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Vitamin b12 deficiency: The dangerous side effects when you don’t get it treated

Pernicious anaemia – an acquired autoimmune condition – occurs when the body’s immune system attacks the stomach cells, resulting in intrinsic factor not being made, and vitamin B12 being excreted. The nutrient is abundant in animal products, such as meat, fish and dairy. However, if the body is unable to reabsorb vitamin B12, you’ll experience symptoms of a deficiency over time.

In the beginning, it can be very easy to brush off any niggling symptoms, such as pale skin or fatigue.

However, vitamin B12 is vital for numerous processes in the body, including red blood cell production.

As your vitamin B12 levels deplete more and more, dangerous side effects could start to take place, some of which are irreversible.

You might notice that you’re feeling more out of breath lately, as pointed out by Medical News Today.

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Over time, peripheral nerve damage – which may start off as tingling and numbness in your extremities – can lead to movement issues.

Vitamin B12 plays a “crucial role in the nervous system”, helping to produce a substance called myelin.

“Myelin is a protective coating that shields the nerves and helps them transmit sensations,” explained Medical News Today.

Without an adequate supply of myelin, nerves can become damaged.

These vitamin B12 shots are only available via prescription, so you will need a pernicious anaemia diagnosis beforehand.

Am I deficient in vitamin B12?

Only a blood test can determine your vitamin B12 levels, but symptoms might include:

  • Lethargy
  • Constipation
  • Feeling faint
  • Depression or irritability
  • Headache
  • Difficulty maintaining balance
  • Sore, swollen tongue, which may be pale, yellow, or very red
  • Heart palpitations
  • Mouth ulcers
  • Paraesthesia (pins and needles)
  • Vision changes.

Correcting a vitamin B12 deficiency can reduce the risk of numerous diseases, including heart disease and neurological disorders.

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PS5 surprise UK stock drop: Fans treated to ANOTHER weekend restock

The PlayStation 5 is back in stock for a second weekend running.

After last weekend’s surprise restock, ShopTo is once again selling the PlayStation 5 on a Sunday.

According to the PS5 UK Stock Twitter account, ShopTo is selling an expensive PlayStation 5 bundle. 

“Only one £640 bundle in stock, fairly expensive, this drop is probably not worth the hassle,” reads a PS5 UK Stock tweet.

“Remember ShopTo can sometimes just get stuck in the queue. Sometimes best to try different browsers, try on mobile, try on 4G.”

The PlayStation 5 has also been in stock at Argos. The consoles were available on a regional basis, both on browsers and via the Argos app.

Because of the nature of the drop, and the fact that it’s collection only, customers are encouraged to contact their local store to see if any additional consoles are available.

Finally, Currys customers have until July 13 to redeem any VIP Codes sent via email.

If you entered the PS5 VIP scheme at Currys, then you should check your emails now, including Junk Mail.

To give you the best possible chance of purchasing a PS5, Express Online will keep the gaming section updated with all of the live alerts.

It’s also worth bookmarking some of the more popular stock checker accounts for even more alerts and information.

This includes Digital Foundry DealsStock InformerPS5 UK Stock – Instant UpdatesPS5 UK Stock and Express Gaming – the latter of which will have live updates throughout the week.

Some of the accounts mentioned above have Discord groups for PS5 customers, while some have live streams and alerts on sites like YouTube.

If you do manage to grab a PS5 this weekend, then it’s worth pre-ordering Arkane’s upcoming game Deathloop.

The game sees rival assassins trapped in a timeloop on the island of Blackreef. The only way to escape the loop is by assassinating eight targets before the day resets.

An intriguing premise is made all the more interesting by the inclusion of PS5 exclusive features, such as DualSense haptic feedback and adaptive triggers.

“Every new loop is an opportunity to change things up. Use the knowledge you gain from each attempt to change up your playstyle, stealthily sneaking through levels or barreling into the fight, guns-blazing.

“In each loop you’ll discover new secrets, gather intel on your targets as well as the island of Blackreef, and expand your arsenal. Armed with a host of otherworldly abilities and savage weaponry, you’ll utilise every tool at your command to execute takedowns that are as striking as they are devastating.”

Deathloop has a September 14 release date, exclusively on PlayStation 5.

Virgin Media O2 customers treated to a vital free speed boost that rivals EE

Virgin Media and O2 joined forces back in June and the newly formed company is already pushing out some big changes. With millions of us staying in the UK this summer, the firm has started boosting its mobile signal in a swathe of popular destinations which should mean a better, faster and more reliable connection.

Virgin Media O2 is boasting that, so far in 2021, it has delivered a 4G network boost in 31,300 postcodes and that’s not all as it has also upgraded almost 600 cell sites at popular UK holiday hotspots such as Bognor Regis, Bath, Falmouth, Plymouth, Cambridge and Stirling. These upgrades have been put in place to help cope with that added demand as millions of Britons are expected to stay in the UK this year for their summer breaks.

Along with that 4G boost, there is also an improvement to the latest 5G signals with an upgrade that should mean more people can get access to these superfast speeds. Virgin Media O2 says it has continued to roll out its 5G network, focusing on strengthening its coverage in towns and cities while introducing the next generation network to tourist hotspots such as Edinburgh Castle, Bournemouth Pier, Tynemouth King Edwards Bay and Llandudno West Shore.

Also benefitting from new outdoor 5G connectivity are a range of museums and galleries, including the V&A Museum, National Portrait Gallery, Natural History Museum, the Mary Rose Museum, York Castle Museum and the Scottish National Portrait Gallery.

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If you weren’t already aware, 5G is capable of beaming the web to phones at speeds of over 300Mbps which is around five times faster than the UK’s average fixed-line broadband speeds.

You will need a 5G-ready phone to access this network technology but almost all new devices including the latest iPhone 12 are now compatible.

Speaking about the update, Jeanie York, Chief Technology Officer at Virgin Media O2 said: “After a year like no other, we know how important it has been to stay connected. That’s why we’re committed to providing our customers with reliable connectivity all across the UK – as shown by our £448m investment on newly released spectrum – to increase capacity in our network and power the technology of the future, as well as spearheading the Shared Rural Network.

“The numbers speak for themselves, with over 31,300 postcodes receiving a 4G network upgrade this year, hundreds of tourist hotspots boosted and a real focus to improve our 5G experience where people need it most.”

Of course, it’s not just O2 that’s aware of people not jumping on planes in 2021. EE also recently announced a similar boost that’s aimed at making sure that users get faster internet speeds during this year’s staycation boom.

EE says it has upgraded its 4G network in Blackpool, Bournemouth, Brighton, Dawlish, Gt Yarmouth, Isle of Sheppey, Maldon, Porthcawl and Rhyl with 16 more locations getting the boost later this summer.

Along with that 4G upgrade, EE is also switching on its next-generation 5G signal in several coastal towns and cities including Ayr, Blackpool, Brighton, Paignton, Poole, Porthcawl, Southend-on-Sea, Swansea and Weston-Super-Mare

Author: David Snelling
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Harry Potter star claims she was ‘treated differently’ after gaining weight

After ten years in cinemas, the Harry Potter franchise was brought to an end with an epic two-parter Deathly Hallows event. The franchise is still one of the most successful film series of all time, grossing over $ 7.7 billion at the box office. Unfortunately for the actor who played Lavender Brown, the experience of filming the final two movies was not always happy.

Jessie Cave first played Lavender in the franchise’s 2009 instalment, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

The young witch was the first love interest of Ron Weasley (Rupert Grint) prompting her return for the Deathly Hallows Parts 1 and 2.

In a new interview, Cave revealed: “I gained a lot of weight after doing Harry Potter, just because I wasn’t starving myself, And I was growing up and that’s just what happens.”

When she returned to film the Deathly Hallows movies, she said: “I was treated like a different species.”

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Cave continued: “It was horrible. It was probably more me and my insecurity, knowing that I wasn’t fitting into the same size jeans, but it wasn’t a time where actresses were any bigger than a size eight.

“And in the previous film I had been, and now I was a size 12. So that was horrible. It was a really uncomfortable experience.” (Via The Independent)

Reflecting on the experience, she added: “But you get a bit bigger, or you’re not as relevant, and it goes off, and you have to make your way in the dark.

“I definitely felt invisible when I gained a little bit of weight. And since then, it’s made me have weird issues with weight and work.”

What do you think? Join the debate in the comments section here

There is still a possibility Cave will return to the big screen in the Harry Potter franchise, however.

Earlier this year The Hollywood Reporter spoke with WarnerMedia CEO Jason Kilar about the future of the HP series.

Discussing the films, the outlet said: “On the movie front, there’s talk Warner Bros could be developing a new tentpole based on the Harry Potter and the Cursed Child stage play.

“Discussion about possible sequels for Harry Potter — whose rights Warner Bros. controls along with creator J.K. Rowling — came as Kilar was talking about the creative fortunes going forward for Warner Bros.”

Express.co.uk also spoke with Harry Potter producer Lionel Wigram who revealed: “Whatever [JK Rowling] wants, as far as I’m concerned, is right.

“I think [Cursed Child] would make a great movie. Maybe at some point she’ll be ready to do that. I think it’s got a wonderful, long, theatrical run…it works brilliantly as a piece of theatre.

“I love the fact that there’s another aspect of the Harry Potter world which is completely different from everything else. I think it’s very special as it is and there will be a time when she’s maybe ready to do it [as a movie].”

The Harry Potter films are available to watch on NOW.


Author: Callum Crumlish
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Every single Gmail user has been treated to a huge upgrade, here's how YOU can turn it on

Google has brought a bundle of new features to Gmail users worldwide. No longer simply an email address, Google is bringing its Chat instant messaging service, Rooms feature to share and collaborate on documents and files, and Meet video-call service. This bundle of features, known as Google Workspace – as it’s designed to boost your productivity across Google’s free-to-use web apps, was previously reserved for those with education or enterprise Google Accounts.

However, that’s now changed. Google has brought Workspace to all three billion Google Account holders worldwide. Whether you’ve got a Gmail email address, have used Google Docs in the past, or commented on a YouTube video… you’ve got a Google Account. If you have one of those you’ll be able to take advantage of these new tricks.

To enable the new Chat and Rooms functionality inside Gmail on Android and iOS, follow the instructions below…

  • Open the Gmail app
  • Launch the Settings menu from the toolbar running along the bottom of the screen
  • Tap on your personal Gmail account name
  • Then head to General > Chat
  • Tap on the button marked “Try it”
  • This will trigger Gmail to restart with a tutorial. This will teach you how to use Chat inside Gmail and will remind you to switch off notifications from the standalone Google Chat app – as you’ll get double notifications for every new message if you don’t turn them off

If you use Gmail on the web instead, you’ll need the below instructions…

  • Head to the webpage mail.google.com/mail/u/0/#settings/chat
  • Make sure to check the box marked “Google Chat” instead of “Classic Hangouts,” which is enabled by default
  • If you have an account managed by someone else – like an educational institution, for example – you might only find On/Off options for Hangouts
  • Google will ask you to confirm your decision
  • And that’s it – head back to your inbox and you’ll see the new Chat option

Workspace brings together a number of Google’s most popular web apps for improved interoperability. Bringing together all of these apps makes Google’s free-to-use web apps more competitive against the likes of Microsoft Office 365. Workspace lets you present documents from Google Docs, Sheet, or Slide inside a Google Meet video call with a single click.

If you rely on Google Docs to collaborate on documents with friends or family, this clever integration makes it more tempting to ditch third-party options like Zoom over Google Meet – something Google is keen to promote.

Workspace also adds a messaging service, dubbed Google Chat, inside your Gmail inbox. This new service replaces Hangouts.

This lets you send a text message, picture, videos or web links to anyone in your Gmail contacts list. You can also start group messages with anyone in your contacts list – saving you from the hassle of sending group emails (and remembering to click ‘Reply All’ each time). Of course, you can also drop Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Sheets documents inside a Chat window to share them with friends, family and colleagues too.

You can also use @ to mention a contact from Gmail inside a Chat, Google Doc, Google Sheet …or any of the other applications included in Workspace. This flags what you’re doing to friends and lets them jump straight into the Google Doc to see the To Do list you’re drafting, for example.

“Collaboration doesn’t stop at the workplace — our products have been optimised for broad participation, sharing and helpfulness since the beginning,” said Javier Soltero, VP and GM, Google Workspace, in a company blog post. “Our focus is on delivering consumers, workers, teachers and students alike an equitable approach to collaboration, while still providing flexibility that allows these different subsets of users to take their own approach to communication and collaboration.”

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Sky customers could be treated to a much-needed free boost today

There’s a huge night of football ahead as England take on Scotland in the group stages of Euro 2020. Both teams will be desperate for the victory with England hoping to continue their winning streak and Scotland needing all three points to stay in the tournament. Hopefully, that means plenty of goals and that’s great news for Sky Mobile customers. The UK network has announced that it will be adding a whopping 1GB of data to accounts each time a goal is scored by either England, Scotland and Wales.

With England and Scotland facing off in tonight’s game it could be a bumper boost for anyone with Sky SIM in their phone.

This bonus data will be added to Sky’s Piggybank service which allows users to dip into extra internet access when they are running low.

Anyone wanting to take part in this promotion simply needs to register their details with Sky.


Speaking about the offer, Paul Sweeney, Managing Director of Sky Mobile. said: “After waiting for an entire year for this tournament to take place, we hope our free data boost for Sky Mobile customers can go some way in bringing fans together to cheer on football finally coming home.’’

According to Sky, this will be a much-needed boost for customers with research revealing that more than a third of Brits watch their favourite sports via their smartphone at work, with over a quarter viewing on the toilet or in a restaurant.

The study of 2,000 sport fans found 16 percent will slip out of work, use their annual leave or excuse themselves from a family dinner to make sure they catch every match moment of the Euros tournament.

The study also found that three fifths of Brits are watching more sport via their mobile phone than they were 12 months ago, with football the most popular sport to watch via mobile apps, followed by tennis, Formula One and cricket respectively.

It’s worth noting that watching just one hour of video on your phone will use around 30GB of data per month.

This article contains affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission on any sales of products or services we write about. This article was written completely independently, see more details here

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Padres fans treated to a win on Petco Park's Reopening Day

Right-hander Joe Musgrove is pitching for the Padres at Reopening Day with the stands at full capacity for the first time in 630 days.

SAN DIEGO — Update: The Padres pulled off a glorious win for Reopening Day at Petco Park Thursday. With two, two-run homers they finished the game in the bottom of the ninth 6-4 thanks to a walk-off by Caratini.

Original story:

The San Diego Padres kicked off a game at Petco Park on Thursday night with the stands at full capacity for the first time in 630 days. The Pads were facing the Cincinnati Reds at what the team is billing as “San Diego’s Opening Day.”

The game sold out with an attendance of 40,362, according to the team.

Capacity had been limited at Petco Park this season because of restrictions related to the coronavirus pandemic imposed by Gov. Gavin Newsom. Statewide restrictions were lifted Tuesday. Fans were prohibited from Petco Park during the coronavirus-delayed and shortened 2020 season.

Pregame ceremonies for Thursday night’s game included the Padres and Petco honoring 4,000 front-line workers, 275 uniformed personnel from Navy Region Southwest unfurling the American flag and a flyover by F/A-18 Hornets from MCAS Miramar. 

The ceremonial first pitch was thrown by Nancy Yam, director of acute care pharmacy services for UC San Diego Health. A fireworks show will follow the game. 

Prior to the game, San Diego City Council President Jennifer Campbell presented a “San Diego’s Opening Night” proclamation to the team.

Hometown hero, Joe Musgrove (4-6), who pitched the Padres’ first no-hitter this year started the game on Thursday , while left-hander Wade Miley (6-4) started for the Reds in a rare matchup of pitchers who have thrown no-hitters in the same season.

Musgrove is 2-6 since pitching the Padres’ first no-hitter April 9, including losing his last two decisions.

The Friar Faithful can expect some new promotions coming up. The Padres are planning promotional events over the four-game series. Active Duty military will present the American Flag across the field and now a DJ will play after the game. On Friday, it’s Beerfest, Padre Aloha shirts on Saturday and Kidsfest on Sunday.

If you’re going to a game soon, also remember the bag policy has changed this season. Petco Park will prohibit bags with the exception of single compartment bags measuring 7” x 10” or smaller, infant and medical bags.

With near-capacity crowds expected at Petco Park for the remainder of the season, the Metropolitan Transit System will increase the frequency of its trolley service, with trolleys serving all stations every seven to 15 minutes most of the day.

WATCH: Fans arrive at Petco Park for Reopening Day

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NOW TV users could soon be treated to two of Sky Q's best features

NOW TV has seen some pretty dramatic changes in recent months. First up, the service got a whole new look with a redesigned home screen and bright green-coloured branding. It’s also had a name change with the word “TV” excised, so now it’s simply called NOW – and yes, we’re equally baffled by this choice too.
If you weren’t already aware, NOW is owned by Sky and it seems the satellite TV firm is on a mission to make things better for customers. The NOW app has already been upgraded on Apple TV devices to help users find content more quickly by being included in the Up Next menu and there’s a new look to the TV guide.

But things could be about to get even better with the possible launch of High Dynamic Range, HDR content on the platform. Sky Q users have been treated to this glorious picture quality for a while and it seems a similar upgrade could be coming soon to those who prefer to stream their content online.

In a recent briefing about its future plans, Sky’s chief product officer, Fraser Stirling, told Express.co.uk that HDR was something NOW was considering.

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“We’re always moving towards offering the best level of content, so that’s something we’re definitely looking at,” Stirling said.

It’s exciting stuff as HDR brings a picture packed with far greater contrast in the darkest and lightest areas of the screen. So, you won’t lose detail when scenes take place in places with a stark contrast between light.

It’s worth noting that NOW does already offer customers the option to add a Boost package to their plans which brings shows, sports and movies to TVs in full HD 1080p quality – without this you only get standard 720p definition.

However, there are currently no 4K or HDR options for NOW users which are both technologies that Sky Q has invested heavily in. Finger crossed this arrives soon on NOW.

Along with HDR, another feature that NOW users could get access to is the iOS widget. Sky recently introduced this iPhone and iPad upgrade to customers which allows users to easily see suggested new shows and movies, or shortcuts to the content they’ve already started watching and want to continue.

Like most iOS 14 widgets, Sky Go can be resized to suit individual tastes – that means you can view it as a small square or have the service take up almost the entire home screen.

When asked why NOW hadn’t followed with its own iOS widget, Stirling confirmed that it was on the to-do list. Sadly, one thing that NOW won’t be investing in is any more of its own-brand streaming devices.

The service appears to be more than happy to use smart TVs and other products that have this app pre-installed.

“We don’t have any plans to make a new streaming stick right now. I think the focus is really leaning into the experience of all of the platforms we have, and then looking at the best platforms to expand into,” Stirling told Pocket-Lint.

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London stabbing: Man, 18, treated for ‘severe injury’ after ‘assault’ – Police on scene

Police said the fight took place on Amersham Road in New Cross, South London at around 3.30pm today. The fight, which was understood to have involved a group of young men, resulted in one man being found with a knife injury to his wrist before he was taken to hospital, police say. 
The Metropolitan Police have cordoned off Amersham Road and have launched an investigation into the exact circumstances of the incident. 

A spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police said: “Police were called at shortly after 3.30pm on Wednesday, 12 May, to reports of a group of males fighting with weapons in Amersham Road, SE14.

“Officers attended along with London Ambulance Service.

“A man, believed to be in his late teens, was found with a knife injury to his wrist and was taken to hospital. His injuries are not believed to be life-threatening.

“A number of roads are closed as police carry out their enquiries.

“At this early stage, there have been no arrests.”

Police also said a Section 60 search power has been authorised in the area following the incident.

This has been authorised to help police implement stop and search.

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The London Ambulance Service also attended the scene and were called just after 3.30pm this afternoon.

Locals have also reported an air ambulance attending the scene.

Bus routes have been diverted whilst a police cordon remains in place. 

The cordon is expected to be lifted later this evening. 


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