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Carol Vorderman explains ‘very lumpy’ appearance in tight workout clothes during her walks

Countdown legend Carol Vorderman, 60, has admitted she tends to stuff rubbish down her top and leggings when she’s out walking in the Welsh countryside in order to avoid littering. The maths expert, who is usually spotted enjoying daily walks in skintight workout gear, shared her admission with Julia Bradbury on her BBC Radio Wales show yesterday.

Carol’s comment prompted the former Countryfile presenter, who is also a walking enthusiast, to declare that her habit must make her body look “very lumpy” to any onlookers.

The star got onto the subject while discussing Julia’s work with environmental charity, Keep Britain Tidy.

Julia fumed of littering: “It’s just so horrible! 

“How can you go to a beautiful location, suck in those views, enjoy it, and then leave your bag of chips behind? I don’t get it.”

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Carol agreed with her radio guest, before giving her listeners some handy tips and tricks about how to keep tidy while out and about.

She told Julia: “I don’t get it!

“I will always take a little plastic bag with me, or if I’m on a long walk obviously my rucksack, all my rubbish goes in my rucksack.

“But there have been times when I’ve gone, ‘I just fancy a Welsh cake’ and it comes in a little bag.


Julia quipped: “So basically, everyone’s going, ‘God, that Carol Vorderman has become very lumpy! What are those funny shapes? Is she alright? Has she got some strange disease? She’s got leg lumpitus, what’s going on?’”

Carol giggled at Julia’s remark and admitted: “I’m not a class act Julia Bradbury.”

“You are! That’s why we love you,” Julia reassured the presenter.

It comes after Carol took to Twitter to share her progress after taking on The Big Walk for Wales’ leading prostate health charity Prostate Cymru.

Carol has to walk 26 miles in July to complete the challenge.

At the beginning of this month, Carol explained she has a trick to prevent herself from suffering any knee problems.

She told her 463,000 followers: “Morning gang. Walked 10 miles to kick off the @pcbigwalk as #TeamCaptain for @ProstateCymru. 

“Little secret…one leg is 5mm longer than the other (most people have this but don’t realise), so I put an orthotic in one trainer to stop knee problems. 

“It works. I’m defo weird.” 

Author: Kathryn Ingate
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Best Neon Long Sleeve Workout Tops For Jogging Outside At Night

Outdoor runners, this one’s for you! Safely jog through this spring season by wearing any of these long sleeve neon running tops to ensure you’re seen during even the most lengthy nighttime runs.

If you purchase an independently reviewed product or service through a link on our website, we admay receive an affiliate commission.

There’s just something about an outdoor jog at night that makes working out so much better. Now that the weather is warming up, ending the day with a good sweat session is most likely just what your body needs. Also, a post-work sweat has so many benefits for the body and the mind. It helps to clear your head so you can release the day’s energy and recharge for tomorrow. But, first thing’s first, let’s make sure you’re running in the right gear so you’re safe on the streets.

It’s wildly recommended that you suit up in neon or bright colors for a night workout. Why? — To attract attention to yourself so that drivers are aware there’s a runner sharing the road. Additionally, we suggest running in long sleeve tops with thumbholes, half zips, high necks, and at least one pocket. To make your shopping experience seamless, we picked the best night time workout tops for you to shop — right here, right now. Plus, neon is totally fun and bright to wear for spring!

This dry-fit, neon quarter-zip pullover from Slimour is the perfect thing to throw on for a chilly spring evening run. The moisture-wicking fabric keeps you comfortable while you sweat, and the mesh detailing provides breathability and ventilation. It has thumbholes with an elastic cuff to so you’re totally secure as you run, while also protecting your hands. Any of this pullover’s 6 neon colors are sure to make you completely visible at nighttime, too. $ 19, amazon.com

Neon pullover running shirt

2. Vapor Apparel Women’s UPF 50+ UV Sun Protection Long Sleeve Shirt

Not only is this neon “safety yellow” long sleeve top from Vapor Apparel almost impossible to miss, it’s also beneficial to the skin! The fabric is made with technology designed to protect the skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays, which makes it totally unique. Comfortably wear this shirt while spending a sunny afternoon gardening, or any outdoor activity that’s done in direct sunlight. But, of course, it also doubles as a great, lightweight top to wear for an evening jog around your neighborhood. $ 11, amazon.com

Vapor Apparel long sleeve running shirt

3. Under Armour UA Tech Twist 1/2 Zip Running Top

Everyone likes a little pink in their athleisure wardrobe, and this neon pink “tech twist” half zip from Under Armour is just what you need this spring. Under Armour delivers quality moisture-wicking fabric in most of their athletic wear, and this half zip will keep you bone dry as you sweat. Pair it with your favorite sports bra as a layer underneath to show off, or keep covered with the zipper fully zipped. This beautiful, bright pink color will definitely keep you seen during any nighttime run or walk. Plus, it’s on sale now! $ 34, underarmour.com

Under armour neon half zip

4. Clothe Co. Long Sleeve V Neck Moisture Wicking Athletic Shirt

We love to see good reviews on products, and this v neck, neon athletic shirt from Clothe Co has over 700 positive ones! Customers have said it’s a “great exercise top, perfect sizing” and “I love this so much, I bought 2”! This flattering, v-neck and slim fit long sleeve top keeps sweat at bay as you exercise, and has a lightweight and breathable traffic. Wearing this top in this neon “lime shock” color, we promise you nobody will miss you running in the streets! $ 17, amazon.com

Clothe Co neon running shirt

5. Hanes Sport™ Cool DRI® Women’s Performance Long-Sleeve T-Shirt

Lastly, this Hanes long sleeve performance t-shirt in neon blue will keep you visible from yards away while you’re out and about. Made with Cool DRI® fabric technology, feel free to run, jump, walk or sprint without clogging your pores as this comfortable material keeps sweat to a minimum with each wear. The design has “Comfort Flat” seams to reduce chafing, and the feminine fit includes a double-needle cover-seamed neck, sleeves and bottom hems. We love this stunning blue color, but if you’re not a fan then there are a bunch more color options to choose from. $ 10, hanes.com

Hanes blue neon workout top

Jenna Lemoncelli

This article originally appeared on Hollywood Life

Khloe Kardashian’s Trainer Luke Milton Breaks Down Her Intensive 45-Minute Workout Routine To Get A Flat Tummy

Khloe Kardashian’s trainer Luke Milton gives HL an EXCLUSIVE look into how Khloe Kardashian gets her flat tummy!

Celebrity fitness trainer Luke Milton,[1] 39, knows his client Khloe Kardashian,[2] 36, has worked hard to get her toned body! Her intense workout includes an ab routine to get that toned tummy. “She works very hard on those high intensity, low interval training principles and it’s something that I always preach,” Luke told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY at the Sweat into Spring Training Mate[3] class powered by SOS Hydration[4] and Dr. Kerklaan[5] at Training Mate[6] in Santa Monica on April 8. “She gets that intensity up and look at her, she looks amazing and she’s super consistent. She’s consistent in keeping her healthy lifestyle on point.”

One thing the Australian gym owner believes in is his HIIT workouts[7] which combining both cardio and resistance training for short intervals, something Khloe swears by to get her bikini[8] body just right. “45 minutes is a full-workout,” Luke revealed. “Khloe actually works a little bit longer because she’s such an athlete. She can go over 60 minutes because she’s such an athlete. She knows how to work her body and so she works hard. That’s why she gets results,” he explained, breaking down exactly how fans can get a tummy just like the Good American[9] founder’s.

“I always recommend when we’re going into abs, I work through 60-90 second intervals as far as plank holds go because I feel like they really flatten that tummy[10] out and they build that core strength,” Luke says. “Making sure we’re keeping that consistency and we’re doing at least 10-15 minutes of abs every day is really going to help you build that flat tummy. Khloe can hold for hours if she wanted to. She’s just an athlete. Variety is the spice of everything. Some days I’ll do 60 second plank holds. Some days we’ll do 120. Some days we’ll do 90 seconds. It just depends on what we’re working for at the time.”

When the time comes for him to work with the Keeping up with the Kardashian’s[11] star to target her middle section, Luke likes to mix it up. “It’s all about creating a consistent result but getting a lot of variety,” Luke said. “Some of my go-to ab exercises for people like Khloe and for other celebrities, I love doing core activated programming. I love plank holds. I love working through consistent movements. Cycling abs, going into static holds like v-sits. They’re a couple of my favorite go-tos that I give to all of my celebrity clients.”

Luke, who’s appeared on Revenge Body with Khloe Kardashian alongside the host, believes that her work ethic is also a key component to her success. “She pushes her body[12] almost better than anybody I’ve trained before,” Luke added. “She gets it. She knows what she wants. She’s very goal oriented and she works hard.”

But breaks are important as is listening to your body, something that Khloe is self aware of. “Our recovery is so important,” Luke added. “We get recovery through hydration, through eating well, but also through mobility work. Participating in things like a yoga class or a stretch class or a pilates. Whatever we can do to make sure that we’re not going full on all of the time. We’ve got to make sure that our body is getting rest. That is one of the things that Khloe is just fantastic at, always making sure that she knows[13] her body intrinsically and when to recover, when to rest and when to work.”


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Lanae Brody

Adam Levine Shows Off His Chiseled Abs During Sexy Shirtless Workout — Watch

After showing off his feminine side by wearing a sun dress, Adam Levine is now displaying his hunk status by sharing a shirtless workout video.

Adam Levine[1]  is a man on a mission in a new Instagram workout video. The Maroon 5 frontman showed off how he stays looking so rock star ripped by taking fans through his various exercise routines[2]. He first showed off doing a bottom-up press with a kettle bell, in which he knelt on his right knee with his left leg bent out in front of him. Adam then pushed a heavy kettle bell into the air and back down again with his right arm. Not only did it showcase his buff biceps, the exercise engaged his core and let Adam’s ripped abs ripple as he moved.

What’s all the more appealing is that Adam appeared to be doing his workout from home[3] on an outdoor balcony with gym items that most people could easily purchase. The 41-year-old was next seen doing a great core and upper body exercise by standing with his legs apart front to back and lifting a medicine ball from one side of his body over his head to the other side, then letting it hit the ground.

Adam later used the medicine ball again to work his obliques, kneeling close to a wall and throwing the heavy ball against it with all of his might, doing back and forth repetitions. He then made sure to get a cardio workout in, but made it a much more fun one. The “Memories” singer was shown playing one on one backyard hoops with a pal, showing off some serious dribbling skills before going in for a layup.

Adam Levine
Adam Levine of Maroon 5 performs during the half-time show of Los Angeles Rams v New England Patriots, Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta on Feb. 3, 2019 Photo credit: Shutterstock.

Adam is known to take off his shirt during concerts, as he did when Maroon 5 played at Super Bowl 53[4] in Atlanta in 2019, which you can see above. Since nearly every act cancelled touring in Mar. 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Adam didn’t have to stay in such tip-top shape. But now that venues across the country are opening up again for live music as the COVID vaccine becomes more widely available, Adam looks like he’s getting his ripped rocker body ready for touring action[5] again.

His workout comes just three days after he showed what a proud and supportive girl dad he is by posing in a tie-dyed sundress[6] that matched his two young daughters[7] Dusty Rose, 4, and Gio Grace, 3, in an Apr. 6 Instagram photo. Adam’s supermodel wife Behati Prinsloo[8], 32, also joined in with a similar dress, as the family of four held hands in their yard and showed off their stylish spring fashion. Being a daddy playing dress up with his daughters was just the cutest thing, and Adam clearly loved it by writing in the caption, “girls just wanna have fun.” Now that’s a great dad!


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The Best Workout Sets For Women To Shop For To Make You Look Like J.Lo At The Gym

Who said sweating can’t look stylish? Jennifer Lopez, Olivia Culpo and more celebs love hitting the gym in matching workout sets. Check out these 8 (celeb-loved) fitness brands with activewear sets under $ 200!

Shopping[1] for activewear is no easy task, especially when you’re on the hunt for flattering, comfortable and cost-efficient matching sets. That sounds like a lot of criteria, right? Well, to ensure that your latest shopping venture is an easy one, we’ve rounded up the most stylish, celeb-loved workout sets to shop — right here, right now!

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez hits the gym in Carbon38’s “Action Bra in Takara Shine[2]” ($ 75) and the “High-Rise Full Length Legging in Takara Shine[3]” ($ 109). She’s also sporting The Kooples x Slick Woods shoes (here’s a similar pair[4] from the same brand for $ 98. (Photo credit: AM/SplashNews)

Carbon 38 sports bra and leggings set with The Kooples x Slick Woods shoe

Workout outfits, specifically matching sets, are one of the hottest trends in Hollywood. Stars like Jennifer Lopez[5] and Olivia Culpo[6] love to sweat in matching sets. You can catch these two out and about in LA sporting stylish activewear. J.Lo loves a stand-out set with prints and other details such as mesh material and cut-outs. In July of 2020, she was spotted in The Hamptons wearing a pair of blue and grey high-waist leggings with flower and moon designs on each leg. The Hustlers star was photographed[7] riding a bike (one of her go-to workouts with fiance Alex Rodriguez[8]) in the lavish beach location. When Jennifer decides to rock a solid matching set, she usually opts for bright colors (as seen in the above photo).

Olivia Culpo
Olivia Culpo steps out in a matching peach-colored workout set from Alo Yoga while in LA. (Photo credit: MEGA)

1. Hotexy Women’s Workout Set

For a red hot workout set like the one J.Lo is rocking above, here’s an affordable alternative on Amazon. Don’t let the cheap price point fool you, though. One reviewer noted that the set’s material “is thick enough that it is not see through but it is breathable,” while another reviewer was happy to report that this snug set wasn’t “slipping down” amid workouts and walks. $ 26, amazon.com[9]

red workout set

2. Alo Yoga’s ‘No Limit’ Bra & ‘No Limit’ Legging

Celebs love Alo Yoga — just ask Olivia Culpo, who’s wearing one of the brand’s sets in the above photo. With that said, we of course had to include a set from this celebrity-favorite brand! Since Olivia’s wearing a coral set, we also wanted to show you two pieces within the orange family: the $ 62 No Limit Bra and $ 118 High-Waist 7/8 No Limit Legging. Alo Yoga’s workout pieces are known for feeling like butter, and we’re particularly obsessed with this set because of the bra’s scoop neckline (very trendy) and the legging’s “front-smoothing panel for commando comfort” (goodbye awkward underwear lines). $ 180, aloyoga.com[12][10][11]

orange workout set

3. Bold Blue Bodycon Tracksuit

As we mentioned earlier, J.Lo loves a bold monochrome look. Here’s another set like that, minus the itty-bitty sports bra (if you’re not into the super cropped look). The top that comes with this workout set instead fits like a halter tank and features the honeycomb texture that’s popular on TikTok right now. Amazon reviewers gushed over this set, saying it fit “perfectly,” is “very comfortable” and feels “very soft,” among many other compliments. $ 27, amazon.com [13]

blue workout set

4. FAMITION 2 Pieces Compression Workout Outfit Set

Sleek and discreet: if you’re looking for more coverage, check out this workout set from FAMITION. With slimming long sleeves and a top with a crewneck top, this workout outfit is cute enough to be seen in while out and about town, but is designed well enough for a heavy-duty workout. The sleeves cover your hands (but still have holes for your thumbs) to protect them as you lift weights, and are also made of a compression fabric (90 percent nylon, nine percent spandex) to keep everything tight and secure. There are still sexy features, though, to give this workout set that J.Lo touch: for example, the cutout on the back of the top! $ 29, amazon.com[14]

workout set

5. HAODIAN Women’s Yoga Outfit

Okay, it’s time to take a break from all these solid color workout sets and introduce one with a pattern. Why not try green jacquard camouflage for a change? We love this set because the camouflage pattern is fun yet subtle enough to not look like a leftover trend from 2018. The wrap-style sports bra is also an especially unique feature that’s rare to find among sports bras. And, of course, this workout set is seamless! $ 31, amazon.com[15]

green workout set

6. GXIN Women Workout 2 Piece Outfit

This workout set is the definition of seamless. No pronounced lines, no texture, no patterns: this is just a simple and soft workout set in that buttery fabric that every workout influencer seems to film their exercise regimens in. It really is made for any regimen, too: the fabric is “squat proof,” meaning it won’t suddenly turn see-through the moment you dip your hips with the barbell in your hands. It’s also “quick dry and moisture wicking,” according to its Amazon page. Rock this monochrome set with a pair of ankle socks and dad shoes, just like the model below, for that LA gal on-the-go look. $ 26, amazon.com[16]

seamless workout set

7. HAODIAN Women’s Ribbed Workout Set

We wanted to end this shopping guide with something a little different: a ribbed workout set. Out of all the workout outfits on this list, this set is probably the easiest to transition to a daytime look, since ribbed material is such a trendy type of fabric that many clothing pieces are made of. The sports bra that comes with this set also features removable pads and a U-shaped back, meaning that you won’t have to worry about a tight bra trapping sweat in. $ 29, amazon.com[17]

ribbed workout set


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Jenna Lemoncelli

LeBron James’ Daughter Zhuri, 6, Is So Cute Flexing Just Like Daddy: ‘My Workout Partner’ — See Pic

LeBron James had an adorable workout session in the gym with his daughter, Zhuri, as the Los Angeles Lakers star continues to heal from a high ankle sprain.

LeBron James[1]‘ “workout partner” may not be old enough to spot him, but she sure is adorable! The 36-years-old Los Angeles Lakers star hit the gym with his six-year-old daughter, Zhuri, where they snapped a precious photo together. While posing in front of the gym’s mirror, both father and daughter flexed their arms and showed off their muscles for the camera.

Zhuri rocked a purple tie-dye tank top and leggings set that matched the lavender yoga ball she posed on, while her dad showed off his six-pack in red and grey gym shorts. King James[2] was also sporting a leg cast, after suffering a high ankle sprain during the second quarter of the Lakers’ game against the Atlanka Hawks inside the Staples Center on March 20, per CBS Sports[3].

LeBron could now miss up to “several weeks” of play time, according to CBS Sports, which cited The Athletic. Unfortunately, LeBron’s injury happened just two days into the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament (AKA, March Madness[4]).

LeBron voiced his frustration on Twitter right after the injury happened, writing, “Nothing angers and saddens me more than not being available to and for my teammates! I’m hurt inside and out right now...The road back from recovery begins now. Back soon like I never left. #ThekidfromAKRON.” 

At least LeBron has his daughter, Zhuri, by his side as he heals! Zhuri is always putting a smile on LeBron’s face, like the time she did a freestyle dance[9] with her dance instructor to Cardi B[10]‘s hit song “Up.” LeBron was amused by his mini-me’s moves which he posted to Instagram on March 14; he wrote, “Yeah it’s officially over for me guys!! I feel bad for whomever my Baby Z decides to bring home first!”

LeBron James' Family
LeBron James and Savannah Brinson with their three children Bryce, Zhuri and Bronny. [Shutterstock]
LeBron and Zhuri also enjoyed “coloring time” together[11] while sitting outside their LA mansion and listening to music in the beginning of March. Whether they are at the gym or doing arts and craft, LeBron is always having a good time with Zhuri, who is the youngest of his three children whom he shares with wife Savannah Brinson[12]. The couple also shares two sons: Bryce, 13, and Bronny, 16.


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Jade Boren

High cholesterol: The main factor during a workout that can reduce bad cholesterol

If you’re a meat eater, replace regular mince with leaner, lower-fat options.

In addition, trade red or processed meat for fish, turkey or chicken, or plant-based proteins, such as lentils, soya or Quorn.

As for toppings, opt for reduced-fat cheese rather than regular cheese, and if you’re feeling peckish, choose unsalted nuts instead of crisps.

“Eating high-fibre food can also help to lower your cholesterol,” added the charity.

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How to Get a Peloton-Style Workout Without Splurging

Lisa Whitney, a dietitian in Reno, Nev., came across the deal of a lifetime about two years ago. A fitness studio was going out of business and selling its equipment. She scored an indoor exercise bike for $ 100.

Ms. Whitney soon made some additions to the bike. She propped her iPad on the handlebars. Then she experimented with online cycling classes streamed on YouTube and on the app for Peloton[1], a maker of internet-connected exercise devices that offers interactive fitness classes.

Ms. Whitney had no desire to upgrade to one of Peloton’s $ 1,900-plus luxury exercise bikes, which include a tablet to stream classes and sensors that track your speed and heart rate. So she further modified her bike to become a do-it-yourself Peloton, buying sensors and indoor cycling shoes.

The grand total: about $ 300, plus a $ 13 monthly subscription to Peloton’s app. Not cheap, but a significant discount to what she might have paid.

“I’m happy with my setup,” Ms. Whitney, 42, said. “I really don’t think upgrading would do much.”

The pandemic, which has forced many gyms to shut down, has driven hordes of people to splurge on luxury items like Peloton’s bikes and treadmills[2] so they can work out at home. Capitalizing on this trend, Apple last year released Apple Fitness Plus[3], an instructional fitness app that is exclusively offered to people who own an Apple Watch, which requires an iPhone to work.

But all of that can be expensive. The minimum prices of an Apple Watch and iPhone add up to $ 600, and Apple Fitness Plus costs $ 10 a month. Then to stream classes on a big-screen TV instead of a phone while you exercise, you need a streaming device such as an Apple TV, which costs about $ 150. The full Peloton experience is even pricier.

With the economy in a funk, many of us are trying to tighten our spending while maintaining good health. So I experimented with how to minimize the costs of doing video-instructed workouts at home, talked to tinkerers and assessed the pros and cons.

Here’s what I learned.

To start my experiment for working out at home on the cheap, the first question I tackled was whether to subscribe to a fitness app or stream classes from YouTube for free. Both largely provide videos of instructors guiding you through workouts.

So I bought an $ 8 yoga mat and a $ 70 pair of adjustable dumbbells and turned on my TV, which includes the YouTube app. I then subscribed to three of the most popular YouTube channels that have free content for exercising at home: Yoga With Adriene[4], Fitness Blender[5] and Holly Dolke[6].

One immediate downside was almost too much content — often hundreds of videos per YouTuber — making it difficult to pick a workout. Even when I finally chose a video, I learned I had to brace myself for some quality issues.

In the Yoga With Adriene channel, for instance, I selected the video “Yoga for When You Feel Dead Inside[7],” which felt appropriate for the time we are living in. The video looked good, but at times the instructor’s voice sounded muffled.

Production problems were more visible in the Holly Dolke channel, which has a collection of intense workouts that you can do without any equipment. When I tried the video “Muffin Top Melter[8],” an instructor in the background demonstrated how to do a more challenging version of each exercise, but the other instructor, in the foreground, constantly blocked her.

Then there were the ads. As I lifted weights while following a 10-minute fat-burning workout[9] from Fitness Blender, YouTube interrupted the video to play an ad for Dawn soap. That left me holding a dumbbell above the back of my neck while I waited for the ad to end.

Those issues aside, I was able to do all of the exercises demonstrated by these YouTubers, and they left me winded and sweaty. For the cost of free, I can’t complain much. Most important, Yoga With Adriene succeeded in making me feel less dead inside.

To compare the free YouTube exercise videos with the paid experience, I subscribed to Peloton and Apple Fitness Plus on my Apple TV set-top box. I did workouts using both products for the last two months.

Peloton and Apple Fitness Plus addressed many of the problems plaguing the free exercise content.

For one, workouts were organized into categories by the type of workout, including yoga, strength training and core, and then by the difficulty or duration of the workout. It took little time to choose a workout.

In both Peloton and Apple Fitness Plus, video and audio quality were very clear, and the workouts were shot at various angles to get a good look at what the instructors were doing. The bonus of Fitness Plus was that my heart rate and calories burned were displayed on both my Apple Watch and the TV screen.

In short, paying those subscriptions provided convenience and polish, which led to a more pleasant workout. I concluded that Peloton’s videos were worth paying $ 13 a month. And $ 10 a month is reasonable for Apple Fitness Plus, but only if you already have an Apple Watch and iPhone.

So what about exercise equipment like spin bikes? If you want the tech frills of a Peloton but don’t want to spend on the equipment, there were two main approaches.

To go the cheapest route, you can make use of a bicycle you already have. Here’s where home tinkerers can be especially crafty and resourceful.

Take Omar Sultan, a manager at the networking company Cisco. He modified his road bike with a few add-ons: a bike trainer, which secured the rear wheel and bike frame and costs roughly $ 100; a $ 40 Wahoo cadence sensor[10] that tracked his pedaling output and speed and transmitted the data to a smartphone; and a heart rate monitor that strapped around his chest, such as the $ 90 Polar H10[11]. Then he used a streaming device to follow Peloton classes on his TV.

“The D.I.Y. setup is 80 percent of the way there” to a Peloton, Mr. Sultan said.

The more expensive option was to buy an indoor exercise bike and use a tablet or phone to stream cycling classes via YouTube or the Peloton app, as Ms. Whitney did. The $ 700 IC7.9[12], for example, includes a cadence sensor and a holder for your tablet. You could then buy a heart rate monitor and a pair of $ 100 indoor cycling shoes[13] that clip into the pedals.

But if you use your own bicycle or a modified spin bike and try Peloton’s app, you won’t be able to participate in the app’s so-called leader board, which shows a graphic of your progress compared with other Peloton users online.

With a D.I.Y. bike, it can also be difficult to figure out how to shift gears to simulate when the instructor is telling you to turn up the resistance — like when you are pretending to ride up a hill.

Nicole Odya, a nurse practitioner in Chicago who modified a high-end indoor bike, the Keiser M3i, said there were major upsides to the D.I.Y. route. Using her own iPad, she has the flexibility to choose whatever fitness apps she wants to use, such as Zwift[14] and mPaceLine[15]. It also gave her the freedom to customize her bike, so she swapped out the stock pedals for better ones.

“I didn’t want to be locked into their platform,” she said of Peloton.


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Bare-faced cheek: MMA pin-up Pearl Gonzalez ‘kicked out of gym’ for revealing THONG during weights workout stunt

Invicta MMA temptress Pearl Gonzalez claimed a cheeky workout pose led to her getting “kicked out of the gym” after the former UFC fighter revealed her underwear during a weights routine with a difference.

Former UFC strawweight Gonzalez shared footage on Instagram of herself bending over while pumping the dumbbells at the gym, then pulling her sports leggings down to reveal a pale-blue thong as she wiggled her backside for the camera while laughing.

But the bare-faced stunt could have backfired as Gonzalez, nicknamed ‘The Chi-Town Princess’, wrote that she had “got kicked outta the gym” and asked if anyone needed a new workout partner.

The 34-year-old Invicta FC brawler later appeared to make peace with the gym authorities as she shared a clip on Instagram Stories of herself on the treadmill, excitedly saying “they let me back in guys.”

The saucy stunt seems to have been a plug for Gonzalez’s ‘Pearl’s Paradise’ website, where she shares content for fans.

“Are you aiming for porn star? MMA fighter star? Or perhaps it doesn’t matter as long as they tap out?” joked one fan commenting on the video.

The Illinois-born fighter – who boasts a 10-5 record inside the cage – has a reputation for stripping off for fans.

At the start of this year, Gonzalez said she was recovering from a grappling contest defeat by wrapping herself in fruit roll-ups.
Also on rt.com Good enough to eat: Ex-UFC stunner Pearl Gonzalez wraps naked body in fruit roll-ups as she recovers from grappling loss (PHOTOS)
Took an ‘L’ last night on #SUG and my homie told me I needed to do something crazy like wrap my naked body in fruit roll ups to take it off my mind. I told him that was the dumbest idea I’ve ever heard,” Gonzalez wrote alongside images of herself with her modesty barely covered.

Gonzalez, who trains at 10th Planet in San Diego, was last in MMA action in February of 2020, when suffered a unanimous decision defeat at Invicta FC 39 to rising prospect Miranda Maverick, who has since made the switch to the UFC.

Gonzalez herself was famously almost denied the opportunity to make her UFC debut back in 2017, after commission officials in New York felt her breast implants were too unsafe.

However, she was later cleared to compete, falling to defeat to Cynthia Calvillo.

Gonzalez was released by the UFC after losing her second octagon bout to Poliana Botelho at UFC 216, but has since won four out of her six contests with Invicta.


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A Place In The Sun presenter Laura Hamilton exposes 'killer body' in tight workout gear

“My voice is a little bit hoarse as you can probably tell, because I have spent so much of today talking…,” she told her followers.

“I’ve been talking all things Lord Roberts On The Green. The balance sheets. Talking profit and loss. All because I’ve been doing viewings of the business.

“It’s very exciting. I’ve bought and sold many houses, but never sold a business before.

“Its amazing how much interest we have had in the business, very exciting, but it’s hard work,” she explained.