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Cortical Surface Changes Tied to Movement Disorders in Schizophrenia

Patients with schizophrenia and parkinsonism show distinctive patterns of cortical surface markers compared with their counterparts without parkinsonism and with healthy controls, results of...

Bariatric Surgery Tied to 22% Lower 5-Year Stroke Risk

Patients with obesity who underwent bariatric surgery had 46% lower odds of stroke 1 year later, similar odds of stroke 3 years later, and...

TONNE of cocaine washes up on beaches across south coast tied to life jackets

Almost a tonne of what is thought to be cocaine floated to shore in waterproof bags attached to life jackets at two locations 30...

Healthy Lifestyle Tied to Reduced Dementia Despite Family History

Individuals at increased risk for dementia because of family history can reduce that risk by adopting healthy lifestyle behaviors, data from more than 300,000...

Hero jeweller shoots dead TWO armed robbers to save his family

Author: Jacob Bentley-York This post originally appeared on World News - breaking international headlines and exclusives | The Sun THE owner of a jewellry shop in...

Birthday girl watches in horror as gift balloon with £100

THIS is the gutting moment a birthday girl watched her gift balloon with £100 tied to it float away. Nikki Walker was celebrating her 37th...

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