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‘Take responsibility!’ Andy McDonald in furious BBC row as he tries to blame THEM for loss

Andy McDonald hit out at Radio 4 host Justin Webb for “playing a part” in Labour’s downfall. The MP for Middlesborough said the broadcaster should have “a look in the mirror” if they believe they were impartial in their election coverage. Justin Webb asked about voters dislike of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn as he said it “didn’t come from the media” and it was on the doorsteps.

Speaking on Radio 4’s Today programme, Mr McDonald said: “Don’t get me started on the media, Justin. I’m very worried about our public service broadcaster.

“This is very serious because when you come to a position like this with criticism of the BBC you turn me down.”

Mr Webb disagreed as he said: “Not at all. Are you saying the BBC was in part responsible for Mr Corbyn’s loss?”

The Labour MP replied: “I am saying they played a part in the drift.

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“We have accepted that the print media are against us but my goodness, I’m going to look at us, we’re the important part here.

“We got this wrong but if the BBC are going to hold themselves out as somehow having conducting themselves in an impartial manner, they’ve really got to have a look in the mirror.

“We’ve got a lot to say about this.”

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Mr Webb continued: “Do you believe the BBC assisted in Mr Corbyn losing?”

Mr McDonald said: “I think you played your part.”

More to follow…

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