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Persona 25th Anniversary website launched – are Atlus teasing Persona 6 reveal?

And it looks like one of these projects could be Persona 6 – the next mainline entry in the series.

As Persona Central pointed out on Twitter, the Anniversary website has a merchandise section.

And pages in this area of the website could be teasing goods the will be branded with the Persona 6 protagonist and artwork.

The Persona Central Twitter posted: “One of the sets of Persona 25th Anniversary merchandise is teasing a new main character, and what could potentially be the face of Persona 6.”

It then went on to add: “Similarly, this set of Persona series acrylic stands (11 in total) for the 25th anniversary feature all of the mainline titles (only remakes for P1/P2, excluding FES), with 2 covers kept secret displayed after the Persona 5 Royal cover.”

Fans have gone on to speculate that the key artwork for the Persona 25th Anniversary website could also have dropped a hint about Persona 6.

Crytek Seems To Be Teasing Something Related To Crysis 2…

Crysis 2

Last year, Crytek surprised longtime fans with a remaster of the original Crysis game. It turns out this year is actually the 10th anniversary of Crysis 2, and well, you know what that means, right? If Crytek’s recent activity on social media is anything to go by, it seems the German developer might be gearing up for a remaster of the second game, which was originally released in 2011.

The quote “They used to call me prophet” in the tweet below, is a line spoken by Major Laurence “Prophet” Barnesa from Crysis 2, and is followed by some wide-eyed emojis and a screenshot of the same game – seemingly suggesting something could be on the way.

Last year’s Crysis Remastered was the first time a Crysis game had ever been released on a Nintendo platform. At the time, we labelled it a technical miracle and one of the best shooters on the hybrid platform. If a remaster of the second game does go ahead, it should also be running on CryEngine V.

Would you be interested in playing a remaster of the second Crysis game on Switch eventually? How about the third one? Leave a comment down below.

This post originally appeared on Nintendo Life | Latest News