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‘Ditch Euro!’ Yellow Vests want return of Franc and end of submission to EU-German masters

'Ditch Euro!' Yellow Vests want return of Franc and end of submission to EU-German masters

Anice Lajnef is the Minister of Finance at ‘Le Gouv’ and has worked many years as a trader in derivatives for major banks such as Société Générale and Barclays. ‘Le Gouv’ is the political project which emerged from the Yellow Vests movement in France and is the brainchild of one the group’s leading organisers, Fabrice Grimal. One of the main purposes of ‘Le Gouv’ is to generate new ideas on how to change the political and economic status quo in France, as well as to eventually stand candidates in Presidential elections.

Mr Lajnef told Express.co.uk a country could not have true sovereignty if it did not possess its own currency.

He explained: “I think if you want to have your sovereignty then for sure you have to have your own money – because the money is what makes the social link between people.

“Why should I share the same money with somebody who is in Estonia or Lithuania or whatever?

“We should have our own money and be sovereign of our own money because if you don’t have sovereignty on your own money, you have sovereignty on a little bit, on the little things which are not very important.”

‘Le Gouv’s’ finance minister said that being signed up to the Euro denied national governments an essential tool to help them stimulate their economies – the ability to devalue their currencies.

He also claimed that the European Central Bank (ECB) primarily worked to protect the interests of the German economy to the detriment of everyone else.

“What is sure is like if for the moment the ECB physically, geographically is in Frankfurt, but also in the mindset the ECB is German, not European,” he said.

“So everything is done for the German economy and instead of being able – Italy, Spain or France – to play on his currency and to weaken it if we need – we can’t.”

Mr Lajnef accused the European Union of facilitating fiscal dumping by failing to impose a uniform taxation system across the bloc, thereby allowing some countries to gain an unfair competitive advantage.

Fiscal dumping refers to a practice whereby countries attract trade and investment by offering lower taxes.

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“You have some arbitrage that are done within the EU – we share the same money but in reality we don’t have first the same rates and we don’t have the same taxation,” he explained.

“So the market, the multinational, big companies they arbitrate between the countries and then you have fiscal dumping.

“You have Ireland that goes with lower tax rates, you have the Netherlands, you have Luxembourg – so in fact the wolves are with us – these three countries are doing fiscal dumping and in the end who is losing money is France, Italy, Spain and the UK when they were in the EU.”

He added: “Either the EU has to accept that we share the same taxation and we cannot have dumping, by doing same rules or whatever, or we have to get out.”

According to data provided by taxfoundation.org, corporate tax rates in France in 2020 were 32.02 percent, while in Ireland they were just 12.5 percent.


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In June, G7 leaders signed up to an agreement that commits them to introducing a global corporation tax of at least 15 percent, in an attempt to create a more equitable playing field.

However, the Yellow Vests want to tax multinationals the equivalent of the share of sales that they do within France.

‘Le Gouv’s’ Finance Minister elaborated: “For instance if your turnover of sales is 10 percent done in France, we look at your global profit and you pay the equivalent of 10 percent of taxes on your global profit.

“So we don’t have this arbitrage with Ireland – because we cannot trust even the countries that are within the European zone, which is Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands – you have now even Portugal and Malta in the game.”

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Becky Hill: ‘I will always write for other artists – but I want to release eight albums’

It’s going to be a big couple of months for British singer Becky Hill. Just last month she released her latest single Remember alongside legendary French DJ David Guetta – a track that reached 13 in the singles charts, her 12th top 40 hit in nine years. Next week, on July 21, the star will be performing live at the opening game of The Hundred, a new 100-ball cricket competition that kicks off with the women’s match over the men’s (the first time this has ever happened in the UK).

Due to the pandemic, this will be one of the first times she has performed live in two years – is she nervous?

She exclusively told Express.co.uk: “I’m s******g myself!”

She added: “I had vocal surgery, so I have a set of shiny new vocal cords to test run. They are all healed and ready to go – I am very excited to sing again, [but] I am absolutely terrified!”

Despite this, Becky went on: “What’s amazing about [The Hundred] is I didn’t know until recently that it’s an all-female game, and I’m so excited about it!”

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Becky Hill

Becky Hill releases her debut album in August (Image: GETTY)

Becky Hill

Becky Hill spoke candidly about her work (Image: GETTY)

Becky said: “In so many different sports the men’s sports are first, this is the UK’s first female cricket game that’s going ahead before any of the men’s.

“I’m so glad to be a part of it. Hopefully, it’ll go well!”

The opening ceremony for the games will see Becky performing Remember live for the first time with her DJ and backing singers, along with some of the other supremely successful hits she has released in the past year.

Just over a month later, the 27-year-old will be releasing her first-ever original album.

The as of yet unnamed debut record is due to hit store shelves on August 20 and will lay bare all the songs the young star hasn’t dared part with over the last nine years.

[embedded content]

Becky Hill

Becky Hill is releasing her first album – but will always write for others (Image: GETTY)

Most of Becky’s career has consisted of writing, performing and featuring on other people’s songs.

But it was easy to hear the elation in Becky’s voice when she began talking about her own album.

She confessed: “I’ve been working crazy hard and I feel like now is a huge moment in time for me.

“My debut album is like a collection of work over the past nine or ten years that I’ve been writing since I was 18-years-old, and when you’ve had that long writing music you get to select the music that has worked really well.

“There’s all sorts of music that I’ve been writing from when I was 18 up to 26. I’m so proud of it.”

She laughed: “I hate to blow my own trumpet, but it’s a really solid album!”

Going forward, Becky plans on releasing albums a lot more frequently, harkening back to a plan she made when she was a teenager.

She said: “From when I was 18 I had an eight-album plan and I think I would love to make eight albums. It’s taken me nearly ten years [to make one] … hopefully the only way is up.”

The Bewdley, Worcestershire local has no doubt made quite the name for herself with a collection of featured spots on songs – including the likes of Wish You Well, Better Off Without You, False Alarm, Piece of Me, Lose Control and plenty more.

But does the arrival of her first album mean she’s done writing and performing for other people?

Becky replied: “They call me the music industry octopus! The thing is, I love writing music. It is my absolute passion.

“And, especially after having this surgery, I’ve had time away from doing anything, and since I’ve come back to it it’s been a real turning point of how much I actually love every ounce of writing songs and performing songs – so I will always do that.

“I will always write for other people. I will always write for myself. I will always want to make money. I will always want to be prominent and prevalent in the charts… so yeah, world domination.”

Becky Hill’s debut album is due for release on August 20, 2021.

Becky Hill will be performing at the opening game of The Hundred featuring The Oval Invincibles Vs Manchester Originals at the Oval on Wednesday, July 21. Buy your tickets here.

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We don’t want it to come home! Welshman’s justification for supporting anyone but England

Richard Madeley asks Scotland fan ‘why won’t you cheer us?’

The England football team is preparing to play against Denmark this Wednesday in the semi-finals of Euro 2020. Little has been spared in the way of anticipation, with supporters up and down the country confident that their country could be on the cusp of their first ever European Championship final – and potential victory. The conversation surrounding England has, however, strayed from the game and team.

Many, like Good Morning Britain host Richard Madeley, have hit out against Scots, the Welsh and Northern Irish for not committing their support for England in their bid.

Columnists and pundits have long debated why large numbers of people from the devolved nations refuse to back the English national side in whatever sport they may be playing in.

Dafydd Mac, writing in Nation Cymru ahead of England’s most recent men’s football semi-final – the 2018 World Cup – argued it had to do with unfair coverage, politics, identity and representation.

Citing Stephen Daisley writing in the Spectator who said England would “be a mate about” any other devolved nation reaching the finals of a sporting tournament, Mr Mac said: “Unfortunately, we know this is nonsense.”

Wales: A columnist set out why the country shouldn't support England in its sporting finals

Wales: A columnist set out why the country shouldn’t support England in its sporting finals (Image: GETTY)

England: The team is preparing for its semi-final game against Denmark on Wednesday

England: The team is preparing for its semi-final game against Denmark on Wednesday (Image: GETTY)

He would go on to compare newspaper headlines when Wales reached the semi-finals of Euro 2016 with England’s performance in 2018.

Mr Mac wrote: “So we know that England’s support for Wales was at best lukewarm, but why are so few people in Wales ready to support England?

“The short answer is that English identity is often synonymous with British identity, and when we Welsh are asked to embrace Britishness what we are actually being asked to do is to embrace Englishness at the expense of Welshness.

“Demanding that Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland support England is a classic example of this dynamic in action.

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Gareth Southgate: England's manager has the country behind him but not the devolved nations

Gareth Southgate: England’s manager has the country behind him but not the devolved nations (Image: GETTY)

“England and Britain are considered interchangeable, and therefore England are presented as the de facto Team GB at the World Cup.

“Therefore it is considered only natural, in the eyes of many, that we in Wales, as British people, support England, and we are considered petty if we don’t do so.”

He argued that the dislike for the English national team in Wales stemmed from Englishness falling “under the cloak of Britishness,” and that “despite its cultural richness, Welsh culture is being slowly eroded by the soft power of its much larger neighbour.”

Going through the complex relationship of Wales and England, and claiming that England is Wales’ “antagonistic other”, Mr Mac wrote: “The national football team is intrinsically linked to national identity. To support your national team is to show the world that you are proud of your country.


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Euro 2016: Wales reached the semi-finals of Euro 2016 but were knocked out by Portugal who won it

Euro 2016: Wales reached the semi-finals of Euro 2016 but were knocked out by Portugal who won it (Image: GETTY)

Ukraine: England fans pictured in Rome last week

Ukraine: England fans pictured in Rome last week (Image: GETTY)

“Therefore, if you identify with a national identity which defines itself against an ‘antagonistic other’, to support the latter’s football team is tantamount to the betrayal of the former.

Yet, many others have claimed that this time round Wales should, in fact, support their neighbours.

English writer Laura Kemp who has lived in Wales for over 20 years urged in a WalesOnline piece that “all Welsh people should now be supporting England in Euro 2020”.

Drawing on many of the grievances commonly felt by Welsh people – of which some were explored in Mr Mac’s piece – she wrote: “How can you possibly back the enemy in Euro 2020 after everything they’ve done to you?

Euro records: England have never reached a Euro Championships final

Euro records: England have never reached a Euro Championships final (Image: Express Newspapers)

“After all, Wales has endured centuries of oppression at the hands of England, and Boris Johnson’s Government treats the nation as an after-thought.

“The Prime Minister made that crystal when he wished good luck to England, Scotland and, ‘Any other home nations that may be competing’ when the sum of ‘them’ was Wales.”

But she said England’s squad today embodies everything that Welsh people should be embracing: “They aren’t just professional and playing with pride and passion – remind you of any other team close to your hearts?

“They’re also the role models they’re often accused of failing to be.

Welsh not: The not was used by English settlers to stop Welsh children speaking their language

Welsh not: The not was used by English settlers to stop Welsh children speaking their language (Image: Twitter/@pplscollection)

“In fact, they go much further – they are challenging the establishment just like those in Wales who are sick of the privilege of the Etonian elite.

“Even when Conservative critics have accused them of ‘tokenism’, the team has stuck to its guns to take the knee to protest against not just racism but beat the drum for equality for all, whether that’s gender, disability or sexuality.”

While Mr Mac ends on the note, “Let us grumble if England win and enjoy our nationalistic schadenfreude if they lose!”, Ms Kemp takes the alternative view: “Before you dig deep for the Danes remember this team isn’t about nasty nationalism – it’s about a collective and a conscience. And surely that’s something we should all get behind.”

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‘He doesn’t want to leave the party that’s the problem’ Expert hints at Murray retirement

'He doesn't want to leave the party that's the problem' Expert hints at Murray retirement

Sports journalist Rupert Bell appeared on GB News to discuss Wimbledon and Andy Murray‘s loss against Canadian Denis Shapovalov and what the future now holds for him. Mr Bell looked at Andy Murray’s history of injuries and the short amount of time to train in the lead up to the tournament. Mr Bell said Andy Murray simply refuses to quit stating it was part of his “problem” and said his fitness and health was “not as it once was”.

Author: Kyle Farrell
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John Deacon’s Queen hits: From Another One Bites The Dust to I Want To Break Free – WATCH

John Deacon’s Queen hits: From Another One Bites The Dust to I Want To Break Free – WATCH

John Deacon has been retired from the music industry for almost 25 years. Queen’s bassist may have written fewer songs than Freddie Mercury, Brian May and Roger Taylor, but he leaves behind an incredible legacy of some of the band’s best-loved hits. This week’s episode of Queen the Greatest explores and celebrates his crowning songwriting achievements.

John Deacon’s first Queen song didn’t come until the band’s third album Sheer Heart Attack, when he penned Misfire.

The bassist then followed up with a huge hit single from the 1975 album A Night At The Opera.

His track You’re My Best Friend would go on to sell over a million copies in the US alone.

John also wrote 1977 fan favourite Spread Your Wings, before what would be Queen’s biggest hit single in 1980’s Another One Bites The Dust.

The Game album track sold over 7 million copies and has been streamed over a billion times on Spotify.

John saw further chart-topping success with 1984’s I Want To Break Free, while for 1986’s A Kind of Magic album, he teamed up with Freddie to write Friends Will Be Friends.

That track was released as Queen’s 30th single in the UK in June 1986 and was performed live throughout the band’s final tour that year.

Speaking with Express.co.uk last year, Roger Taylor shared how John has “consciously excluded himself” from the music industry since retiring in the mid-1990s.

Roger added: “He doesn’t like engaging in contact with anybody I think. I think he’s very fragile and we respect that.”

Asked when he last saw John, the 71-year-old revealed: “I last saw John, I think… We Will Rock You had opened six months before.

“I saw him there one night, in the bar, he strolled in. And that’s the last time I saw him. Probably 2004.”

And as for whether the Queen bassist has seen the Bohemian Rhapsody movie, the drummer replied: “I wonder, I mean I wouldn’t put it past him not to have seen it. I just don’t know. We’re all different aren’t we?”

Author: George Simpson
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‘She doesn’t want to act’ Linda Robson sets record straight over Pauline Quirke feud claim

'She doesn't want to act' Linda Robson sets record straight over Pauline Quirke feud claim

“I’m sure Lesley would be well up for it,” Aidl commented.

Linda agreed, saying: “She would be. She looks amazing. Lesley is 73 now and she looks exactly the same as she did all of those years ago.”

Lesley Joseph starred as Dorien Green in Birds of a Feather alongside Linda who played Tracey Stubbs and Pauline as Sharon Theodopolopodos.

Linda’s comments come after it was recently reported that there will not be another series of Birds of a Feather.

Author: Michelle Marshall
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Windows 11 warning: Why millions face massive bill if they want to upgrade from Windows 10

Windows 11 warning: Why millions face massive bill if they want to upgrade from Windows 10

Windows 11 is the next generation of Microsoft’s hugely popular operating system. This latest upgrade was announced last week and will bring a swathe of new features and upgrades including a new Start Menu, easy access to info-packed widgets and improved integration with Microsoft Teams. Windows 11 users will also find it easier to keep their PCs updated thanks to downloads that are 40 percent smaller and Microsoft is boasting that laptops could see improved battery life thanks to better efficiency.

Windows 11 will start arriving on devices in the coming months but it seems some Windows 10 fans will face a big bill if they want to upgrade. That’s because this new software needs something called a TPM (Trusted Platform Module) chip to work.

This piece of hardware makes things far more secure and it seems Microsoft wants Windows 11 to be safer for people to use.

TPMs work by offering an additional layer of security on the PC itself and, with cyber attacks on the rise, it makes sense for Microsoft to beef up protection for its billions of users.

As Microsoft explains, “Trusted Platform Module (TPM) technology is designed to provide hardware-based, security-related functions. A TPM chip is a secure crypto-processor that is designed to carry out cryptographic operations. The chip includes multiple physical security mechanisms to make it tamper resistant, and malicious software is unable to tamper with the security functions of the TPM.”

Clearly, most people would agree that this is a good move from the US tech firm but it could mean some users will be to upgrade their PC before being able to install Windows 11.

Microsoft has confirmed that it will require PCs to have the latest TPM 2.0 installed on them and some older machines may not have that technology.

As spotted by The Verge, it appears that any PC running a processor that’s older than 8th Gen Intel Core and AMD Ryzen 2000 will not work. That means an expensive trip to the local gadget shop to buy a new computer.

To help users find out if they are going to need to buy a new PC, Microsoft has launched a dedicated webpage where users can check if their current machine is compatible.

You can use this tool to check if your PC will be compatible

Even if your PC can install Windows 11 there could be a long wait to get it.

Microsoft says it hopes to launch this new operating system later this year but that doesn’t mean everyone will be able to upgrade to it. It appears that a bunch of brand new PCs will be launched soon that will have Windows 11 pre-installed but, if you want to keep your current machine, then the release will be pushed out in stages.

That means some current Windows 10 users won’t see the new features arriving on their devices until 2022.

Explaining more, Microsoft said: “The upgrade rollout plan is still being finalised, but for most devices already in use today, we expect it to be ready sometime in early 2022. Not all Windows 10 PCs that are eligible to upgrade to Windows 11 will be offered to upgrade at the same time.”

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: Tech Feed

If you don't want a camera on your computer, you're not getting the upgrade to Windows 11

If you don't want a camera on your computer, you're not getting the upgrade to Windows 11

While you might expect Microsoft to stipulate a minimum amount of RAM, or processor before you can upgrade to Windows 11… we’ve never heard of a requirement quite like this. A surprise unearthed in the documentation published by Microsoft confirms that all Windows 11 laptops will need a camera from 2023 onwards.

For those who are privacy-conscious, that’s not good news. As reported by Neowin, this requirement won’t affect anyone looking to use Windows 11 at launch, but will kick into effect from January 1, 2023.

The Windows 11 documentation says: “Starting from January 1 2023, all Device Types expect Desktop PC, are required to have Forward-facing camera which meets the following requirements. A rear-facing camera is optional”.

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“Switching a device out of Windows 11 Home in S mode also requires internet connectivity. For all Windows 11 editions, internet access is required to perform updates and to download and take advantage of some features. A Microsoft account is required for some features.”

Windows 11 is a huge upgrade, bringing with it a brand new Start menu, new widgets menu, Xbox Games Pass support, and much more. Windows 10 users will be able to upgrade for free, although you’ll need a PC with at least 4GB of RAM, a 64-bit processor that has a speed of at least 1 GHz with two or more cores as well as 64GB of free storage.

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