoming a single parent and her ex’s parting shot was to tell her she’d “never be nothing and no-one”.

She had spent the last 20 years building up her business and caring for her family, with no time for herself.

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Deborah, who said she was more at home in digger boots than heels, was judged at the start of the 10 Years Younger in 10 days show in a public poll who put her age at 63 – ten years older than her actual age of 53.

But after undergoing surgery for porcelain veneers on her teeth, skin treatments including Botox and fillers, an expensive colouring process on her hair, and a clothes styling session – Deborah gasped with disbelief when her new image was unveiled at the end of the Channel 5 show, which aired last night.

She said: “Who is she? I feel absolutely gorgeous. I look like a celebrity.”

Deborah said she would now happily get on stage at her campsite and belt out cabaret hits with confidence, thanks to her new look.

Campsite owner Deborah Minns transformation on Channel 5 show '10 Years Younger in 10 Days' was sensational
Campsite owner Deborah Minns transformation on Channel 5 show ’10 Years Younger in 10 Days’ was sensational

“I’m going to go to that cabaret and I’m going to own that stage. The face, the skin, teeth, hair – perfect! Amazing, I absolutely love myself!” she added.

When Deborah showed off the results of her make-over to her mum Carol and daughter Jasmine, they cried and hugged her in disbelief.

Mum Carol said: “I was absolutely amazed. I’ve never, ever seen her looking as glamorous as that.”

Jasmine said: “It’s unreal, she looks beyond beautiful. I’ve never felt so proud, it’s like I’ve got a new mum.”

In a Facebook post after the show aired, Deborah said: “Tonight you will see the ‘naked’ me, no make up, tired, overworked, nervous, close up and personal.

“But I don’t care, if at least it encourages anyone else who puts everyone else first, to stop and remind themselves about the care and love they need to give themselves, then all is good.”

The show’s presenter Cherry Healey was also visibly shocked at Deborah’s appearance, as she told her that her new ‘poll age’ was 48 – a whopping 15 years younger than her original poll age.