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Think again, Boris! Johnson handed alternative plan for £200million Royal Yacht blueprint

The Prime Minister has insisted the new national flagship super vessel – regarded as a replacement for Royal Yacht Britannia – will enter service in four years’ time and would provide UK businesses with a new global platform. Its predecessor was decommissioned by the ruling Labour Party Government in 1997 – led by Tony Blair – but has remained a popular attraction for many tourists in Edinburgh. But Mr Johnson’s plans have come under savage attack from Stephen Payne, who has spent the past two years drawing up alternative plans for the new Royal Yacht, warning it would be too small, cost £5million a year to run and be difficult for the Royal Navy to crew.

The designer of the Queen Mary 2 liner has insisted that unlike the Prime Minister’s proposal, his own design for the Britannia would pay for itself by being a touring exhibition centre for UK businesses.

Commenting on the plans from Number 10, the expert said: “The superstructure front, akin to a 1950s Hull trawler, is great for a fair-weather ship but not such a good idea for a global voyager crossing the Atlantic, Pacific, or even rounding the tip of Africa.”

When asked whether the expensive Royal Yacht would be a suitable flagship supper vessels to represent Britain, he savagely replied: “I think it would be a very poor one.

“It would be all right for the Isle of Sark or something. I just think we could do something more ambitious.”

The designer of the Queen Mary 2 liner, which itself close £460million to build, pointed out how the proposed ship could not be regarded as a Royal Yacht.

He insisted this is because it would require an additional mast to fly the Admiralty pennant, Royal Standard and Union Flag as Britannia did.

Mr Payne said: “Britannia’s importance stemmed from her royal status. She had four suites with adjacent staff cabins and luggage storage, as well as two private lounges.

“The latest generation of royals travel with as much luggage as their forebears – the Duchess of Cambridge reportedly takes 20 cases.

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“They say they’ll use a Royal Navy crew. Isn’t there a chronic manpower shortage within the service? Will the Navy look at this new vessel not with adoring eyes but with despair as it struggles to keep frontline ships at sea?

“As for financing this ship, there’s £200million to find and I’d be surprised if the running costs weren’t £5million a year.

“I don’t believe there’s the appetite from even the most ardent royal fans to support such costs.”

Mr Payne’s plans for a Royal Yacht would see it stretch to a massive 475ft in length – 62ft longer than the original HMY Britannia.

It would encompass a two-deck, 250-seat auditorium and a self-contained royal deck, as well as an onboard pub, restaurant, TV studio, museum and souvenir shop.

The design expert’s blueprint for Britannia 2 would aim to promote British trade, tourism, youth and culture throughout the world, and would be a floating “Festival of Britain” that would effectively pay for itself as its conference hall and exhibition spaces would be hired out to businesses during port visits.

Mr Payne would like the hybrid-powered royal yacht built at Harland & Wolff shipyard in Belfast and said he sent an outline of his proposals to Downing Street – but they were lost.

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: UK Feed

Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak square off over 'utter s**tshow' Brexit Royal Yacht plans

Plans for the national flagship, which will cost £200 million, were announced in May. It’s hoped the vessel will boost British trade in the post-Brexit era.

The last royal yacht, named Britannia, retired from service in 1997 and is currently in Edinburgh.

Construction of the vessel, which will form part of the Royal Navy, could begin as early as next year.

However, according to The Times there is a battle in Whitehall about which Government department will be paying.

The Cabinet Office, Department for International Trade and Ministry of Defence are all involved in the project.

However all three are reluctant to stump up the £200 million from their own budgets.

Speaking to The Times one Government insider said: “There is a huge row going on about the royal yacht and who is going to fund it.

“The seeds are being sown for an almighty set-to between Boris [Johnson] and Rishi [Sunak] over spending.”

Another added: “The royal yacht is a complete and utter s**tshow.

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There were reports the new yacht could be named after the late Duke of Edinburgh.

However, there is reportedly scepticism about the project within the Royal Family, with an insider telling The Times: “It is not something we have asked for.”

Announcing the vessel in May Mr Johnson argued it will show “the UK’s burgeoning status as a great, independent maritime trading nation”.

He added: “Every aspect of the ship, from its build to the businesses it showcases on board, will represent and promote the best of British – a clear and powerful symbol of our commitment to be an active player on the world stage.”

However Labour asked to see evidence it will boost prosperity across the country.

Bridget Phillipson, shadow chief secretary to the Treasury, urged the Government to “focus on value for money at every stage”.

She added: “Right now our country faces huge challenges, and there’s no sign the government has a plan for the recovery.

“We want to see public money used for targeted investment in a green economic recovery, resources for our NHS, and supporting families to succeed.”

The Royal Yacht Britannia was launched by The Queen in 1953 from a shipyard in Clydebank.

It was in service for 44 years before becoming a major Edinburgh tourist attraction.

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: UK Feed

‘Cursed’ Yacht Britannia saw Royal Family members who honeymooned onboard ‘soon divorce'

Over the years several Royal Family members who have been married then headed off onto a honeymoon onboard the Royal Yacht Britannia. The luxurious yacht has welcomed the likes of Prince Charles and Diana after their wedding in 1981 and Princess Margaret and Lord Snowdon on their honeymoon sailing of the Caribbean in 1960.
However, while romance may have been in the air at the altar, according to one royal expert, the yacht would soon bring upon the marriage a “curse”.

As part of Channel 5 documentary The Royals on Holiday, it is revealed that “every royal marriage that started aboard the yacht would soon end in divorce.”

Speaking in the documentary, Carole Malone, journalist and commentator explained: “When you look back at Britannia and the success of the marriage of those people who spent their honeymoons there it is obviously cursed because none of them lasted for very long.

“They all broke up. It is not the love boat.

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Princess Margaret and Anthony Armstrong-Jones became the first royal couple to divorce, separating in 1976 and finalising their divorce in 1978.

Princess Anne and Mark Phillips divorced in 1992, as well as Prince Charles and Diana who also divorced the same year.

Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson also went on to separate in 1992 and finalised their divorce in May of 1996.

Though the ins and outs of the honeymoon is not known for all couples, for Prince Charles and Diana, there was one monumental moment which occurred while onboard Britannia.

It was also on this honeymoon that experts and those around the couple began to notice “things weren’t going well.”

Royal biographer Angela Levin said: “There is this very moving picture of them looking out holding on to the side and you could see that things weren’t going well even now Diana looked terribly upset.”

Richard Kay, editor-at-large of the Daily Mail explained this was largely due to the differences which were beginning to emerge between the Princess and her new husband.

“We discovered that Diana found being cooped up on the royal yacht rather frustrating especially because Prince Charles wanted to spend his day reading books about philosophy and she wants to have a bit more fun,” Mr Kay explained.

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: Travel Feed

‘The number 1 roly around’: UFC star McGregor flashes Rolex, Rolls-Royce & yacht party as he winds up former foe Diaz

UFC star Conor McGregor has flashed his wealth on social media while also taking digs at former octagon rival Nate Diaz.

Following on from demands that the UFC make a ‘McGregor belt’, the Irish scrapper ripped Diaz’s claims that he had once partied on a yacht in Cabo post-fight.

Below mock quotes of such a statement, McGregor posted a picture of two men in a humble row boat and life jackets in the middle of the sea.

“You can’t just go around calling regular boats, yachts,” he wrote elsewhere.

“The rhetoric spread around in this business is disgraceful at times. ‘Nate was partying on a yacht in Cabo’ I demand to see this ‘yacht’. He was fighting for 20k at that exact time. 20k show. 20k win was his exact purse.”

Then showing off the best the ‘Mac Life’ has to offer, McGregor uploaded a clip of himself flashing a gold Rolex in a Rolls-Royce, with the skyline of the UAE providing the back drop. 

“The number 1 Roly around. And I’m not talkin Royce,” read his caption. 

Still the 32-year-old wasn’t done there.

In quick succession, he shared a video of a late night aboard a luxury yacht, which clearly showed Dubai’s iconic Burj Al Arab hotel lit up and more of his pride and joy wrist watch alongside fellow revelers.

“You [would] be partied under the table as well ya fat skinny tick,” he quipped in another barb. 

Finally Diaz popped up to fight his own corner. 

“Who went up two weight classes on half a day’s notice no hesitation and no promotion about it, just did it cause I ain’t no bitch. How’s that, Conor? F*ck you,” he wrote, also on Twitter.

“Whatever you think you did [has] already been done by a real G. Try not to get finished agaaaain!,” Diaz warned.

Diaz mocked his former foe further by asking “Remember when you never got this back, and tried to carry on with your life?”

“Real martial artists learn where they f*cked up …,” he concluded, above a photo of Diaz dominating McGregor in their first match up at UFC 196 in 2016.

Winning that meeting by a memorable submission, Diaz saw McGregor get his revenge five months later in a rerun clinched on the judges’ scorecards by majority decision.
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As willing as ever to get nasty and fire potshots at one another half a decade on, the pair could be due a trilogy meeting once McGregor has ticked off a similar showdown with Dustin Poirier tipped to be announced any day now. 

Similarly, a date with Leon Edwards is first up for Diaz.


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