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British tourists could be left disappointed for holidays due to test shortages: ‘Chaotic’

BRITISH tourists with half-term holidays booked could be disappointed as the change from PCR day two tests to lateral flow may be delayed. Grant Shapps said yesterday that lateral flow test shortages could upset the planned relaxation schedule.

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Where are the safest countries for LGBTQ+ tourists? Most dangerous countries MAPPED

Other popular tourist destinations included on the top of the list are Germany, Portugal and New Zealand in joint 10th place, Australia in 18th and France in 23rd.

Ireland ranks in 23rd place with five points, while the USA comes in at 31st with four points.

While Joe Biden may be hoping to champion a fairer society, America dropped -1 points for its lack of transgender rights, religious influence and the terrifying category of ‘murders’.

Four countries have been ranked the least safe, with Saudi Arabia and Iran scoring a staggering -18 and coming in joint 199th place.

Somalia scored -19 while Chechnya, at the bottom of the list, scored -20.

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France travel update: Will France move to the red list? Tourists face new quarantine rules

Brits who have been double jabbed will be able to travel quarantine-free from amber list destinations from July 19. This move comes as part of the ‘Freedom Day’ plans which will see all legal Covid restrictions being lifted in England from this date.

France was supposed to be included in the plans to remove the need to quarantine from amber list destinations from Monday.

But many holidaymakers will have been disappointed to hear the Government’s announcement on Friday evening that France could be excluded from these plans.

This is because of the latest data which shows a worrying rise in cases of the Beta variant in the country.

This will mean travellers from France will still need to quarantine for 10 days upon arrival back into the UK.

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The country will remain on the amber travel list, rather than being put onto the red list where travellers face strict Covid rules.

Brits must also have a Covid test on days two and eight after arrival.

There is still the option, however, of ending isolation early on day five if they have another test that comes back negative.

The quick change in messaging has angered many Brits already on holiday in France as well as much of the UK’s travel sector.

Easyjet’s boss said it “pulls the rug” from Brits already holidaying in France.

He added: “The traffic light system is falling apart with the government making it up as they go along and causing confusion and uncertainty. It is not backed up by the science or transparent data.”

The Government has defended its decision, there are concerns over the new Beta variant, which has become widespread across France, could impact the UK’s recovery from the virus.

Scientists are worried vaccines may be less effective against the Beta variant.


All travellers should check the Government’s travel list before they travel and whilst they are on trips abroad as these could change once they reach their destination meaning they may have to unexpectedly isolate when they return.

Just like the Government’s rapid response to the latest data to come from France, countries on the amber list could be put onto the red list or quarantine measures re-introduced at a moment’s notice.

The Transport Secretary, Grant Shapps said: “Travel will be different this year and whilst we are committed to continuing to open up international travel safely, our absolute priority is to protect public health here in the UK.

“We urge everyone thinking about going abroad this summer to check their terms and conditions as well as the travel restrictions abroad before they go.”

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Travel HELL: Tourists face 7-HOUR queues in border chaos amid new green & amber list rules

The travel industry, one of the hardest hit during the pandemic, has criticised the Government’s latest plans to reopen travel.

Airlines accused the Government of a “double standard” in its approach to international travel, with decisions on travel strict when rules at home are relaxed, and cases are rising rapidly.

Johan Lundgren, chief executive of easyJet, said that the UK’s COVID-19 infection rates were rising while much of Europe’s remained lower.

She said: “We cannot understand why the Government is going to allow people to go to a nightclub – without a mask or social distancing – and yet is not comfortable with people going to the beaches of Europe, where the infection rates are lower than in the UK.

“Yet again we see this double standard where travel is treated differently to the domestic economy.”

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Amber and red lists – the five countries which could be banned for British tourists

Amber and red lists for travel will be updated by the government this week, allowing tourists to see which countries they can – and can’t – visit over the next month. However, there are some destinations that will still be banned to British holidaymakers, including Russia, South Africa, Turkey, Tunisia, and Brazil.

Any country that remains on the red list are banned to Brits, the government has warned.

If you do have to travel back from any of these countries or territories, you’ll have to quarantine in a managed hotel, while also taking two separate Covid tests throughout the 10-day period.

Russia is extremely likely to move from the amber list to the red list in the next update, experts have warned.

Its Covid cases are nearing its peak for the entire pandemic, averaging more than 20,000 new cases each day.

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But, even if it moves onto the amber list, tourists will still need to quarantine at home on arrival back into the UK if they haven’t had both vaccinations.

On the other end of the spectrum, there’s concern that the Balearic Islands might be relegated back down to the amber list.

The Balerics – including Ibiza, Mallorca and Menorca – moved onto the green list in the previous update.

Brazil still has a remarkably high coronavirus infection rate, and is likely to still be barred to UK holidaymakers.

New daily Covid cases have almost halved since June 25, but that still means there are about 45,000 new cases each day.

The state of Sao Paulo alone reported more than 10,000 new cases over the last 24 hours.

The government reviews the traffic-light system every three weeks in the UK.

The next announcement is scheduled for Thursday July 15, with any changes coming into effect the following week.

Lists are decided based on the percentage of a country’s population that have been vaccinated, as well as the infection rate.

The prevalence of any variants of concern could also push some destinations further down the scale.

Until recently, the government had urged the public to avoid travelling to amber list countries, unless absolutely necessary.

The guidance has now been lifted, meaning tourists can visit their favourite amber holiday hotspots, assuming they have either been fully vaccinated, or are willing to quarantine at home.

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Can you fly to Spain now? Latest travel advice for British tourists

Travel from the UK has stuttered into life recently, with Brits allowed to go on holiday abroad once more. People ditched staycations for sunnier shores, with destinations including Portugal, Australia and the West Indes. But many countries remain off-limits for the time being, including several hotspots treasured by UK tourists.

Can you fly to Spain now?

Spain, with its sun-soaked shores and proximity to the UK, is a favoured destination for tens of millions of Brits every year.

Sadly, however, mainland Spain has sat on the Government’s amber list since its inception.

People can travel to countries on the list, but they will face resistance from UK or local rules.

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Travellers visiting countries on the amber list must quarantine when they return and take two Covid tests during their ten-day stay.

Spanish authorities will also ask people to supply proof of vaccination or a negative test on arrival.

People may face more restrictions if they came from a “risk country”, or depending on their mode of travel, and passengers must complete a pre-travel declaration form.

The Canary Islands are also currently included on the Government’s amber list.

Ministers place countries on the watchlist when cases rise in a locality enough to warrant consideration for moving it to the “amber” list.

Cases have risen in the islands to nearly ten times what they were in June.

From mid to late June, the seven-day case rate went from 22 to 24 per day, and from June 29 to July 9, the rate increased exponentially from 62 to 205.

The Balearics could move to the list without warning, although its new status wouldn’t settle for some time after an announcement.

Number of tourists visiting Azerbaijan in June 2021 disclosed

BAKU, Azerbaijan, July 10

By Chingiz Safarli – Trend:

Some 57,636 tourists had arrived in Azerbaijan from June 10 to July 3, 2021, the State Tourism Agency of the country told Trend.

Top ten countries from which tourists entered Azerbaijan:

1. Russia – 22,907 people;

2. Turkey – 15,906 people;

3. Iran – 6,353 people;

4. Georgia – 3,920 people;

5. Ukraine – 1,637 people;

6. Denmark – 1,216 people;

7. UK – 698 people;

8. Belarus – 473 people;

9. Switzerland – 434 people;

10. Germany – 401 people.

Baku hosted four Euro 2020 matches (Wales vs Switzerland, Turkey vs Wales, Switzerland vs Turkey within group stage and the Czech Republic vs Denmark quarterfinal match), and in this regard, the number of incoming tourists has increased.

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