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Queen’s Greatest Hits on course for UK No 1 after 40 years: ‘Unbelievable!’ says Brian May

While Roger wrote: “Rumour has it Greatest Hits is currently #1 in the UK midweek charts too. “That’s pretty cool! Thanks to all who are keeping us there! Can we hold it ‘til Friday?”

The Queen drummer also posted a Spotify ad for Queen’s Greatest Hits that’s been digitally displayed in New York’s Time Square.

According to the Official Charts, the album leads by over 4000 sales in the midweek charts.

It turns out the 86 per cent of this is in physical formats, including a collector’s edition of the CD with an exclusive slipcase cover and the limited edition cassette versions available in five different colours.

Author: George Simpson
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Watch Sky TV's best new shows for £1 a month with this unbelievable NOW deal

Running out of shows to watch? Don’t worry – Sky has come to the rescue. The satellite broadcaster’s streaming service NOW – formerly NOW TV has started to email select customers with an incredible offer. For those who have already had a NOW account, the video on-demand service will let you restart a subscription for £1 a month for two months.

After the first two months, your subscription will revert to the standard £9.99 a month fee. NOW recently dropped the monthly cost of its Entertainment Membership, which bundles access to the biggest channels and boxsets from Sky TV. That includes some of the biggest US imports, like Mare Of Easttown, Friends: The Reunion, The Undoing, Little Big Lies, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Game Of Thrones, and Succession, to name a few. The Entertainment Membership bundles in some of the biggest children’s shows too.

If you’ve held a NOW account in the past, you can click here to re-activate your monthly membership and claim the offer.

If you’re a newcomer to NOW, don’t worry – the company still has some great deals. At the moment, new customers can unlock the Entertainment Membership for £4.99 a month for two months. That means you’ll be able to watch two months of the best on-demand boxsets, live shows, and original programming from Sky TV at half the cost.

The latest batch of deals comes a few weeks after NOW permanently slashed the price of its Entertainment Membership. Previously £11.99 a month, NOW now charges less than a tenner a month for its live and on-demand content. NOW is available on a wide range of video game consoles, Smart TV brands, Fire TV, Apple TV and a number of other streaming set-top boxes.

Unlike a lengthy Sky Q contract, NOW can be cancelled at any time. You can also switch from the Entertainment Membership to its other content bundles, which offer access to Sky Cinema, Sky Sports, and HayU, which specialises in reality telly.

The contract-free streaming service rebranded from NOW TV to NOW earlier this year. It also changed the name of its bundle of channels from Passes to Memberships, presumably to fit alongside the likes of Netflix, Apple TV+, Prime Video and other streaming platforms, which predominantly refer to their price plans as “memberships”. NOW has offered contract-free broadband for a long time, so it makes a certain amount of sense that it would want to drop the “TV” moniker. Confusingly though, the official website remains nowtv.com …now.com is nothing to do with the Sky-owned platform. Oops!

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Ghost video: Countryside pub captures ‘unbelievable’ footage of 'apparition'

The footage has left the staff at the Twa Dogs Inn in Keswick, Cumbria terrified, as they are convinced that what was seen is a ghost. The CCTV was recording late at night when it captured what looks like a human apparition moving around the premises.
The video shows the pub’s locked beer garden, which at first appears to be totally empty.

Two fluorescent green orbs surrounded by a dark layer can then be seen slowly moving around the space.

Although a face is not visible, the shape of the potential apparition resembles a human body.

The bizarre clip was first spotted by Sharon Hankin, a member of the bar’s staff for eight years.

She told the Cumbria Crack website: “I had been watching it all night on CCTV and thought: ‘What on earth is that?’

“I took a video of the CCTV footage on my phone. You can see the outline of a body and it looks like it’s got a head and legs and at the end you can see an arm swinging.”

Peter Harding, the pub’s landlord, investigated the beer garden after seeing what he referred to as “unbelievable” footage.

He said: “With Covid, we have had to have table service, so we have decked out an area at the side of the pub and put artificial grass down and put up two marquees.

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Ms Hankin said: “When I was working a few years ago, I saw a figure wearing a blue jacket walk across the hatch in the pool room.

“I went to have a look and there was nobody there.”

Other staff members have reportedly had similar experiences, hearing footsteps and even a “loud growl” after putting some keys away upstairs.

As well as this, Ms Hankin said that there have been incidences of freshly made beds looking like someone has been lying in them.

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Pro golfer and racing driver break world record

Golfer Marcus Armitage and racing driver Paul O’Neill have set a new world record for the longest shot hit and caught in a moving car, breaking the previous best set by a pairing including ex-Formula One ace David Coulthard.

European Tour pro Armitage was seen shouting “get in there” as the daring duo completed the remarkable feat at the Elvington Airfield, near York in the north of England.

Nicknamed ‘The Bullet’, Armitage understandably struggled with his initial attempts to nail the shot, which he ultimately managed from 303 yards after attempting to direct his effort towards a car which O’Neill said had been traveling at around 143mph.

“Bit emotional here,” said O’Neill, whose previous achievements have included winning a British GT race and commentating on competitions. 

“I know it’s a golf ball and a car but as a kid I never thought I’d get the chance, to be honest.

“We used the same windscreen and we had a spare car but never used it. Anything is possible when you’re from [UK town] Widnes.”

Even more impressively, the pair broke the previous record, set by 13-time Formula One grand prix winner David Coulthard and golfer Jake Shepherd in 2012, by 30 yards.

Armitage admitted he was “buzzing”, hailing O’Neill and a support team that included the European Tour.

“One of the best characters in golf and one of the best characters in motorsport,” said professional racing driver Duncan Tappy, congratulating the pair on their record-breaking feat.

“Massive congratulations on your world record,” said one of the many admiring messages O’Neill was inundated with after appearing on several TV stations to discuss the stunt.

“Not going to lie – my anxiety was going through the roof with the balls hitting that BMW.”

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‘Unbelievable that he’s apologizing’: Poirier quells McGregor row after accusing UFC rival of breaking $500K charity promise

UFC lightweight Dustin Poirier has apologized for his ugly public spat with Conor McGregor after accusing the Irishman of reversing a promise to donate $ 500,000 to Poirier’s ‘The Good Fight Foundation’.

“I am very passionate about my charity as you all know. I jumped the gun and took private matters between Conor & my foundation public. My mistake, we live, we learn,” Poirier tweeted on Wednesday. 

“Spreading positivity & doing good is my goal! I feel like I have brought a negative energy and personal opinions into something I am working so hard on that gives people a reason to cheer and smile. I will take this in stride and continue to fight the Good Fight.”     

The UFC announced on Wednesday that a trilogy fight between Poirier and McGregor was official for July 10 and would take place at UFC 264 in front of a full house of fans at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

That came despite McGregor suggesting he would pull out of the bout, accusing Poirier of “smearing” his name by publicly shaming the Dubliner and accusing him of not following through on a charity promise he made before their January rematch.
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Poirier had claimed McGregor and his team had “ghosted” their requests for a payment pledged to the American star’s ‘The Good Fight Foundation’.

The furious Irish former two-weight champion hit back by asserting that Poirier’s team had never sent concrete plans for where the money would end up.

“My team does their due diligence to make sure every donation meets the mark. My generosity is known. You will pay with your brain for this attempt at smearing my name. Shooting a** shelling a** bitch. Little b*tch kicks from a shell. Good luck when you’re caught. You’re f*cked,” a furious McGregor tweeted at Poirier.

After Poirier’s apology, some fans claimed ‘The Diamond’ should not have been the one to blink first in the row. 

“Unbelievable that Dustin is the one apologizing,” tweeted one popular MMA account. 

“You did nothing wrong. This is on Conor and him trying to navigate dealing with his ‘new money’. He wears a million dollar watch and rents a yacht for more than he offered to your charity. He had the money,” added another. 

Some fans defended McGregor, however, with one reply reading: “Who gives a f*ck whether he has the money or not, you don’t just send $ 500K to anyone without knowing what it would be used for. Plenty of non profits use the label to line their own pockets through paid expenses and salaries.”

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The scores are level at 1-1 between the pair after Poirier handed McGregor his first-ever KO defeat inside the cage when they rematched at UFC 257 in Abu Dhabi in January.

Sharing the news that the trilogy was official, the official UFC Twitter account wrote: “Let’s settle it in the octagon.”

Poirier passed up a shot at the lightweight title vacated by Russia’s Khabib Nurmagomedov, instead opting for another lucrative payday against McGregor.
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