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Yorkshire Building Society 3.5% interest rate withdrawn in shock for savers – where next?

“Elsewhere, Coventry Building Society has a fixed term regular saver and lets savers build up to £6,000 in the year and pays 1.50 percent variable.”

Another top account is offered by West Brom Building Society, currently offering a two percent interest rate fixed for 12 months.

However, it is worth bearing in mind it only has 20 branches, and these are scattered exclusively across the West Midlands.

With a number of options at Britons’ disposal, then, the removal of one of the top paying accounts may not be the end of the world.

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Our Yorkshire Farm’s Amanda Owen sparks frenzy as she puts on glamorous display for outing

Shepherdess Amanda Owen is often seen tending to her flock of sheep in the Yorkshire Dales and has to be suitably dressed for the job and the weather. However, earlier this week, the mum-of-nine had the day off and got the chance to get dressed up for a day out.

The Channel 5 star donned a pretty dress in order to attend The Great Yorkshire Show.

Amanda looked lovely in a blue and white floral frock and added a large hat for the occasion.

Wearing her long hair loose over her shoulders, the farmer completed her outfit with a pair of sparkly drop earrings.

Making the most of her glam look, Amanda snapped a selfie at the event, which she later shared on Twitter.

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The 46-year-old Our Yorkshire Farm star is married to Clive Owen, 66, and the couple live on Ravenseat Farm with their family.

They are parents to Raven, 20, Reuben, 17, Miles, 15, Edith, 12, Violet, ten, Sidney, nine, Annas, seven, Clemmie, five, and Nancy, four.

Their eldest child recently left home to attend university.

Meanwhile, their eldest son has started an apprenticeship as a mechanic.

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Gareth Southgate home: England manager’s £3.75m mansion in North Yorkshire is stunning

England boss Gareth Southgate will be standing nervously on the sidelines while England takes on Italy in the Euro 2020 Final this evening at 8pm BST. But when he’s not leading the England team to victory, Gareth can be seen entering and exiting his huge mansion located in North Yorkshire. The former Middlesbrough FC player, 50, lives in a beautiful Grade-I listed property known as Swinsty Hall.

The 16th-century building includes what appears to be original brickwork and sprawling grounds.

The England manager’s home is also located next to Swinsty Reservoir, near Harrogate, where he is regularly seen walking his dogs and running, according to the BBC.

Gareth shares his home with his wife Alison and their two children.

The home reportedly features six bedrooms, four bathrooms, a private cinema and a wine cellar.

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Back in 2019, Gareth said he loved people’s attitude in Yorkshire and loves returning home after matches to “clear my head”.

In an interview with Welcome to Yorkshire, Gareth was asked what he loved about the county.

He said: “The people and their hardworking, no nonsense attitude, good values, honesty and humility that really shines through.

“All things I associate with. I also love to come away from matches, to the calm of living in the countryside and being able to clear my head.”

“He seems very committed to everything he does and is a good part of the local community.

“He’s just like a regular guy in the neighbourhood who you’d love to have a chat with.”

Gareth grew up in Crawley, West Sussex and attended Hazelwick School.

He married his wife Alison in July 1997 in a small village in West Sussex called Worth.

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Our Yorkshire Farm's Amanda Owen 'force to be reckoned with', claims Channel 5 co-star

Former Blue Peter presenter Helen, 37, recently fronted the hit Channel 5 programme, alongside Jules Hudson from Cannon Hall Farm, Barnsley, South Yorks.

Helen has openly praised her friend, Amanda, 46, who documents her life with her nine children and thousands of animals in Our Yorkshire Farm.

Amanda has appeared alongside Helen in On The Farm in the past, offering her words of wisdom to the mum of two.

Now, in an exclusive interview with Express.co.uk, Helen has shared her true thoughts on her friend.

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Speaking about Amanda’s popularity, Helen said: “Well she’s an inspirational woman, she’s a force to be reckoned with.

“I’m not surprised that so many people love her series because I think she probably does what lots of people want to do.”

Helen continued: “She has her kids about cooking and budgeting and rural life and looking after animals and husbandry and with all of that comes empathy and life skills.

“I’m really thrilled that so many people are behind that show, because it’s not an easy way of life but it’s an enviable way of life. She makes it work.”

Helen, who resides with her husband, Leeds Rhinos rugby ace, Richie Myler, and their two children Ernie, six, and Louis, four, in Leeds, admits that after growing up on a farm in rural Cumbria, it’s something she often considers returning to.

She explained: “Every six months I say to my husband, ‘Let’s do something different and go and farm,’ and then my parents are like, ’It’s a hard way to make a living’ and it is, [but] it’s a really fantastic lifestyle.

“When you have seen it like I have and you’ve grown up in a climate of all the things like foot and mouth and BSE and all the rest of it, I know that I’m very lucky to do a job that I like so I’ll hang on to it for as long as I can.

“Hopefully my dad will stay living on the farm as long as he can so I still get that as my second home, my family home. I’m very lucky that my parents live where I grew up so I go and visit my parents all the time.”

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Helen, who is currently a judge for National Grid’s Voices for a Green future competition, admitted that she was left blown away after seeing viewing figures come in for her programmes including On The Farm and Countryfile.

She revealed: “We get millions of viewers on On The Farm – it always surprises me when people are as glued to the countryside.

“I sort of grew up on a farm in rural Cumbria and that was my life and I loved it. I’m passionate about it, but I don’t think I ever really expected people in central Manchester or central Liverpool to be as interested in rural affairs as they are.”

The small screen star added: “It just goes to show, it’s a credit to how many people in this country love our countryside.

“I think that it’s actually a credit to us as a nation, I’ve been really lucky I’ve lived abroad and I’ve done a lot of travelling and I feel very, very grateful for that but the thing that brings everybody back to the UK is what we have on our doorsteps, you know this green and glorious land and I think shows like Countryfile and On The Farm celebrate that, so I’m always humbled and flattered.”

Helen is a judge for National Grid’s Voices for a Green Future competition, offering young people a voice on climate change. 

Children aged 7 – 15 who are in school years 3 to 10 can enter the competition by sharing how they would look after the planet if they were in charge. Four lucky winners will have their ideas broadcast at COP26 in front of world leaders this November.

To enter, visit www.nationalgrid.com/voicesforagreenfuture.

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Our Yorkshire Farm’s Amanda Owen, 46, puts on jaw-dropping display in plunging mini dress

The star received plenty of praise from her followers for her figure, as many asked how she keeps in shape after nine children.

One wrote: “I appreciate your work so hard physically and long hours as well as being a wife and mother but how do you keep that amazing figure having had 9 children?”

Another commented: “Jeez, you look fabulous. Obviously, 9 kids and hard work really pays off.”

Amanda embraced rural life after reading a book about farming and the great outdoors, and she set her heart on becoming a shepherdess.

She met Clive when she was 21 and he was 20 years older, but they have been together ever since.

They now have a huge family, with Raven, 18, Reuben, 15, Miles, 13, Edith, 10, Violet, eight, Sidney, seven, Anna, six, Clemmy, five, and Nancy, two.

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Our Yorkshire Farm's child heartbroken after tragedy on Ravenseat Farm

Our Yorkshire Farm’s Miles has been left heartbroken after the death of one of his flock.

The 14-year-old aspiring farmer tends to his own sheep, following in the footsteps of parents Amanda and Clive.

Fans of the Channel 5 show will have seen Miles working with his dad closely at Christmas time, as he cared for chickens as well as his sheep.

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However, a number of viewers were taken aback by the fact he then picked out the chicken they’d eat for Christmas dinner, Yorkshire Live reports.

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In her 2019 Adventures Of The Yorkshire Shepherdess, Amanda had penned: “Every year we replenish our ageing flock of hens with end-of-lay hens destined for processing.

“Miles takes them under his wing caring for them in the barn until they become acclimatised to the weather at Ravenseat and can become free-range.”

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She continued: “He also has his own flock of sheep, a dozen Texdales (Texel/Swaledale crosses).

“He lambs his little flock himself. Everything is timed carefully to make sure that his sheep’s due dates coincide with the Easter school holidays.

“He gets to see it all, and he was heartbroken when one day he went outside to feed his sheep and found one had escaped and got into the feedstore, overindulged, become bloated and died.

Miles was said to be heartbroken by the loss of one of his beloved animals
Miles was said to be heartbroken by the loss of one of his beloved animals

“It’s entirely his flock and he makes decisions about who he keeps and who he sells, with just a hint of guidance from Clive.”

Amanda described her son as quiet, sensitive and knowledgeable and says he lives for the day when he can farm full-time.

But when it came to picking a chicken, Miles didn’t seem to have any qualms, showing that his farming skills had developed.

Amanda commented: “We live on a farm, it’s just the cycle of life and death.”

As she cooked in the kitchen, alongside some of her other children, she added: “Sometimes to get the best of your animals and your produce, it requires eating them!”

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Our Yorkshire Farm's Amanda Owen on adding tenth child to clan

Our Yorkshire Farm’s star Amanda Owen might be feeling broody after realising their youngest child will begin attending school soon.

The mum-of-nine and husband Clive might not be done adding to their clan, Yorkshire Live reports.

Amanda and Clive are already parents to Raven, 20, who is studying bio-medical science at York University and Reuben who, after tinkering with the farm’s many machines, has just started an apprenticeship as a mechanic.

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They have seven other children, who are sill at home in Ravenseat, including Miles, 15, Edith, 12, Violet, 10, Sidney, nine, Annas, seven, Clemmy, five, and Nancy, four.

Yet as second youngest Clemmy began school, the parents clearly felt the beginnings of an ’empty nest’ as just little Nancy was left to help on the farm.

Amanda's daughter Clemmy enjoying some time with Tony the pony
Amanda’s daughter Clemmy enjoying some time with Tony the pony

Writing in ‘Adventures of the Yorkshire Shepherdess’, Amanda had said: “I think I’m too old to have a tenth child. I don’t know, wait and see.

“There was never any family planning, so who knows? Don’t let anyone tell you what you can’t do.

“People are quick to say to a mum of nine, ‘You can’t do this, you can’t do that’…For some people, motherhood is always the way — they’ve got that broody feeling in them.”

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Amanda leads a busy life, constantly working on Ravenseat’s 2,000 acres as well as having a 1,000 flock of sheep to contend with.

The Yorkshire Shepherdess appeared on Channel 4’s Steph’s Packed Lunch to meet Britain’s youngest shepherdess, Esther Wittingham.

Amanda told the youngster: “We don’t like stereotypes – we can be young, glamorous and shepherdess.

Amanda and Clive Owen with their children Annas, Violet, Edith, Raven, Clemmy, Nancy, Reuben, Miles, and Sidney outside Ravenseat Farm
Amanda and Clive Owen with their children Annas, Violet, Edith, Raven, Clemmy, Nancy, Reuben, Miles, and Sidney outside Ravenseat Farm

“Just turn your hand to whatever comes your way – I’m still learning too.”

She made the host laugh as she confessed to hastily painting her nails on the way to the studio, admitting she’s not sure why she bothered.

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Amanda Owen defends children from 'concerned' Our Yorkshire Farm fans

Our Yorkshire Farm’s Owen family have come under fire after concerned fans said the children were bred to be farm workers.

Amanda Owen had to defend herself after being accused of having children to help her on the farm.

The 46-year-old popular TV star has nine children with husband is married to Clive Owen.

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The pair have ruled out having a tenth children; Amanda believes she is too old now.

But, viewers of the Channel 5 show questioned why she has no many children, The Mirror reports.

Amanda with three of her children
Amanda with three of her children

Amanda wanted to reassure them that she wants her kids to feel involved when it comes to the farm.

The star explained: “I try not to build comparisons with what everybody else is doing. I’m quite fortunate that I don’t have to do competitive parenting because I’m isolated, so I can do my own thing.

“But being part of a big family, being on the farm and having various tasks and responsibilities, I think those are really good life lessons.”

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Amanda, Clive, and their nine children

She continued to The Sun : “To teach them washing and cooking, I don’t mean for one minute my kids are skivvies but I want them to feel like an important part of what we do and that they’re valued.

“I think that responsibility holds the family together, especially with the older ones, it gives them independence.”

Our Yorkshire Farm viewers previously accused the star and her 66-year-old husband of “breeding their own workforce”.

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However, she says her children are happy to help out with chores on Ravenseat farm.

Farm work is done with the help of their nine children, Annas, Violet, Edith, Raven, Clemmy, Nancy, Reuben, Miles, and Sidney.

They have a lot of work cut out for them as the Owens own 1,000 sheep, 40 cows, six dogs and four ponies.

Defending herself last month, Amanda said: “We all have to work together as a family. I really don’t feel that’s a bad lesson.

“This is what needs to happen and we all need to do it.

“I don’t feel like that’s sort of breeding your own workforce because it’s not that.

“It’s a fact of being involved and have that responsibility and being part of something. I think that’s a good thing.”

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Our Yorkshire Farm's Amanda Owen shares unseen wedding snap

The Owens have shared an insight into their wedding day.

Amanda and Clive, best known for appearing on Our Yorkshire Farm’s, shared a sweet, previously unseen wedding snap on Saturday’s instalment of the show.

The episode was dedicated to the lambing season, and the family were seen pulling together for the Easter rush, the Daily Star reports.

They were rescuing lambs who had been separated from their mothers and ensuring they were properly fed and looked after.

After a power cut at the farm, Amanda spent some time to reflect on her wedding to hubby Clive, as the couple shared a sweet snap of their big day.

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The couple looked unrecognisable in the sweet snap

In the picture, Amanda could be seen sporting a stunning white veil and gorgeous wedding dress, patterned with a green floral design.

The stunning shepherdess donned a pair of white silk gloves for the occasion, as she stood stroking a beautiful brown and white horse that stood between the couple.

Clive, meanwhile, was suited in a lavish black suit and patterned waistcoat, along with a burgundy cravat.

The pair, who wed in 2000, looked a vision of romance in the sweet snap, surrounded by lush greenery in their rural setting.

The couple share nine children together, and though Clive isn’t originally from a farming background, has lived at the farm in Ravenseat for 25 years.

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The farm was already in his possession when the duo met.

Clive admits he fell for Amanda despite their 21 year age gap, and when Amanda turned up at his doorstep to borrow a “tup”, or male sheep, he found himself immediately attracted to her.

“I do remember this six-foot something woman knocked on the door. I was very taken with her. You couldn’t not be,” Clive said.

Amanda, meanwhile, recalled: “It was a slow burn thing we kind of got to know each other. Made friends first then went out a little bit together.

“With us both coming from non-farming backgrounds we were kind of peas in a pod really but we didn’t know that at the time.”

Amanda with three of her children
Amanda with three of her children

Before exchanging vows with Amanda, Clive was married once before, and has two children from his previous marriage.

But after he met Amanda in 1996, the rest was history.

Their farm has more than 1,000 years of history, with Amanda previously telling The Home Page: “You feel very temporary, like we’re just part of the bigger story before it’s passed on to someone else.”

Elsewhere on Saturday night’s programme, the kids helped to fix a lamb’s broken leg when they came across it limping around a field.

Amanda has often reflected on how the farm is a learning experience for the youngsters, as they learn practical skills – as well as becoming more acquainted with life and death.

As one sheep sadly died, Violet and Edith were sent out to retrieve its tag information, and hardly seemed fazed by the maggots crawling across its wool or the sad state of the animal.

Violet has said in the past that she wants to be a vet when she’s older, so it’s all good practice.

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Our Yorkshire Farm's Amanda Owen slams 'selling out' backlash as she sets record straight

Amanda admitted the family had been reliant on tourists in previous years, which became an unreliable source of income due to several lockdowns.

She said: “I know a lot of people will think ‘Well, not a lot has changed with your life as a shepherd’ and while it may seem like in the countryside, the pandemic is so very far away but that’s actually not the case.

“In the first instance, we have diversified as a farm and we are very reliant on tourists.”

Amanda continued to the Mirror Online: “The first six months of the year is very hands-on with the sheep throughout the winter but, come the end of lambing season, we’re looking after people instead, shepherding tourists.

“Of course, that never happened last year – the people never came.”

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