TemTem off to great start in Steam Charts as new Pokemon rival launches

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TemTem has hit early Steam success (Image: CREMA)

TemTem’s early access release was scheduled today, and the first reviews from fans should be rolling in over the coming days. Being a work in progress means that there will be plenty to critique, but that hasn’t stopped TemTem hitting the top of the Steam Charts. The new game looks to be the first rival to the popular Pokemon franchise in years and offers a similar style of gameplay. TemTem tamers head out into the world, looking to become the best trainer around while collecting a tough team of battlers.

But it’s also different in many other ways too, including that it is an MMO – a Massively Multiplayer Online experience.

That means you share the world of TemTem with a lot of other gamers, and it appears the Steam release has proven a success.

According to the latest data being supplied from the Steam digital platform, nearly 30,000 gamers have logged in on launch day.

The current player number has reached 28,000 and has a good chance of rising in the coming hours.

It still places TemTem quite far behind the biggest games on the Steam platform, the number 1 being Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

But reaching a peak of 700,000 is a pretty lofty ambition that even Pokemon games wouldn’t find easy.

And even though TemTem may never reach the top of the stats charts, it is no.1 in the Steam Sales Charts.

The Top Selling products on Steam currently sees TemTem in the top spot, followed by

DRAGON BALL Z: KAKAROT and Monster Hunter World Iceborne.

So you can see that TemTem is in good company and is benefitting from a week without any massive launches.

So how far could TemTem go following its launch on Steam?

Being in Early Access means that a lot can change over the next 12 months, or however long it takes for the final product to launch.

Developers Crema will be using fan feedback to improve the world of TemTem and things could drastically change from the current product.

Today saw a new TemTem update released by Crema, the first of many. Another factor is the price. 

TemTem currently costs $ 34.99 to buy on Steam, making it cheaper than popular bundles like Halo: The Master Chief Collection, and the upcoming Doom Eternal.

This could help it build a notable following if the initial feedback remains positive from those exploring the game.

But the team will also need to make the game available in as many languages as possible, a localisation problem that can be hard to solve.

The Early Access release includes support for: French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Korean and Simplified Chinese languages.

Translations are a work in progress so it is expected to have some parts of the game missing localisations.

It should also be noted that bugs will be a problem in TemTem while the game remains in Early Access.

Today has already seen new problems arising and a number of new hotfixes might be needed in the coming hours and days.

But while there are challenges ahead, the future for TemTem in 2020 looks bright on Steam.

For those that don’t know much about TemTem, it’s a new MMO experience based around similar concepts to Pokemon.

The big difference here is that TemTem trainers will be able to team up with friends and enjoy Dual Battles as the standard way of playing the game.

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