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We tried to warn you! EU tightens stranglehold as Dutch MPs BLOCK veto powers – Nexit fury

The proposal to “not exclude EU Treaty amendments in advance”, was passed by a majority of Dutch MPs on Wednesday. Announcing the parliamentary victory, MP Sjoerd Wiemer Sjoerdsma, who proposed the motion, tweeted: “Proposal accepted!

“The Netherlands will no longer stand in the way of fundamental reforms in Europe.

“Whether it concerns climate, migration, security or human rights: this is necessary.

“This open and realistic attitude suits the Netherlands.”

But the news sparked the outraged reaction of Nexit Denktank campaigners who pointed out Mr Sjoerdsma’s confusion between Europe and the EU.

They wrote: “Can someone first explain to these people the difference between the EU and Europe?

“Only 40 percent of the continent of Europe is in the EU and the four largest cities in Europe are NOT in the EU.

“They talk as if they represent the whole continent of Europe.”

Reacting to the legislation, some Dutch citizens also lashed out against Mr Sjoerdsma.

One person said: “Sad.

“We are handing over our own decision-making powers to a disorganised bunch of money-lenders and we will soon have nothing to say in our own country.”

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But the Nexit campaigners hit back: “That argument has long since become obsolete.

“It turns out that the UK can do very well without it.

“What the Netherlands needs is a good trade agreement, not a political union in which we have to take countries like Cyprus and Romania into account.”

The Dutch Parliament also agreed to support the start of EU membership talks with Albania and thus the organisation of the first intergovernmental conference as soon as EU leaders decide.

The decision will be formally voted through the Dutch parliament today.

It followed Mark Rutte’s government’s positive report on Albania’s progress with EU accession reform and fulfilment of conditions set in March 2020 by the Council of the European Union.

The news was greeted by Prime Minister Edi Rama who said it confirmed his assessment that the Dutch had so far refused Albania on pure political grounds, due to the March 2021 general elections.

The start of talks requires the unanimous decision of all 27 EU member states. The Netherlands, whose government and parliament must both agree on EU enlargement issues, has so far blocked this phase of Albania’s progress on grounds of insufficient achievements.

The Dutch parliament has agreed with the government and European Commission assessment that Albania has met the necessary conditions for talks to start after the EU leaders summit on 24-25 June.

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Macron savaged for ‘posturing’ in Brexit row as French president wields veto

As a result of the protocol checks now take place on some goods travelling between Northern Ireland and other parts of the UK. This has infuriated unionists, with anti-protocol protests erupting in loyalist areas across the province.

Boris Johnson is urging the EU to compromise in order to safeguard the Northern Ireland peace process.

However Mr Macron has made clear he will veto any changes to the current arrangements Ahead of the G7 summit in Cornwall he commented: “I think it’s not serious to want to review in June what we finalised after years of debate and work in December.”

Conservative MP David Jones claimed the French leader is trying to “show toughness” ahead of presidential elections next year.

He said: “It is posturing. He’s actually been posturing for quite a long time.

“He’s in a very precarious position domestically and quite clearly he is attempting to show toughness as a way of boosting his chances in the approach to the presidential election.

Speaking to MailOnline, he added: “Given that the UK and the US both agree that pragmatism is necessary, I would imagine that the EU will pay attention and, if so, he is going to be out of step with the rest of the bloc.”

On Thursday several hundred loyalists marched through Belfast’s Shankill Road demanding the protocol is scrapped.

Protesters, some wearing balaclavas, burned a large banner calling for a united Ireland.

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Speaking to the BBC on Thursday he said: “You will understand that there are ways of enforcing the protocol, ways of making it work, that may be excessively burdensome.

“I just give you one statistic: 20% of the checks conducted across the whole of the perimeter of the EU are now done in Northern Ireland, three times as many as happen in Rotterdam.”

The protocol was introduced in a bid to stop a hard border between Northern Ireland and the Republic, threatening the peace process.

Instead checks take place on goods travelling across the Irish Sea.

Maros Sefcovic, the EU’s lead negotiator with Britain, claimed there are “numerous and fundamental gaps” in the protocol being implemented.

In an article for the Daily Telegraph he warned Brussels “will not be shy in reacting swiftly, firmly and resolutely to ensure that the UK abides by its international law obligations”.

A spokesman for the Prime Minister argued the difficulty is being caused by the EU taking an unnecessarily “purist” approach to the protocol.

They said: “The protocol was a compromise.

“We didn’t expect the EU to take a purist approach when implementing it.”

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: World Feed