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Star Wars editor slams ‘terrible’ storylines – ‘Kathleen Kennedy doesn’t have a clue’

STAR WARS: The ex-wife of George Lucas and the former editor of the original trilogy has spoken out against the latest films in the franchise while slamming the series studio head, Kathleen Kennedy, as well as director JJ Abrams.

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Norway’s King Harald sends condolences to Germany and Belgium: “It’s a terrible natural disaster”

King Harald has sent his condolences to German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier and King Philippe of Belgium after the terrible floods hit the two countries.

“On behalf of myself and the Norwegian people, I send my condolences and ask that this be passed on to the bereaved and affected by this terrible natural disaster,” King Harald wrote on Saturday.

Furthermore, the king noted that he was sad to hear about the floods that have caused so much destruction and taken so many lives.

Source: © NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today / #NorwayTodayNews

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Piers Morgan lashes out as Boris Johnson takes part in ‘contact testing pilot’ ‘Terrible!’

Broadcaster Piers Morgan has slammed the “terrible” decision for the Prime Minister to take part in a testing pilot scheme. It comes after Boris Johnson was contacted by NHS Test and Trace.

Boris was contacted by Test and Trace after Health Secretary Sajid Javid confirmed he had tested positive for coronavirus.

In compliance with Covid regulations, those who came in contact with Mr Javid are to self-isolate.

However, Number 10 confirmed that the Prime Minister, along with Rishi Sunak will continue to work from Downing Street.

A spokesperson said “they will be participating in a daily contact testing pilot to allow them to continue to work from Downing Street.”

However, Piers instantly took to social media to share his thoughts.

The former Good Morning Britain anchor tweeted: “WHAT? So once again, one rule for the people setting the rules and another for the rest of us? This is a terrible decision.”

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The Efforts to Make Text-Based AI Less Racist and Terrible

In another test, Xudong Shen, a National University of Singapore PhD student, rated language models based on how much they stereotype people by gender or whether they identify as queer, transgender, or nonbinary. He found that larger AI programs tended to engage in more stereotyping. Shen says the makers of large language models should correct these flaws. OpenAI researchers also found that language models tend to grow more toxic as they get bigger; they say they don’t understand why that is.

Text generated by large language models is coming ever closer to language that looks or sounds like it came from a human, yet it still fails to understand things requiring reasoning that almost all people understand. In other words, as some researchers put it, this AI is a fantastic bullshitter, capable of convincing both AI researchers and other people that the machine understands the words it generates.

UC Berkeley psychology professor Alison Gopnik studies how toddlers and young people learn to apply that understanding to computing. Children, she said, are the best learners, and the way kids learn language stems largely from their knowledge of and interaction with the world around them. Conversely, large language models have no connection to the world, making their output less grounded in reality.

“The definition of bullshitting is you talk a lot and it kind of sounds plausible, but there’s no common sense behind it,” Gopnik says.

Yejin Choi, an associate professor at the University of Washington and leader of a group studying common sense at the Allen Institute for AI, has put GPT-3 through dozens of tests and experiments to document how it can make mistakes. Sometimes it repeats itself. Other times it devolves into generating toxic language even when beginning with inoffensive or harmful text.

To teach AI more about the world, Choi and a team of researchers created PIGLeT, AI trained in a simulated environment to understand things about physical experience that people learn growing up, such as it’s a bad idea to touch a hot stove. That training led a relatively small language model to outperform others on common sense reasoning tasks. Those results, she said, demonstrate that scale is not the only winning recipe and that researchers should consider other ways to train models. Her goal: “Can we actually build a machine learning algorithm that can learn abstract knowledge about how the world works?”

Choi is also working on ways to reduce the toxicity of language models. Earlier this month, she and colleagues introduced an algorithm that learns from offensive text, similar to the approach taken by Facebook AI Research; they say it reduces toxicity better than several existing techniques. Large language models can be toxic because of humans, she says. “That’s the language that’s out there.”

Perversely, some researchers have found that attempts to fine-tune and remove bias from models can end up hurting marginalized people. In a paper published in April, researchers from UC Berkeley and the University of Washington found that Black people, Muslims, and people who identify as LGBT are particularly disadvantaged.

The authors say the problem stems, in part, from the humans who label data misjudging whether language is toxic or not. That leads to bias against people who use language differently than white people. Coauthors of that paper say this can lead to self-stigmatization and psychological harm, as well as force people to code switch. OpenAI researchers did not address this issue in their recent paper.

Jesse Dodge, a research scientist at the Allen Institute for AI, reached a similar conclusion. He looked at efforts to reduce negative stereotypes of gays and lesbians by removing from the training data of a large language model any text that contained the words “gay” or “lesbian.” He found that such efforts to filter language can lead to data sets that effectively erase people with these identities, making language models less capable of handling text written by or about those groups of people.

Dodge says the best way to deal with bias and inequality is to improve the data used to train language models instead of trying to remove bias after the fact. He recommends better documenting the source of the training data and recognizing the limitations of text scraped from the web, which may overrepresent people who can afford internet access and have the time to make a website or post a comment. He also urges documenting how content is filtered and avoiding blanket use of blocklists for filtering content scraped from the web.

Author: Khari Johnson
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Why buying an Amazon Echo speaker right now is a really terrible idea

“This Prime Day, we’re offering Prime members millions of deals from great brands which we know our customers love. We’re also continuing our support for the small businesses selling on Amazon by running our ‘spend £10 get £10 offer’, which will help thousands of smaller companies in the run up to Prime Day,” said John Boumphrey, Amazon UK Country Manager.

“As a Prime Day first, we’re also delighted to be increasing our donations to charity when customers shop through AmazonSmile, so there is plenty for everyone this year.”

Prime Day kicks off at 00.01am on June 21 and runs through 23.59pm on June 22 for Prime members in the UK, U.S., the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Spain, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Portugal, Netherlands, Mexico, Luxembourg, Japan, Italy, Germany, France, China, Brazil, Belgium, Austria and Australia.

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GTA 6 release date: 2021 would be a terrible year for PS5 and Xbox Series X launch

Publisher Take-Two Interactive has made it pretty clear that GTA 6 will not be released during 2021.

Hopes of a surprise reveal at E3 2021 can continue; for now, however, expectations have taken a blow.

And perhaps it’s for the best that the next Grand Theft Auto game will not be hitting shelves in 2021.

There are several reasons why this was always a long shot, and there are also a few which would have made this year a rubbish time to launch such a big next-gen title.

Let’s start with the obvious issue that makes launching GTA 6 in 2021 so unlikely; the enduring success of GTA 5 Online.

Launched back in 2013, Grand Theft Auto V and its multiplayer experience continue to prove one of the most popular video games in existence.

Not only does it continue to top sales charts, but it also has another port being planned for later this year.

A native version of GTA 5, complete with new enhancements and features, will be released on PS5 and Xbox Series X in the coming months.

Developers Rockstar Game have announced the final launch date to be November 11, 2021.

And there seems very little doubt that this will be another sales hit for Rockstar Games and its parent company Take-Two.

The launch of this new product highlights how unlikely 2021 was for a GTA 6 release date and how it will make 2022 a hard sell too.

But there are other reasons why launching GTA 6 in 2021 would have been a bad thing for gamers.

GTA 6 is set to be a massive game, and while we don’t know much about it yet, it seems likely to skip PS4 and Xbox One consoles.

Doing so will make it possible for the development team to build a truly next-gen Grand Theft Auto experience, complete with a revamped multiplayer mode.

But if Take-Two had decided to bin GTA 5 PS5 and Xbox Series X support this year to focus on the sequel, things could have panned out differently.

There would have been a much higher chance that a Grand Theft Auto 6 game coming out in 2021 would have been cross-gen.

So while it’s incredibly frustrating that we have been stuck waiting for so many years, and this situation is going to continue, it might have been for the best for GTA 6 to skip 2021.

Rockstar Games hasn’t said much about what enhancements are being planned for GTA 5 but they did release this statement regarding the port this week, telling fans:

“The expanded and enhanced versions of Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online are arriving on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S with new features and more, on November 11th, 2021.

“As an added bonus — this summer’s updates to GTA Online will include special benefits for players to take advantage of in these expanded and enhanced versions when they drop. Plus, in honor of the upcoming 20th anniversary of the genre-defining Grand Theft Auto III, we’ll have even more fun surprises to share — including some specifically for GTA Online players.

“While the standalone version of GTA Online will be available to players on both platforms, this new standalone version of GTA Online will be available for free exclusively to PlayStation 5 players during the first three months.

“And PlayStation Plus members on PlayStation 4, make sure to claim your GTA$ 1,000,000 by visiting the PlayStation Store at the start of each month — every month until the launch of GTA Online on PlayStation 5.”

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US fuel shortage ‘NIGHTMARE’ a direct consequence of terrible policy decisions – analyst

The ransomware cyberattack that paralyzed one of the US’ biggest and most vital oil hubs – the Colonial Pipeline – has resulted in fuel shortages in eight states across the US East Coast.

The outage caused rising fuel prices with the national average climbing to more than $ 3 a gallon for the first time in six years.

However, the current crisis shouldn’t be attributed to the pipeline shutdown alone, according to Jeffrey A. Tucker of the American Institute for Economic Research.
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According to him, the shutdown of the network, which transports gasoline and other fuel through 10 states between Texas and New York, has inevitably affected supply.

“There are inflationary pressures rising across the US due to money printing and increased consumer spending,” said Tucker.

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“A fuel shortage is a nightmare for anyone who remembers the 1970s. Life is about to get very scary in the US – a direct consequence of a series of terrible policy decisions dating from 2018 to the present,” the analyst told RT, adding that the nation seems to be returning to those days.

However, according to the president of Lipow Oil Associates, Andy Lipow, the effect of the outage is regional. He pointed out that the Colonial Pipeline primarily serves the Mid-Atlantic and Southeastern regions of the United States.
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“It’s in those regions that we are now beginning to see gasoline shortages at the pump that are becoming more widespread… In the rest of the country, fuel supplies are unaffected,” said Lipow.

“We’ve already seen in the Mid-Atlantic and Southeastern states the retail price of gasoline has risen eight cents a gallon and it could go even higher if gasoline supplies are trucked in from longer distances from terminals outside of the region,” he added.

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Members Of LGBTQ+ Community Dismiss Caitlyn Jenner’s Run For Governor: ‘Her Views Are Terrible’

Author: Emily Selleck
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Stars like George Takei and Alyssa Milano have reacted to the news that lifelong Republican Caitlyn Jenner is running for governor of California. See the tweets.

Former Keeping Up With The Kardashians star Caitlyn Jenner has officially filed paperwork to run for governor of California in a potential 2021 recall election. The 71-year-old is a lifelong Republican, and members of the LGBTQ+ community were quick to take to social media, saying they won’t back her “vanity campaign.” Star Wars actor George Takei, who is gay, compared her standing in the LGBTQ community to that of conservative pundit Candace Owens’ reputation in the Black community. “Black people wouldn’t vote for Candace Owen for office. The disabled community wouldn’t vote for Madison Cawthorn,” he tweeted. “I’m LGBTQ but I won’t be voting for Caitlyn Jenner. Just so we’re clear.”

Running under the slogan ‘Caitlyn For California‘, she is yet to confirm whether she is running as a Republican or as an Independent, however she is reportedly already surrounding herself with a team of Donald Trump‘s former aides. CNN reported she was taking advice from ex Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale, ahead of her potential California gubernatorial bid. “The support for this campaign has been amazing nationwide,” Caitlyn captioned an IG post, one day after revealing the big news. Nevertheless, the phrase “HELL NO” began trending soon after her announcement.

Transgender activist Charlotte Clymer slammed the reality star’s run as a “vanity campaign” that would allow transphobia to proliferate. “Caitlyn Jenner is a deeply unqualified hack who doesn’t care about anyone but herself,” Charlotte wrote. “Her views are terrible. She is a horrible candidate.” She later added, “Caitlyn Jenner has no real support. I don’t care about her candidacy. I do care about the ways in which her asinine views will be weaponized against trans people and the ways in which transphobia will go unchecked … This is purely a vanity campaign, and it’s incredibly selfish.”

Even actress Alyssa Milano weighed in, tweeting, “You are running as a Republican?! Republicans deny your existence and are trying to erase trans youth.” At the same time that she filed her paperwork, Caitlyn her campaign website, and revealed her mission statement. “California has been my home for nearly 50 years,” the statement read. “I came here because I knew that anyone, regardless of their background or station in life, could turn their dreams into reality. But for the past decade, we have seen the glimmer of the Golden State reduced by one-party rule that places politics over progress and special interests over people. Sacramento needs an honest leader with a clear vision.”

Terrible phone signal? Worst UK areas for EE, Three, Vodafone and O2 users revealed

EE, Vodafone, O2 and Three customers appear to be getting a very different experience depending on where they live. The latest 4G and 5G speeds stats have just been published by the network testing team at RootMetrics and it reveals some vast differences between some of the UK’s biggest cities.
As more of us use our phones to watch content online, make video calls and send endless WhatsApp messages, having a good data speed is now essential but not everyone is getting the same experience.

Out of 16 areas tested, Liverpool came out on top with an aggregated speed of 43.6Mbps – at that rate, you’d be able to download a blockbuster HD movie in around 14 minutes. According to RootMetrics Vodafone clocked the fastest overall median download speed in Liverpool at 73.5 Mbps, while EE earned honours in Birmingham, posting a speed of 79.5 Mbps.

However, spare a thought for those living in Leeds and Bradford as they only get an average speed of 22Mbps – the same movie would take over 20 minutes to download. Sheffield and Newcastle also scored lower results with customers in these areas getting an average speed of around 26Mbps.

Surprisingly, London didn’t do as well as some might expect with the capital coming 6th in rankings with a speed of 33.3Mbps. Although some areas aren’t getting the greatest downloads right now things could vastly improve in the future with more places getting the latest 5G technology.

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Liverpool • Average speed – 43.6Mbps

Birmingham • Average speed – 40.2

Hull • Average speed – 37.7

Leicester • Average speed – 36.4

Nottingham • Average speed – 35.5

London • Average speed – 33.3

Manchester • Average speed – 33.0

Cardiff • Average speed – 31.8

Glasgow • Average speed – 30.8

Bristol • Average speed – 28.8

Edinburgh • Average speed – 28.0

Belfast • Average speed – 27.5

Coventry • Average speed – 26.2

Newcastle • Average speed – 26.0

Sheffield • Average speed – 25.9

Leeds and Bradford • Average speed – 22.0

Why buying an Apple iPad right now is probably a terrible idea

Of course, as with all launches we can expect Apple to ramp up the performance with the new Pro likely to receive the M1 chip found in its latest MacBook laptops. As well as power, another advantage of these brains is that they are more efficient meaning better battery life.

A Thunderbolt port could replace the standard USB-C socket which will improve data transfer times.

That’s the good news for Pro fans but there could also be something coming soon for those who want something smaller in their bag. That’s because Apple could refresh its popular Mini range which could get an improved processor, new design and a larger 7.9-inch screen.