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Tess Daly in home as she addresses the last few months: ‘Hasn't been easy'

Tess wrote to her 517,000 followers following a series of sleepless nights: “Comfort is everything….especially since we are all at so much these days!

“For me a good night’s sleep always feels like a win; and hasn’t always been that easy to come by in the few months. 

“Head over to my stories for tips on turning your bedroom into a cosy sleep sanctuary.”

The star shared the post in partnership with Clarke Clarke Interiors, who she has designed a range of bed linen for.

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Tess and Claudia Winkleman have hosted Strictly Come Dancing together since 2014 and are firm friends.

They both admitted to still getting nervous when they walk down the stairs during filming.

Speaking on the official Strictly Come Dancing podcast  December, Claudia said: “I should say we’re excited but when they say, ‘Time to go down,’ I get incredibly nervous, I suddenly feel a bit sick and I’m like ‘ugh’ and people are watching and I’m not ready!”

Tess continued: “And then I say don’t worry the adrenaline will kick in, we’ll be fine because once the adrenaline kicks in for the live show it’s like rocket fuel, takes you off and carries you with it.”

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As well as a reassuring comment, the pair also share a “secret signal” for good luck before each episode.

Tess explained: “We have a little secret signal and we can’t share it otherwise won’t be secret anymore.”

“But we have to do it. And if we don’t do it, it will all go wrong and sometimes they’re like and in five, four, three… and I’m like Tess!,” said Claudia.

Strictly Come Dancing is set to return to BBC One this autumn. 

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