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‘Way Harry looks at Meghan…’ Royal fan meltdown at Sussexes’ New York visit

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, who are living in California after quitting royal duties, visited One World Trade Centre on Thursday morning. Meghan said it was “wonderful” to be back in New York.

Harry and Meghan’s appearance prompted a frenzy from some on social media.

Twitter user, @ddarveyy, shared a video of the couple said: “The way Harry looks at Meghan.”

The post attracted a string of likes, comments and retweets.

Another Twitter user, @lizstead214, replied: “That man right there loves his wife.”

A third, @JmDydy, wrote: “He’s so proud of his wife.”

Another user, @sannetje_26, added: “She is stunning. Love seeing them out again.”

A fifth, @GarethWorld1, said: “He looks at her with Admiration, Pride, Love!”

Former actress Meghan looked chic in a black outfit for the visit, while Harry was smart in a suit.

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Asked by a reporter if they were enjoying their trip to New York, Meghan smiled and replied: “It’s wonderful to be back, thank you.”

On Saturday Harry and Meghan will take part in the Global Citizen Live event urging leaders to adopt a vaccine equity policy to help end the Covid pandemic.

They are joining the 24-hour broadcast being staged in Central Park and around the world.

It is part of a number of shows being held in cities from London to Lagos by the organisation Global Citizen, with artists like Ed Sheeran, Sir Elton John, Kylie Minogue, Metallica and Coldplay scheduled to perform.

The trip to New York is the Sussexes’ first public appearance together since their parental leave following the birth of their daughter Lili in June.

Harry and Meghan quit as working royals in March 2020 for a new life in America.

They are now living in California with two-year-old Archie and Lilibet Diana.

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Pensions boost: Royal Mail to pioneer ‘third way’ scheme – ‘win-win’ for savers

Savers have been stripped of certainty about their incomes in old age following the closure of final salary pension schemes by companies across the UK, but the Royal Mail is due to pioneer a new model intended to provide greater security and stability. The Collective Defined Contribution (CDC) scheme is designed to provide stronger protection against economic shocks – such as a pandemic – and also help people save towards a clear target income.

A Government source said: “This new ‘third way’ for workplace pensions is a win-win for savers – they’ll have the security of an income in retirement and better return on investment – it’s the best of both worlds.”

The widespread demise of final salary pensions means many people have to rely on Defined Contribution (DC) schemes which offer no certainty about income, and savings can be devastated by inflation and the poor performance of investments.

CDC schemes are intended to offer a new way forward. The Government is confident the new model will deliver higher incomes for the same level of contributions as individual DC pensions.

The consultation will nail down the final details about how the new pensions scheme will work, paving the way for companies across the country to offer these to employees.

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A key difference with DC schemes is that both employers and savers will contribute to a pooled fund which will provide members with a regular income.

It is also expected that CDC schemes will be good for employers, providing greater predictability about their costs and obligations.

The Royal Mail is due to lead the way in rolling out a CDC scheme for more than 100,000 employees. Such schemes are well-established in the Denmark and the Netherlands.

Pensions minister Guy Opperman said: “We have seen the positive effect of these schemes in other countries – and it is abundantly clear that when they are well-designed and well-run they have the potential to provide a better retirement outcome for members, and can be resilient to market shocks such as the pandemic.”

Mr Opperman said savers should not face a choice between “security and affordability”.

Matt Rodda, Labour’s shadow pensions minister, described the new model as “potentially exciting”.

He said: “Pensioner poverty has been on the rise and the Government must do much more to secure a decent standard of living for everyone in retirement. Collective Defined Contribution schemes could be a potentially exciting answer to some of the challenges we face in making sure all workers have a decent standard of living in retirement.

“This consultation is an important opportunity the Government must not squander to make sure that schemes are fair, sustainable and accessible to different types of employers.”

The proposals received a guarded welcome from Daniela Silcock of the Pensions Policy Institute.

She said: “Designed effectively, CDC could provide members with greater certainty and potentially higher retirement incomes. However, in order to ensure sustainability, scheme managers need to ensure that members understand the potential benefits as well as the potential risk – for example, contribution rises or benefit cuts during times of economic shock.”

Former Conservative pensions minister Baroness Altmann also sounded a note of caution, saying that in other countries CDC schemes have had problems “because younger members may end up with lower pensions than older ones if the actuarial and investment assumptions prove incorrect”.

She added: “I can see some employers, such as Royal Mail, feel the need to try to replace traditional [final salary] schemes, which are ruinously expensive now, with something better than DC… Time will tell, however, whether these schemes really do deliver better outcomes particularly for the younger members. “The risks of inter-generational unfairness are clear.. The theory is good, whether such schemes work for members in practice will only become clear over many years.”

Angela Gough, head of corporate pensions at the Royal Mail, said: “[We are] committed to delivering the best possible pension arrangements for our people. We believe a Royal Mail Collective Pension Plan pension scheme would meet our objectives of providing sustainable and affordable future retirement arrangements for our people and our Company.

“The DWP consultation puts us one step closer towards making our plan a reality for Royal Mail and its people. We are working closely with CWU [trade union] and others on this important issue.”

Caroline Abrahams of Age UK added: “The move to defined contribution pensions has left individuals shouldering all the risk in the event that something goes wrong with the investments… There is so much that can go wrong, for example falling victim to a scam, and anything that introduces risk pooling into pensions is a step in the right direction.”

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Gardening expert shares ‘best way’ to permanently remove perennial weeds from paths

Perennial weeds include brambles, dandelions, stinging nettles, docks and ragwort.

Horsetail, ground elder and bindweed are also perennial weeds that can be hard to remove.

Annual weeds include chickweed, crabgrass, knotweed and groundsel.

Annual weeds can appear in either the cooler seasons or warmer seasons.

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Cleaning: Mrs Hinch fans claim ‘old-fashioned way’ is best for bathroom floors

Mrs Hinch fans have claimed that the “old-fashioned way” is best when it comes to cleaning bathroom floors. The cleaning expert, whose full name is Sophie Hinchliffe, has over 4.1 million followers on Instagram. Mrs Hinch rose to fame after she began sharing her cleaning tips and hacks online and on TV.

One user said: “I always think the old-fashioned way, hands and knees, go over it twice.”

Another person said: “I use floor wipes on my hands and knees.”

Another individual replied: “Hoover first then on hands and knees with flash and a microfibre cloth.”

Another cleaning fan said: “I hoover it out then clean it with any wipes on my hands and knees, and then when it’s dry I go over it with the hoover again.”

“It’s the toilet roll that causes the dust I think.”

Another user said: “I thought it was just me and was wondering what on earth I was doing wrong.

“I’m a hands and knees person, a scrub then a wipe over with a damp cloth and then it’s back 30 seconds later. Drives me insane.”

One person replied: “Always on my hands and knees. Can’t beat it.”

“I hoover my bathroom floor to get up any hairs,” said one user.

“Then use floor wet wipes from the back of the room to the door on my hands and knees.”

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Cleaning: Mrs Hinch fans share ‘best way’ to clean washing machine seal

One cleaning fan replied: “Bicarbonate of soda, made into a paste, rub on, leave for an hour and wash off with a hot cloth.”

Another said: “White wine vinegar, bicarbonate of soda, fresh lemon, put it all around the rubber.

“Leave for an hour then some more white wine vinegar, fresh lemon and bicarbonate of soda in a bowl with hot water and scrub.

“After, you need a good washing machine clean, I recommend Fabulosa or hot point washing machine cleaner.

“You can use white vinegar as a washing machine cleaner but take a while for smell to go.

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UFC standout Usman warns YouTuber Jake Paul

‘I can change your life in the worst way’: UFC standout Usman warns YouTuber Jake Paul as vicious war of words escalates.

UFC superstar Kamaru Usman has fired a warning to YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul, saying that Paul could “truly get hurt” if he keeps pushing forward with his desire to box the UFC welterweight champion.

Internet prankster Paul took aim at Usman after Paul’s heated confrontation with former UFC champion Daniel Cormier at the recent UFC 261 event in Jacksonville after Usman defeated rival fighter – and occasional Jake Paul confidante – Jorge Masvidal.

Following the event, Usman stated that he would be happy to teach Paul a lesson in the boxing ring, given that he says he has “lapped” the rest of the competition in the UFC’s 170lbs fold after already holding wins against top contenders Masvidal (twice), Colby Covington and Leon Edwards.

Paul responded affirmatively to Usman’s apparent challenge – but Usman shot back to remind the internet celebrity that he’s not a “Disney kid“, referencing Paul’s two-season stint on the Disney television show ‘Bizaardvark’.

Paul, though, perhaps sensing another payday, shot back on Twitter.

So let’s get this straight,” wrote Paul. “1. Usman calls me out to fight on TMZ sports interview. 2. I quickly accept the challenge to fight and will give him biggest pay day of career ($ 10m+).

3. Usman then backs out of fight because I’m ‘a Disney kid’. 4. Usman visits Disney world.

‘The Nigerian Nightmare’, though, clearly wasn’t impressed by Paul’s grandstanding and fired back with what could only be described as a chilling warning towards the novice boxer.

I understand you think this is a game which is probably why you don’t realize that this is how people truly get hurt,” wrote the UFC welterweight champion.

I don’t play fighting and I can change your life in the worst way.

Usman’s stance was backed by legions of fight fans on social media, few of whom gave Jake Paul any realistic chance of emerging successfully from a boxing match against one of the world’s standout mixed martial arts fighters.

Kamaru is probably just scared of you. He’s fought world-class strikers, decorated wrestlers, and people who have been training MMA for over 20 years, but he’s never faced a YouTuber with two pro fights before,” responded one fan on Twitter.

I’m putting my money on the guy who knocked out Masvidal (for the first time in his career) who is light years ahead of Jake in striking,” agreed another, while a third sarcastically suggested that Paul’s online taunt will have deeply affected the UFC welterweight champion.

Ah, yes. Usman is totally scared. He’s shivering in his boots as we speak,” they said.

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