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Ice queen Tuktamysheva reveals torn tights terror

Russian Olympic hopeful Elizaveta Tuktamysheva has recalled her horror when she took to the ice with “huge holes” in her tights that almost forced her to leave a competition, as well as discussing her dresses and future.

‘The Empress’ was mortified when she realized that her outfit was in tatters in front of the judges on one of her outings, feeling her toes breaking through the fabric with no time to change her dress, tights and skates.

Ever the professional, Tuktamysheva styled it out despite her alarm, with the 2021 world silver medalist using her customary calm to deal with the potential disaster.

“I think anyone in my situation would have panicked,” the 24-year-old told Sport Express. “There was a moment when my tights were badly torn before going out on the ice – they were super thin.

“There were practically no tights left. I was almost going to withdraw from the competition. I came out in shock, not understanding at all what was happening.

“But no-one noticed… even in the photographs it was not visible that something was torn there. I shouldn’t have been so worried.”

Known for her sleek and occasionally risque dresses, Tuktamysheva says her outfits tend to be turned out quickly. “You can make a dress in a week,” she explained.

“And sometimes even two days off, you can, if you really [work on it]. Our figure skating designers do their best.

“We decide together: I say my idea as I see it, my designer draws sketches. Then, according to the sketch, we choose. For the most part, we sew only with the designer.”

The huge question now is how long Tuktamysheva will be competitively dazzling in her dresses for. Returning in triumph at Stockholm, she sees a possible future in attempting to nurture future prodigies.

“Maybe I’ll be coach or somewhere in the media,” she said. “But I can definitely see myself as a coach for some time.

“We’ll see. I would be interested to try.

“I have already invested most of my life in figure skating. There is no way to get rid of it.”

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‘A real boss woman’: Russian figure skating queen Elizaveta Tuktamysheva glows in glamorous dress after winning superwoman award

Russian figure skating queen Elizaveta Tuktamysheva has spoken up for women again after winning her second honor inside a week, donning a glitzy dress to collect an award with ice dancing pal Betina Popova at a ceremony in Moscow.

A week after leaving many of her legion of admirers in tears by scooping silver at the Figure Skating World Championships, ice extraordinaire Tuktamysheva had the altogether more straightforward task of attending a party to pick up her gong as one of GQ’s Super Women.

The men’s quarterly declared Tuktamysheva the winner of the sport category at the third edition of the honors, capping a memorable seven days for the 24-year-old after she returned in style following a six-year break from the championships.

Posing with her award while extolling luxury giants Huge Boss, Tuktamysheva told her following of more than 265,000: “[The] brand created an art installation that, like a manifesto, celebrates the uniqueness and beauty of every woman.”

“[It] translates the qualities inherent in the brand’s DNA, allowing every girl to see herself as a real boss woman. Thanks to all those who made this evening special.”

Close friend and former Warsaw Cup winner Popova accompanied Tuktamysheva to the party, picturing her being inundated with interview requests, holding a glass at a table and admiring the dancefloor.

Tuktamysheva urged women to follow their ambitions following her sensational silver medal performance in Stockholm.

“I want to dedicate this victory to all women in figure skating,” she wrote in the aftermath of the showpiece.

“We can do everything. Never give up – go your own way to come at the right time to the right place.”

Tuktamysheva was only beaten by Anna Shcherbakova at the championships, with Alexandra Trusova finishing third as Russia claimed a clean sweep on the podium.
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‘This just doesn’t happen’: Joy for 16yo Shcherbakova, Tuktamysheva & Trusova as Russians rule figure skating world champs (VIDEO)

Elizaveta Tuktamysheva shed tears as she thrilled her huge global fanbase by scooping silver on a remarkable night for Russia at the World Figure Skating Championships, finishing second to 16-year-old phenomenon Anna Shcherbakova.

Six years after she last competed at the World Championships in Shanghai, Tuktamysheva was overwhelmed by emotion as she made a triumphant return in Stockholm, finishing on 220.46 points.

A relative veteran at the age of 24, Tuktamysheva was unable to overhaul sensation Shcherbakova, who followed in the footsteps of last year’s winner, Alena Kostornaia, to ensure a teenage Russian took the world title for the eighth successive year.

Another 16-year-old, Alexandra Trusova, produced an exhilarating comeback to win bronze and secure a clean sweep on the podium for Russia, attempting five quads as she won the free skate small gold medal and finished with 217.20 points, 3.26 behind Tuktamysheva.

Each of the three dropped at least one spot in their free skates, including Shcherbakova, who was grounded on a quadruple flip but hit back with seven triple jumps including a triple Lutz-triple loop combination.

“I’m really not satisfied with my performance,” Shcherbakova said afterwards, despite her justified grin. “I’m really happy that I’m first overall because it was my goal.

“It was a real fight for me because, from the first element, everything was not like I wanted and in every [remaining] element I understood that I [had to] try to do my best on the element and not lose points.”

Disputes over the scoring continued to rage online, although any rancor was largely replaced by admiration for the winning trio and a chorus of fawning over Tuktamysheva, who also won gold at the European Championships in the Swedish capital in 2015.

As she basked in the glow of her ladies’ singles glory to the strains of the stand-in Russian anthem, Tchaikovsky’s Piano Concerto No.1, Shcherbakova laughed at the site of the Russian flag almost falling off its stand before organizers adjusted and re-raised it.

“She is an absolute f***ing legend,” one fan emphatically concluded after seeing Tuktamysheva hit two triple Axels in her free skate. “This will go down in history.”

Another said: “There wasn’t a girl who didn’t fall today – that’s why this was a weirdest championship ever.

“But I’m so, so, so happy for Anya Scherbakova and especially for Liza Tuktamysheva, who is an incredible fighter.”

An editor and figure-skating fanatic said that Tuktamysheva’s absence from the podium had been the longest since Britain’s Daphne Walker took silver in Stockholm in 1947.

“The judging was obviously questionable but this is a huge feat for Liza,” they said. “This just doesn’t happen.”

Shcherbakova will turn 17 on Sunday. “I really didn’t think about it before because I was thinking only of my competition,” she replied when asked how she plans to celebrate.

“But maybe we will do something with my coaches. I really want to say thank you to them. It was a really hard season.”
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‘Does her mother know she’s wearing that?’ Olympic champ Duhamel says she LOVES Tuktamysheva, but calls Shcherbakova ‘sickly’

With the world figure skating championships just around the corner, former Canadian skater Meagan Duhamel weighed up the Russian trio’s chances to win gold in the ladies’ event in Stockholm.

The 2018 Olympic champion in the team event noted Russia’s dominance in women’s skating, sharing the widespread opinion that it will be the Russians that more than likely vie for gold.

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Duhamel expressed her admiration for Elizaveta Tuktamysheva and Alexandra Trusova, whose skating she says is powerful and dynamic – something she couldn’t say about the tournament’s favorite, Anna Shcherbakova, who, she says, looks sickly.

She looks so frail, I can’t enjoy watching her, she looks sickly,” Duhamel said about Shcherbakova, who won the national championship in December.

The two-time world champion added that she prefers more healthy-looking skaters, like Tuktamysheva, who has remained competitive over the years, proving that a figure-skating career can be quite long and successful.

I like Tuktamysheva. She is back at the world championships and she still does a triple axel. All these generations of Russian skaters are dying off and she’s like, ‘no, I’m still here, I’m still here.’

“I don’t care about her lack of choreography, that doesn’t even matter, I appreciate her resiliency, her determination, and her ability to just show up while all these girls drop like flies,” Duhamel said.

She also touched upon the topic of Tuktamysheva’s extravagant, sometimes shocking, style.

I’ve competed with her for many years… she was 14, I was 14, whenever she was at the grand prix circuit for the first time, she was at Skate Canada and she was wearing this miniskirt at the banquet.

“And I walked by and I was like, does her mother know she’s wearing that? That was my introduction to Tuktamysheva.

I love her… She’s real, she loves to skate, she loves it, she’s like a real person, whereas sometimes I don’t think the others are in that sense.

“She’s healthy, she looks healthy, she enjoys skating, she likes to push herself, she likes to train, she likes to compete. She thrives on this, whereas we see some of these other girls just looking so miserable, looking very unhealthy,” the former skater added.

Talking about Russia’s quad-jumping prodigy Duhamel admitted her progress since switching to Evgeni Plushenko noting that her basic skating skills, including footwork and edge quality have improved.

I love her [Trusova] as well… I love her fighting spirit and she’s fearless. I really like her energy… Trusova is strong, like, she has muscles, she’s strong, maybe this is just her natural power on the jumps or maybe it’s something that was enforced through her new coaching change… When she doesn’t skate great, she still seems happy,” she said.

The women will perform short programs on Wednesday, and the medalists will be awarded two days later after the free routines.


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‘It gives you sense of purpose to live’: Skating star Tuktamysheva says call-up for world championships left her ‘overwhelmed’

Russian figure-skating star Elizaveta Tuktamysheva has spoken of her joy at being selected for the national team on the grandest stage, revealing how it drives her on and provides extra motivation to grow as an elite athlete.

The 24-year-old, who will return to the major international figure skating event following a six-year break, said she was overwhelmed with joy and happiness after learning that she’d earned her place in one of the three sports on the national women’s team to take part in the world championship.

Tuktamysheva was officially included in the team after finishing fourth at the Cup of Russia final, right behind junior skaters who are not yet age-eligible to participate in senior competitions.

It was such a joy. I believed that it could be possible [to progress to the national team] if I delivered clean skating at the Cup of Russia final,” the skater said.

“But when this really happened, I was overwhelmed with emotions – even more than I had expected,” 

The worst thing that might happen to a professional athlete is a lack of motivation. But when you know that you have a big start lying ahead and you are getting ready for the world championship, you have sense of purpose to live because you are a professional athlete who has dedicated her entire life to sport.”

The 2015 World and European champion also expressed regret that the upcoming world championship in Stockholm will be held without spectators, explaining that an athlete has a serious adrenaline rush when performing in front of the crowd.

I think all athletes will be calmer while participating in the worlds because, when you skate in front of the huge audience, it raises pressure and adrenaline,” she said. “But when everything is quiet and calm, you’re not that nervous.”

This year’s championships will run in Stockholm from March 22-28.
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