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Surface Laptop Studio shows off Windows 11 with a trick no other laptop can do

MICROSOFT has taken the wraps off an all-new Surface laptop with a never-before-seen trick. The Surface Laptop Studio was designed to show-off Windows 11 and will launch worldwide next month. Here’s everything you need to know, including the best features and that all-important price.

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Chromecast with Google TV gains a game-changing new trick

Google is leveraging its next-generation streaming box, the Chromecast with Google TV, to tempt viewers to subscribe to its video game streaming platform, Google Stadia. Owners of the latest Chromecast have started to see the Netflix-for-games service appear in the For You tab. 

The latter is one of the biggest differences between the Chromecast with Google TV and previous set-top boxes under the Chromecast brand. While earlier iterations were controlled entirely by a smartphone, with users picking an episode or movie on their handset and then beaming the video to the Chromecast, the recently-redesigned model boasts its own menu and streaming apps.

As you watch, Chromecast with Google TV will begin to make suggestions based on your tastes. These recommended films and boxsets appear in the For You tab. It’s unclear whether Google is tailoring its recommendation of Google Stadia to certain viewers based on their interests, or whether it thinks everyone will enjoy its latest subscription service.

If you are subscribed to Google Stadia, any games that you play will be treated like boxsets and films within the Google TV interface. As such, on the homepage, you’ll be able to jump straight back into your latest title under the heading “Recently Played Game”. Stadia can also be added to the “Your Services” page in the Settings menu.

Amazon is bringing Fire TV inside your car with next streaming boost

Google Stadia launched in November 2019, with the free tier following in April 2020. Stadia lets you play blockbuster video games on a range of devices, from smartphones to tablets and Chromecasts. While none of these gadgets enjoy the amount of processing power found inside a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X, Google makes it possible to play top-tier games by handling all of the processing in its server farms.

So, while Google handles all of the complex rendering needed, all your device has to do is stream the resulting footage.

As such, devices only designed to handle a boxset binge on Netflix are capable of playing some of the biggest video game franchises. That’s because all they’re doing is streaming footage – exactly like watching Netflix. Google Stadia supports resolutions up to 4K Ultra HD with 60 frames per second and support for high-dynamic-range (HDR) pictures.

That’s comparable with what we see from the latest generation of games consoles from Sony and Microsoft.

With a deeper integration to Chromecast with Google TV, it’ll be interesting to see whether more people swap their consoles in favour of streaming dongles to play the latest titles. If Stadia is not your cup of tea at all, fingers crossed Google will stop filling the homepage of your Chromecast with recommendations for it soon enough. 

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Kate Middleton uses parenting trick to appear more ‘relatable’ and ‘likeable’

The most recent appearance from the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge came on Sunday, when the royal couple watched the UEFA Euro 2020 Championship Final in Wembley.

Prince George also made an appearance, taking the middle seat between his parents.

While the royal children’s lives are kept quite private, they are sometimes seen out and about for special occasions.

Speaking to Express.co.uk, Leon Hady of Guide Education explained that “children are taught through behaviour modelling”.

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He said: “There are ideas of competition-obsession and focusing on a specific type of ‘success’ that some ‘modern’ parents go for, but this is just one way to parent. 

“Modern parenting, if such a thing exists, focuses on an individual or two raising a child at every stage rather than hundreds of thousands of years of parenting being based around children being raised by communities and villages as much as by the two biological parents.”

One traditional parenting technique that the couple did decide to ditch when Prince George was born back in 2013 was the hiring of a team of staff to help out.

Instead, the family use one nanny, Maria Teresa Barrallo, who is often spotted with the royal children.

Leon explained that they may have done this to appear more “relatable”.

He said: “There is far less need for people’s support thanks to technological advancements and also keep in mind that many royal families are making conscious moves to relate more to the people in their countries or those deemed as ‘subjects’. 

“They do this in order to be relatable, likeable and have relevance. 

“Nowadays royal families must be, to a point, engaging with life in the same way typical mothers and fathers in their countries do. 

“They cannot afford to be too far removed from the norm, at least not with an issue such as parenting that is very much in the public eye.”

When watching the Euro 2020 final on Sunday evening, William and Kate can be seen bending down to speak to Prince George on several occasions.

The couple also regularly do this when speaking to their other children, Charlotte and Louis.

Leon explained that this is “very important to build trust”.

He added: “Being close, at eye level, speaking with a reassuring tone creates a feeling of understanding and closeness that assures a child and make them feel connected better to the parent. Very good, supportive practice.”

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Get Spotify Premium for FREE thanks to this brilliant TikTok trick

Music fans can now get their hands on Spotify Premium without raiding their bank accounts. The music streaming firm has joined forces with social network TikTok to offer four months of free access.

Spotify does already offer free streaming, however, these accounts include a number of limits, including the ability to listen to music offline, stream to smart speakers, advertisements, and more. Spotify Premium unlocks advert-free music streaming, offline listening, unlimited skips, and much, much more. It usually costs £9.99 but that fee has been scrapped for anyone who uses the popular video sharing platform.

If that sounds like something you’d like to enjoy, there are a few simple ways to unlock find the offer.

First up, TikTok users can find the offer on their mobile in a few ways: on their ‘For You’ and ‘Discover’ Pages, on a profile icon on the ‘Me’ Page, by searching for ‘Spotify’ on TikTok or by clicking on the link below from their mobile devices.


Spotify says the offer is available to eligible users who are age 18+ with a TikTok profile in the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Poland and Turkey, and who have not subscribed to Spotify Premium previously.

Those who are eligible will receive a unique code that will enable them to redeem the Spotify Premium offer.

Speaking about the deal, David Nunez, Head of Growth, Europe at TikTok said: “TikTok is a sound-on, immersive experience, with music sitting at the heart of how people create and engage with content on the platform. We’re delighted to bring this offer with Spotify Premium to our community, helping them gain even more enjoyment from the artists and tracks they’ve known on TikTok.”

And Marc Hazan, Vice President, Global Head of Premium Business Development at Spotify added: “As the world’s leading audio streaming service, we are thrilled to offer eligible TikTok users in several markets access to all the music and podcasts they love anytime, anywhere.”

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Watch out for an estate agent ‘bidding war’ trick that might leave buyers ripped off

He told Estate Agent Today sealed bids should be “restructured, formalised and made more transparent.”

He added: “The current system is virtually impossible [for the purchaser].

“Submitting the highest bid won’t necessarily secure the property; the vendor and agent will weigh up all the information and make a choice on the basis of the size of the offer and the situation of the buyer.”

ReallyMoving.com advised: “Sealed bidding is great for sellers, and for some buyers, if you know you want that property and you know how much you are willing to spend.”

If you are buying a home, how can you avoid being gazumped by other buyers

Author: Emily Hodgkin
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Maths expert's temperature trick is a must for anyone going on holiday

“But it involves some pretty nasty numbers.”

The brainbox, who goes by @tomrocksmaths on Twitter, adds: “So what we are going to do instead is come up with an approximation.

“It might not work for your scientific experiments but if you are on holiday and you just want to know the temperature, it will work a treat.

“To approximately turn degrees Celsius into degrees Fahrenheit, all you have to do is multiply by two and add 30. So let’s look at 30 degrees Celsius. Multiply by two to get 60 and add 30 to get 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

“So let’s look at 10C- a little cooler. Multiply by two to get 20 and then add 30 to get 10 degrees Celsius is approx 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

“Multiply by two, add 30, and you have it!”

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Prime Day trick: Get the best deals today without paying Amazon for Prime

One of Amazon’s biggest shopping events of the year has just got underway with the Prime Day sale starting today. There are now hundreds of deals across a whole range of products including money off fashion, tech, toys, home, beauty, and more. Amazon has even slashed the price of the iPhone 12 to a new low with things now starting from under £570.

Of course, there are also massive savings on Amazon’s own-brand products including hefty 50 percent discounts on the Amazon Echo, Echo Dot and Echo Show that features a screen.

In fact, you can now pop one of the Alexa-powered devices in your shopping basket for as little as £19.99. That’s clearly a solid saving but there is one big catch. To get the deals you need to be a Prime member.

This monthly subscription plan costs you £7.99 per month – that’s over £70 a year coming out of your bank account. It’s not cheap and you might be wondering if it’s really worth paying the price just to grab a discounted Echo smart speaker on Prime Day.

Luckily there is a way to grab these bargains without paying for this monthly subscription plan. That’s because Amazon offers all new customers the chance to try Prime free for 30 days. All you have to do is make sure that you set a reminder to cancel after that trial period so you don’t get charged.

Of course, if you do carry on paying £7.99 a month you’ll get faster delivery and access to Prime Video which features free movies to watch and a bunch of boxsets to binge on.

Prime Day runs until 23.59pm on 22nd June, with Amazon promising a whopping 2 million deals will be available globally.

The online retailer is also boasting that Prime Day 2021 will feature the largest number of deals in the shopping event’s 7-year history including featured lightning deals running from 08.00am on 21st June, which offer price cuts on top-tier brands, categories, and products.

Speaking about the Prime Day deals John Boumphrey, Amazon UK Country Manager, said: “This Prime Day, we’re offering Prime members millions of deals from great brands which we know our customers love. We’re also continuing our support for the small businesses selling on Amazon by running our ‘spend £10 get £10 offer’, which will help thousands of smaller companies in the run up to Prime Day,” said

“As a Prime Day first, we’re also delighted to be increasing our donations to charity when customers shop through AmazonSmile, so there is plenty for everyone this year.”

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'Genuine': Kate Middleton has clever trick to 'create instant bonds' with the public

The once more withdrawn Duchess has come into her own during her career in the Royal Family. She has taken on patronages and launched her own initiative for young children’s mental health.

This clever body language trick is not unique to Kate. A lot of powerful and charismatic individuals use it.

“This rather personalized greeting forms the same kind of connections to individuals standing in a large group as techniques used by high charismatics like the Clintons when they are working a crowd,” Judi claimed.

“Bill always goes one step further by pointing into the crowd and waving as though he has spotted a friend.

“This gesture, like Kate’s wave, can create instant bonds by breaking down the ‘them and us’ feel when a crowd watches someone famous or high status.”

“Her fingers became more splayed and instead of an air of gracious condescension we got a much more friendly-looking greeting signal, with the palm display suggesting openness rather than distance,” Judi said.

The expert, on the other hand, called Meghan Markle’s wave “sweet, cute and tentative.”

“Meghan’s wave was an important signal when she first joined the Royal Family,” Judi said.

“As a successful US actress and campaigner, there were some worries that she might appear a little too grand for the Royal Family or their fans.”

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Dr Amir's amazing hot water bottle trick to keep you COOL and help you sleep in the heat

Appearing on ITV’s Lorraine this morning, Dr Amir advised to fill the hot water bottle with water (as you normally would do), but then to “put it in the freezer”. This might seem unconventional, but the doctor is certain it will “keep you cool”. Just before you get ready for bed, you can “stick it under your bed shirt”, beamed Dr Amir.


“Warmer temperatures can cause discomfort and restlessness,” said the Sleep Foundation, but anyone’s personal experience can attest to this.

Too warm of a bedroom can interfere with the body’s “thermoregulation abilities and cause fatigue” – causing the person to feel physically and mentally tired.

“A higher core body temperature has been associated with a decrease in restorative slow-wave sleep,” said the Sleep Foundation.

Thankfully, Amir has another suggestion to help you enjoy a cool night’s sleep.

The NHS doctor recommended “cooling bead eye masks” that you put in the fridge and use to cool you down when you’re ready for bed.

For anyone who has the added pain point of sunburn while trying to sleep, Dr Amir provides home-made remedies.

The first tip is to apply yoghurt to the sunburned areas – and to leave on the skin for five to 10 minutes – up to three days in a row.

The lactic acid and probiotics in the yoghurt are said to “help repair the skin and reduce inflammation”.

Furthermore, cool showers are needed to help ease any discomfort from the sunburned skin.

Dr Amir’s top tip is to avoid sunburn in the first place by wearing plenty of sun protection (i.e. sunscreen) and clothing.

Cancer Research UK advise to choose a sunscreen with good protection against both UVA and UVB rays.

The charity suggests using a product “with at least four stars” found on the back of the sunscreen.


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Ace Attorney And Ghost Trick Return To The iOS Store

Missile In Court

Earlier this year, Capcom took down a few of their games from the iOS store, in order to update them to work with the new iOS 14. The three games affected were Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice. Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney and Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth were still available.

But now it’s time to crack open the bubbly and solve some murders, baby, because the ace attorney is BACK! Also, Ghost Trick, one of the greatest games of our generation! Truly, today is a frabjous day.

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney celebration

This news comes courtesy of the official Japanese Ace Attorney Twitter account, which also states that The Great Ace Attorney 1 and 2 are returning to the iOS App Store, too. And yes, we checked — although The Great Ace Attorney games aren’t on the English App Store, the others are.

For anyone who accidentally forgot to take their 3DS with all the Ace Attorney games on it out of storage when they moved house (read: the author), this is excellent news!

Here are the individual prices for each game:

Dual Destinies

  • First episode is free
  • £14.99 for episodes 2-5 (or £4.99 each, for a total of £19.96)
  • £2.99 for “Turnabout Reclaimed”, a DLC episode sold separately
  • £0.99 for a special costume set for Apollo, Phoenix, and Athena

Spirit of Justice

  • First episode is free
  • £14.99 for episodes 2-5 (or £4.99 each, for a total of £19.96)
  • £2.99 for “Turnabout Time Traveler”, a DLC episode sold separately
  • £0.99 for a special costume set for Apollo, Phoenix, and Athena which references old AA games

Ghost Trick

  • First two chapters are free
  • £9.99 for all other chapters (or £4.99 for each bundle of three chapters, for a total of £14.97)

Will you be replaying these classics? Let us know in the comments!

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