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Altcoins and DeFi tokens breakout as Bitcoin price nears a key resistance

Weary cryptocurrency traders awoke to the sight of green in the markets on May 2, as bulls managed to bid the price of Bitcoin...

SlumDOGE millionaires: Dog tokens dominate Uniswap v3’s rankings

Despite DOGE’s dramatic crash following the highly anticipated episode of Saturday Night Live hosted by SpaceX founder and hypothetical Dogecoin CEO, Elon Musk, many...

SafeMoon price: New cryptocurrency jumps 45% in just one day – how to buy SafeMoon tokens

Finance experts have warned investors that SafeMoon is susceptible to "pump and dump schemes", where the price dramatically falls. There are a number of limitations...

Crypto exchange Binance launches tradable stock tokens, starts with Tesla

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance announced on Monday the launch of ‘trade digital tokens’ that represent fully backed shares of equity stock. It said the first...

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