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Tokyo Olympics Fears grow over sewage leakage and E.Coli – ‘Smells like a toilet’

Tokyo Olympics Fears grow over sewage leakage

The Odaiba Marine Park is set to be the venue for both the swimming leg of the triathlon and the open water swimming competitions. However, concerns have been raised by local residents and now olympians about the smell surrounding the area.

One athlete said that the venue “smelled like a toilet”, according to the Asahi newspaper.

Fears are mounting that there could be a dangerous level of E.coli in the water if the smell emanating is from a sewage leak.

Following concerns raised by the athletes, the hosts have started work to clean up the water, however, the smell remains, along with fears of E.coli contamination.

Tokyo distributed 22,200 cubic metres of sand into the bay to help support water-cleaning organisms.

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To combat the E.coli levels in the water they created a three layer polyester screen and built storage tanks to hold wastewater.

Heavy rain is forecast in the Japanese capital from July 27, which would worsen the situation.

Justin Drew, Australian Triathlon team leader, said that their team will monitor the water quality two times a day leading up to the competition.

“We are confident in the measures put in place by (the Tokyo organising committee) including the installation of a triple filter screening system for this year as opposed to a single filter used last year for the Test Event,” Mr Drew told Fox Sports.

“There are daily checks of water quality and water temperatures and [The Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympic Games] has plans in place to address any issues surrounding the water in the build up to competition days.

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“These challenges are part of putting on races in a big city – we’re are just going to get on with preparing to compete.

“We will continue to monitor and be provided with regular daily checks on the water as well.”

The triathlon starts on July 26 and with the high rainfall due to start the next day its fuelling concerns about sewage leaks.

These are not the first complaints about the water quality in the area.

The Odaiba Marine Park is an urban beach in the centre of Tokyo and in 2019 the swimming leg of the Paratriathlon World Cup was forced to be canceled due to dangerously high levels of E.coli.

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Man, 65, suffers horror toilet trip after 5ft python emerges to ‘pinch’ his genitals

The 65-year-old Austrian shared how he bolted off of the seat after he felt a “pinch”. Turning around, he discovered the 5ft albino python in his toilet bowl.

He was taken to hospital for “minor injuries” and medics also checked for an infection.

The man, from Graz, suffered the bite below the belt at 6am local time on Monday.

After calling the emergency services, a local reptile expert arrived at his apartment and removed the snake.

Officers said the snake owner had been referred to prosecutors for negligent bodily harm. It is unclear if he will be charged

Mr Stangl said he had never been called out to anything like this in 40 years of working with reptiles.

Albino reticulated pythons are the world’s largest snakes, but do not attack humans by nature.

However, they will constrict or bite if they feel threatened or if they mistake something for food.

Author: Dylan Donnelly
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Should toilet roll go over or under? Official inventor reveals the truth

When your toilet paper is hung underneath the roll, it’s also normally closer to the wall in this position.

Sofia explained: “This increases the risk of coming into contact with bacteria and droplets on the wall surface.

“If you are unfortunate enough to go to the toilet after someone who has covid-19 and the toilet roll is under, not over, you are increasing your chances of coming into contact with the virus.

“There is also a reason why toilet roll bars that have flaps on have the flaps going over, not under”

Author: Izzie Deibe
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Cancer symptoms: Toilet troubles that are indicative of a growing tumour in the bladder

Most cases of bladder cancer appear to be caused by exposure to harmful substances, the NHS verified; in particular, tobacco smoke is the reason behind one in three cases of the disease. Around 10,200 people are diagnosed with bladder cancer each year in the UK, reported Cancer Research UK. The bladder acts like an inflatable balloon that stores up to 400ml of urine.

Made up of muscle tissue, this stretchy bag releases urine into the urethra for waste products to exit the body.

Understandably, a tumour growing in the stretchy and muscular bag, known as the bladder, may cause urinary issues.

When on the toilet, the charity warns both sexes – men and women – about seeing blood in their urine.

Around 80 percent of bladder cancer causes some blood in the urine, so it’s a key warning sign.

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Also take note if you feel a sense of urgency when you need to visit the loo, as this too can be a sign of cancer.

Pain or a burning sensation when passing urine could also be a telling sign.

Aside from toilet troubles, other indications of bladder cancer include:

  • Unexplained weight loss
  • Pain in your back, lower tummy or bones
  • Feeling tired and unwell

It is possible for these symptoms to be caused by other health conditions, such as a urine infection.

In some cases, you GP might request a urine sample so that it can be tested for traces of blood, bacteria, or abnormal cells.

The NHS added: “If your doctor suspects bladder cancer, you’ll be referred to a hospital for further tests.”

Risk factors for bladder cancer include:

  • Tobacco smoking
  • Working in manufacturing jobs, such as plastics
  • Diabetes
  • Repeated UTIs
  • Long-term bladder stones

If bladder cancer spreads through the lymphatic system then the cancer becomes more dangerous.

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Cancer symptoms: One sensation on the toilet that may be indicative of a growing tumour

One particular sign of bowel cancer involves a certain sensation on the loo. The next time you go for a number two, if you feel the need to strain – after you’ve been – it could be a symptom of the condition. Feeling as though you haven’t fully emptied your bowels, even after going, is one sign of bowel cancer, according to Cancer Research UK. It could be that the growing tumour is causing this straining feeling on the toilet.

Who is more at risk of bowel cancer?

Eating processed and red meats have been shown to increase the risk of bowel cancer.

Processed meat:

  • Bacon
  • Salami
  • Sausages
  • Chicken nuggets

“It might help to swap red meat for chicken or fish. Or use beans and pulses in meals instead of meat,” advised Cancer Research UK.

Moreover, a diet lacking fibre can be even more risky than eating processed and red meat.

Alcohol consumption, older age (especially over the age of 75), and a previous bowel cancer increases the risk.

Family history of the disease can also increase your risk of bowel cancer.

Scientists are currently researching why diabetes has been seen to increase the risk of the disease.

Furthermore, benign polys in the bowel, gallstones, and an infection called Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) makes bowel cancer more likely.

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Katy Hill: Blue Peter presenter left with facial scar after hitting her head on toilet

Katy Hill was scarred for life when she tripped and fell while playing with her daughter at home. The former Blue Peter presenter, who took on a number of dangerous tasks during her early career such as jumping out of planes, said the irony of being injured in this way was not lost on her.
Katy has been left with a scar that runs down the centre of her forehead.

The 49-year-old mum-of-two was running up the stairs to amuse her children when she tripped and “smashed” her head on the toilet lid.

She later admitted that she thought it was the end, while sharing pictures of her injury on Instagram.

The cut required a number of stitches both internally and externally and has left her with a facial scar.

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Talking about the incident, Katy said that she was extremely lucky that she hit her head square on when she “face planted”.

“It was a bad one and I was very grateful that the impact went down the centre of my forehead.

“As I found out from the doctors, if it had been slightly to either side, I might not be here now because the skull is thin in those parts.

“The irony isn’t lost on me that I used to jump out of planes and all sorts, and yet I injure myself in this way,” she told The Sun.

“One year ago I smashed my head and genuinely thought it was the end,” she wrote on the picture-sharing site in view of her 27,000 followers.

“The irony that I spent my early career throwing myself out of planes, flying fast jets and generally doing all I could to put myself in danger wasn’t lost on me.

“The head injury? Bringing the morning lols with my daughter Kaya, racing her to the loo to bring the mummy fun then tripping and face planting the toilet lid. FULL FORCE.

“It was the scariest thing that’s ever happened to me, largely because it was in the safety of my own home, bringing the fun, at 7.30 in the morning and, as I waited for the ambulance to check me I truly thought it was the end.”

World may be facing another toilet paper shortage due to shipping container crisis, industry boss warns

The largest producer of wood pulp, which is needed to make toilet paper, has warned that the demand for shipping containers could delay deliveries to producers, with the Suez Canal blockage only making things worse.

The Brazil-based company, Suzano Sa, which produces around a third of the world’s hardwood pulp, said it’s becoming harder to secure shipping containers for transportation.

The company’s CEO Walter Schalka told Bloomberg that if the issue worsens, a worldwide toilet paper shortage could be inevitable. He added that the company has already had to push back shipments originally scheduled for March into April. If trade disruptions continue, loo-roll producers may find themselves unable to make toilet paper unless they have sufficient stocks, Schalka said.
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That could ultimately lead to renewed shortages on supermarket shelves like last spring when panic over supplies caused people in the United States to stockpile household necessities as they entered into quarantine. Toilet paper then became one of the symbols of the early weeks of the coronavirus pandemic.

Analysts say the global container shortage has been driven by a surge in online shopping and a Chinese export boom. At times, China has been exporting three containers for each one imported from countries hard-hit by the pandemic abroad.
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At the same time, supplies of containers became scarce after manufacturers who expected a slump in trade slowed their production, a senior global economist at Capital Economics Simon MacAdam was quoted as saying by the Daily Mail.

Container shipping costs have already skyrocketed by 250% between January 2020 and last week, according to MacAdam, and are now set to rise further.

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‘She’s such a tease’: ‘Blonde Bomber’ strips off ‘for the boys’ as Muslim opponent takes scales to toilet for 2nd weigh-in (VIDEO)

Saucy boxing babe Ebanie Bridges has enjoyed an eventful weigh-in as she prepares to contest the ANBF Australasian belt, stripping off to a bikini before her rival was forced to take the scales to a toilet for a second go.

While social media favorite Bridges feigned annoyance at making the bantamweight limit so easily that she could have treated herself to a pre-weight glass of water, her unfortunate opponent, 45-year-old Carol Earl, weighed in 3.4lb over the maximum.

In accordance with her Muslim faith, Earl, who initially wore a tracksuit and has come out of a three-year retirement to face Bridges for the vacant title, was allowed to take the scales to a bathroom for her second attempt to make weight.

“Of course, in respect of her religion we had to take the scales in the bathroom and get all her clothes off. She was on weight,” said excitable Aussie Bridges, sharing footage of herself showing off her tattooed body and changing into a tiny pair of white shorts in between proudly flexing her muscles. “We have a fight.”

When a Twitter critic asked whether Earl’s religion could be “getting in the way of her sport of choice” and suggested the veteran should “make a decision on which is more important”, Bridges assured them: “It’s not getting in the way.

“Just means we had to take the scales to the bathroom. She made weight. Just got in the way of her getting in her underwear in front of people.

“I don’t think that means she should choose boxing or her religion.”

Earl is a five-time champion who has described her latest shot at a title as “an opportunity that I couldn’t let pass.”

The New Zealander made her debut at the age Bridges is now, 34, and has had 42 fights.

By contrast, newcomer Bridges has had only four including her debut in 2019, winning all of them.

“Her clothes weighed 1.5kg?” laughed one fan of the weigh-in footage, referencing the high-profile ringwear catastrophe suffered by a better-known boxer last year. “She got the same tailor as Deontay Wilder?”

“She had a few layers,” confirmed Bridges.

“For your information, I didn’t want to put my shorts back on. Coach made me.”

A fight video account that shared the scenes said of the show-off: “Ebanie Bridges is about to break the internet with her weigh-in attire.”

It later added: “She’s such a little tease – even says at the end ‘here’s a little treat for the boys’.”

The fight is taking place in New South Wales on Saturday. Bridges confirmed that it will not be televised – much to the disappointment of some of her admirers.
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