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Time travel proof? Do these startling photos prove celebrity time travellers are real?

startling photos prove celebrity time travellers are realEddie Murphy was ‘spotted looking dapper in the 1920s’

The next photo is that of comedian and actor Eddie Murphy, alongside a dapper-looking man.

The unnamed photo on the left is supposedly dated to the 1920s but the resemblance is so uncanny even the most staunch of critics would be forgiven if they were fooled.

But not everyone was convinced by the bizarre image and online sleuths proposed a number of plausible explanations.

Many online commentators have speculated the image was photoshopped, while others suggested it was a manipulated still from the film Life, which is set in 1932.

Jay – Z ‘photographed in 1939’s Harlem’

Another vintage picture that was snapped on the streets of Brooklyn, New York, shows what appears to musical sensation Shawn Corey Carter, popularly known as Jay-Z.

Officially, Jay-Z was born on December 4 1969 in Brooklyn, although the unearthed photo might cast some serious doubt on that part of his biography.

The 1939 photo was snapped in Harlem by photographer and activist Sid Grossman and was discovered after several decades by the Schomburg Center For Research In Black Culture at the New York Public Library.

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News: Qatar reopens to vaccinated travellers

Qatar has re-opened its borders to international travellers who have been fully vaccinated against Covid-19.

A new set of measures designed to make travelling to Qatar as easy as possible, while maintaining the necessary precautions to continue to protect against the spread of the virus, have also been implemented.

The new measures will allow people who are fully vaccinated to visit Qatar without the need for quarantine.

Arrangements will also make it easier for citizens and residents of the country to travel in and out of the country, enabling fully vaccinated people to bypass the quarantine requirement when returning to Qatar.

All visitors – vaccinated or non-vaccinated – will be required to undertake a PCR test up to 72 hours prior to travel.


However, travellers are advised to check the entry requirements of the country they are travelling from and will return to from Qatar, before booking any flights and should understand that those policies can change with very little notice, a statement from the local tourism body said.

In order to visit Qatar – international visitors, citizens and residents – must register and upload required documentation such as a vaccination certificate, valid PCR test up to 72 hours prior to travel and personal details through the Ehteraz website.

In addition, visitor visa rules apply for certain nationalities, however, over 80 nationalities can visit Qatar with a free visa on arrival.

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Loose Women’s Charlene White warns travellers after brother was held in immigration cell

“They were then held by immigration officials in the Swiss airport who told them as they’re not double vaccinated they can’t be there, and that the airline was wrong. So… he and his mates were held in the airport for 18 hours in total by Swiss immigration officials.”

She revealed the worrying part was was that they had “no idea what was going on” for part of their lengthy stay.

“But they’re young, bought booze in Pret and from the sounds of things had a lovely time,” she joked.

“So… the moral of the story is if you’re planning on flying ANYWHERE this summer. Check the immigration info for each country you’re going to, or flying through.

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Malta abandons plan to bar unvaccinated travellers from entry

Malta has abandoned its plan to close its borders on Wednesday to travellers that have not received the COVID-19 vaccine, Trend reports citing Euronews.

On Friday the government announced that from July 14, travellers would have to prove they had been vaccinated, which led to criticism from the European Commission.

The government announced on Tuesday that instead, arrivals would face an undisclosed period of quarantine. The compulsory self-isolation period for those arriving from countries certified as “red” is already 14 days.

The EC had criticised the ban, pointing out that the health pass system adopted by the EU – under which arrivals had to prove they were vaccinated, cured of the coronavirus, or recently tested negative – was binding on member states.

It had appeared to shut the door completely on tourists from the United States and other nationalities by saying on Friday that “anyone arriving in Malta must present a recognized vaccination certificate: a Maltese certificate, a British certificate or a certificate of the European Union”.

The new notice published on Tuesday, which comes into force on Wednesday, however includes many other nations, including the United States and Japan.

The small Mediterranean island of 500,000 boasts of being the most vaccinated country in the EU, with 79% of the adult population having received two doses.

But while on June 27 no new cases were reported and only 28 cases were recorded, Malta recorded 96 new infections on Friday, bringing the total of recorded cases to 252.

A large number of cases have been detected during language trips and the government announced last week that English schools, which attract students from all over the world each year, will be closed from Wednesday.

Hundreds of students, including 150 Italians, are stranded in Malta, placed in quarantine after this outbreak, according to the Foreign Ministry.

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New amber list travel rules: EVERY rule for vaccinated travellers from July 19

Since then, however, they have exploded to more than 10 times that, with the most recent case totals (July 11) showing 31,352 new infections.

There is now just one week to go until the country embraces mark-free life, with ministers putting their trust in personal responsibility.

However, scientists and health professionals have issued grave warnings.

Speaking to BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, Professor Helen Stokes-Lampard, chairwoman of the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges, said deaths have started rising in kind.

Fully vaccinated amber list travellers could avoid quarantine on return – ‘game changing’

However, many wondered how will this be feasible with COVID-19 cases going up in the UK.

“Johnson said he’d look to end quarantine for doubled jabbed people arriving from amber list countries.

“But if cases DO go up could it thwart it all for you on your return?!”

In addition to the changes to the lockdown rules on July 19, Mr Johnson also announced that the Government is taking steps to get more people fully-vaccinated against COVID-19 as quickly as possible.

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Balearics join 'EU coordinated approach' and call for tougher rules on UK travellers

Just hours after being added to the long-awaited green list, the Balearic Islands, in Spain, have urged the Spanish Government to impose tougher entry requirements for Britons arriving in the country.

The Balearic Islands, which include Mallorca, Menorca and Ibiza, were added to the UK’s green list last night.

This means Britons can go on holiday with no need to quarantine on return to the UK.

At the moment, Spain and its islands are welcoming British tourists without a test or proof of vaccination.

However, and just a few hours after the green list announcement, the Spanish archipelago has asked for tougher requirements for UK tourists.

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Spain had been calling to be added to the UK’s green list for months, and it comes as a surprise that leaders in the Balearic Islands are now set to impose stricter rules.

Iago Negueruela, the official in charge of tourism in the islands, said: “We’ve asked the Spanish Government to establish controls for the arrival of people coming from the UK.”

Francina Armengol, the region’s leader, made a similar call on Twitter, urging Spanish officials to set “strict and safe entry controls” for British tourists.

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Although the Balearics said to be struggling for months due to the lack of British tourism, now it seems they are falling in step with the rest of the EU.

This comes after Malta, another green list addition, announced tougher measures for British tourists this morning.

The Maltese Government said arrivals from the UK will have to present proof of vaccination in order to visit the island quarantine-free from June 30.

Unvaccinated travellers will face self-isolation in Malta at their own cost.

It is yet to be confirmed whether countries in the EU will accept the NHS app as proof of vaccination.

At the time of writing, Malta requires British holidaymakers to provide a negative PCR test result, but Britons can enter Spain and its islands without a test or proof of vaccination.

Angela Merkel called this week for all EU countries to force Britons to quarantine on arrival.

Due to Delta variant concerns, Angela Merkel urged an “EU-coordinated approach” to fight the COVID-19 Delta variant.

Germany has already introduced a two-week quarantine for all Britons, along with other EU nations like France or Italy, and asked other countries to follow suit.

“In our country, if you come from Great Britain, you have to go into quarantine – that’s not the case in every European country and that’s what I would like to see,” Ms Merkel said.

The last one to join has been Malta and it seems the Balearics will be soon.

If the Balearics follow Malta’s steps, it is likely that from June 30 only fully vaccinated Britons will be allowed on the islands without the need to quarantine on arrival.

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Is France closing its doors to British travellers?

They added: “Compelling reasons will be required for foreign nationals outside the EU not resident in France to travel to France from the UK”.

All travellers entering France from countries outside of the European Union, including the UK, must sign a sworn declaration confirming they do not have Covid symptoms.

Travellers must also confirm that they have not knowingly been in contact with someone who is suffering from the virus in the 14 days before their journey.

The French announcement comes after Boris Johnson told MPs last week that restrictions on travel between France and the UK are being “considered” as concerns grow about the spread of the South African, UK and Brazilian variants in France.

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Holiday 'confusion & mixed messages' slammed as UK travellers look ahead to summer breaks

Education Minister Gillian Keegan further told Times Radio: “Amber list countries are there for a reason – they are there so that you can travel for business, you can travel for particular situations such as funerals or if there are some specific care issues in your family.”

Yet, airlines are already reporting an uptick in ticket sales between the UK and Spain in the coming weeks.

According to the Telegraph, an estimated 100,000 Britons are expected to head to the country this week.

Around 30 flights are due to depart from the UK to Spain on Monday alone.

What’s more, UK passengers will not be required to show proof of a negative COVID-19 test or vaccination in order to be granted entry to the holiday hotspot.

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