JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon: 'I Shouldn't Have' Made Comments About Donald Trump

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – JPMorgan Chase & Co Chief Executive Jamie Dimon on Sunday said he regretted comments that he was “smarter” than U.S. President Donald Trump and could beat him… Read more »

Paul McCartney Takes Aim At Donald Trump: ‘We’ve Got A Mad Captain Sailing This Boat’

Legendary Beatle Paul McCartney has revealed he had climate-change deniers such as President Donald Trump in mind when writing one particular song on his new solo album, “Egypt Station.” The track,… Read more »

John Kerry Tears Into Trump With '8-Year-Old Boy' And 'Teenage Girl' Taunts

Former Secretary of State John Kerry delivered a blistering assessment of President Donald Trump’s character on Friday’s broadcast of “Real Time with Bill Maher.” “He is the first president that… Read more »

Melania and Donald Trump body language: Are couple united after Stormy Daniels drama?

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Seth Meyers Shreds 'Mid-Level' YouTuber Donald Trump Over Hurricane Florence Warning

“That video is like a local news report where the meteorologist called in sick and the sports guy had to fill in at the last minute,” said Meyers. “If you… Read more »

John Heilemann: Donald Trump 'Is The First Puerto Rican Truther'

The host of Showtime’s “The Circus” described Trump as “the first Puerto Rican truther” on Thursday’s broadcast of “The Late Show.” “The notion that these people didn’t die was not… Read more »

Harrison Ford Rips Science-Denying Leaders Like Trump: 'We Are S**t Out Of Time'

Actor Harrison Ford issued a thinly veiled attack on President Donald Trump with a rallying call against science-denying politicians on Thursday. Ford, speaking at the Global Climate Action Summit in… Read more »

Jimmy Kimmel Sums Up Trump Administration With Instagram Post From Mike Pompeo

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