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The threat for heavy rain and flooding is increasing

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) — Scattered downpours and thunderstorms will return on Thursday and could lead to isolated street flooding.

An even higher chance for heavy rain and flooding starts on Friday, and extends into at least Saturday. Rainfall totals during the next 7 days will range between 4 to 8 inches for most areas with isolated spots getting over 10.

How much rain has your part of town received so far? Harris County provides rainfall totals across the city with a map from the Flood Warning System.

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On what day is heavy rain and street flooding the biggest threat?
At this time, Saturday appears to be the wettest day. These will be slow moving storms with high rain rates so watch out for significant street flooding.

It sure has been raining a lot, hasn’t it?
Yes it has! We saw over 11 inches of rain in May at IAH. That accounts for more than half our rainfall total on the year.

Will the rain chances continue into next week?
Yes. There’s now a 60% chance for rain in the forecast Monday through Wednesday. We should finally dry out late next week.

Southeast Texas
Harris County

Galveston County
Montgomery/Walker/San Jacinto/Polk/Grimes Counties
Fort Bend/Wharton/Colorado Counties
Brazoria/Matagorda Counties

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Dominic Thiem out of French Open as Nadal and Djokovic's main threat suffers early exit

“Novak Djokovic is still the rival, perhaps, who can cause more problems, along with Stefanos Tsitsipas, Alexander Zverev and Dominic Thiem,” he said.

“Of course, if Dominic Thiem regains the rhythm and confidence that he usually shows on clay, I would say that I do not see differences between him and Djokovic.

“Since he won the US Open he has dropped a bit, but I’m sure that for Roland Garros he will be at the necessary level and will be a very tough opponent.

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Watch out Keir! Former Labour MP admits George Galloway MAJOR threat in crunch by-election

Ahead of the Batley on Spen by-election on June 1, the Labour leader has been warned Mr Galloway has the ability to make a “dramatic comeback” into UK politics. Despite failing to win a seat in the Scottish election, Mr Galloway, a former Labour MP himself, has the ability to “unnerve” his opponents, Tom Harris claimed. Mr Harris, former Labour MP for Glasgow South, said: “Galloway has faced electoral defeat before and has frequently managed to stage a dramatic comeback.

“That is what unnerves his political opponents even today.

“Because they recognise that he still has enough of a presence and the following to make waves.”

Pressure is building on the current Labour leader after the Opposition lost the Hartlepool by-election earlier this month.

The party also suffered a horrendous council election campaign which saw them lose eight seats and 327 councillors.

In contrast, the Tories tightened their grip across the country by adding 13 councils and a further 235 councillors.

Ahead of the election in Batley and Spen next month, some have warned losing another seat to the Tories may be Sir Keir’s downfall.

Mr Harris added: “The problem Labour face is that Galloway has veered so wildly between triumph and disaster during his long career, it is impossible to anticipate which direction his latest campaign will go.

“And in a contest already so unpredictable, in a political context so febrile and inhospitable to the current Labour Party, that is the most discomfiting aspect for Starmer.”

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“So, if for whatever reason you think that the current leader of the Labour Party needs to be replaced, I’m your man.”

The by-election was triggered after previous MP Tracy Babin was elected as mayor for West Yorkshire.

Labour has elected Kim Leadbitter, sister of Jo Cox, who held the seat until she was killed by a right-wing extremist.

The Tories have elected Leeds councillor Ryan Stephenson as their candidate.

The Yorkshire Party, which came third in the recent West Yorkshire mayoral election, said local engineer Corey Robinson would contest the by-election for them.

Following the loss of Hartlepool earlier this month, a Labour seat for 62 years, some within the Opposition claimed Sir Keir is not cutting through to the public.

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Red-coloured drink shown off the threat of a heart attack

There are few health events more frightening than a heart attack, which often strike suddenly. There are numerous mechanisms that can cut off the blood supply to the heart but the most common is the build up of a waxy substance called cholesterol in the arteries. Fortunately, research suggests drinking pomegranate juice and eating dates can confer protection against cholesterol build-up, thereby staving off the risk of having a heart attack.

The key finding was published in an issue of Food & Function, a journal of The Royal Society of Chemistry.

Before conducting the study, the research team was aware of the individual benefits provided by pomegranates and dates.

To test their hypothesis that combining the two could provide protection against cholesterol build-up, the researchers performed atherosclerotic mice.

Atherosclerosis is the medical term for plaque that builds up inside your arteries.

The team found that the triple combination of pomegranate juice, date fruits and date pits provided maximum protection against the development of atherosclerosis.

Specifically, they found the winning combination decreased arterial cholesterol content by 28 percent.

The researchers conclude that people at high risk for cardiovascular diseases, as well as healthy individuals, could benefit from consuming the combination of half a glass of pomegranate juice (four ounces), together with three dates.

Ideally, the pits should be ground up into a paste and eaten as well, but even without the pits, the combination is better than either fruit alone, they noted.

Other key dietary tips

Everyone should aim for a well balanced diet to stave off the risk of having a heart attack.

“Faddy crash diets may not provide the balance of nutrients you need,” says the British Heart Foundation (BHF).

As the BHF explains, the best way to understand it is to think of foods in food groups.

Try to eat:

  • Plenty of fruit and vegetables
  • Plenty of starchy foods such as bread, rice, potatoes and pasta. Choose Whole grain varieties wherever possible
  • Some milk and dairy products
  • Some meat, fish, eggs, beans and other non-dairy sources of protein
  • Only a small amount of foods and drinks high in fats and/or sugar.

The pain is often mistaken for indigestion

Heart attack symptoms: The pain is often mistaken for indigestion (Image: Getty Images)

One of the diets that fits this pattern is the DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) eating plan.

“The DASH diet encourages you to reduce the sodium in your diet and eat a variety of foods rich in nutrients that help lower blood pressure, such as potassium, calcium and magnesium,” explains the Mayo Clinic.

The DASH diet emphasises vegetables, fruits and low-fat dairy foods — and moderate amounts of whole grains, fish, poultry and nuts.

In addition to the standard DASH diet, there is also a lower sodium (salt) version of the diet.

The general symptoms of a heart attack

Heart attack symptoms: The general symptoms of a heart attack (Image: Getty Images)

Heart attack – the symptoms to spot

According to the NHS, the symptoms of a heart attack can include:

  • Chest pain – the chest can feel like it’s being pressed or squeezed by a heavy object, and pain can radiate from the chest to the jaw, neck, arms and back
  • Shortness of breath
  • Feeling weak or lightheaded, or both
  • An overwhelming feeling of anxiety.

It’s important to know that not everyone experiences severe chest pain.

“This is particularly the case with many women. The pain can often be mild and mistaken for indigestion,” explains the NHS.

“It’s the combination of symptoms that’s important in determining whether a person is having a heart attack and not the severity of chest pain.”

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China threat 'increasing' as Xi Jinping's army 'is preparing for war' says Taiwan minister

Speaking to PBS reporter Nick Schifrin, the minister suggested Beijing is “forcing” other countries to cut ties with Taiwan.

He told the programme he believes “they are also trying to cut off Taiwan from the international society”, suggesting Beijing wants Taiwan out of the World Health Organisation and other bodies.

Mr Wu then added: “They are forcing other countries not to have official contact with us. And, moreover, Chinese are also engaging in cognitive warfare.

“They use cyberattack, disinformation, and something similar to disrupt the democratic process here in Taiwan, to create a conflict in between the government and the society, or to create a distrust between Taiwan and our major ally, which is the United States.”

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Red Bull's Max Verstappen wary of Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes threat despite Monaco glory

Max Verstappen is staying humble after victory around the streets of Monaco, despite now leading the driver’s standings by four points.
Verstappen enjoyed glory in the principality as his main title rival Lewis Hamilton suffered a torrid weekend, with his Mercedes team-mate Valtteri Bottas retiring mid-race after a pit stop disaster.

The Dutchman has never led the Drivers’ Championship standings in his F1 career, and to add to his accolades, Red Bull now also lead the Constructor’s standings too.

Hamilton was leading the world championship by 14 points coming into the weekend, but struggled for grip and pace in qualifying, leaving the seven-time world champion a lowly seventh on the starting grid.

The Briton looked to try and make up some places during the pit stop window, which didn’t work out for the team – with Hamilton finishing where he started.

Mercedes chief Toto Wolff offers opinion on Lewis Hamilton ‘mistake’

“If you just feel good in the car, and the car is doing what you want, I’ve always been quick around Monaco as well! Just shunted a few too many times.

“Baku again is just a completely different street circuit, where you run a lot less downforce because of that long straight, and the grip levels feel quite low there.

“So you can’t really compare it with each other, but normally we should be quite competitive but we’ll see.”

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Most dangerous Android threat in years: Attackers threaten to take ‘complete control’

Android users often hear alerts about dangerous new Google Play Store apps or malware to avoid. And with warnings coming left, right and centre, it’s easy to begin to glaze over a little when the next ‘red alert’ comes along. However, the latest Android alert is one Google fans cannot take lightly. Trust us.
The latest warning comes from the horse’s mouth – Google, the company that owns and develops Android. The Californian search company revealed this week the existence of four Android new vulnerabilities out in the wild that bad actors know about – and have been actively exploiting.

All four of these vulnerabilities allow threat actors to execute malicious code to take complete control of an Android device. The reason this latest alert is so important for Android users to take heed of is such exploits are a rarity. As reported by Threatpost, since 2014, there have only been six Android bugs to be exploited in the wild.

This means the four vulnerabilities announced this week make up two-thirds of all zero-day threats that Android users have faced since 2014. Yikes.

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In 2020, Google only disclosed one zero-day Android vulnerability, according to security firm Zimperium. The latest security threat was revealed by Google in an update to its May security bulletin on Wednesday. The post, originally published on May 3, highlighted 50 vulnerabilities that Android users needed to be aware of. And in the latest update to the bulletin, Google said there were “indications” four of these “may be under limited, targeted exploitation.”

Maddie Stone, the security researcher with Google’s Project Zero, also added on Twitter: “Android has updated the May security with notes that 4 vulns were exploited in the wild”. All four of these vulnerabilities could allow hackers to take complete control of an Android device, with all of them affecting GPU firmware code. Two can affect the ARM Mali GPU driver, while the other two impact the Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU graphics component.

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Asaf Peleg, the VP of strategic projects at Zimperium, told ArsTechnica that a successful exploit of these vulnerabilities “would give complete control of the victim’s mobile endpoint”.

Peleg added: “From elevating privileges beyond what is available by default to executing code outside of the current process’s existing sandbox, the device would be fully compromised, and no data would be safe.”

Android phones that use ARM- or Qualcomm-branded GPUs are the only ones affected by the vulnerability. It’s unclear exactly how attackers would take advantage of such a flaw. After all, Google keeps quiet about exactly

But what is for certain is that Android users should make sure they download the May 2021 security update, which addresses these vulnerabilities, as soon as it becomes available to them.

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UFO sightings: Senator warns of 'huge counterintelligence threat’ if not taken seriously

Marco Rubio from Florida said the “stigma” surrounding unidentified aerial phenomena (UAPs) should not prevent investigation. Sen Rubio commissioned the director of national intelligence with a report into UAPs due by the end of next month.
Speaking on CBS’s 60 Minutes, he said: “There’s a stigma on Capitol Hill.

“I mean, some of my colleagues are very interested in this topic and some kinda, you know, giggle when you bring it up.

“But I don’t think we can allow the stigma to keep us from having an answer to a very fundamental question.”

He stressed that the US must ensure “it’s not a foreign adversary capability, meaning… the Russians, or the Chinese… have developed some technology.”

The former speaker of the Florida House of Representatives added: “It’s a huge counterintelligence threat if that’s what it is. We want to take that seriously.”

Mr Rubio’s remarks align with a former US Navy pilot’s “security threat” warning regarding hundreds of UFOs in restricted airspace.

Lt Ryan Graves, an ex-official, appeared on CBS’ 60 Minutes recounting how he saw “unidentified vessels” flying off the coast of Virginia every day for two years beginning in 2019.

He said: “I am worried, frankly. You know, if these were tactical jets from another country that were hanging out up there, it would be a massive issue.

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UFO’s branded ‘security threat’ by ex-Navy official ahead of bombshell Pentagon report

Repeating suggestions from other experts, Lt. Graves theorised the UFOs he sighted could be a secret US technology, enemy surveillance devices or something else completely.

He said: “This is a difficult one to explain.

“You have rotation, you have high altitudes. You have propulsion, right?

“I don’t know. I don’t know what it is, frankly. I would say, you know, the highest probability is it’s a threat observation program.”

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Can't be trusted! Boris warned of EU plot to 'exploit' UK after Jersey fishing threat

Jersey ‘isn’t backing down’ on fisheries in says expert

Jayne Adye was commenting in the wake of the furore over the Jersey Government’s decision to issue 41 fishing licences to French fishing boats, including limitations to how many days they are permitted to fish in the Crown Dependency’s waters. Annick Girardin, the country’s Minister for the Sea, swiftly and controversially responded by threatening to cut power supplies to the island.

Roughly 60 French fishing boats also staged a protest which was only dispersed after Boris Johnson dispatched two Royal Naval vessels amid fears of a blockade.

Ms Adye, the director of Get Britain Out, said the episode highlighted not only the bloc’s questionable intentions, but also Britain’s undue reliance on external suppliers.

As things stand, the UK Government has plans for 25 percent of the nation’s future electricity needs to be supplied by underwater power cables running under the sea from mainland Europe by 2024, she suggested.

President Emmanuel Macron

President Emmanuel Macron’s France – and the EU in general – wants to exploit the UK, said Ms Adye (Image: GETTY)

Annick Girardin

Annick Girardin issued her threat in the National Assembly (Image: GETTY)

Ms Adye explained: “The EU is clearly willing to exploit any advantage they believe they may have, and the UK’s dependency on importing goods for critical infrastructure is worrying.

“Whether it has been the EU’s threats to cut off vaccine supplies to the UK, or the threat last week to the people of Jersey that France would cut off power to the island if they did not give French fishermen unfettered access to their waters, there can be no doubt the EU will continue to use every opportunity they can to gain leverage over the UK – no matter the questionable morality.

“Why have successive UK Governments failed to protect the interests of this country by simply handing over critical infrastructure projects to the highest bidder?”

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UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson (Image: GETTY)

Ms Adye added: ”Priority should always have been given to UK companies – including help where necessary.

“Surely vital power plants in this country should be built by the UK, rather than willingly opening the door to potentially hostile foreign Governments controlling a vast proportion of our energy supplies?”

Neither were the UK’s problems restricted to its tetchy post-Brexit relationship with Brussels, Ms Adye stressed.

She said: “Removing China from our 5G network has been a start, but this does not go far enough.

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French boats Jersey

French boats protested off the coast of Jersey last week (Image: GETTY)

HMS Severn

HMS Severn was dispatched to Jersey last week (Image: GETTY)

“Decades of pandering to China, throughout our EU membership, has allowed their grasp to become tighter and tighter around the UK’s economy.

“Now we must examine everything far more carefully, and turn away deals which might not end up in the interests of the United Kingdom.

She asked: “Why does our Government continue to push forward with such obviously doomed strategies. Is it ignorance or naivety?

“If we are to regain our lead position in the international community as Global Britain, then we must seriously consider how we can develop more of our own infrastructure and end dependence on self-interested foreign powers.

EU countries dependent

EU countries dependent on UK waters (Image: Express)

“If we fail to do so, we will forever be held back by our concerns about possible reprisals and we will be unable to hold respect and legitimacy on the world stage.”

In a further development in a saga of fishing access to UK waters, France was yesterday widely reported to be ready to delay a European Union financial services deal with Britain over the issue.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s official spokesman commented: “We’re taking a consistent, evidence-based approach to licensing EU vessels using information supplied by the European Commission.

“This is another example of the EU issuing threats at any sign of difficulties instead of using the mechanisms of our new treaty to solve problems.

Xi Jinping

Xi Jinping, China’s President (Image: GETTY)

“We have always been clear that an agreement on financial services is in the best interest of both sides.”

Speaking in France’s National Assembly, Ms Girardin said: “In the Brexit deal there are retaliatory measures. Well, we’re ready to use them.

“Regarding Jersey, I remind you of the delivery of electricity along underwater cables.

“Even if it would be regrettable if we had to do it, we’ll do it if we have to.”

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