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WhatsApp moves step closer to launching Snapchat-like view once messages

WhatsApp is once again taking a leaf out of Snapchat’s books. Last year the Facebook-owned chat app released its highly anticipated disappearing messages feature. Snapchat users have long enjoyed this type of ephemeral messages – but WhatsApp’s take on the feature had messages sticking around for longer.

Whereas most messages in Snapchat are viewed once and then disappear, WhatsApp’s disappearing messages stuck around for seven days – even after they had been viewed.

If you were sending something sensitive over WhatsApp, and want it automatically deleted ASAP, that’s probably longer than you’d like for the messages to stick around.

Thankfully though, WhatsApp looks to be addressing this issue.

The latest beta version of WhatsApp for Android has added a new feature called Expiring Media.

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This lets WhatsApp users send photos or videos that once viewed immediately disappear from the chat after you close it.

The feature is available to all Android beta testers right now, which means a release date for the general public could be round the corner.

The latest beta build for WhatsApp Android has also revealed a few other interesting details about the Expiring Media feature.

If you send someone a photo or video that is meant to be viewed once on WhatsApp, you’ll get a notification when they’ve opened it.

You will also be able to send view once messages to people that haven’t enabled the Expiring Media option, with the feature still working for them.

View once messages can also be sent to groups, and you’ll be able to see who has opened it in the Message info section.

However, be warned – if you have blocked contacts in a group that you send an Expiring Media message to they’ll still be able to view it.

And just because WhatsApp is introducing this feature, it doesn’t mean there’s no way users will be able to capture whatever is sent.

As WABetaInfo explained in a post online, WhatsApp users who are sent a view once message can still take screengrabs of a photo or video that is sent over.

They can even take video captures of an Expiring Media clip that is pinged across to them.

And if they do take a screenshot or capture video you’ll have no way of knowing as screenshot detection isn’t available in WhatsApp.

So you’ll still need to be careful when it comes to what photos or videos you send across, and who to – even when using the inbound Expiring Media functionality.

The view once messages are an extension of the disappearing messages suite of functionality WhatsApp introduced in 2020.

Author: Dion Dassanayake
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New videos show Jan. 6 US Capitol riot from officers' point of view

WASHINGTON — The Justice Department released six never-before-seen clips of police body-camera and surveillance footage showing rioters harassing and attacking police on January 6 around the US Capitol.

With several taken from the viewpoint of DC Metropolitan Police officers as they were overrun, the videos are the latest chilling example of how a pro-Trump crowd broke past police into the federal building and disrupted Congress.

While police worked together to protect themselves and the building, hundreds of angry rioters outnumbered them.

Assaulting police is one of the charges the Justice Department has brought against dozens of Capitol riot defendants, among nearly 500 federal criminal cases.

More than a dozen news outlets have spent months seeking access to videos used in court against Capitol riot defendants. Much of the police body-camera footage and surveillance tapes that are now being used in court still haven’t been seen publicly, and judges have just begun ordering the release of tapes used in court in cases in recent days, including the six released on Wednesday.

Another judge on Wednesday in the same courthouse applauded Chief Judge Beryl Howell for ordering video to be released, saying they would show Republican lawmakers how serious the siege was — and that the rioters were far from acting like tourists.

In some of the video clips, police body cameras capture almost an hour of the siege from the officers’ point of view, as police walk through the crowd around the Capitol and the crowd screams insults at them.

Rioters yell at the police “f**king traitors,” “pigs” and “a**holes,” and then a man with a skateboard, who prosecutors say is 21-year-old Grady Owens of Texas, hits police with it.

Owens is charged with six crimes, including assaulting officers with a dangerous weapon, impeding passage through the Capitol and other violence on the grounds. He has pleaded not guilty.

Two more of the newly released clips related to Owens’ case are from an overhead camera in a doorway at the Capitol, showing how rioters continued to push against a police line to get into the building.

In other police body-camera clips released Wednesday, the police line point of view picks up a separate clash where the rioters attacked.

One clip, taken around 2:30 p.m. that day, shows Capitol and DC police officers in a skirmish with a man in a red “Make America Great Again” hat. Police officers then fall to the ground, and the melee continues — with some supporters with their hands up, another wearing a gas mask, an object being lobbed into the air toward police and another man yelling, “Get out!”

Prosecutors say this video captures riot defendant Brian Mock of Minneapolis yelling and shoving a police officer. Mock is also alleged to have kicked an officer on the ground.

In the second clip related to Mock’s case, from four minutes later on January 6, a police officer with a riot shield has been pushed to the ground amid another skirmish with the pro-Trump crowd. The rioters surrounding the Capitol then begin chanting, “USA! USA!” Prosecutors say this showed Mock taking riot shields from officers.

Mock hasn’t been formally indicted at this time. His attorneys have argued he wasn’t assaulting officers — other than a shove and a kick — and instead was encouraging them to leave the scene in front of the Capitol.

One of the officers in the second video bruised his elbow when he fell to the concrete, prosecutors told a judge earlier this week.

A judge in Minnesota, where Mock was initially arrested, had agreed to release him from jail as he awaits trial. But the Justice Department pushed in court over the last week to keep him detained.

Howell, who sits in the Washington, DC, federal courthouse, is still considering whether Mock should stay in jail.

During a hearing on Tuesday, Howell expressed her disgust with the violence of the pro-Trump rioters.

She said she would give “serious consideration to detention” in the case of a person who came to DC to stop Congress’ certification of the presidential election and knocked police officers to the ground. She also cut into the riot as a moment that made the country shudder and made the US “a laughingstock” around the world.

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Author: CNNWire

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Man City launch £100m Harry Kane bid 'with view to a swap deal' as Tottenham respond

Manchester City have reportedly launched an opening offer of £100million for Harry Kane on the eve of England’s Group D decider against Czech Republic but Tottenham have made it clear he is not for sale at any price. The Premier League champions have now made their first move for the Three Lions captain, who has placed his future on hold until after the European Championships.

Before the tournament, Kane made no secret of the fact he was open to the prospect of a new challenge.

The Premier League golden boot winner told Gary Neville in an interview with Sky Sports that there was a conversation to be had with Daniel Levy after Spurs failed to qualify for the Champions League.

Despite being tied down to a long-term contract until 2024, Kane wants to win trophies and has grown frustrated with Spurs’ lack of progress, particularly following the sacking of Mauricio Pochettino.

It’s understood he favours a move to Manchester City, where he would get the chance to work under Pep Guardiola and compete for the biggest prizes in club football.

Kane has also named Kevin de Bruyne as the player he would like to play with most in the future.

JUST IN: Man City ‘need Barcelona’ to help them sign Harry Kane after ‘Tottenham reject first bid’

Gareth Southgate has made it clear that he does not want transfer sagas disrupting his England camp.

Kane is keen to respect that and will not discuss his future until after the Euros.

City will have to raise their offer if they are to entice Tottenham into a sale.

That could involve including a number of players in the deal, with Gabriel Jesus one of the players who could reportedly head the other way.

Raheem Sterling is another possible alternative but ultimately, any final decision on Kane’s future will rest with Levy.

It could mean that Kane has to push hard himself to manufacture his own exit, something that appears incredibly unlikely.

City are yet to spend over £100m on one player but Kane is now deemed the final piece of the jigsaw as they target Champions League success.

Erling Haaland is also on their radar but Kane is now believed to be their top target, while a move for Jack Grealish is also on the agenda.

To fund both deals, City will need to sell and the likes of Bernardo Silva, Aymeric Laporte, Jesus and Riyad Mahrez are all facing uncertain futures.

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: Sport Feed

Google Maps Street View: 1970 Crashed plane mystery

Google Maps Street View is a tool used to help people navigate their way and discover locations around the world. However, and thanks to 3D cameras, many use it to uncover rare moments that happen across the globe.

Recently, one user made an unexpected discovery: a plane crash.

He was so shocked by his finding that he decided to share a picture on a Reddit forum.

He wrote: “A crashed airplane on Big Diomede Island, between Alaska and Russia,” and he shared the exact location.

In the image, you can see what seems like a big plane in the middle of a deserted field.

Some snow can be spotted in the photo too, as the user found this while navigating across cold Alaska and northern Russia territory.

The plane seems to be intact, or at least, without severe damage.

Some users were shocked by the discovery and seemed very interested to find out what exact plane it was.

“Neat! Do we know what plane it is specifically?” one viewer said.

“I’m guessing it’s a Douglas C-47 Skytrain,” another answered.

Luckily, a third person unveiled the mystery: “Good guess but digging I found that actually it’s a Russian plane that crashed in 1970.”

Another agreed: “Yeah, the LI-2 is a Russian built C-47.

“Between 5000-6200 were built.

LI-2 Russian C-47 plane

A Lisunov Li-2 belonging to the Soviet Border Troops crashed in the centre of the island. (Image: Getty)

“I’ve read that some were fitted with small stoves for internal heating during flights and on ground!”

The exact location of this particular finding is the remote Big Diomede Island, in Rusia, which is located in the border between Russia and the United States.

The island has a current population of 0, meaning that there are no permanent inhabitants living there.

One of the only significant events that have taken place in Big Diomede Island is actually the Lisunov Li-2 crash.

Big Diomede Island

The island has a current population of 0, meaning that there are no permanent inhabitants. (Image: Getty)

Although there are no airfields on the island, some flights were carried out in order to transport supplies back in the 70s.

On June 13, a Lisunov Li-2 belonging to the Soviet Border Troops crashed in the centre of the island.

All crew members were injured and the green hull remains are still visible.

Why the plane is still there and hasn’t been removed is still a mystery.

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: Travel Feed

Google Maps Street View: 'Breathtaking' moment rare Galapagos tortoise is spotted

Google Maps Street View was developed as a tool to help people discover locations around the world. Increasingly, though, users are beginning to notice it also has a habit of uncovering some jaw-dropping moments unfolding in all corners of the globe.
What’s more, it appears the tortoise has a clump of grass in its mouth, obviously enjoying a snack.

The creature is surrounded by ferns, which are also native to the island.

In fact, around 100 fern species call the Galapagos home.

Galapagos tortoises are named after their homeland and are native to the region.

They are the largest living species of tortoise, with some modern Galapagos tortoises weighing as much as 417kg (919lb).

Galapagos tortoise numbers declined from over 250,000 in the 16th century to a low of around 3,000 in the 1970s.

Today four species are extinct and only 10 percent of the original number remain.

However, it is thought that there are currently 20,000–25,000 wild tortoises living on the islands today.

There are also a number of initiatives working to help restore tortoise populations throughout the archipelago.

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: Travel Feed

VIEW MAP: 45 potential city-owned Austin homeless camping sites

AUSTIN (KXAN) — The City of Austin has identified 45 city-owned areas to possibly turn into designated camps for people experiencing homelessness.

The move comes after the reinstatement of Austin’s citywide camping ban, which went back into effect May 11 after voters approved Proposition B in May 1’s election.

The city stressed this list is preliminary and is only a “snapshot” of the sites where it has done an initial analysis. “The list will most certainly change,” a City of Austin spokesman wrote, including having some removed and others added.

Here’s the initial list of the spots being considered:

  1. Walter E. Long 11455 Decker Lake Road
  2. John Trevino 9501 FM 969
  3. Walnut Creek Sports Park — 7800 Johnny Morris Road
  4. Given Recreation Center — 3811 East 12th Street
  5. Fleet Service Yard — 8401 Johnny Morris Road
  6. Colony Park land
  7. 3511 Manor Road
  8. Tannehill Lane
  9. Onion Creek Metro North
  10. 7720 ½ Kellam Road
  11. 5400 East William Cannon, Decommissioned WWTP
  12. FM 812 at FM 973
  13. Eco-Park at FM 973
  14. West Slaughter Lane and 8908-8916-9006 Cullen Road
  15. Parque Zaragoza Recreation Center — 2609 Gonzales Street
  16. South Austin Recreation Center — 1100 Cumberland Road
  17. Roy G. Guerrero — 400 Grove Boulevard
  18. 6700 Bolm Road District Park
  19. Johnny Degollado Pavilion at Edward Rendon Park
  20. 4800 – 4906 Bolm Road
  21. Levander Loop
  22. 1311 Tillery Street
  23. Gus Garcia — 1201 East Rundberg Lane
  24. 7211 North I-35
  25. 7309 North I-35
  26. Mary Moore Searight — 907 West Slaughter Lane
  27. Lakeline Neighborhood Park
  28. 12101 Anderson Mill Road
  29. 10900 FM 2222 (WWT)
  30. Commons Ford Park — 614 North Commons Ford Road
  31. Walnut Creek/Havens
  32. Northwest Recreation Center
  33. Sir Swante Palm Neighborhood Park — East Third Street
  34. Duncan Park — 900 West Ninth Street
  35. Sand Beach Park on West Cesar Chavez Street
  36. Patterson Park — 4200 Brookview Road
  37. Bull Creek Park — Lakewood Drive
  38. Ryan Drive Warehouse
  39. Circle C
  40. Dick Nichols — 8011 Beckett Road
  41. 11800 FM 1826
  42. 9513 Circle Drive
  43. 4905 Convict Hill Road
  44. Norwood Tract
  45. Austin Recreation Center

City staff reviewed more than 70 city-owned properties to be considered for encampments. A City of Austin spokesman says they will continue analyzing them and will present the City Council with an update in June.

“The sites identified in today’s presentation to Mayor and Council are preliminary locations. The lists we have provided are only a snapshot of the sites where we have done the initial analysis that Council requested. These sites are not final and the list will most certainly change. Some locations may come off, and others may be added, as part of an ongoing examination of potential sites. Staff will continue analyzing properties and will work to present Council with an update in June.”
City of Austin spokesperson

City Manager Spencer Cronk was directed to share the list owned by the city or partner organizations on Friday, but city staff said those sites would be discussed on Tuesday instead.

Austin Police Department Lt. Lawrence Davis, who is overseeing the implementation of the camping ban, says having designated encampments will help make it easier to keep people safe and provide continuing resources.

“That’s going to make it exponentially more prudent and responsible when we have a location for them to go,” Davis said. “So when I tell you, ‘Hey, you have to vacate this spot,’ I want to be humane enough to tell you, ‘Here’s a safe space where you can go.

The City of Austin says any location chosen would have electricity and water service, restrooms, hygiene stations, showers, adequate lighting and perimeter fencing where appropriate. It says the initial round of site analysis has been completed using the following criteria:

  • Minimum size: 2 acres to serve 50 people, or 4 acres for 100 people
  • Access to water and electricity service (and/or cost to establish, if known)
  • Existing lighting
  • Terrain suitability
  • Flood risk
  • Wildfire risk
  • Proximity to a fire hydrant
  • Environmental sensitivity of land (i.e. habitat or preserve)
  • Expansion capacity
  • Availability for two-year temporary use
  • Presence of shaded areas
  • Access to public transportation
  • Proximity to critical retail and services
  • Proximity to schools
  • Potential disruption to existing public services or development plans

Austin City Council members plan to discuss the list during its work session meeting Tuesday afternoon.

Author: Jacqulyn Powell
This post originally appeared on KXAN Austin

Google Maps Street View: 'Flying man' reaches unlikely feat while mowing lawn

Google Maps Street View is traditionally used to help people navigate their way around the world. However, thanks to its use of 3D cameras, the online application often uncovered some rather unexpected moments taking place in all corners of the globe.
Of course, while it may be fun to imagine this gardener has suddenly acquired magical talents, there is an alternative explanation.

It is much more likely he is jumping in the air.

One Reddit user suggested he is “celebrating”.

His outstretched arms could be a sign he is punching the air for joy.

Another commended the man’s ability to jump so high.

“Our boy has some serious ups,” they wrote.

Sadly, the actual back story of the scene may forever remain a mystery.

The man has a pair of dark sunglasses on which conceal most of his face, making him unrecognisable.

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: Travel Feed

Was a ‘Super Rabbit’ Hit by a Google Maps Street View Car?

In late April 2021, TikTok user @googlemapsfun posted a video of a purported “super rabbit,” which appeared to be a hare, caught on a Google Maps Street View camera. The TikTok channel, which concentrates on interesting finds in Google Earth, was viewed 43 million times in its one to two weeks.

The audio in the video is quite loud, so we recommend lowering your volume before pressing play.

@googlemapsfunSuper rabbit 😳😨 #googleearth #googlestreetview #google_earth #googlemapsfun

♬ suono originale – Federico Marci🔥

It shows the animal, which was identified as a “super rabbit” in the video, appearing to be upright and soaring through the air like a superhero.

Absent from the video and most of the comments was information regarding where this happened. We also sought out to learn what happened to the animal.

Finding the Location

The TikTok video provided only one solid clue: the street name. “Biała Droga” was displayed on the ground. This led us to Poland.

We found the location at these coordinates: 49°55’04.5″N 19°56’13.3″E (if those don’t work in a specific mapping application, they can be input into Google Maps: 49.9179269,19.9370267).

The incident appeared to have occurred right around Biała Droga 2-6, 32-040 Olszowice, Poland.

Did the Animal Survive?

Looking at the sequence of 360-degree pictures frame-by-frame showed more than the TikTok video revealed.

First, in the initial photograph the animal was moving toward the road:

A TikTok video showed a hare or super rabbit launching into the air after being hit by a Google Maps Street View car in Poland also on Google Earth.


Heading directly onto the roadway.

In the next picture, it appeared to have been hit by the front side of the car, perhaps the bumper:

A TikTok video showed a hare or super rabbit launching into the air after being hit by a Google Maps Street View car in Poland also on Google Earth.


It’s unclear what speed the car was traveling at.

It then showed up on the other side of the car:

A TikTok video showed a hare or super rabbit launching into the air after being hit by a Google Maps Street View car in Poland also on Google Earth.


The nature of how the 360-degree camera captures photographs is why the animal looks stretched in this view.

The fourth frame is the moment that was seen in the video, which the TikTok user dubbed “super rabbit.”

For it to get this high and not be a glitch, the animal might have hit the front bumper and then the windshield, launching it into the sky. However, there isn’t enough evidence to say for certain how it ended up this high in the air:

A TikTok video showed a hare or super rabbit launching into the air after being hit by a Google Maps Street View car in Poland also on Google Earth.


“Super rabbit,” as claimed in the TikTok video.

The animal’s limbs might have been limp in the fifth photograph as it tossed around in the air:


The animal’s shadow appeared on the road in a few of the pictures.

A pixelation problem was visible in the next picture, but the animal appeared to be upside down as it fell to land on the ground:


The animal’s head appears to be upside down here.

In the seventh and final frame in which the animal was visible, it looked like it landed on its head or back. Its legs were pointing up:


It’s unclear if the hare or rabbit survived the incident.

No more evidence was available, as the animal didn’t appear in the next picture as the car continued to drive away.

Coverage on Reddit

Readers looking to find discussion about the strange moment on Google Maps Street View should look no further than Reddit. The pictures have appeared on Reddit a seemingly endless amount of times in the past.

The Reddit threads had varying titles. Some examples included “Magic bunny,” “Rabbit getting hit by google maps car,” “flying rabbit caught on google maps!,” and “Hare runs across the road in front of Google Maps car.”

In sum, according to photos from a Google Maps Street View car, the vehicle hit what appeared to be a hare and launched it into the air. It’s unclear if it survived, as it was last visible landing on its back.

Author: Jordan Liles
This post originally appeared on Snopes.com

Google Maps Street View: Couple spotted in baffling 'romantic' truck situation

Google Maps Street View often catches people around the world in some rather unexpected situations. Sometimes these are scenarios created by the people caught on camera for comic effect.
The man, in a blue T-shirt and grey jeans, is holding on to the red metal bars above his head.

He does not look as though is there against his will and instead holds a rather casual stance.

A female stands opposite him, leaning against the red metal bars with one arm resting beside her.

While the couple’s faces are blurred to protect their privacy, they both appear to be grinning as they look toward the Google cameras direction.

However, one Reddit user chimed in to shed some light on what they think could be occurring.

“As someone who was there literally last month it’s only illegal for the driver to be unbuckled,” they wrote.

“This is common and usually features about eight people in the back there.

“This is just normal Mexican transportation.”

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: Travel Feed

Ireland Baldwin Shares A View Of Her New ‘Yeehaw’ Tattoo In Tiny Bikini At The Beach – See Pic

Ireland Baldwin had to rock a bikini so fans could see her fun new tattoo: a cowboy boot on her derriere!

Ireland Baldwin loves making “impulsive decisions”: like getting a spontaneous butt tattoo. The 25-year-old model revealed this new tattoo in an Instagram photo on April 19, which was taken at the beach. It showed Ireland rocking a sugary sweet purple and pink bikini and with her back turned to the camera, so that you could see her new ink that read “Yeehaw!” over a cowboy boot over her derriere. Quirky and sexy!

“Taking more time off of Instagram buttttt I got a new tattoo because I [heart emoji] impulsive decisions,” Ireland captioned the tattoo reveal photo. We see what she did there with the butt pun. Social media star Brittany Furlan also joined in on this wordplay, commenting, “This I can get BEHIND.” While this appears to be Ireland’s first tattoo on her bum, it’s far from her first overall; you can see some of these designs from her body artwork in the photo above, like a skeleton that spans the length of her left forearm and an arrow on her upper arm.

Ireland Baldwin
Ireland Baldwin looks gorgeous in a turquoise bikini on a different beach day. [Snorlax/Rachpoot/ MEGA]

Besides a new tattoo, another addition to Ireland’s life has been the arrival of her sixth sibling. Her dad, Alec Baldwin, and his wife, Hilaria Baldwin, announced the arrival of their sixth baby together on March 1, which came as a complete surprise to fans. Alec and Hilaria had just welcomed their son Eduardo “Edu” Pao Lucas in Sept. 2020; they are also the parents of Carmen Gabriela, 7, Rafael Thomas, 5, Leonardo Ángel Charles, 4, and Romeo Alejandro David, 2.
Ireland, however, thinks “the more the merrier” even after being an only child up until she was 17 years old, according to our source. “Ireland loves every minute of it and whether this is the last child her father and stepmom welcome that is great, but if they keep going that is amazing as well. She is taking it all very well and continues to be a beacon of warming her heart,” the insider EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife at the beginning of March.

“Although Ireland was an only child for most of her life, it never really felt like that because she was raised with all of her cousins growing up,” a second source, who’s close to the Baldwins, EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife after the baby’s arrival. Perhaps Ireland can add to her tattoo collection with the names of her extensive family?

Jade Boren

This article originally appeared on Hollywood Life