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Man Utd receive unexpected transfer boost because of new Brexit rule

This will undoubtedly be music to the ears of Manchester United who have been tailing the former Tottenham man this summer.

Rumours have ramped up even further as late, with an £18million move touted to follow the possible arrival of Raphael Varane from Real Madrid.

Trippier has been a resounding success since his move to Atletico in 2019, powering to the La Liga title last season before playing his part in England’s run to the Euro 2020 final.

As a result, Spanish outlet AS indicates that Simeone is desperate for him to stay in the Spanish capital for another campaign.

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David Beckham stuns with peroxide blonde look as wife Victoria shares unexpected reaction

Alongside his photos, David, who is well known for love of fashion, pointed out that he is the trend setter in the family.

“Sometimes the boys need reminding who did it first in the 90’s,” he wrote online, adding a laughing emoji.

“By the look on their faces they are not to pleased about it #DadDidItFirst @joshwoodcolour @romeobeckham @cruzbeckham,”(sic) he amusingly added.

Many took to the comment section of the post, including his wife, who gave her seal of approval.

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Loki cleared up a theory from Thor Ragnarok with an unexpected cameo

WARNING: This article contains full spoilers for Loki episode 5

The thrilling fifth episode of Disney Plus show Loki showed the titular character (Tom Hiddleston) and Sylvie (Sophia Di Martino) fighting through the void to whoever is behind the TVA. Before that, however, Loki visited the league of Lokis and saw how they were living underground. During this introduction, viewers were gifted a glimpse of Throg – Frog Thor.

Throg appeared in a 2009 Marvel comic book after Thor was turned into the creature by Loki.

The joke was referenced in Loki by showing a frog version of Thor in a jar underground, right next to an abandoned Mjolnir.

This outrageous turn of events had already been detailed in 2017 film Thor: Ragnarok.

During the film, when Thor (Chris Hemsworth) ventured back to Asgard, he found Loki in charge while disguised as Odin (Anthony Hopkins).

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Thor arrived just as Loki was watching a dramatic telling of his life story

He witnessed Fake Thor (Luke Hemsworth) acting out the story with Fake Loki (Matt Damon).

Fake Loki said: “I’m sorry about that time I turned you into a frog.” Fake Thor replied: “It was a wonderful joke!”

Loki (Odin) laughed: “It was indeed hilarious!”

What do you think?

Will Frog Thor / Throg return?

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Thor also recalled a story that involved Loki turning into a snake and attacking him as children.

The latest Loki episode also included a collection of other references.

In particular, viewers were treated to a glimpse at the infamous Thanoscopter.

This helicopter was used in the comic books by Thanos (Josh Brolin).

While never seen in the MCU, it has now been confirmed to have been owned by a variant version of Thanos.

Viewers also spotted the Guardians of the Galaxy’s spaceship, as well as the helmet of Yellowjacket (Corey Stoll), the villain from Ant-Man.

Loki concludes Wednesday on Disney Plus.

Author: Callum Crumlish
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Cilla Black’s surprise ultimatum to Ringo Starr after unexpected proposal

When Cilla Black was building her career in Liverpool as the UK’s most iconic songbird, she made a lot of friends along the way. During the 1960s she made quite a name for herself by performing alongside The Beatles in the legendary Cavern Club venue. Through the years, Cilla became very close with the band, particularly Ringo Starr.

In the 2020 documentary, Cilla: The Lost Tapes, further information about the star’s private life was revealed.

During this ITV doc, Cilla​’s private getaways with the Fab Four member​ were detailed, including their skiing trips in Europe.

However, they seemed to be just friends at the time, quashing any romance rumours that might have cropped up.

That is until Ringo proposed to the singer – but she could not take the request seriously.

She said in the documentary: “He was like a best friend, even though he did ask me to marry him.”

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Cilla went on to add with a laugh: “I guess he was desperate.”

She explained that she thought Ringo was feeling a lot of “pressure” from the other members of the band, John Lennon, Paul McCartney and George Harrison.

She continued: “All of the other Beatles had girlfriends.”

Cilla recalled telling Ringo to “post the [wedding] bands in 48 hours and I’ll do it”.

She wasn’t worried about this, however, as she “just knew” his offer was not as sincere as it seemed.

Ringo either was joking or simply chickened out, and never sent Cilla the rings.

A few years later Ringo married his first wife, Maureen Tigrett, in 1965.

Cilla herself got married in 1969 to her manager Bobby Willis.

She wasn’t thrilled by the man at first, however.

As revealed in the documentary, Cilla said: “It certainly wasn’t love at first sight. I actually fancied the opposite.

“He was funny, incredibly funny and he was incredibly good looking.”

Cilla and Bobby had three sons together – Ben, Robert and Jack Willis.

Bobby tragically died in 1999 after suffering from lung and liver cancer, aged just 57-years-old.

Cilla died in 2015, aged 72-years-old, after suffering a stroke caused by a fall.


Author: Callum Crumlish
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Elvis Presley changed his look in unexpected way using shoe polish

When Elvis Presley was working his way into the music industry he was trying to achieve a particular look. With his guitar slung over one shoulder and his piercing blue eyes, the star almost found exactly what he was looking for. But to perfect his style, the King decided he wanted to make himself known with black hair. Unfortunately for him, hair dye was very expensive. 
Hair dye was considered an unnecessary luxury in the 1950s.

So in order to get the hair colour he wanted, the King coated his hair with shoe polish to achieve the slick greaser look he wanted.

In fact, the King’s real hair colour was actually a lot lighter than fans might think.

According to book The Girls’ Guide to Elvis: “Elvis’ real hair was a sandy blond, but he wanted that black, black colour. You can see pictures from the army when he couldn’t dye it, he got highlights.”

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However, before the nuptials occurred, Elvis asked Priscilla to dye her own hair.

Speaking on This Morning, Priscilla revealed: “He did want me to dye my hair black when I was young so we could look alike a little bit.”

Looking at the happy couple’s wedding photos, they do look extremely alike so it seems Elvis got what he wanted. 

This desire for Priscilla to look a certain way continued into their relationship. 

Priscilla later revealed her husband didn’t want to see her without make-up on. 

Speaking on Loose Women, Priscilla revealed: “Some men can’t have truth. I always had a little bit of makeup. He never wanted to see me getting dressed.

“[Elvis] wanted to see the end result. Men don’t want to see what a woman has to go through to get where she is, they want to see the product, the result.”


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Catherine Zeta-Jones talks unexpected connection to Michael Sheen: 'Like a brother'

“I feel really self-conscious.”

But working alongside Michael kept her at ease.

“With Martin being played by Michael, who is literally from my village, from my town… it’s a wonderful sense of being very, very at ease,” she said.

“When they cut, we go straight into our Welsh accents like super, super strong Welsh accents and talk about places and people we know!”

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Robert Rinder stuns fans by 'polishing off' Royal Navy sailors in unexpected pub 'fight'

Robert Rinder, 42, is known for upholding the law in ITV’s courtroom, but despite coming across all prim and proper on-screen, he was more than excited for the pubs to reopen, just like the rest of the country. On Tuesday, he made his way down to a bar in Greenwich to celebrate the end of lockdown, but his peaceful drink turned into an epic drink-off with a bunch of Royal Navy Sailors, which had a rather unexpected ending.
Taking to Twitter, the telly star revealed he “polished” the military men off with a classy finish – a glass of champers.

“First post lockdown drink at @TheTrafalgarT Greenwich, a group of strapping Royal Navy Sailors from @HMSTrent sent me over a glass rum,” he began the tale.

“I countered with Prosecco. They responded with Rioja.”

He cheekily added: “I polished them off with champagne.

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“Best fight ever #PubsReopening #royalnavy.”

And while his fans found the whole situation hilarious, it appears some of his pals thought it would end differently.

This Morning doctor Ranj Singh replied: “This is not the ending I was looking for,” followed by a stream of laughing faces.

After someone else agreed and revealed they had been drinking with the TV judge before and know how it can all end, Robert replied, joking: “They seemed coy when I asked for names and positions.”

“It’s the polishing them off with champagne visual that made me giggle. Naughty Robert!” a fourth quipped.

It comes after the telly stalwart found himself the victim of a terrifying mugging in north London last month.

Following the attack, in which three balaclava-wearing boys stole his phone and laughed as he begged them to drop it, the star has since said he hoped the youths “find something else for their lives.”

After his anger subsided, the barrister penned in his Evening Standard column: “After the limited flush of rage (now gone) I feel an overwhelming sense of sadness for these boys, that this is where they are.

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Google Maps Street View: Unexpected dog walking method catches viewers’ attention

The Google Maps Street View cameras have a habit of coming across people from all over the world in rather unlikely situations. In Norway, viewers spotted a dog walker who had opted for a rather unique method of getting her canine out of the house.
As the saying goes “dogs are man’s best friend” and in this case, it seems the dog walker wanted nothing less than luxury for her furry friend.

The image snapped in the Norwegian city of Bergen, a dog walker can be seen enjoying the sunshine.

She is ambling a path, dressed in jeans, a light jacket and a large backpack.

With her is, of course, her dog.

However, it is not attached to the traditional lead.

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Perhaps this is a rather familiar scenario for the dog.

The image was shared to StreetViewFun, where the posted questioned if this was “how Norwegians walk the dog”.

In reality, there are actually a few reasons why a dog may be walked in such a way.

It could be that the dog is recovering from an operation or is unable to walk long distances.

At first glance, one can only see a small dog.

Though it has a lead attached, the end of it stretches upwards into vast empty space.

While it might be exciting to consider the dog is being walked by a ghost, the reality is far more logical.

When snapping the shot, the 360-degree cameras shoot multiple pictures to create a seamless image.

This is done by knitting the images together to make the scene seem realistic.

Moving objects often ruin the scene as they shift when the photos are taken.

It is likely the pace at which the dog’s owner was walking simply caused the programme to glitch.