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How to get yourself a younger immune system – 6 easy tricks for healthier living

Immune systems are an intensely clever network located inside each human being. These systems work to protect humans against a range of potential health threats. With the lifting of restrictions this week and “personal responsibility” being the new status quo, it is more important than ever to maintain good immunity. Express.co.uk has compiled a list of six easy ways to protect yourself and lower your immunity age.

The immune system is a complex network of cells and proteins which work together to protect your body against infection.

This body system keeps a record of all germs, called microbes, it has ever defeated.

Therefore you will be able to recognise and destroy this microbe quickly if it ever enters your body again.

There are several abnormalities associated with your immune system which take the form of allergies, immunodeficiencies and autoimmune disorders.

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The immune system consists of organs, cells and chemicals designed to attack infections.

The main components of this system include white blood cells, antibodies, the complement systems, the lymphatic system, spleen, thymus and bone marrow.

These are the elements of your immune system which work to actively defeat the infection.

As well as your immune system, your body also protects itself from disease using your skin, lungs, digestive tract and body fluids.

Obesity and exercise

Regular exercise is one of the key factors which can help prevent a decline in your immune system.

One’s immune system declines by two to three percent a year from your 20s.

But those who exercise regularly will have extra protection against this rate of decline.

Research in the British Medical Journal found those who walked for at least 20 minutes a day had 43 percent fewer sick days due to the common cold.

Smoking and binge drinking

Smoking has a number of negative influences including increasing your immune age.

This in turn reduces your risk of combatting serious illness and means you are likely to live for a shorter period of time.

Binge drinking prompts a reduction in white blood cells which are used to combat infections.

Therefore avoid binge drinking alcohol as it makes your immune system less active.

Protein and diet

Poor gut health can increase one’s immune age according to scientists, whereas a healthy microbiome can slow down this ageing process.

You should try to eat as much plant food as possible as these support antibodies.

Slow fermented sourdough bread is also very helpful to your gut.

Protein does not necessarily have to mean meat or fish – eating a range of different proteins is also very helpful to extending your immune body’s lifespan.

A study of 120 older adults found that a Mediterranean diet, high in vegetables, fruit, pulses, wholegrains, oily fish and olive oil, had a positive impact on ageing immune cells.


Vitamin D has a long-established role in one’s immunity.

Spending plenty of time outside in the sunshine and taking supplements when the sun’s rays are insufficient is crucial to extending your immune system’s functionality.

An estimated third of people in the UK are vitamin D deficient and therefore supplements of this kind are often advised for Britons especially.


Stress is one of the most devastating influences on health.

It can impact your sleep pattern and mental health hugely and therefore avoiding and managing stress effectively is essential.

Those quick to anger tend to have immune systems which are constantly primed for inflammation which means they weaken with age.


Social connection is also important as loneliness can cause immune systems to go into stress.

This prompts an inflammatory response which can cause long-term damage.

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Savvy mum-of-four shares how she paid just £10 for £90 supermarket shop – tips and tricks

Supermarkets as well as coffee chains, have started to partner up with Too Good To Go to help customers get their hands on food that would otherwise go to waste. One savvy mum-of -four, Sarah Whitfield from Warrington, has shared how she managed to save £83.70 using the app.

She told money-saving community LatestDeals.co.uk: “I got a mystery box from a store called The Bridge Hub. I try to pick up these boxes twice a month as they really help to feed my family on a budget.

“You never know what you are going to get, and that’s what makes it exciting. We usually find that at least most of the groceries are suitable for us to use over the course of the week.

“I pick up these boxes between 11 and 12 on either a Tuesday or Thursday, and with my most recent one I was impressed to find that the items were originally worth £93.70 in total.

“This means I saved £83.70 by using the mystery box service, which will make a big difference! I got 36 items in total, so I worked out that means I got each item for an average of about 27p.”

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“I worked out that this section of the shop cost me £2.43, and it was worth £19.78, so I saved £17.35!”

Sarah also bagged herself plenty of dairy items as well as meat options including sausages.

Snacks, cereal and juice were also included in the box.

The savvy shopper explained that she made use of the Too Good To Go app to book the mystery box collection.

She said: “It’s really good for bargains and discounts. You have to check it numerous times a day to find different deals.

“The enchilada kit meant I could whip up a quick meal which everyone loved, and my son loved mixing the brownie mix to make a batch of treats.

“I also made several pasta dishes using the meat I got in the mystery box, and I made some snack plates for the kids using the fruit and vegetables.

“We are a family of six so it all goes quite quickly. Anything we don’t use straight away gets frozen or anything we won’t eat gets given to family and friends.”

Tom Church, Co-Founder of LatestDeals.co.uk said: “Sarah has made a truly impressive saving with this mystery box haul.

“Making the most of apps such as Too Good To Go is a great way to try out new products you wouldn’t usually buy at a fraction of the price, while also helping to combat food waste.

“More and more members of our community are sharing their zero waste recipes and meal hacks on our cheap supermarket cooking group on Facebook, so hopefully stories like this one will raise awareness of how you can both pick up bargains and save food from being thrown away.”

Morrisons, Pret A Manger, Costa and fast-food restaurants are amongst those operating on the app.

It can be downloaded onto mobile devices and users can scan their local area to see which retailers are offering discounted goods.

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: Life and Style Feed
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6 foolproof tricks to get rid of slugs in your garden organically

Slugs cause a lot of damage in your garden – leaving irregular-shaped holes in leaves, stems, flowers, tubers and bulbs. They also leave silvery slimy trails behind wherever they move. Controlling slugs can be difficult, but Express.co.uk has compiled a list of six tricks to get rid of slugs in your garden.

How to get rid of slugs

Organic slug pellets

Slug control can be a tricky business but organic slug pellets are approved as a way to get rid of slugs.

If you scatter the pellets on the soil as soon as you see them, you can hopefully avoid them before they wreak too much havoc with your plants.

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Use grit as mulch

Mulch is an important part of gardening and helps retain moisture with your plants and protect them from critters.

Slugs do not like horticultural grit and find it difficult to travel over.

If you add mulch to the base of plants in the ground and in pots, you can help deter slugs as well as keeping your compost moist.

Use beer

Slugs are attracted to the smell of cheap beer.

You can create a slug trap by pouring some beer into a container into the ground, with the rim just above soil level.

Fill the container halfway with beer and then cover it with a loose lid to stop other creatures from falling in.

Make sure to check the pot regularly to remove any fallen slugs.

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: Life and Style Feed
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Sky Q users might want to try these 25 new TV remote control tricks this week

It’s half-term for millions of kids across the UK and, if you’re looking for things to keep them entertained then grabbing your Sky Q remote and trying out these tricks could be a good idea. If you weren’t already aware, Sky Q’s remote features a button that makes it easy to find TV shows, sports and films via simple voice searches.
In fact, searching for things to watch isn’t the only thing you can do by talking into the remote with users able to switch channels, fast forward/rewind content and even turn off the set-top box just by asking.

Sky continues to improve its voice technology with upgrades being brought to this platform on a regular basis and right before the children break up from school they have added a swathe of fun new things to try and stay entertained during the June holidays.

For example, you can sing “Let it Go” to find the Frozen movie or shout “Yabba Dabba Doo” to watch some classic episodes of The Flintstones.

If you fancy giving it a try here are 25 voice command quotes that have been added to Sky Q.

Hit the voice button and say “Let it Go” for Frozen

or “Scooby-Dooby-Doo” for Scooby Doo

“To infinity and beyond” for Toy Story

“Can we fix it? Yes we can” for Bob the Builder

“What’s up Doc?” for Looney Tunes

“Yabba Dabba Doo” for The Flintstones

“Hakuna Matata” for Lion King

“Paw Patrol is on a roll” for Paw Patrol

“Oh George” for Peppa Pig

“Chase is on the case” for Paw Patrol

“Tinky Winky, Dipsy, La-La, Po” for Teletubbies

“That’s all folks” for Looney Tunes

“Tweety Pie” for Looney Tunes

“I love muddy puddles” for Peppa Pig

“Great fires of London” for Fireman Sam

“Octonauts to the HQ” for Octonauts

“Zoinks!” for Scooby Doo

“Aye aye captain” for SpongeBob Squarepants

“Go ninja Go!” for Lego Ninjago

“Magic always leads to trouble” for Ben and Holly

“Buzz Lightyear and Woody” for Toy Story

“Let’s Blaze” for Blaze and the monster machines

“Let’s hop to it” for Peter Rabbit

“It’s a bing thing” for Bing

“Come on Flop” for Bing

According to new research from Sky, “Let it Go”, “Scooby-Dooby-Doo” and “To Infinity and Beyond” have been revealed as the UK’s most memorable kids’ TV and film catchphrases.

“Paw Patrol is on a roll”, Bob the Builder’s “Can we fix it? Yes, we can!” and “Yabba Dabba Doo” from The Flintstones also feature in the top 50 iconic phrases.

The research found that more than two-thirds of children use phrases from their favourite films and TV shows every day, with over half of parents resorting to saying quotes to work out what their kids want to watch on TV.

Fraser Stirling, Group Chief Product Officer, Sky, said: “It’s natural to talk to your TV, which is why kids love using voice search on Sky Q, and by adding their favourite catchphrases we’re making finding what they want to watch fun, easy and quick!”

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: Tech Feed

Rust Console Edition Tips and Tricks

The island of Rust Console Edition – available today on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S — is a harsh place. Literally everything here wants to kill you; the local wildlife, other players and even the island itself will try their best to eliminate you and take your things, so what can you do to get a head-start? Hopefully, these tips will help you get a foothold in this unforgiving survival sandbox.

Rust Console Edition - Sleeping Bag

Make a sleeping bag – This should be one of the first things you do – collect 30 cloth from the green h emp plants you see growing around the island and craft a sleeping bag. Place it in a location near where you want to build, and you can respawn back there – this makes it easier to not lose track of a good spot when you die. And you will die… a lot!

Rust Console Edition - Explore

Explore the island before building – It might be tempting to start building straight away, but it’s always worth exploring the island before you decide to put down roots; to get a good look around and find out where other monuments and bases are located. You don’t want to build near a huge clan as a solo player!

Rust Console Edition - Base Location

Base location is important – Even if you’re part of a huge Zerg clan, building a massive base in the middle of an open field is bound to attract the wrong kind of attention. Look around and choose a decent location for your base. B uilding at the top of a hill will give you a high ground advantage or building a small stone base on a cliff side blends in well, or even having one wall of your base built against a rocky outcrop, so it’s impossible to raid from that direction is a good way to protect your possessions early on.

Rust Console Edition - Tools

Lock your Tool Cupboard – Once you’ve built some form of base and placed your Tool Cupboard down so that no one can build near you and your base won’t decay, craft a basic lock and place it on your Tool Cupboard. Now, even if someone gets inside your base, they’ll have to waste extra resources breaking into the Tool Cupboard. This also applies to small and large storage crates; lock them up to frustrate your raiders!

Rust Console Edition - Airlock

Build an airlock – Even if you can only afford to build a small wooden 1×1 base, it is extremely important to stick an extra triangle foundation, walls, roof, and door on it. This means that even if someone kills you and your front door is open, the airlock and second door prevent them from getting into your base. Placed in such a way, you can also use the doors in the open position to block raiders or base campers from getting in, while still allowing you to shoot out. Just don’t forget to close the outside door!

Rust Console Edition - Honeycomb

“Honeycomb” your base! – Once you’re established and start to expand your base, it’s a good idea to put bracing walls around the central area. This is known as ‘honeycombing’; where you place walls to create a solid perimeter around the main part of your base. These spaces are often left inaccessible, but this makes it a lot harder for anyone trying to raid you, who will have to waste more time and resources to blow through the protective walls.

Rust Console Edition - Red Barrels

Get easy Low-Grade Fuel! – Low Grade Fuel is a highly sought-after resource early in the game as it’s needed to build a furnace. It’s mostly obtained by crafting it from Animal Fat, but animals can be hard to come by and most will either attack on sight or run away, making it somewhat of a challenge to get hold of.

Make life easier for yourself by looking out for the Red Barrels that can appear at Trash Piles around the map or most commonly at the Dome monument. These barrels will give you a small amount of Low Grade Fuel as well as Crude Oil, which can be refined in a Small Oil Refinery, one of which is also located at the Dome.

For a super-safe time farming Low Grade Fuel, you can look out for the floating platforms out at sea, which also spawn Red Barrels. These platforms aren’t often explored, making them a less dangerous option to loot.

Rust Console Edition - Research Table

If you find a useful item, keep it and research it! – It might be tempting to use that brand new MP5 you’ve just looted, but wouldn’t it be better if you could craft more of them for you and your friends? You can research how to craft many items in the game, so if you find something you think might come in useful, but you only have a small amount of, you can make a Research Table and pay an amount of Scrap to learn how to craft the item. Good examples of this are higher-tiered healing items or ammunition, which are quite hard to come by in early game.

This is by no means an exhaustive list or the only way to play – explore, build, fight, or survive! Hopefully, these tips and tricks will elevate your early game and at least prolong your survival in the harsh world of Rust Console Edition a little bit longer!

Xbox Live

Rust Console Edition

Double Eleven Ltd.

Welcome to Rust. The only aim in Rust is to survive – Overcome struggles such as hunger, thirst and cold. Build a fire. Build a shelter. Kill animals. Protect yourself from other players.

Author: Jack Watson, Content Creator, Double 11
This post originally appeared on Xbox Wire

Alexa tricks to try this Easter: everything you need to ask your Amazon Echo

Here are some of the new Alexa commands you can try out this weekend…

“Alexa, what’s a soulmate?”
“Alexa, hasta la vista, baby”
“Alexa, sing a love song”
“Alexa, what’s on your mind?”
“Alexa, play Harry Potter Quiz”
“Alexa, play songs I haven’t heard recently”
“Alexa, up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right”
“Alexa, sing ‘Baby Shark’”

Ryanair flights: Airline shares tricks to getting the best seats on the plane – what to do

For the best pictures of the world outside the plane window, a window seat between rows 15 and 18 is best.

However, if you want to be sure you can dash off the plane quickly at your destination, your best bet is a set in rows 1 A, B, C or 2 D, E, F, said the Ryanair website.

Travel abroad for holidays is currently illegal but, according to the Government’s roadmap, jet-setting can resume from May 17 if all goes to plan.

Indeed Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary is confident summer holidays could go ahead in the next few months.

PS5 EE restock: Time, date, tips and tricks for surprising UK stock drop

PS5 customers can pick up a PlayStation from an unlikely source this week.

The next confirmed PS5 stock drop for UK customers is taking place on the BT/EE website.

The EE PS5 restock has a March 30 release date. There’s no official launch time, although previous EE stock drops have taken place at around 8am.

Express Online has contacted a BT/EE spokesperson for confirmation, and will update this article once the time has been announced.

There’s more bad news if you’re not with EE, because the PS5 consoles will only be available for existing customers.

“Great news, we’re releasing a small amount of Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 on EE,” reads an official EE statement.

“These consoles are only available for existing EE customers via Add to Plan. As with previous console releases, it will be via a self-serve online order journey only.

“We’ll let existing EE Mobile customers who have pre-registered their interest know about this stock release, ahead of them going on sale.”

To give yourself the best possible chance of bagging a PlayStation, check out the tips and tricks below for buying from EE.

If you’re not an EE customer – or you’ve just signed a contract but are yet to register online – then you’ll need to sign up for an account by visiting this page.

Once you’ve signed up and registered with EE, then it’s worth filling out this form to express an interest in receiving PS5 stock alerts.

As mentioned in the message at the top of the page, registering your interest will ensure you get stock alerts and on sale times for the PlayStation 5.

When the console is in stock – or if you’ve got your eye on any other PlayStation 5 products – visit the Add to Plan page for all of your shopping needs.

Other than that, it’s worth following all of the regular stock alert Twitter accounts and the Stock Informer website, while also revisiting this page for the latest PS5 UK stock updates.

The EE stock drops should coincide with restocks at the likes of Very, John Lewis and Amazon.

That’s according to the PS5 UK Stock Instant Updates Twitter page: “Still looking at drops from Very, John Lewis & ASDA. Alongside Amazon early next week.

“GAME’s next major drop likely 6th to 8th April 9-10am. Also Official DualSense Charging Station is finally in stock.”

Tesco and ASDA are also expected to restock the device, although in the case of Tesco, at least, it will involve collecting in store.

Now may also be the time to visit the likes of CEX and eBay, as PS5 prices are starting to plummet.