Tfue slammed for sending “unnecessary hate” to small streamer

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After Tfue’s subpar performance during the last Open week of FNCS Duos, his fans went on the hunt

Turner “Tfue” Tenney is undoubtedly the most renowned professional Fortnite player on all of Twitch. His skill is only slightly superseded by the tens-of-thousands of live viewers he has at any given time of the day. But with such a huge audience of young and impressionable kids, situations can often turn sour and toxic quickly

Last night was the last round of the Duos Fortnite Championship Series. With tensions high and multiple top performing teams headed to contest grotto, things were expected to get… messy. Tfue and Scoped, Chap and Av, and a relatively unknown team consisting of Oops and Aiden would all be fighting for dominance in the Finals of Week 4

When the dust settled, Tfue and Scoped would finish at 26 points for a respectable 14th place finish. Chap and Av were in the direct middle of the pack – 20 points for 25th place. Oops and Aiden, however, ended last on the leaderboards with 0 points accrued over the same period

Tfue slammed for sending “unnecessary hate” to small streamer

Things get a little murky when Tfue begins to berate the additional contesters, Oops and Aiden, for being “stream snipers” and “griefers.” He complains and brings up the “TTVers” many times within the 3 hour bout, only to end up sending boatloads of hate to the relatively unknown players with no sizeable platform to defend themselves on ]

The above clip outlines Tfue and Scope getting blindsided by Chap and Av. At the end of the clip, he goes back and notes “and I thought the other TTV kids were losers.” That’s the type of energy that is used throughout the duration of this high stakes event

The problem here isn’t that Tfue is frustrated with getting contested. It’s not even because he’s not playing his best. The problem lies when Tfue uses such harshness and vulgarity towards people that his young and impressionable audience can easily attack without repercussion

It’s not a secret that the Fortnite community is full of very young and dumb kids… I know, hot take. When someone the size of Tfue instigates a behaviour that promotes bullying and mob mentality, you’d be damned if you don’t think some will follow suit

The organization that Aiden represents, Starving Gaming, made a 2 minute video clarifying his players position on the ordeal. They go on to show undeniable proof that Oops and Aiden consistently landed Grotto weeks before Tfue and Scoped to debunk and griefing conspiracies

The defense position obviously proves no ill intent from Oops and Aiden – but it doesn’t even matter. The damage is already done. Throughout Oops’ livestream, hundreds of Tfue’s die hard fans would throw barrages of insults, troll chat and even dox the players. One especially despicable neckbeard even botted over 80,000 followers to Oops, a flagrant violation of Twitch’s Terms of Service

The solution here is quite gray; I don’t think it’s fair to say Tfue wanted Aiden and Oops to receive this level of hate. Negligence – failure to take proper care in doing something (Webster) is a great word I would use to describe the situation at hand. Tfue is a passionate guy, I get it. It’s part of the reason he got so big to begin with. But at the same time, when you gain an audience of that size, there needs to be more responsibility

This community has no place for hatred. We need to devolve back to simpler times, when the community genuinely wanted to see each other succeed. This petty war only hurts the competitive scene and how we are looked at from the outside

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