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Woman travels the UK after transforming Fiat Punto into a mini campervan for just £120

Car camping simply means travellers load all their gear for a trip into their car as well as sleeping in it. It offers people a more affordable way to travel as well as being more flexible in terms of destinations. 

Laurie is also planning to embark on more road trips this year, using her school holidays to camp more in her car, which has now been upgraded from a Fiat Punto to a Fiat 500.

Car experts Peter Vardy spoke with the history teacher to find out more about car camping. 

“When choosing between a hotel, a tent and a car, it’s easy to see why many people would consider the latter the least desirable option. 

“But as a solo traveller, car camping has provided me with flexible, affordable and secure accommodation!”

Laurie explained: “My number one essential has got to be my blow-up car mattress.

“It was the most expensive item when preparing my car camper….but I used my own bedding and pillows from home.”

When sleeping in a car, it can be hard to get comfortable and so investing in a good quality car mattress is important.

To save further money, Laurie cooked her own foods by purchasing a camp stove and portable kettle.

She said: “I bring a camp stove and kettle; it’s amazing how many different foods you can make just by adding boiling water. Using just a kettle saves lots of space and washing up. Having the option to make food rather than always eating out keeps car camping affordable to any budget.”

A butane stove can be purchased for £10 to £15 while a kettle can be picked up for as cheap as £5.

For privacy, the TikTok influencer uses window covers made from floor insulation while she is sleeping.

Laurie explained how it cost her £18 from B&Q.

Lastly, without a bathroom onboard, making use of the showers at service stations means Laurie brings small travel towels with her.

She added: “All UK services have showers. I have two travel towels which were a brilliant investment as they fold down super small and dry very quickly, meaning stopping for a shower can be as quick or as long as you like!”

Travel towels can be purchased from various retailers, costing around £15.

Emma Stack, Digital Marketing Manager at Peter Vardy said: “Utilising your car as a camping utensil is a truly remarkable solution for seeing more of Britain this summer.

“In the current climate, we expect to see many more motorists take road trips as international travel remains so turbulent.

“Car camping is a versatile, cost effective solution for rising staycation prices – and you get to see more of our beautiful country too.”

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: Travel Feed

Scotty T travels from Newcastle to Hull for 'pattie butties tho'

Infamous Geordie Casanova Scotty T arrived in Hull over the weekend with pattie butties at the forefront of his mind.

The ex-Geordie Shore star took to the A1 as he arrived in Hull on Thursday night, asking followers “what happenin in Hull the night(sic.)”.

In a candid driving picture posted to Facebook, Scotty told fans “Pattie Butties tho” – speaking of the iconic deep fried Hull tradition.

Fans in Hull were quick to recommend different chippies to the star while one fan even invited him round “for a brew”.

She said: “Pop on to Orchard I’ll make ya a brew (sic.).”

Savagely, Scotty responded to the fan telling her, “not HU6 for me like!”.

The comment forced Orchard Park residents to respond, asking the star “What’s wrong with HU6 like?”

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Scotty T arrived in Hull
Scotty T arrived in Hull

The star is also thought to have ventured to Queens Gardens as he commented on the post asking friends: “Humpty Dumpty meet me in Queen’s Gardens.”

Other locals commented on the post, asking Scotty: “Pop to Beverley oi oi” while another warned him regarding the city’s roadworks, saying: “Hope you managed to get in and out through roadworks lol.”

Another added: “Enjoy the roadworks.”

Author: [email protected] (Kirstin Tait)
This post originally appeared on Hull Live – Celebs & TV

Kate Middleton: How Duchess' gap year travels prepared her for life with Prince William

“For the final leg of the trip, Kate headed back to the mainland to spend three weeks working on a community project, which for her meant helping to build a fire station,” explained Moody. “It was another remote area, with just around 200 people living nearby, one school and one shop.

“This time she stayed in a big communal building with all the other volunteers, sleeping in one huge room in their sleeping bags. They were given an allowance to spend on fresh food and would buy meat from the local farmer.

“In the evenings they would play cards and other games. Kate particularly responded to a short trip she made.

“’We had a relationship with the local school,’ Malcolm Sutherland recalls. ‘We would encourage the volunteers to go down there with one of our staff as translator, so they could meet the kids and the teachers, and I know that Kate absolutely loved that.

Prince Charles 'effectively' King when he travels while Prince Philip is a 'divine being'

Prince Charles[1], along with other younger members of the Royal Family, travels extensively on behalf of the clan. Prince Philip, 99, and Queen Elizabeth, 94, no longer carry on state visits due to their age – so the baton passes to their children and grandchildren. Consequently, despite not being monarch yet, Prince Charles essentially assumes the crown when travelling to certain countries.
The is because the Queen is Sovereign of 15 Commonwealth realms in addition to the UK.

She is also Head of the Commonwealth itself, a voluntary association of 54 independent countries.

Author Robert Jobson explained in his 2018 book Charles at Seventy – Thoughts, Hopes & Dreams.

He wrote: “The Queen’s age means [certain state] visits, such as the autumn 2017 Commonwealth tour starting in Singapore, opening the 2018 Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast and the visit to Vanuatu, in April 2018, are now undertaken by Charles.

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“During these visits, unlike other members of the Royal Family, the prince, as heir apparent, is not only representing the Queen but, effectively, assumes her role.”

The visit to Vanuatu was highly successful and saw Charles crowned in a rather unique way.

“Charles…was given a most spectacular and uproarious welcome, befitting a king, much as his mother and father had been forty-four years earlier,” penned Jobson.

“Greeted by the locals in traditional dress and with painted faces, he smiled and waved as he walked across woven red ceremonial mats, a profoundly respected local tradition.”


Indeed, Charles very much got into the spirit of things and was loved for it.

The author went on: “At the final stop, Charles, as ever, gamely donned a grass skirt, to the delight of the travelling photographers.”

“Others may have been reduced to fits of the giggles at the absurdity of it all, but not Charles.

“After a sip or two of special kava, known as Royal Kava, a powerful concoction reserved for special occasions, he seemed genuinely touched and humbled by the welcome and its attention to detail as he stood with a huge palm leaf up his back and a grass skirt over his lightweight suit, and splendidly bedecked with a white salusalu (garland) made from indigenous natural rope fibres, leaves and flowers around his neck.

Prince Philp has a very important role in one location.

“The Duke of Edinburgh… is treated as a ‘divine being’ by a cult on one of Vanuatu’s tiny islands, Tanna,” explained Jobson.

The island of Tanna is a cargo cult of the Yaohnanen tribe that practices superstitious rituals in the hopes that it will bring more modern goods to society, therefore making it more technologically advanced.

The tribe believe that Philip may be the son of a mountain spirit who travelled overseas to a distant land.