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UFO sighting over Utah: Bizarre light formation is 'cloaked alien craft' claims ET hunter

UFO sighting over Utah: Bizarre light formation is 'cloaked alien craft' claims ET hunter

The outrageous claim was put forward by Scott C Waring, a self-titled UFO expert and host of the blog UFOSightingsDaily.com.

Mr Waring is a staunch believer in extraterrestrial phenomena and is convinced aliens are living among us, hidden in plain sight.

He has previously called on SpaceX billionaire Elon Musk to retrieve from the Moon what he believes is the carcass of a crashed UFO.

The conspiracy theorist has also claimed to have found evidence of ET activity on Mars in pictures snapped by NASA’s Curiosity Rover.

Commenting on the Utah UFO on his blog, Mr Waring bizarrely claimed the four lights are indicative of a single alien craft using some sort of cloaking technology.

He said: “Wow this video is amazing! Those lights in the sky remind me of the famous Phoenix Lights UFO incident long ago.

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Does ‘Eye of the Moon in Utah’ Photo Depict a Real Phenomenon?

An image supposedly showing a large moon sitting perfectly in the middle of a stone arch formation is frequently circulated on social media under the title “The Eye of the Moon in Utah.” 

Does ‘Eye of the Moon in Utah’ Photo Depict a Real Phenomenon?

This isn’t a genuine photograph, in the sense that this scene was not visible with the naked eye. However, this isn’t a digitally altered image, either. The original picture was taken by photographer Zach Cooley by using an in-camera double exposure technique. In short, Cooley snapped a photograph, then snapped a second photograph, and layered the images on top of one another. (By labeling it “Misleading,” we don’t mean to accuse Cooley of misrepresentation. Rather, it’s to point out that in many cases the image has been shared on social media with no explanation of how it was constructed.)

Masterclass explains:

Double exposure photography is a technique that layers two different exposures on a single image, combining two photographs into one. Double exposure creates a surreal feeling for your photos and the two photographs can work together to convey deep meaning or symbolism. A similar technique, called a “multiple exposure,” is when you combine more than two exposures in a single image

Cooley provided some of the technical details behind this image in their Instagram post. They wrote that they traveled to Utah in October as the moon was aligning with this arch, that they used an in-camera double exposure to create this image, and that the two images used were taken about a minute apart. Compared to what was seen with the naked eye, the moon is enlarged and centered.

Here’s the original Instagram post:

Cooley writes:

Happy Halloween weekend! I planned an entire vacation mostly around the fact that the moonrise would align with this arch and I could get something resembling a spooky eye on the week of Halloween. Over two nights I got some single shots and double exposures, I thought this one was best for the eye look, what do you think? Can’t wait to share more with you all!⁠

In-camera double exposure⁠
Moon: 🔹550mm🔹F/9🔹1/160sec.🔹ISO 160⁠
Arch: 🔹250mm🔹F/9🔹1/5 sec.🔹ISO 160

Notes: Photos taken about a minute apart and moon was enlarged and repositioned in the process. 

While the “Eye of the Moon in Utah” photograph gives a slightly distorted view of what you would see if you were standing next to the photographer, it isn’t that far off from reality. Here’s a single-exposure photograph from Cooley that shows a very similar scene: 

Cooley elaborated on this in-camera double exposure technique in another Instagram post that showed a large moon over Phoenix, Arizona, writing:

Double exposure effects are often achieved in Photoshop or a similar program by importing and manipulating 2 different photos. However, many digital cameras today allow you to merge multiple photos at the time you take them, but of course with none of the flexibility you get with editing software. For this image for example, I captured the city in one shot, then zoomed in and positioned the moon where I wanted it to overlay, and when I snapped that second photo the camera merged it with the first since it was in double exposure mode. Zooming in for the moon photo makes it appear larger in comparison to the city than it did in real life (4X larger in this case). This all may sound easy, but a lot of things have to be just right for this to work out.⁠

I’ve mentioned this before, but to be clear, I have zero issues with Photoshop – it’s a pretty cool tool that opens doors to infinite creativity, among other things. I’m personally just in a place where I have yet to learn how to do things like this in Photoshop, and I’m enjoying trying different things with my camera. I’ve been hesitant to post this, probably most of all because I take pride in a lot of single exposure moon photos I’ve taken, and I fear mixing in images like this could lead people to believe those single exposures are more of the same. Like I’ve said though, I will always specify in the caption. At the end of the day, I’m proud of this image too and happy to share creative work without walls, even if it’s not purist photography. I’m definitely wanting feedback on all this, from photographers and not photographers alike, so please let me know what you think! And thanks for reading my book. 🌕🏙️⁠

Here’s the moon over Phoenix image:

Author: Dan Evon
This post originally appeared on Snopes.com

Reign Disick, 6, Is So Cute In His Orange Snowsuit ‘Chilling’ With Mom Kourtney Kardashian In Utah

Reign Disick, 6, Is So Cute In His Orange Snowsuit ‘Chilling’ With Mom Kourtney Kardashian In Utah

Kourtney Kardashian shared a series of pics and video of the fun activities she enjoyed with Reign while in the snowy location.

Reign Disick[1], 6, showed off his adorableness and style in his mom Kourtney Kardashian[2]‘s latest Instagram post. The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star shared several pics and video of her and her youngest son’s fun time in Utah and they’re nothing short of cute! Reign is wearing an orange camouflage snow jacket and matching solid orange pants in many of the snapshots as well as a black knit cap and tan boots.

Kourtney also wore her own warm gear while standing next to him and posing in the outside pics. It included a gray snowsuit, black knit cap, and black boots. The doting mom also shared other photos that showed delicious-looking hot chocolate with marshmallows and snow-topped trees as well as a video of them roasting the marshmallows with a fire.

“chilling,” Kourtney captioned the post before several of her followers responded with flattering compliments. “You’re the best mom,” one follower wrote while another wrote, “This energy is something else.” A third called their trip “April vibes” and a fourth expressed amusement over Reign’s facial expressions in some of the pics.

Kourtney Kardashian, Reign Disick
Kourtney Kardashian and Reign Disick during a previous outing. (SplashNews)

Before her latest post, Kourtney and Reign made headlines when the tot joined her and her boyfriend Travis Barker[3], 45, on their date[4] at Nobu in Malibu, CA on Mar. 25. He looked just as stylish as the adults when he wore a red velour tracksuit to the fancy restaurant and held his mom’s hand while being photographed outside. He also had his hood up and wore a letter jacket and a black face mask.

When Reign’s not turning heads with his mom, he’s doing the same with his dad Scott Disick[5], 37. The proud dad recently shared a photo of him[6] with a buzzcut after he sported a mohawk[7] for a while and it got a lot of attention. He was wearing a blue and white top in the photo and had his hands resting in the back of his head as his elbows were bent as he showed off an adorable relaxed expression.


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Erin Silvia

Utah Jazz stars say they feared for lives in emergency landing

Utah Jazz stars say they feared for lives in emergency landing

Utah Jazz stars have spoken of their horror when the charter flight they were traveling on was forced into an emergency landing when an engine fire broke out after the aircraft hit a flock of birds.

Jazz players and staff were traveling from Salt Lake City to Memphis on Tuesday when the Delta Boeing 757 ran into the birds shortly after take off, causing the left engine to fail.

The pilot safely landed, and the team later took a different plane to Memphis – albeit without teammate Donovan Mitchell on board – where they recorded a 111-107 win against the Grizzlies on Wednesday night.

Also on rt.com Utah Jazz stars ‘shaken’ as battered plane is forced into emergency landing after bird strike and engine fire

Despite ending without physical injuries, the incident significantly shook up a number of the Jazz players and staff on board.

“It felt like there was an explosion,” Jazz point guard Mike Conley said after Wednesday’s game.

“We hit something big, the plane immediately started to bunce and tilted to the left, the people at the back saw flames, the people at the front didn’t know what was going on…

“It felt like the plane was breaking apart in midair. For five or 10 minutes, it felt like complete helplessness. We’re thankful it wasn’t as serious as it could have been, but it was scary.”

Fellow Jazz star Jordan Clarkson also discussed the team’s fears.

“It got to that point where we were all on the plane like, ‘This might be really the end,'” Clarkson said. “I mean, it was a crazy situation. I understand fully why Don didn’t come…

“A lot of us really came to a point… at least 30 seconds in that flight, everybody came to the point where it was like, ‘Man, it might be over for us.’ It’s sad to say that. I don’t play with death or anything like that.

“It’s just something that we’ve got to push through and come together and keep going, stay strong, support each other.

“How much time we’ve got to take off, or talking to our mental health people or whatever it is, that’s a serious situation if you’ve never been faced with life and death.”

Jazz coach Quin Snyder said the team had talked through the incident on Wednesday to help overcome any lingering psychological damage.

“Everybody’s impacted in different ways, all very significant,” he said.

“And it wasn’t something that we were going to solve by just talking through everything, but I think it was important to acknowledge what we all went through [Tuesday], and, really, that same feeling of gratitude and appreciation for the fragility that we all live with, sometimes without being aware of it.”

A number of players including Mitchell had shared their relief after the incident, posting a series of prayer emojis on social media.

Mitchell was said to have missed Wednesday’s game for “personal reasons”, although it’s unclear whether he will be affected for road games in the near future.

Photos of the plane after the emergency landing showed damage to the engine and nose, which appeared to smeared in blood from the birds it had collided with.