Home Tech TELEHOUSE America Announces Renewal of Major Data Security Certifications

TELEHOUSE America Announces Renewal of Major Data Security Certifications

    NEW YORK, NY, September 28, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ — TELEHOUSE America, a KDDI Group company and a global leader for data centers, international internet exchanges, and managed IT services, today announced it successfully completed its most recent round of HIPAA, PCI-DSS, SOC1 Type II, CPNI, GDPR, and CCPA compliance review, and certifications.

Every business relies on meeting regulatory compliance to ensure confidential customer data in all its varied forms is secure in the data center, in the cloud, and in transit. The ideal data center provider will meet that compliance need covering Protected Health Information (PHI) via HIPAA certifications. Other needs including the wide variety of businesses that handle personally identifiable information (PII) that requires Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) certifications.

Colocation data center and cloud services providers like Telehouse America must also provide robust infrastructure safeguard meeting system and organization controls (SOC) certifications. Data center providers delivering services to telecommunications providers and third-party providers handling sensitive customer data must be able to provide them with security assurances with the same customer proprietary network information (CPNI) certifications that they hold. Newer and emerging regulations for client data control like GDPR and CCPA also require vigorous compliance reviews to ensure vital data security safeguards.

Telehouse America has long been a leading data center provider delivering these and other important certifications that make them among the most security minded data center providers in the US and across the globe. Compliance certifications are Just one of many important ways they show organizations how they prioritize and follow through on meeting industry standards for physical and operational efficiency, privacy protection, and security.

Healthcare providers and third-party suppliers must ensure they meet all the PHI data protections mandated by the Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act (HIPAA). Major business sectors like finance, retail, ecommerce and many more are built on PII data covered by PCI-DSS. By providing these and other certifications, Telehouse America becomes the secure gateway for colocation and the cloud connecting the data of businesses and their clients across the globe.

The recent renewal of these and other certifications by Telehouse America is a fundamental part of providing the most secure environment for its clients and their customers. But making it a part of their educational outreach to current and new clients is an important part of keeping businesses informed about how data security should be supported at all points along its journey.

Telehouse America and KDDI America COO Takahisa Yui echoed the importance of that responsibility and how Telehouse America takes every step possible to create a data center gateway environment that prioritizes security as much as service agility for its clients:

“One of our priorities at Telehouse America is to refine and improve security, privacy protection, and reliability for our clients via our facilities and services,” said Yui. “By rigorously testing and performing ongoing infrastructure analyses, we ensure that we always meet and exceed industry standards, which we see as a badge of honor showing our dedication to client data security.”

A stable and trusted pioneer of carrier-neutral data center services, TELEHOUSE provides secure, power-protected environments, where clients house and operate their telecommunications and network resources. Among the many benefits of colocating with TELEHOUSE is the ability to connect to state-of-the-art peering exchanges (NYIIX) in New York, Philadelphia and Los Angeles. Additionally, the global availability of 43 TELEHOUSE-branded data centers in 18 cities throughout Asia, North America and EMEA, delivers continuous, cost-effective operation of network-dependent, IT infrastructure to businesses around the world. Please visit www.telehouse.com, or email at sales@telehouse.com to Connect with TELEHOUSE on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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